April 2, 2021

Is Bonvera a Scam? Another Health and Wellness Pyramid Scheme?

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Most likely, you are reading this article because someone told you about this opportunity to work at the comforts of your home.

But you are a bit skeptical and you’ve asked yourself… Is Bonvera a scam? Well, nope, Bonvera isn’t a scam.

But if that is the case, then is it a legit opportunity to make money from home and replace your full-time career with it?

Well, this in-depth review, with images, videos, and pros and cons, is going to answer that question and help you come up with an informed decision.

Bonvera Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Bonvera

Founder: Robert Dickie III

Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Products (Including Pricing): 30/100

Success Stories: 5/100

Price To Join MLM: $150 subscription + $125 to $225 starter kit + $137/monthly

Is Bonvera a Scam: Logo

What to look for in a MLM:

  • Low start-up fee & maintenance cost
  • High-quality affordable products
  • You don’t have to carry inventory
  • An affiliate-like system 
  • Generous compensation plan
  • Company is in the early momentum phase

Bonvera Pros

  • Positive product reviews

Bonvera Cons

  • Expensive products
  • Lacks information
  • Hidden monthly expenses
  • Pyramid scheme in disguise
  • Downward trend


Bonvera is an MLM health and wellness company that sells dietary, nutritional, and skincare products aside from having an affiliate program where members can sell their products.

Make Time Online Rating: 20 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Bonvera?

Bonvera is a health and wellness Multi-Level-Marketing company that was founded by Robert Dickie III in 2016.

The goal of the company is to help people have a healthier life by providing them with the right products that will boost their energy levels and bring out their best selves.

As of now, there are already more than 20,000 members affiliated with Bonvera.

These guys sell their products in exchange for commissions, all while calling themselves as the bringers of positive change to the world of health.

Here is an 8-minute video about the company...

Let's move and know if...

Is Bonvera a pyramid scheme?

Bonvera is not a pyramid scheme because the members of the company can earn money without having to recruit people.

Instead, what they need to do is just sell the products and earn commissions from it.

But even if that is the case, it’s still more fitting to ask ourselves if… Is Bonvera a pyramid scheme in disguise?

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme can be a company or organization that is promising payment to members who recruit people.

This is what is the priority instead of selling actual products and services.

A lot of countries have already banned companies like this because not all of the members can earn money from a system which is only paying for recruitment.

See this diagram from Wikipedia to know why...

There might be a few members who make money but they don’t do anything else but just recruit, and recruit and recruit… That is just plain silly, right?

They advertise the company as a business opportunity even if you can clearly see from the diagram above that it isn’t.

In fact, you’re just going to lose money in the long run because the company will run out of people they can recruit.

Know more about these pyramid schemes in disguise from this 5-minute YouTube video.

Let's then learn why...

Success is rare with Bonvera

Another fact that I want to share with you is that it is hard to be successful when you’re with Bonvera or any other MLM.

Statistics prove this as it is stated in a report that between 72.5% and 99.9% of MLM members are losing money.

92.3 Percent of Members Lose Money in MLMs

This happens because they have a sales quota where members can only remain and stay active if they are able to sell a specific number of products each and every month.

If they can’t sell this much, then they have no choice but to just buy the products just for them to be active members.

This is why the majority of MLM members are losing huge money before they can recruit a single member...

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How does Bonvera Work?

Bonvera works by selling weight loss, dietary, nutritional, and skincare products.

They also have an affiliate program where average people can become members and agents of the company and are then tasked to sell the products to earn commissions.

It looks like a win-win situation. But the thing is, Bonvera saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in supposed marketing campaigns because it isn’t them who do the promotions, but their members.

Before we see if this is really the case, let us learn more about...

Bonvera products

If you really want to try your luck with Bonvera, then it makes sense for you to try out their products.

This way, you know what to expect and you’ll know what you are getting yourself into. But if it turns out that there is no way for you to gain fast access to it, then it’ll be better if you read through it first.

Here are some of the best-selling products sold by Bonvera:

  • Phyzix ($36) - An energy drink that gives you the needed energy boost to keep up with your tasks. This comes in 3 choices, Tropical, Acai Berry, and Zero. This is sold in a box containing twelve 355 ml. cans.
  • Phyzix MD ($42) - A nutritional supplement which provides you with the needed vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and keep you active and more productive throughout the day. This comes in a bottle containing 60 vegetarian-friendly capsules.
  • Thrive Coffee ($15) - An organic coffee that keeps you alert and awake while improving your overall bodily health. This comes in 12 oz. bags.
Is Bonvera a Scam: Products

Sounds interesting? Well, slow down there a little bit because there are multitudes of other brands out there that are offering the same or similar products.

Here are some of the most popular and notable MLMs that are offering the same opportunities:

All of them are claiming to be special and to stand out from each other, when the reality is, they’re just offering the same stuff and rebranding them into fancy names.

So if this is what is happening here, then what makes Bonvera special?

Bonvera flagship product

Kutano ($37) - A health supplement that improves your mental health by making you more focused on your tasks.

Is Bonvera a Scam: Flagship

It gives you clearer thinking and boosts your confidence, which then makes you more productive. This comes in a bottle containing 60 capsules.

You can learn more about their other product, Phyzix MD, in this 1-minute video below:


Can you make money with Bonvera?

Yes, you can make money from Bonvera, but it’s going to be difficult.

There are a few people who do, but they work for more than 8 hours daily, much more than the average sales manager.

And what do they get from it? Well, sadly speaking, an income that’s similar or worse, less than minimum wage.

Another thing I want to point out is that they don’t have an income disclosure to prove that their members are really earning enough money...

How to make money with Bonvera

You can make some bucks from Bonvera by:

  • Selling products
  • Recruiting members into the MLM

But take note that you can only earn from the sales that your downline members make, and not by simply just recruiting them into the company.

This is how MLMs save themselves from being called a pyramid scheme and being shut down by the FTC.

How much does it cost to join Bonvera?

You have to pay a subscription fee of $150 if you want to join Bonvera. Aside from that, you also need to buy a package.

You have 2 options to choose from. These are:

  • Starter Pack ($125) -You need to maintain 75 PV monthly to stay active.
  • Pro Pack ($225) - You need to maintain 137 PV monthly to stay active.

It’s best that you go for the Pro pack so you can get more products, which also equates to getting a better value for your money.

However, that means that you need to maintain 137 PV every month for you to earn commissions.

Bonvera monthly cost

Becoming a member might sound easy, but take note that you need to maintain 137 PV monthly for you to be qualified to receive commissions.

Aside from that, you are also going to incur these expenses on the first year:

  • $150
  • $125 to $225
  • $137 x 12

Minimum costs for year 1 = $1,919 to $2,019

And that’s before you add up the other expenses you have to pay for including training, travel, gas, food, and miscellaneous allowance...

Bonvera compensation plan

MLMs always have confusing compensation plans. And Bonvera isn’t exempted from that.

But no worries because I will do my best to simplify this and make this easy to understand…

Bonvera is offering 4 main ways for you to earn cash as a member:

  • Retail Commissions - Earn 4% to 28% commission from every product that you sell, depending on your rank and level.
  • Differential Bonus - Earn 8% to 28% commission from the total downlines sales of the month, depending on your rank and level.
  • Autoship Bonus - Earn a $25 bonus every time your newly recruited member makes their first sales.
  • Registered Customer Bonus - Earn a 50% bonus of your total sales of your first month.
Is Bonvera a Scam: Compensation

Confused? Don’t worry, my friend. That is completely normal especially if we’re talking about MLMs.

MLM companies always do this and make their compensation plans confusing and littered with fancy terms and names so that it seems there are loads of way for their members to make money.

When the reality is that they only have to do 2 things, and these are:

  • Sell Bonvera products to other people
  • Recruit members into Bonvera

Here’s a 3-minute video about their compensation plan or how their business opportunity works, if in case you want to learn more about it:

Or maybe just view their full compensation plan.

Is Bonvera a scam?

Bonvera is not a scam. I can say this for sure because they are selling real and effective products.

They also are paying their members exactly as they say in their compensation plan. But what is it that there are some who call them a scam?

Well, that is because their members realize later that they are losing money instead of earning money in the company due to the sales quota. Hence, they label the company as a scam...

The next section of this review will reveal the pros and cons of this MLM so you can make the right decision and see if this is for you or not.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a distributor myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn how to “Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

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What I like about Bonvera

Key Terms:

  • Pyramid Scheme – recruits members via a promise for payment from recruiting others into the company rather than providing a product
  • Affiliate Marketing- Connecting a customer to a product they are looking for and receiving a commission for doing so
  • Red Flag - A warning sign

#1 Positive product reviews

The only thing I like about Bonvera is that they have a lot of positive reviews about their products.

Here are some of them:

Is Bonvera a Scam: Pros

As you can see, the customers are very much pleased with the product.

This means that there’s a good chance that you can easily sell their products because they have a positive reputation among the general public, especially with its past users.

What I don't like about Bonvera

#1 Expensive products

Bonvera is selling expensive products.

There are a lot of other brands out there that are selling cheaper nutritional supplements and skincare products and they still do their job pretty well! They even come from reputable brands!

This is a big no-no because other customers are going to have a better option than Bonvera’s lineup.

#2 Lacks information

Most MLMs have an official income disclosure to assure people that their members area really earning and making good money from the company.

That isn’t the case with Bonvera, though, because they don’t have any official income disclosure.

Now, I’m not so sure if they did this on purpose so that they can hide the poor and bad statistics, or they just don’t seem to care...

#3 Hidden monthly expenses

You need to achieve 137 PV monthly for you to stay as an active Bonvera member.

PV is an acronym for personal volume, or the amount of products you must sell every month.

This means that you need to sell $137 worth of Bonvera products, or much better go beyond it.

If you can’t, then you have no other option but to just buy them yourself for you to stay active and receive bonuses and commissions.

Little do people know that the biggest customer base of MLM companies are their members who just keep buying their stuff and hoping that they’ll have the big break they have been promised of...

#4 Is Bonvera a pyramid scheme in disguise?

The only way you can avoid spending $137 monthly is to recruit people.

The more people you recruit into the company, the less likely you are going to lose money.

Here's what that looks like:

MLM pyramid scheme

Sounds fishy, eh? Well, that’s because it’s a pyramid scheme in disguise! This is perhaps the biggest turn off for me.

#5 Downward trend

Here is what I found on Google Trends:


The blue line is for Bonvera, and as you can see, they’re on a downward trend.

This means that there are fewer people who are interested in it. The red line is for Farmasi, which is another MLM company that fares well.

Compare the two and you’ll see that it’s just not worth risking your time and money on Bonvera...

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My opinion - Bonvera

Bonvera sells legit and useful products. But they’re downright overpriced. And what about their business opportunity?...

Recruitment is the only solution for you to avoid losing money. And you still have to do this even if you already know that 93% of the members are just going to lose money.

There are a lot of other ways you can make good money...

How I make passive income online

MLMs are not scams or illegal. However, I'm not a fan of them because of the restrictions to the expensive products you have to promote.

Once I learnt about affiliate marketing, I realised it's a far superior business model because:

  • You can promote anything you want and truly own the business
  • You never need to sell to friends and family
  • It's completely free to start

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was.

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