April 22, 2021

CEO Movement Review: Is it a Legit Educational Platform or Just Another Scam?

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You must have thought of getting an online job, especially that most of them pay better than a few 9-5 jobs.

What’s tricky though is trying to figure out which one can really help you earn money and which one will just rob you off of your hard-earned income.

You might have then heard about CEO Movement. But you wondered and asked yourself…

Is CEO Movement a scam? No, not really. It is an educational marketing platform which also has product you can sell just like an MLM. But there is no guarantee of success, not much information about them, and there are far better other business opportunities out there.

This in-depth and accurate CEO Movement review will give you all the information you need to know about them, along with its background, pros, cons, and more.

We’ll also show if it is a legit way to make money online or is it an outright scam.

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This CEO Movement review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

CEO Movement Review

The overview and rankings

Name: CEO Movement

Founder: Robert Brautigam

Type: Educational Marketing Platform

Price:  $79 + upsells

Best for: Newbie entrepreneurs and wannabee online sellers

CEO Movement Review: Logo

CEO Movement Pros

  • Many success stories
  • Commendable offers

CEO Movement Cons

  • Traces of being an MLM
  • Limited information
  • Website is offline


Make Time Online Rating: 40 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is CEO Movement about?

CEO Movement is an educational platform that offers mentorship to beginners, intermediate, and advanced level entrepreneurs. The name of this platform means Community of Entrepreneurs Online Movement.

With this, it gives you the idea that it’s a virtual place where you can gather entrepreneurial knowledge and learn more entrepreneurial skills fit for the kind of online business that you are trying to build from individuals who have the same set of goals as you.

CEO Movement provides training materials through Facebook and Instagram. In the web class you’ll be given access to, you’ll be taught the necessary basics on how to earn passive income.

This program has been running since 2018 and is mostly popular in the US and in the UK.

Check out this 40-second video showing what CEO Movement is all about...

And who is the guy behind all these?...

Who is Robert Brautigam?

The man behind this program is Robert Brautigam, a well-known Internet guru.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has received his education at the University of Massachusetts and majored in a course involved in engineering and geotechnical test drilling inspection.

Here's him...

CEO Movement Review: Creator

Rob Brautigam, as he is mostly known with, was involved in an online coaching program called Project Q1. It basically works the same as CEO Movement.

Now, that is somehow a red flag because Project Q1 has received many scam accusations, thus its falling out of business.

And now, Rob Brautigam runs CEO Movement.

So with this context, does it mean that this educational platform is just another scam of his?

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How does CEO Movement Work?

This coaching program is concentrated on giving you online webinars and videos through Facebook ads.

Basically, you have to sign up first like what’s mostly done in online opportunities. And then, you’ll be given a free training class which is actually the initial training.

In their landing page, you’ll see a video for that class with a very decent and seemingly good sales pitch. It contains the introductions and the basics on how you can build a successful online business.

When you’re done with all of their training videos, you’ll be directed to a pitch offer which tells you to join their community and learn more for only $79.

And of course, since there really is a legit set of training videos and Rob himself along with his friend Ryan Felix made sure that you will learn about online marketing business, you might become really interested in going further into this whole program.

But, just a heads up, CEO Movement is an MLM business so there’s naturally an involvement with pyramid selling and networking to actually earn money.

For further information, read on the section below as it reveals what’s really going on inside this so-called educational platform...

Let's then get an inside look into this platform...

Inside CEO Movement

Once you’ve signed up and have gone through all their training videos, you’ll be given the following offer that will really make you think of paying for the first installment (which by the way is something you’ll only find out later on as they won’t be telling you that that $79 you’ll be giving as your payment is a recurring fee and the initial payment is just basically the registration fee).

#1 Mastermind

Although the name might sound vague, it just refers to the weekly meet-up that the founders arrange for the members of the private community group they have on Facebook. It’s done LIVE and is meant to ensure that there’s an interaction among the members.

#2 Online advertising

As the name suggests, it will cover the techniques you can use in your own online advertisements to guarantee that you will get more sales.

CEO Movement Review: Inside

#3 Branding and marketing

Branding your products and finding ways on how to market them is tricky and difficult.

In this part of CEO Movement’s offer, you’ll be given assistance on how to do the branding and the marketing of your products. So this means that you’ll be taught some useful techniques and strategies.

#4 Connectivity

Finding affiliate products that would definitely make a sale is no easy job. That’s why the founders themselves made a list of products and programs that guarantee high commissions.

This also means that you don’t need to come up with your own products to sell.

You just have to look at those lists, decide which one it is that you’ll be promoting in your online business and then wait for your commission to roll in.

#5 Not just business

Personal growth outside the business is also covered in this part of the program. Tools and resources on self-help will be given to you. This offer stems from the belief of the founders that ‘there’s more to life than just running a business’.

#6 Personal development

This will basically help you attain the right mind-set and goals when doing an online business as these are crucial factors you must develop in order to get through whatever adversities you’ll face in the world of online business.

#7 Keep fit

You might find it very unexpected but the founders also care about your physical health that’s why it’s part of the offer to give you a couple fitness programs to choose from and can try to become physically fit.

Now, these offers are just part of the surface level image of CEO Movement. Once you’ve actually become a member, you’ll find out that there’s more to this whole ‘turning-you-into-an-entrepreneur-through-videos- business.

What actually happens once you are part of their community is you become an avenue on how they can further promote CEO Movement. Why so? Well since this is an MLM business, you will have to ask others to join and invest on this program so you can earn money.

Like the Enagic Kangen Water you have to purchase (it’s compulsory by the way) which will make profits for the person who introduced that product to you. So for you to also earn money, you have to invite someone to CEO Movement and then sell them that water machine.

And yes, the only product you’ll get to promote is that machine. And how much does it cost?

It’s around $6000...

So how CEO Movement earns money from its members is through the monthly subscription fees and the commission from the Enagic Kangen Water.

To sum it up, CEO Movement is an educational platform that really offers a training class and is also an affiliate of MLM business.

Also note that there are other similar programs that share the same stuff such as:

Feel free to check out this 50-second video that shows the inner workings of CEO Movement...

And how much will this cost you?

CEO Movement cost to join

You have to pay $79 for the membership fee. This comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

It is somehow a cheaper price compared to other platforms offering training on online marketing business.

The question is if it’s worth it and if you’ll get as much as what you’ll be paying for...

CEO Movement monthly cost

As I mentioned above, you’ll be paying for a monthly subscription fee of $79.

But you have to bear in mind that there’s also an upsell which comes in the form of a mandatory purchase of a water machine.

What actually is supposed to happen is you have to pay for the following once you become a member:

  • $12/month for the Social Media Training Academy
  • $1,908 for the Automated Online Sales System
  • $1,271 for the Global Facebook Community
  • $378 for the one-on-one 30-minute Coaching Call
  • $761 for the Weekly Team Mastermind Calls
  • $1,268 for the Invite to Future Live Events
CEO Movement Review: Cost

All of these cost almost $6,000 but you’ll have access to these for only $79. But then again, it is also almost the same amount as the water machine that you have to buy.

So there isn’t much of a gain for you in terms of saving your thousand bucks...

CEO Movement reviews online

CEO Movement is an online platform which provides you training materials on how to make money online through marketing, personal development, networking, and more.

But what you are really after is if you can make good money from this...

So, we've checked multiple YouTube videos and subscriber reviews from review sites like Site Jabber and BBB to see what people have to say about it...

Common positive CEO Movement reviews

  • Many members
  • Supportive community

In the reviews found online, there have been positive feedback that were obtained from the private community group they have on Facebook.

But since, it is not accessible to just anyone but the members, the following reviews were gathered from available sources:

“I joined CEO Movement one year ago and I can’t event express the gratitude and appreciation for this community.”

“I joined the Movement about 1 year ago and what I’ve seen throughout this year is something I’ve never seen in any other community I’ve been part of.”

Common negative CEO Movement reviews

  • Vague business information
  • Nonsense
  • Pyramid scheme

The reviews below are from a group of individuals who relayed their experiences of CEO Movement on Reddit...

“I joined in 2018. Extremely extremely skeptical. I keep getting sucked back in as I'm still a member... but it just doesn't add up. Everything is so so vague. I've read a ton of awful reviews about CEO but I don't want to believe them.”

 “I know someone who has been sucked into this nonsense. Lots of people including myself told him not to do it but he still went in 'eyes wide open'...The only people involved in pyramid schemes are scammers and the scammed.”

Is CEO Movement a scam?

To say right off the bat that it’s a scam would be a biased review since there is not that much solid evidence that points it to being a scam.

The thing to be realized about this program is that it really does work as an educational program.

There are useful pieces of information about online marketing businesses that you can get from it.

However, you should also take note that it’s promoting an affiliate product and is earning a commission through you. There cannot really be a hard lined verdict that it indeed is a scam.

What’s something you should consider is that it has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to make sure that the advantages weigh heavier than the disadvantages before you get involved with it.

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CEO Movement pros

#1 Many success stories

If you try to look up some reviews found online, you will see individuals sharing their experiences with CEO Movement.

There might be quite a number of those who found it not commendable but there are also those who really earned money from this platform.

Here is one of them...

CEO Movement Review: Pros

It may be too biased if the positive feedback to be considered are from their community group.

So if that’s how you think, you can try reading some reviews written by a few individuals involved in marketing and go over the comments posted in those reviews.

There are many who attested that the videos really have helped them learn more about online marketing business.

#2 Commendable offers

One of the good things you can get from CEO Movement is the type of offer they have for their potential members...

CEO Movement Review: Pros 2

These are highly commendable since it does not only take into account the very technical aspect of successfully building an online business but also the emotional and even the physical aspects...

CEO Movement cons

#1 Traces of being an MLM

One of the drawbacks of this platform is that they are somehow part of an MLM business which asks for too much money from new members.

Take for example their water machine is too pricey and is not even a hundred percent guaranteed to be of use to you...

CEO Movement Review: Cons

This whole MLM business involvement is clearly a pyramid scheme.

And to link it with an educational platform just so there will be potential buyers a.k.a the members is not much appetizing especially that this type of scheme causes the financial downfall of many aspiring entrepreneurs.

So unless you are really keen on buying that machine and you have someone you can promote the product to, then you are at an obvious disadvantage...

#2 Limited information

Another downside is the unavailability of useful information.

Even the founder, Robert Brautigam, has very few available information you can gather online...

You have to have your own LinkedIn profile before you can view his.

Also, if you are someone who doesn’t do research before signing up for opportunities like this one, then you will only find out later once you become a member that you will have to buy an affiliate product that will help you earn something out of the program.

#3 Website is offline

And the deal breaker for CEO Movement is that their website is always offline. I'm not so sure if this has been the case for a long time, but it's really down...

CEO Movement Review: Cons 3

This shows that there's something wrong happening with them. Maybe because they're having a hard time keeping up with the costs or their operations just ceased...

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My opinion - CEO Movement

CEO Movement doesn’t have too much information that would immediately subject it to being labelled as a scam or as a legit educational platform slash business opportunity.

What’s a definite ruling I can say about it is that it’s not a practical way to start your online career. There are other options that you might want to venture on instead of this one.

And here's what I can say about your chances of success with CEO Movement...

Building an online business takes too much effort, time and of course money. And you just have to make sure that all those investments are something you can reap and can profit from...

There are a lot of other business opportunities out there that offer better chances of success...

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