April 7, 2022

Top 10 MLM Companies to Generate Passive Income This 2022

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), has become a well-known business model for people to generate passive income.

It offers you the means of earning for every product sale and inviting other individuals to do the same. In the process, you earn a profit from each product sold, plus your cut from your downlines. The deeper your downline goes, the more money you make!

Not to mention the many other bonuses and additional perks…

It sure sounds like a money-making machine. But with the many choices out there, there’s a good chance that you’ll be confused.

This review roundup will help you with just that as we’ll show you the best MLM companies that will reap you the highest profits in the most convenient and safest way possible.

But before proceeding with the in-depth discussion on the best MLM companies, let’s first have a brief look into the top 100 MLMs out there with their corresponding annual revenues, specialty, rating, and price levels…

CompanyBest ForRatingPriceAnnual Revenue
ArbonneNatural Products30/100$$$15 billion
AmwayNutritional products27/100$$$$$$8.5 billion
JeunesseHealth and Beauty Products20/100$$$$$8 billion
HerbalifeNatural health supplements40/100$$$$5.8 billion
Forever LivingDietary supplements40/100$$$$$4 billion
Pampered ChefKitchen Utensils and Cookware Products30/100$$$3.5 billion
AvonCosmetics and skin care40/100$$$$$3.4 billion
VestigeHealth and Wellness Products30/100$$$3.1 billion
Mary KaySkin care and beauty products45/100$$$$$2.8 billion
NU SkinSkincare Products34/100$$$2.7 billion
Young LivingEssential Oils48/100$$$2.2 billion
Legal ShieldLegal Services36/100$$2.2 billion
MelaleucaHealth and Wellness Products37/100$$2 billion
PrimericaInsurnace and Investment Services33/100$$2 billion
Pure RomanceSex and Wellness Products30/100$$$$1.9 billion
PlexusHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$1.9 billion
Insight GlobalRecruitment Services45/100$$1.8 billion
TupperwareHousehold products27/100$$$1.5 billion
WorldventuresTravel Services5/100$$$1.5 billion
American Income LifeInsurance policies50/100$$$$1.43 billion
LularoeWomen’s Clothing25/100$$$$1.4 billion
ShakleeProtein Shakes and Supplements25/100$$$$1.4 billion
Ambit EnergyEnergy Products24/100$$1.3 billion
Paparazzi JewelryJewelries and Accessories57/100$$$1.3 billion
VemmaEnergy Drinks and Supplements30/100$$$$1.3 billion
UsanaNutritional Supplements40/100$$$1.2 billion
USANA Health SciencesNutritional supplements40/100$$$$$$1.1 billion
CutcoKitchen Cookware Products60/100$$983.2 million
Bemer GroupMedical Devices20/100$$$97.9 million
trades of hopeJewelries and Accessories50/100$$$97.6 million
IsagenixWeight Loss Program30/100$$$$958 million
Max InternationalHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$95.4 million
DoTerraEssential Oils40/100$$940 million
EnivaNutritional supplements40/100$$9.9 million
Emris InternationalCBD/Hemp Oils55/100$$$9.2 million
My Daily ChoiceCBD Products30/100$$$$85.44 million
alliance In MotionHealth and Wellness Products40/100$$$83.30 million
JuuvaHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$$8.70 million
American Dream NutritionHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$8 million
NorwexEco-Friendly Cleaning Products40/100$$$773.8 million
ASEASkincare Products30/100$$$75.20 million
World Wide GroupAmway MLM Support23/100$$$7 million
BellamePersonal Care Products40/100$$$7 million
ModereWeight loss and Skincare Products20/100$$$$674.7 million
Pink ZebraFragrance Products30/100$$$67.6 million
Team NationalRebate programs22/100$$$$651 million
AtomyPersonal Care Products40/100$$640.50 million
Crowd1Mobile Gaming Apps10/100$$$$637.50 million
Crowd1Digital Marketing Platform20/100$$$$637.50 million
NikkenHealth and Wellness Products43/100$$606.3 million
Healthy HabitsCoffee and Tea Products30/100$$$$6 million
PruvitWeight Loss Products20/100$$$$$598 million
Nature’s SunshineHealth and Wellness Products40/100$$$59.1 million
Send Out CardsGreeting Cards and Gifts25/100$$$58 million
Beachbody (Shakeology)Health and Wellness Products30/100$$$$$571.3 million
Stella And DotClothing and Jewelries40/100$$$$57 million
Rodan and FieldsPersonal Care Products38/100$$$$551.25 million
XyngularWeight Loss Products20/100$$$$53.55 million
GenistarFinancial Education50/100$$$53.1 million
MonaVieNutritional Juices10/100$$$5.5 million
AnoviteHealth and Wellness Products50/100$$$$5.3 million
NumediaCable Streaming Services10/100$$$$$5.2 million
BocannacoCBD Products40/100$$5 million
Credit Star FundingCredit Score Repair1/100$$$$$$5 million
AsirviaAdvertising Services5/100$$5 Million
Global Dream NetworkCash Gifts5/100$$5 million
United Success NetworkCash Gifts10/100$$$5 million
Prime My BodyHemp Oil Products20/100$$$$5 million
Liv InternationalNutritional Supplements20/100$$$$5 million
EnzactaNutritional Supplements30/100$$$5 million
Poofy OrganicsOrganic Products20/100$$$5 million
Pet ProtectorPet Products33/100$$5 million
Club Cash FundCash Gifts5/100$$5 million
Fortune Hi Tech MarketingGeneral Products1/100$$$5 million
American Bill MoneyPostcards1/100$$$5 million
18k Ronaldinho (18k World)Crypto Trading Services5/100$$$$$5 million
B3 SciencesWorkout Products20/100$$$$5 million
CareluminaNutritional Supplements40/100$$$5 million
Your Travel BizTravel and Vacation Packages10/100$$$$5 million
Direct CellarsWines5/100$$$$5 million
Ace InitiativeWater Filtration Systems10/100$$$$$$5 million
Digital Prosperity MovementTurmeric Supplements10/100$$$5 million
My Lala LeggingsClothing for Women30/100$$$5 million
Vantel PearlsPearl Products15/100$$$49.4 million
Seacret DirectSkincare Products20/100$$446.8 million
7K MetalsPrecious Metals Investment30/100$$$$43.9 million
JavitaCoffee and Tea Products20/100$$$$43.10 million
KannawayCBD Oil40/100$$$426 million
Touchstone essentialsCBD Products30/100$$$4.5 million
Jifu TravelDiscounted Tickets and Vacation Packages30/100$$$$4.32 million
Dot Dot SmileChildren’s Clothing58/100$$$$4.20 million
Stream EnergyEnergy services20/100$$$$4 million
Financial Education ServicesFinancial Services30/100$$$38.3 million
IncruisesCruise Tickets30/100$$$38.15 million
Lifes AbundanceHealth and Wellness Products40/100$$$38 million
AdvoCareHealth and Wellness Products43/100$$37.3 million
Scout And CellarWine Distribution23/100$$$37 million
Monat GlobalCosmetic and Hair Products23/100$$365.7 million
ImmunotecHealth and Wellness Products40/100$$$362.2 million
Juice PlusNutritional Drinks20/100$$361.7 million
ScentsyFragrance Products32/100$$$357 million
Ignite (Stream)Energy services20/100$$$$350.5 million
Reliv InternationalHealth and Wellness Products35/100$$$35 million
IbuumerangTravel Services35/100$$$$345.4 million
Beauty CounterMakeup and Beauty Products37/100$$$$341 million
ElepenuersWeight Loss Products20/100$$$34 million
Life LeadershipPersonal Development Resources35/100$$33.4 million
LimuNutritional Products20/100$$$$$319.4 million
Southwestern AdvantageBooks and Online Education System66/100$$302.9 million
Plannet Marketing (Inteletravel)Booking and Travel Deals20/100$$$300 million
AriixHealth and Wellness Products42/100$$$$$30 million
Traveling VineyardWine and Wine Accessories30/100$$$3.50 million
KyaniMultivitamins and Supplements37/100$$$$284.6 million
Vida DivinaNutritional supplements20/100$$$$$280 million
LifewaveHealing Patches42/100$$$$28.6 million
VyvoSmart Gadgets20/100$$$$28 million
Maskcara beautyMakeup and Beauty Products50/100$$$28 million
Jamalife Helpers GlobalFinancial Services3/100$$27 million
QuiariNutritional Drinks20/100$$$26.00 million
LifestylesHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$$25 million
Goodlife UsaTravel Ticket Discounts30/100$$$244 million
LifevantageAnti-Aging Products20/100$$$$232.9 million
La Bella BasketsBasket Products20/100$$22.2 million
Numis NetworkPrecious Metals30/100$$$215.58 million
ZilisCBD Oil20/100$$$$214.3 million
XanGoHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$213.7 million
TranontHealth and Wellness Products18/100$$212.3 million
Color StreetNail Polish Products20/100$$208.95 million
Rain InternationalSeed-Based Products20/100$$$200 million
CorviveNutritional Supplements30/100$$$2.80 million
Damsel In DefenseSelf Defense Products40/100$$$2.45 million
GloballeeHealth and Wellness Products15/100$$$2.10 million
HempworxCBD Oil33/100$$$$192 million
Truvision HealthNutritional Supplements30/100$$$186 million
onpassiveArtificial Intelligence Services5/100$$$$185.7 million
FarmasiMakeup and Beauty Products76/100$$183.60 million
Crush GlobalCBD Products30/100$$$$183 million
HealX NutritionCBD Products40/100$$18 million
Onehope WineWines30/100$$$18 million
ValentusWeight Loss Products20/100$$$$177.2 million
Pure (Genesis Pure)Health and Wellness Products30/100$$$$163 million
MannatechDietary supplements30/100$$$159.5 million
UsborneChildren’s Books43/100$$158.9 million
StemtechNutritional Supplements40/100$$$158.3 million
TrivitaHealth and Wellness Products35/100$$153.2 million
PuriumWeight Loss Program28/100$$$150.5 million
ZurvitaNutritional Supplements25/100$$$$$15.8 million
Uforia ScienceHealth and Nutritional Supplements10/100$$$15.3 million
VoxxlifeAthletic Socks and Insoles40/100$$$$147 million
Le-velWeight Loss Products25/100$$$147 million
Thirty One GiftsWomen’s Apparel and Accessories40/100$$143.5 million
Nerium (Neora)Health Supplements30/100$$$$138.25 million
Amare GlobalNutritional Products44/100$$$130.6 million
Evolution TravelTravel Booking Discounts20/100$$130 million
YouniqueMakeup and Beauty Products29/100$$$128.80 million
Revital UHealth and Wellness Products30/100$$$123.4 million
Total Life ChangesDetox Tea35/100$$$122.50 million
YoungevityNutritional Supplements27/100$$$121 million
4lifeNutritional Supplements30/100$$$119.35 million
New U LifeAnti-Aging Products20/100$$$115.1 million
UniveraHealth and Wellness Products40/100$$$$113.3 million
ByDzyneTechnology and Personal Care20/100$$$$$11.90 million
Essanté OrganicsHealth and Wellness Products20/100$$$$11.55 million
TrevoHealth and Wellness Products30/100$$$$11.20 million
J.r. WatkinsNatural Home Essential Products30/100$$$102.9 million
ACNTelecommunications Services33/100$$$100 million
YoliNutritional supplements30/100$$$10.50 million
isXperiaNutritional supplements20/100$$$$10.2 million
Digital Genius LabFB Ads Training33/100$$$1.8 million
Surge365Flights and Travel Deals1/100$$$$1.75 million
SeneGenceSkincare Products33/100$$$$1 billion
CTFOCBD Oil23/100$$1.05 million
HBNaturalsHealth and Wellness Products45/100$$1.05 million
SimplyfunBoard Games and Toys20/100$$$1.05 million
HedgefinityCrypto Investment10/100$$1 million
online team buildersDigital Marketing Services40/100$$1 million
BonveraNutritional Supplements20/100$$$1 million
Abundance NetworkSMS and Voicemail System3/100$$$$1 million
Ceo MovementEducational Platform40/100$$1 million
The Gourmet CupboardPre-packaged Food Mixes30/100$$$1 million
NeveticaPet Supplements35/100$$$700,000
hempSMARTRetail Commissions33/100$$$350,000
LurralifeHealth and Wellness Products30/100$$$$350,000
Green CompassCBD Products30/100$$$350,000
Java MommaCoffee and Tea Products20/100$$$350,000
Fluorescent SandStock Investment20/100$$Unknown
cowboy wealth – linked to MelaleucaHealth and Finance Services5/100$Unknown
Six Figure Stamp ClubLead Packages5/100$Unknown
Impact Mailing ClubDirect Mailing Platform5/100$$$Unknown
Legends Vip NetworkStreaming Services5/100$$Unknown
Ecom Cash CodeeCommerce Services1/100$$$$Unknown
The Freedom Era (linked To Enagic)Turmeric Supplements10/100$$$$Unknown
Build Your Empire (linked To Enagic)Turmeric Supplements10/100$Unknown
Breakaway Movement (linked To Enagic)Turmeric Supplements10/100$Unknown
Global Affiliate Zone (linked To Enagic)Water Filtration Systems10/100$$$$$Unknown
Free Life Movement (linked To Enagic)Turmeric Supplements10/100$$$$$Unknown
Conscious Creators Ohana (linked To Enagic)Water Filtration Systems10/100$$$$Unknown
Wake Water Co (linked To Enagic)Turmeric Supplements10/100$Unknown

But, where did I get these revenue figures?

Well… these come from many authoritative areas such as official annual reports, online public records, and other legitimate digital libraries.

In this in-depth review, we will unveil the creators and founders, the products and services involved, as well as supplementary information to help you choose which ones suit you best.

Here are the best MLMs you can try, which I have tried out myself and spent hundreds of hours researching…


  • Founder: Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos
  • Headquarters: Ada Township, Michigan, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $8.4 Billion

Amway is a Multi-Level Marketing company in the United States that sells home products, beauty, and health care products. 

The company was founded by Jay Van Andel and Rich Devos. It has been around since 1959. It has survived more than 60 years and has branches in more than 100 countries. 

The truth is that Amway is the highest-grossing MLM company around the world. 

How Do People Earn in Amway?

Just like other MLM companies, Amway distributors earn money by recruiting other individuals into their business. 

If you sell products and recruit other people, you will earn a personal volume (PV). This will help you improve your standing with the company and you’ll get a better commission and earn more bonuses. 

At first, you’ll have a 3% bonus. However, as you rank up, it can increase up to 21%.

What Does the Company Sell?

Amway has a wide range of products they sell in various niches. This includes cleaning products, home care, beauty products, health supplements, nutritional supplements, and more.

Compared to other MLMs, Amway has the biggest product lines. 

While there is a wide variety of products to choose from, there are a couple that are more popular than others. These products include:

  • Amway Nutrilite Daily Products
  • Amway Attitude Gel Cleanser
  • Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder

Is It a Scam?

As of today, Amway still operates in the United States and is a legal business in the country. However, the United Kingdom banned the company from operating in their country.

The reason for this is that they have determined that the company is making more money through networking than by direct selling of products.

Furthermore, Amway is also under extreme scrutiny in India. A couple of their higher-up distributors have been arrested in the country for being involved in an illegal pyramid scheme.

Today, Amway is jumping through legal issues to continue its operations in the United States. Because of this, a lot of experts believe that the company will stop its operations sooner or later.


  • Amway is pretty honest and reliable
  • The company has quite great ratings
  • Has a stand-up money-back guarantee that enables you to return your starter’s kit


  • You won’t make money right away
  • Amway has a couple of legal issues


While Amway has a couple of legal issues, they’re a legitimate MLM company. 

Amway is known for treating its clients and distributors with integrity. They’re also known for offering premium products at an affordable price. 

Amway also provides a special feature that other companies don’t. This includes offering you a chance to return your starter kit if you think that you won’t thrive in the company.

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  • Founder: Mark R. Hughes
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $3.39 Billion

Herbalife is an MLM company that specializes in selling nutritional products and supplements for improving your overall health.

Unlike other MLM companies that also sell nutritional products, Herbalife is legit. In fact, it is a multi-billion-dollar company. 

As of today, Herbalife is worth more than $8 billion dollars. They have branches in more than 91 countries. They also have more than 3 million distributors working for them.

How Do People Earn in Herbalife?

Just like other MLMs, you will increase your rank in the company by simply recruiting more people or selling more products. You’ll get better discounts and bonuses as your rank increases. 

First, your rank will be a distributor. As a distributor, you can recruit other people, sell their products, and purchase their products at a discount. 

After earning enough points for the next rank, you will be promoted to a supervisor. The next ranks include World Team, GET Team, and Millionaire Team.

The President’s Team and the Chairman’s Club are the final two ranks. 

What Does the Company Sell?

As mentioned earlier, Herbalife sells a range of health and nutritional supplements and products. They have foods, snacks, vitamin supplements, and protein shakes. 

However, Herbalife is known for particular products. One of their products is the Formula 1 protein shake. 

Another popular product from Herbalife is their soup mixes. The company sells an assortment of healthy soups that people can use to maintain or lose weight. 

Is It a Scam?

In 2016, the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) accused Herbalife of being a pyramid scheme. Because of this, the company agreed to change its business structure.

Aside from that, they also had to pay a $200 million fine as part of a settlement.

As of today, Herbalife removed products that contain ephedrine after a couple of states in the US banned supplements that contain that ingredient. 


  • The company has been growing for a lot of years
  • It’s easy to register as a distributor and sell products
  • Their products are quite affordable


  • Their diet plans include lifestyle changes
  • A couple of individuals are skeptical of MLM companies
  • The company was fined $200 million for improper business protocol


Overall, Herbalife is one solid MLM company. This is particularly true since they’re worth billions of dollars. 

They’ve got relatively excellent reviews and they treat their distributors and clients well.

Even though Herbalife has a couple of negative reviews, it is still a legitimate company. If you’re planning to join an MLM company, you should consider Herbalife.

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  • Founder: David H. McConnell
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Annual Revenue: $10 Billion

Avon is a multinational company that deals with personal care, fragrance, skincare, and cosmetics. 

In recent years, Avon has received a lot of media coverage. The company is so popular that a lot of people would not consider it an MLM company. 

However, it is still an MLM company. It has been around for a long period. Every year, it’s estimated that Avon makes more than $10 billion. 

They also have more than 6 million distributors working for them around the world.

How Do People Earn in Avon?

If you want to join Avon, you’ll need to pay a startup fee of $10. However, this is a reasonable price, especially if you compare it to other MLM companies. 

Once you join the company, you will get 50% on your first four online sales which are over $50. It’s an extremely great deal for this type of opportunity. 

Unfortunately, you might have a hard time getting new clients today. The reason for this is that Avon has been around for many years and a lot of people are probably involved in it. 

If you recruit people, you’ll earn more commission. In addition to that, you’ll also earn points known as “Team Volume”. 

You will increase your rank by earning a lot of “Team Volume” points. Increasing your rank will help you increase the money you’ll earn.

What Does the Company Sell?

Avon provides a wide range of products. Their products range from beauty products to skincare to healthcare products. 

Avon also provides personal care products for both women and men as well as gifts and holiday items. However, their most popular products include:

  • Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Hand Body Lotion
  • Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Replenishing Hand Cream
  • Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick
  • Avon Retractable Glimmersticks Eye Liners

Is It a Scam?

Avon is perhaps the most popular MLM company in the world. That is why you can guarantee it isn’t a scam. It has a proven track record and the company provides high-quality products.

Furthermore, Avon is also extremely open about its policies. This is particularly true when it comes to applying to be a representative and buying their products.

Avon has already stated that it’s a legal company. They’ve been in the industry for a lot of years.

Their great track record of quality training support and products is clear evidence that they aren’t a scam.


  • Affordable and cheap to join as a distributor
  • Reasonable prices compared to other brands
  • Easy to buy
  • A lot of their products are of high-quality


  • They’re often inconsistent with their products
  • People believe Avon is using sweatshop labor
  • A lot of people have had allergic reactions to their products


Avon has been around for a long period. It’s one of the most extremely popular MLM companies in the world. 

However, it appears like the company is losing a bit of its popularity in the previous years. Their clients are becoming less loyal as they keep on expanding. 

Still, it shouldn’t be the thing that prevents you from joining this company as a distributor. 

Mary Kay

  • Founder: Mary Kay Ash
  • Headquarters: Addison, Texas, United States
  • Annual Revenue: $2.8 Billion

Mary Kay is a US-based cosmetics company that utilizes the MLM business model to sell its products. 

It was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963. Today, the company operates on 5 continents. It has more than 35 branches around the world. 

Mary Kay is also one of the biggest MLM companies in the world.

How Do People Earn in Mary Kay?

One of the major advantages of Mary Kay over other companies is that they’re one of the pioneers of direct selling. 

In addition to that, they provide regular individuals the chance to work from home by providing their products at a discount and selling them at full retail prices. 

According to the company, the distributors get a 50% commission. On average, a distributor can earn $5,500 a year. This depends on the income or earnings of the individual. 

What Does the Company Sell?

Some of the products that Mary Kay sells include men’s grooming, fragrances, sunscreens, body creams, skincare products, and makeup.

However, their most popular products include:

  • Miracle Set
  • TimeWise Night Treatment
  • Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Mary Kay claims that they are the number 1 skincare provider in the world. However, this is difficult to verify since most MLMs say the same. 

Is It a Scam?

The short answer to this question is no. Mary Kay isn’t a scam company. It also is not a pyramid scheme.

The company is a legit company. They have a history of selling high-quality cosmetics and beauty products to their clients.

Unfortunately, a lot of past distributors might claim that Mary Kay is a scam. The reason for this is that they were disappointed when they realize that they’re losing money when they joined the company.

However, you should know that Mary Kay operates legally in the United States and other parts of the world as of today.


  • Their products are extremely popular
  • Their products have excellent reviews
  • The company has been around more many years


  • You need to invest money to buy inventory from the company
  • Mary Kay regularly changes the formulas of their products
  • You can’t make a lot of money if you don’t recruit people


Even though Mary Kay is one of the most popular MLM companies in the world, I recommend that you don’t join this company. 

The main reason for this is that you won’t make a lot of money if you don’t recruit other people to join. 

However, if you’re good at selling beauty products, then you should consider joining Mary Kay.


  • Founder: Earl Tupper
  • Headquarters: Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $890 million

Tupperware is another MLM company. However, unlike other companies on the list, Tupper focuses on selling serving, storage, and preparation products for your home and kitchen.

Earl Tupper founded this company in 1946. This means that it’s one of the oldest MLM companies in the world. 

How Do People Earn in Tupperware?

There are two primary ways to make money at Tupperware. These methods are just like most MLMs. You need to recruit people to sell products and sell products yourself. 

However, before you can join the company, you will need to purchase their Basic Business Kit. This kit will cost you $60. 

To stay active, you also have to sell $600 worth of products every 6 months. 

There are also 4 ways you can get paid in the company. First, you’ll earn a 25% commission from personal sales. Second, you get a 2% to 8% bonus from team sales. 

Third, you will also have a 3% to 10% bonus from the leadership commission. Fourth, you can earn $100 to $2,500 from promotions. 

What Does the Company Sell?

There are tons of products you can sell with Tupperware. They usually have a product in categories such as On-The-Go, Kids and Toys, food storage, serve ware, bakeware, cookware, and kitchen tools.

The company is quite unique since most MLMs provide wellness and health products. 

Is It a Scam?

Tupperware isn’t a scam. As of 2022, the company is still selling legitimate products and it pays its distributors properly.

Unfortunately, Tupperware has recently started to get a bit of a negative reputation. This is because most of its distributors are losing money with them over the years.

Because of this, a lot of people nowadays don’t recommend joining the Tupperware MLM network.

However, the company is legitimate. They are operating legally in the United States and other parts of the world. 


  • The company has a proven track record
  • Their products have good reviews
  • Their products have affordable prices


  • They have a lot of hidden monthly fees
  • Their products are losing quality
  • It’s difficult to earn money every year


Tupperware has a couple of decent and affordable products. The company is so popular that almost every person in the world recognizes it. 

Unfortunately, you need to recruit a lot of people if you want to earn money. You’ll become a full-time salesperson. Of course, you should consider joining it if it sounds like something you want to do. 

Forever Living

  • Founder: Rex Maughan
  • Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $4 Billion

Forever Living is another MLM company that sells products that are derived from bee and aloe vera. 

Rex Maughan founded this company in 1978. Forever Living sells and markets its products via its network of sellers known as Forever Living Distributors.

The company sells a huge range of products. This includes skincare, drinks, household, essential oils, health supplements, weight management, and nutritional products.

How Do People Earn in Forever Living?

Just like other MLMs, you can earn money in Forever Living by selling products and recruiting people. 

Also, you’ll have to purchase initial inventory before you can start selling their products. Unfortunately, their products can be a bit expensive. 

When you join the company, there are a total of 13 ranks you can reach. If you want to get promoted to the next rank, you need to meet particular requirements. 

The ranks from lowest to highest are distributor, assistant supervisor, supervisor, assistant manager, manager, senior manager, soaring manager, sapphire manager, diamond sapphire, diamond manager, double diamond, triple diamond, and centurion diamond. 

What Does the Company Sell?

The company sells a variety of products that comprises personal care, dietary supplements, bee-derived cosmetics, aloe-vera-based drinks, and more. 

All of their products come in different categories. This includes skincare, personal care, nutrition, drinks, and bee products.

Is It a Scam?

Forever Living is real. It isn’t a scam nor a pyramid scheme. The company has been around for more than 40 years. As of today, they’re still selling genuine products.

Unfortunately, Forever Living is just like most MLM companies out there. You won’t make a lot of money by just selling products. The best way to make money in the company is to recruit other people.

This system made a lot of people lose money. That is why a lot of them claim that the company is a scam. However, it is not. 


  • Loyal customers swear by the products
  • It’s a legit business model
  • Low startup expenses


  • You need to be a salesperson
  • Some products are expensive
  • You need to recruit people to earn money


If you think that you’re good at convincing people to buy a product, then Forever Living is your best bet. 

You can also try to sell their products online via an online store or social media marketing. 

While the company has branches around the world, most of its buyers aren’t tech-savvy. Thus, you might need to include physical selling in your sales strategy. 

USANA Health Sciences

  • Founder: Myron W. Wentz
  • Headquarters: West Valley City, Utah, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $1.52 Billion

USANA Health Sciences is a wellness MLM company. It focuses on manufacturing personal care items, energy products, meals, and pharmaceutical-grade nutrition products. 

Every single product from the company is science-based. The company was founded by Ph.D. scientist Dr. Myron Wentz. 

The business plan of USANA Health Sciences is based on MLM, network marketing, and direct selling.

How Do People Earn in USANA?

Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to make money from USANA. There are a couple of individuals who make a bit higher than minimum wage. These are the ones who are extremely good at sales. 

Even people who treat it like a full-time job report that they hardly make commissions from the company. 

Just like other MLMs, you need to recruit people and sell products to earn money. 

Also, you have to keep in mind that you won’t make money by simply recruiting people. Those people need to sell products as well before you can earn. 

When you want to join, you’ll have to pay a $30 fee. You will also have to renew your subscription every year for $20. 

What Does the Company Sell?

If you really want to join USANA, it is important that you have a deep understanding of their products before you join. 

USANA sells products that fall under 5 categories. This includes healthy living, logo merchandise, skincare, food and energy, and nutrition. 

Some of their most popular products include:

  • USANA WholoBio Microbiome Nutrition Bar
  • Proflavanol C200
  • Booster C600

Is It a Scam?

USANA Health Sciences is not a scam. There is a chance for you to establish a successful and profitable network marketing business when you join the company.

Another reason why USANA is not a scam is that a lot of people do recommend this MLM company.

As of today, you can still see a lot of people showing their proof of real success from joining the company as recently as a few days ago.

You can always guarantee that USANA is real. They will continue to operate legally for many years to come. 


  • Products have great reviews
  • A lot of athletes trust the company
  • It’s an established company


  • Continual investments every month
  • You’ve got to pay before earning a commission
  • Expensive products


Unfortunately, USANA’s system is designed to help those who have been in the company for a long time to be more successful.

Thus, you might have a hard time making money at all when you’re new. In addition to that, your success greatly depends on the people you recruit. 

However, since the company sells pharmaceutical-grade wellness and health products, you might not have a hard time finding people that will join you and sell products. 

So, if you’re really good at recruiting people, you might want to give USANA a try.

Team National

  • Founder: Dick Loehr
  • Headquarters: Davie, Florida, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $640 Million

Team National is another MLM company that sells memberships to their savings club. In addition to that, the company also has a line of products. 

Team National was created by Dick Loehr in 1997. Unlike other MLMs on the list, Team National is quite new. 

Aside from offering people a way to get discounts on a wide variety of products, Team National also offers the chance for regular individuals to earn money from home by recruiting people. 

How Do People Earn in Team National?

Just like other MLMs, you will earn money in Team National by recruiting people and selling the memberships to get a commission from the sale. 

Keep in mind that you won’t get paid directly by the company for recruiting people. You’ll only earn money if the people you recruit manage to sell memberships. 

Also, there are a lot of bonuses you can get for any sales your recruit makes. Because of this, you might want to focus on recruiting people rather than selling products. 

To join the company, you’ll have to purchase their starter kit which costs $55. You’ll also have to pay a membership fee every year of $25.

What Does the Company Sell?

The company has a variety of discounts for its services and products. All of these fall under 4 categories. This includes:

  • Rebate Programs – Cashback from a lot of retailers. This includes electronics, clothing, shoes, and household goods.
  • Business Services – Business owners can save money on legal solutions, payment processing, and more.
  • Factory-Direct Pricing – Offers savings on grills, mattresses, and flooring.
  • Group Buying Power – The company helps people save money on items such as jewelry, cars, life insurance, and more.

Is It a Scam?

While Team National is not a scam, a lot of people believe that the company is on the borderline of being a scam.

The reason for this is that Team National does not properly explain their discounts, services, and products.

The company follows the rules and stays within the boundaries of the law. However, Team National pushes some of these boundaries.

Unfortunately, everything they do today is legal. Therefore, you can still say that the company is not a scam. 


  • It is a trusted company
  • You can save money
  • You don’t have to reach a monthly sales quota to stay active


  • Difficult to make money in a year
  • Hidden monthly fees
  • Costly to join


While Team National is a legitimate MLM company, you might still have a hard time earning money when you join it. 

This is particularly true if you don’t have enough time and money to join the company. 

On the other hand, you might take advantage of the huge discounts that the company provides if you own a business.

Stream Energy

  • Founder: Rob Snyder
  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $8 billion

Stream Energy is an MLM company that focuses on selling energy services to people. It was founded in 2004 by Chris Domhoff. It’s still pretty new. 

The company is also known as Ignite Energy or Ignite. However, they are mainly using Stream Energy as their official name. 

The company only sells its services in states that have deregulated gas and electricity providers. Thus, the company helps people save money on utility expenses. 

The biggest thing that differentiates Stream Energy from other MLM companies is that they don’t create their products. 

How Do People Earn in Stream Energy?

Before you can start making money from the company, you’ve got to join its Monthly Energy Income Program. You’ll have to pay $299 for this. 

After joining the program, you can recruit people and manage their energy accounts. By doing this, you can earn commissions from the wholesale prices you provide to your clients. 

Aside from that, you will also have to maintain at least 4 Energy Points every month to stay active. You’ll earn Energy Points by selling energy services. 

What Does the Company Sell?

Before you join the company, you should know what services they’re trying to offer. With this, you can increase the possibility of earning money. 

As mentioned earlier, Stream Energy sells power and energy services to businesses and homeowners. They offer 3 different services:

  • Renewable – This is a package that offers renewable energy in the form of solar power for the property.
  • Natural Gas – This is a package that offers natural gas energy for your car or property.
  • Electricity – This is a package that powers your business or house with electricity. 

Stream Energy also has 2 energy plans to choose from:

  • Energy for Your Business – This offers you around 2 to 60 months of constant energy provision, which is great for your business.
  • Energy for your Home – This allows you to pick your preferred plan based on your budget and lifestyle.

Is It a Scam?

The answer is no. Stream Energy is a real company. They sell genuine energy products and services to businesses and homeowners.

Furthermore, the company also pays its distributors properly. Thus, you can guarantee that they are a legitimate company.

The company earned the Most Innovative Marketer of the Year award in 2016 by the Energy Marketing Conference. In 2017, Stream Energy was recognized as a Direct Selling Association Top 20 company.

However, the company had to pay a class action settlement in 2018 after a client sued Stream Energy for charging them higher rates than had been contracted. 


  • High income potential from the company
  • Positive product reviews


  • Hidden Monthly costs


One of the most important things you need to know is that Stream Energy isn’t a scam. There’s a chance for you to earn money by joining the company. 

However, you should also know that the system of the company extremely favors people who can recruit other individuals to join them. 

So, if you’re not good at inviting people to join, you might want to look for another way to earn passive income.

American Income Life

  • Founder: Bernard Rapoport
  • Headquarters: Waco, Texas, United States
  • Overall Net Worth: $4.2 billion 

American Income Life is an MLM company that focuses on selling insurance. It was founded by Bernard Rapoport in 1951.

From a small company, American Income Life became a globally-renowned brand that sells life insurance policies. 

The main goal of American Income Life is to ensure the life of clients by creating policies and offering them assurance that they will be compensated if anything happens to them. 

How Do People Earn in American Income Life?

Just like other MLMs, you need to recruit members and sell their products to earn money. The product you’ll sell is life insurance policies. 

To become a member, you will need to pay $490. While this might appear too expensive, the price includes all the training you’ll need to become a good sales agent. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to maintain anything to stay active in the company. 

There are two ways for you to earn money. First, you will earn a 50% commission from every life insurance plan you sell. 

Second, you will also earn a commission from the life insurance plan that your recruits sold. 

What Does the Company Sell?

Unlike other MLM companies, American Income Life sells different life insurance policies. These policies cover various life scenarios and situations. 

Here are a couple of their popular life insurance policies:

  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Accident protection
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Life insurance

The coverage of the policy greatly depends on what plan you get. For instance, getting life insurance will cover you if something happens to you. This includes death. 

If nothing happens to you in a particular time frame, you can get your money back. 

Is It a Scam?

American Income Life isn’t a scam. They’ve been operating for many years now. As of today, they are still selling real-life insurance policies.

Furthermore, recent reviews tell that the company still pays its members properly. Because of this, you can guarantee that American Income Life is legit.

It’s one of the pioneering life insurance MLM companies in the US. Since January 1, 1952, the BBB accredited American Income Life as a real business.

In addition to that, the company also holds an A+ rating. If American Income Life was a scam, it wouldn’t have lasted for 72 years. 


  • It’s a wise investment
  • The company is established
  • They have excellent reviews


  • No income disclosure
  • Stiff competition
  • Subscription is expensive


American Income Life is a legit company that sells helpful and legitimate life insurance policies. They also pay their members properly. 

One of the major drawbacks of this MLM company is the subscription fee. It’s simply too expensive for some people. 

However, if you’ve got the money and have excellent recruitment skills, you’ll generate a good flow of passive income if you join this company.

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It is a bit hard to choose which MLM company to join especially since there are thousands of options to choose from today. 

You want to ensure you join an MLM company with opportunities for stability and global expansion and excellent growth potential.

Fortunately, this list will help narrow down your options so you can choose which MLM company is right for you.

Just remember to assess your goals, the amount of time you can spend, your budget and target profits, and the social environment you’re in.

Once you have carefully set all these up, then you’ll surely be on the path to financial freedom, with the help of MLMs…

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