April 20, 2022

Digital Genius Lab Review: Legit Easy Money Opportunity or Scam?

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In the spirit of full transparency, know that this Digital Genius Lab review contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, you will often receive a discount or bonus signing up fee! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Digital Genius Lab Review

You probably have heard about the Digital Genius Lab and are wondering whether it would be the right program for you to join.

It’s likely that you understand the power of Facebook and that it’s possible to make money online from advertising on there. After all there are over 2 billion active users on there every month.

This honest Digital Genius Lab review will show you exactly what to expect from the program so that you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you or not.

If you’re like me and you prefer watching videos to reading then just watch this 20-minute summary…

Digital Genius Lab Review- The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Digital Genius Lab
  • Owners: Sean Malone, Chris Baden, Melissa (80 out of 100)
  • Website URL: digitalgeniuslab.com
  • Type: FB ads training & Enagic Sales Funnel
  • Success Stories: 10 out of 100
  • Price: $99 per month + high ticket upsells (10 out of 100)
  • Maketimeonline.com Rating: 33 out of 100

Pros and Cons


  • Good FB ads training
  • Donates 1% of profit to NeverThirst (charity trying to end water crisis)
  • Can be a way for you to make money online


  • Very high price
  • Signs of a pyramid scheme
  • Huge up sells
  • Not very clear whether it is affiliate marketing or MLM (multi-level-marketing)
  • Unsustainable business model
  • Unclear about what the upsells are about

What does Digital Genius Lab do?

Digital Genius Lab is an affiliate marketing platform that will educate you on internet marketing. You will learn how to construct an online business.

You can earn big commissions once traffic has been routed through the sales funnel and a transaction has been made.

Moreover, Digital Genius Lab is a digital marketing instructional and marketing platform. It highlights how paid adverts on Facebook may be used to promote a business.

A developed backend marketing funnel conducts most of the work on this platform.

DGL will handle the remainder. The only requirement is to locate traffic and direct it into the funnel. This is a simple task for those knowledgeable about Facebook marketing.

DGL provides a webinar and other digital marketing tools to aid in the launch of your digital business.

Simply put Digital Genius Lab will show you how to use Facebook ads to make money from home.

There is a strong community as you can see from the video above.

They claim to show you how to use affiliate marketing which is a legitimate business model that has helped real people like Jeff and Ben from Dollarspout create a $240k/ month business. Check out my chat with them by clicking the highlighted text.

However, as you continue to read this review you will find out they also promote an MLM program Enagic, which fits in nicely with their mission of “ending world thirst”.

Sounds good right? Ok so I can almost hear your mind saying…

How Can You Earn Money With Digital Genius Lab?

Digital Genius Lab offers a variety of opportunities to make money.

You can become a partner or reseller of Digital Genius Lab first.

As a partner, you may sell the technology of Digital Genius Lab to your clients and receive a commission on any sales you create. This is a terrific opportunity to generate more income while delivering value to your clients.

What You Can Sell:

Marketing Training

DGL’s workshops educate participants on how social media can boost their visibility and how paid advertising and affiliate marketing operate. Members who wish to market their products or those given by Digital Genius Lab will find these abilities useful.

An All-In-One Marketing Platform

Regardless of your level of expertise, DGL’s user-friendly platform enables you to develop and track your advertising campaigns rapidly. In addition, you have access to real-time assistance during the process.

The DGL platform is completely automated. The software performs all tasks on your behalf, including emailing, marketing, and training.

Digital marketing is now your primary concern.

Facebook advertising enables you to make intelligent advertising investments. DGL will assist you in determining the suitable advertising level. When your adverts gain in popularity, you may then scale up.

Who Owns Digital Genius Lab?

Sean Malone, Chris Baden and Seans wife Melissa own the business.

You can see Sean and Chris chat about their business model below…

You can tell they are pretty stand up guys and genuinely want to help other people. It’s also nice they have a bigger vision and mission to help make the world a better place by giving back to NeverThirst.

OK, you get it, it seems pretty legit but more importantly…

What’s Inside Digital Genius Lab?

There are 2 main sections:

  1. 5 Training Modules (included in the $99/month fee)- FB ads training to drive traffic
  2. Fast Track Triple Pack ($297)- More advanced training

As you continue to read this Digital Genius Lab review you will find out what is included:

5 Training Modules

Module 1- Set up Facebook Fan Page

Useful for complete beginners. Does what is says on the tin and helps you to manage it.

Module 2- Set up Sales Funnel

Set up a “Done-for-you-system” including:

  • Get a domain name
  • Create a sales funnel
  • Set up email campaigns

Pretty basic stuff here but very useful for beginner online marketers.

Module 3- Facebook Ads

This training will help you:

  • Set up business manager with FB
  • Create an ad account
  • Custom audience targeting
  • Use Facebook pixels and re-targeting

This is where you will get the most bang for your buck!

Module 4- Marketing and Advertising

You’ll learn about:

  • Ad columns
  • How to interpret ad data
  • FB ad guidelines
  • Top 6 FB ad types

Again useful info in this module!

Module 5- Analyse Campaign Performance

This last module teaches you how to scale.

If you’d like to learn more about FB ads then check out “How to choose the perfect online niche” for a free taster about how to set things up.

There are loads of little add ons (in other words upsells), such as the Digipalooza event (see video below) or the Enagic MLM program (read onto the red flags for more info on this)

And here is a brief description of what you can go for the $297 Fast Track Triple Pack…

Fast Track Triple Pack

1- 30 Day Fast Track

You will be assigned two “coaches” to guide you step-by-step through getting set up.

You receive a “graduation T-shirt” (heyo!) after completing these 4 weeks and then you can start phase 2…

2- 90 Day Accelerator

You get 1 video per day for 90 days to make your first sale.

It includes:

  • Personal development
  • Creating ad videos
  • Setting it up on autopilot

When you make a sale you then receive the sweat pants (woop woop!)

3- DGL Mastermind League

You get into teams of 5-8 to encourage each other with healthy competition.

This will help you be more accountable and get support from your peers.

Is Digital Genius Lab a Scam?

There are two main ways an online course can be a scam:

  1. Take your money and run off into the sunset, never to be heard from again
  2. Provide some information but it doesn’t live up to their promises

It’s quite clear that it’s a legit company and there are real people running it.

However, they suggest they will help you create and expand a business of your dreams. This is certainly possible but as you’re about to learn it may not be as good as you first thought.


Just to be fully transparent with you, I have not purchased this program myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn more “Ways to Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

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Digital Genius Lab Red Flags

OK, so you’ve already found out how it’s possible to make money with Digital Genius Lab.

But, you’re about to learn some of the hidden truths behind the system, which may help you make a more informed decision.

Key Terms:

  • Pyramid Scheme – recruits members via a promise for payment from referring others to the service rather than providing a product
  • Affiliate Marketing- Connecting a customer to a product they are looking for and receiving a commission for doing so
  • Red Flag – A warning sign

#1 It Acts Like a Pyramid Scheme But Says it Doesn’t

So there clearly is a product as you’ve already learnt (the FB ads training).

However, all of the training is based on getting more people to sign up to the program.

Pyramid Scheme

There isn’t really much training for people that want to just use FB ads themselves. Yes, the training is transferrable to any future business, but all of the training is based on recruiting more people to DGL.

#2 Not a Sustainable Business Model

This is the biggest red flag for me.

If DGL was to go out of business tomorrow and you’re just getting started you would be left with nothing.

There’s no training on how to manage a website or online store or provide any service.

It is purely on using FB ads to sell DGL to more people. There have been similar products in the past (such as MOBE) that have been shut down by the FTC exactly for this reason and the customers were left in the dark without anything to show for their hard work.

#3 Really Expensive Compared to Alternatives

Here’s the truth:

If you want to benefit from using DGL you will need to pay:

  • $99 a month
  • $297 for the Fast Track Tripe Pack
  • Become part of the MLM program Enagic (you need to purchase a product before you can promote it range from $1,980-$5,980)
  • Money on Facebook ads

That’s a total of at least $1,192 for your first 4 months just to get up and running, not including your costs for the FB ads.

Let me ask you this… how long can you afford to spend this amount of money before you NEED to make sales?

Piggy bank money

At this point you already have some serious skin in the game so you if you don’t like what you’re doing you will be left feeling resentful and either pretending it’s great to others to make a sale or give up.

There are other affiliate marketing programs that cost $49 month (with no upsells) and are completely free to start.

#4 Doesn’t Teach You Everything You Need to Start an Online Business

This is another biggie.

Yes it will show you how to set up a website and yes it will show you how to drive traffic to your website using FB ads.

But FB ads cost MONEY!!


It’s not a great way to start when you have no following or clients interested in what you have to offer.

Every successful online business creates traffic for free with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Pinterest.

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#5 Big Upsells… And They Don’t Tell You What They Are!

You won’t find out how much you need to spend up front.

You will just hear $99 a month over and over again from their marketers and on their website.


Do you remember just reading about the Fast Track upsell and Enagic MLM upsell? Not to mention the money you will need to spend on the FB ads.

#6 Using a Nice Idea (Stop World Thirst) to Sell… Not Really Making a Difference

So you may have heard about how good they are for donating profits to NeverThirst.

It’s 1% of their profits!!


And a sceptic may look at the ulterior motive for this that it fits nicely with their upsell… Enagic (Water Ioniser and filtration machines)


#7 Real People’s Complaints

It’s great to read all the positive reviews and testimonials isn’t it?

However, can you remember how the affiliates make their money?

BINGO… promoting DGL!

Here’s one of the negative reviews that I have found on the Internet that sums up what the majority of not so positive reviews have said.

Digital Genius Lab Review

Do you remember this is a relatively new company too?

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My Opinion- Digital Genius Lab

Here’s my honest opinion about DGL (don’t shoot me for it!):

  • It’s too expensive
  • Dishonest (no mention of what the upsells are)
  • Won’t help you create your own online business (not sustainable)

I want to say it would be good for people that have their own business and want to use FB ads, but I believe there are better alternatives out there.

I want to add this too… Nate Leung spends much of his review showing that other people bash DGL to promote their own program. However, I remember when I started out trying to make money online.

I’d read a review and realised it was not what I first thought, but I was still eager to get started with making money online. If you’re like me you may be frustrated in finding another dead end when you’re ready to put in the work!

This is the real reason why I always leave a recommendation at the end.

I do not want to force anyone to join any program, I just want to help people make an informed decision.

An Evergreen Strategy That Brings You The Money

It wasn’t that long ago that I was still trying to figure out how it’s possible for people to make money online.

The biggest issue I found was that most systems either required a load of time, money or for you to sell to all your friends and family. I wanted to find a passive system that had a few things:

  1. I could work on when I wanted (I was still in a full-time job)
  2. Didn’t cost a fortune to start and maintain
  3. Didn’t need me to sell stuff to my friends and family

It was in September 2018 that I found the system that I still use today to make passive income and quit my full-time job.

The best thing about it is:

  • It’s free to start (aka no monetary risk at all)
  • Customers are brought to you that are already interested (just think about how you found this review… no money or time spent from me promoting this!)
  • You get me as a personal coach to help you on your journey

Oh, and it’s completely free to start! When you look inside the community you will understand why so many people recommend this program.

No credit card details required

Digital Genius Lab: The “MakeTimeOnline” Final Word

As you come to the end of this Digital Genius Lab review you can see that the product is clearly legit.

If you were to go all in, then the community and support can definitely help you achieve success online.

However, there are better products in the market at a much more reasonable starting price that will not mislead you on how much you need to spend to start.

If you have any questions and I mean any questions about Digital Genius Lab, please leave them below. If you have used or currently are a member please also add your opinions below.

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, check out this 1-minute video to see more information about my #1 recommended program

Wealthy Affiliate Short Video

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