February 9, 2022

Is Life’s Abundance a Scam? A Hyped Health Wellness Pyramid Scheme for 2022?

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You are most likely reading this article because you have been invited to join this work from home opportunity, but you’ve through to yourself…

Is Life’s Abundance a scam?

To put you out of misery as early as now… no, Life’s Abundance isn’t a scam.

But is this a legit opportunity to make money from home and leave your full-time career?

This review is going to answer that with images, videos, and accurate pros and cons so you can arrive at an informed decision.

Life's Abundance

The overview and rankings

Name: Life's Abundance

Founder: Dennis Berardi and Carol Berardi

Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Products: 30/100

Success Stories: 28/100

Price To Join MLM: $30 to $253 + $50/monthly

Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Logo

What to look for in a MLM:

  • Low start-up fee & maintenance cost
  • High-quality affordable products
  • You don’t have to carry inventory
  • An affiliate-like system 
  • Generous compensation plan
  • Company is in the early momentum phase

Life's Abundance

  • Proven history
  • Positive product reviews
  • Affordable subscription

Life's Abundance

  • Expensive products
  • Hidden monthly expenses
  • Pyramid scheme in disguise?
  • Only 1 in 217 members earn over $33k a year
  • Downward trend


Life’s Abundance is an MLM company which specializes in selling health and wellness products targeted for both humans and animals, more specifically into dogs and cats.

They have an affiliate program as well where members can earn money.

Make Time Online Rating: 40 out of 100

Recommended: No

What is Life's Abundance?

Life’s Abundance is an Multi-Level-Marketing company that specializes in selling health and wellness products that are targeted for both humans and animals, more specifically on dogs and cats.

Check this 8-minute video of Life's Abundance to have a better idea on what the company is about...

The firm was founded back in 1999 by Dennis Berardi and Carol Berardi, with the original name of Trilogy Online.

I did some further research about the business background of these two and I noticed that they also had two companies back then who had websites which no longer exist because when you open them, they simply redirect back to the Life’s Abundance website.

I also discovered that they had a smooth time in the MLM industry as they didn’t have any red flags or lawsuit issues before.

Is Life's Abundance a pyramid scheme?

No, Life’s Abundance isn’t a pyramid scheme as their members can earn money by selling their products.

They also don’t need to recruit just to earn money. But a more fitting question to that is… Is Life’s Abundance a pyramid scheme in disguise?

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a company or organization that pays members for recruiting people instead of selling actual products and services.

Most countries consider these illegal as not everyone can earn money from a company which only is paying people for recruitment.

See this diagram from Wikipedia to know why...

The members who are making the most money simply recruit as hard as they can by selling the idea of a business opportunity.

But if you were to look closely at the diagram, you’ll notice that members are just going to run out of people to recruit soon.

You can learn how to spot these “pyramid schemes in disguise” by checking out this 5-minute video below...

But why...

Success is rare with Life's Abundance

You are going to have a hard time gaining success in an MLM company such as Life’s Abundance.

In fact, 72.5% of Life's Abundance members are losing money. And around  72.5% to 99.9% of MLM members lose money.

92.3 Percent of Members Lose Money in MLMs

This happens because MLMs have a sales quota where members need to sell a certain number of products just for them to stay active and earn money.

If they can’t, then they buy the products to themselves. This is why members lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from their own pockets before recruiting a single person.

We are going to dig deeper into the Life’s Abundance income disclosure in this review.

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How does Life's Abundance Work?

Life’s Abundance works by selling health supplements for humans and pets as well as pet food.

They are also offering normal people an opportunity to earn money by selling the products from home and receiving commissions. In theory, it seems like a win-win situation.

But the thing is… Life’s Abundance is saving a lot of money from marketing because the ones who do this are their members.

Before we see if this is exactly what’s happening, let’s learn more about...

Life's Abundance products

If you are really motivated to try out your luck in this company, then we suggest you learn more about their products before joining. This way, you’ll have a better idea on what it is that you’re going to sell.

Life’s Abundance divided their products into 3 categories on their site:

  • People
  • Dogs
  • Cats
Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Categories

Here are a few of their best-selling products:

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil 8 Ounce Liquid ($66.87) - An 8-ounce fish oil liquid which improves your immune system and gives you better cell regeneration properties.
  • All Life Stages System ($31.92) - Provides your dog with better overall health and stamina thanks to the various vitamins and minerals present in this dietary supplement.
  • FloorWash Concentrate ($14.01) - A cleaning solution that can be used on different kinds of floors. This is ideal for cleaning pet stains such as pet pee and poop. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Here's an overview of their other prooducts:

Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Products

But take note that there are a multitude of other brands who sell the same stuff. Here are some of the most notable brands that offer the same thing:

All of these companies claim to have a special feature that makes them stand out, when in fact, they are just offering the same benefits.

So if this is the case, then what makes Life’s Abundance different?

Life's Abundance flagship product

Nutrition Bundle Chocolate ($199.75) - A health pack that contains all of the nutritional and dietary supplements of Life’s Abundance. Each product is designed to strengthen muscular function, immune system, and cell regeneration.

Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Flagship

Here is a 4-minute video of their products:

So, let's move forward and know if...

Can you make money with Life's Abundance?

Yes, you can. But you are going to have a hard time making good money from Life’s Abundance.

There are a few who make some, but they’re just earning slightly higher than minimum wage and they work like full-time sales managers who are underpaid.

Even their income disclosure shows that hardly anyone can’t make any money from Life’s Abundance.

How to make money with Life's Abundance

There are 2 ways you can earn from the MLM:

  • Sell their health and wellness products
  • Recruit members into the company

Take note, though, that you can only earn bonuses from the sales of your recruited members and not from recruiting them.

How much does it cost to join Life's Abundance?

You need to pay $29.95 for the starter kit needed for you to become an official member.

This includes 1-month free access to your replicated personal website. However, you have another option, which is to choose the premium package worth $253.

It includes more items in the starter pack, which means you have a higher chance of earning more.

Life's Abundance monthly cost

You have to maintain 100 PV every month to stay as an active member. This means selling at least $100 worth of products every month.

The costs you are going to pay for the 1st year are...

  • $30 - $253
  • $50 x $12 = $600

Minimum costs for year 1 = $630 - $853

And that’s before adding up all the other expenses like training, travel, food, and gas allowance which you’ll incur when selling the products to others.

Life's Abundance compensation plan

Most, if not all MLM companies make their own compensation plans confusing and complicated. And Life’s Abundance is one of them.

But there is no need for you to worry because I will be keeping things straightforward and simple...

There are 4 ways you can make money as a member from Life’s Abundance.

  • QuickStart Bonus - Get a 5% to 10% bonus on your first sales upon joining the company.
  • Retail Sales - Get 10% to 20% in commission every time you sell a product at retail price and you get them at wholesale price. This varies, though, depending on your distributor.
  • Retail Bonus - Get 5% to 20% bonus of your total sales for the entire month.
  • Bonus Pools - Get 0.5% to 1.5% bonus of the total company sales each month. This is only reserved to those who are in the 7-star, 8-star, and 9-star ranks.
Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Compensation

I know, you’re still confused!

Well, that is no surprise for MLMs because these companies just love to use complicated terms and fancy names so that members will think that there are a lot of ways to make money in the company.

When the reality is that there are just 2 things to do:

  • Sell
  • Recruit

Anyways, here is a 12-minute video about their compensation plan.

Or maybe just view their full compensation plan.

Is Life's Abundance a scam?

Life Abundance isn’t a scam. The company is selling real and legit products. They are also paying their members exactly like they claim.

But the thing is… members soon realize that they are losing more money from the company instead of making some bucks. This is why there are a lot of members who see Life’s Abundance as a scam.

The rest of this review will give clarification to them and help you see the facts about this company.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a distributor myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn how to “Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

Common positive reviews

Here are some of the common positive reviews we have seen in Indeed about their job opportunity...

  • "Company leadership does an amazing job of responding to needs of employees, from small things like making sure we had TP at home when the shelves were bare to professional development, and big things like long term planning and a very hearty bonus plan."
  • "I have been with Life's Abundance for going on 5 years and can honestly say it's one of the best places I've ever worked at. They've really helped me grow both personally and professionally."

Common negative reviews

And here are the negative things people are saying about their job opportunity...

  • "Poor management, if is not done their way it is not right. very low morale given to employees. There is no training you learn only what they want you to learn."
  • "The CEO overlooks the shortcomings of the department manager because they are best friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, this made for a very toxic environment lead by a manager who isn’t fit for the position. Very very high turnover due to this problem."

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What I like about Life's Abundance

Here are some of the things that I like about this specific MLM...

Key Terms:

  • Pyramid Scheme – recruits members via a promise for payment from recruiting others into the company rather than providing a product
  • Affiliate Marketing- Connecting a customer to a product they are looking for and receiving a commission for doing so
  • Red Flag - A warning sign

#1 Proven history

Did you know that 3 out of 10 MLM companies survive their first 10 years?

In Life’s Abundance case, the company has reached a long 21 years as they were founded back in 1999.

They also haven’t gone through any kind of lawsuit. So that’s a good sign that this one’s a legit company and it won’t be shut down any time soon.

#2 Positive product reviews

There are also a lot of positive reviews I found about their products. Here are some of them…

Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Pros

Based on the looks of it, they actually do sell good quality products which is again, a good thing for this MLM.

#3 Affordable subscription

Compared to other MLM companies, Life’s Abundance has one of the lowest and cheapest subscription rates because there's the $29.95 subscription choice.

This is nice especially if you don’t want to shell out much money on something that you’re still having doubt joining.

What I don't like about Life's Abundance

Let us then see the other side of the coin...

#1 Expensive products

MLMs that have overpriced products is a good sign that they are a pyramid scheme in disguise. Instead of creating affordable and quality products, the focus is instead on recruiting members.

Just check out these products which provide the same benefits as Life’s Abundance:

Is Life's Abundance a Scam:Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Cons

You’ll see that there’s a huge price difference. And if I were you, I’d go for the alternative brands especially that they are also made by reputable companies and have positive reviews.

#2 Hidden monthly expenses

In order for you to become an active member of Life’s Abundance, you need to sell at least 100PV or $100 worth of products monthly.

If you can’t then you must buy them for yourself, that’s if you want to stay as one of their active members and still earn commissions.

Frankly speaking, this will just suck out all your money in the long run…

Take note that the biggest client base of Life’s Abundance is their distributors who keep buying their products and hoping that they’re going to become their own boss soon.

#3 Is Life's Abundance a pyramid scheme in disguise?

If you must spend $100 monthly just to stay active, then the only way for you to avoid incurring that expense is to recruit people as your downline.

MLM pyramid scheme

You then pass the buck to them and just motivate them to continue recruiting just so that they can earn, and for you to earn as well.

#4 Only 1 in 217 members earn over $33k a year

If you’re going to check Life’s Abundance’s income disclosure, you’ll see that 61.8% of their members are earning an income of just $504 yearly.

Is Life's Abundance a Scam: Cons 2

Meanwhile, 90% of the total member population are earning just $1,956 a year while their members are getting an average expense of $741 annually.

Simply speaking, only 1 in 217 members are earning more than $33,000 a year.

#5 Downward trend

I checked out Life’s Abundance’s popularity in Google Trends and it was no surprise that their trend is going down.

I even compared it to Farmasi, another health and wellness MLM company, which was faring better compared to Life’s Abundance.


This means that you’re going to have a hard time selling the company’s products because not many people are interested in it...

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My opinion - Life's Abundance

Life’s Abundance is selling legit and good quality health and wellness products.

But if you were to look at the business opportunity presented here?...

The only way for you to make good money is by recruiting lots and lots of members.

That is in no way ethical because those members are just going to lose money in the long run.

You even have to sell the dream of being your own boss and then letting your recruited members do all the hard work just so you can wait for the money to come in...

How I make passive income online

MLMs are not scams or illegal. However, I'm not a fan of them because of the restrictions to the expensive products you have to promote.

Once I learnt about affiliate marketing, I realised it's a far superior business model because:

  • You can promote anything you want and truly own the business
  • You never need to sell to friends and family
  • It's completely free to start

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was.

But I went from a full time PE teacher to making a passive income online within one year...

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