January 27, 2022

Is Enagic a Scam? Great Opportunity or Pyramid Scheme [Honest Review]

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Welcome to my Enagic review.

You probably have heard of some of the benefits of starting a direct selling business.

Some people argue this is different from MLM and network marketing, but it’s a very similar process. Enagic seems to offer an amazing opportunity without the hefty membership fees of most MLM companies. Plus it’s promising to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

So the question still remains… Is Enagic a scam? You’ll find out the truth in this honest review to help you make an informed decision.


Enagic Review- The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Enagic
  • Owners: Hironari Oshiro (90 out of 100)
  • Website URL: www.enagic.com
  • Type: Direct selling water filtration/ ionization machines (there are claims it’s not an MLM program… but it basically is)
  • Success Stories: 20 out of 100
  • Price: Free membership… but the prices of machines are high, at least $1,980 (20 out of 100)
  • Maketimeonline.com Rating: 43 out of 100

Pros and Cons


  • No Signup fee (but you do need to purchase a product before you can join the program)
  • Long history
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Received accreditation


  • Price of products
  • Health claims are not proven
  • You need to recruit (often family and friends)
  • Customers won’t repeat orders (unless the product breaks!)
  • Only 1 in 10 people make more than $5,000 a year in MLM companies

What does Enagic do?

Enagic is a Japan-based MLM water filtration company allowing people to drink “healthier water”.

The video above gives some more background into it if you are interested in learning more, but as you can see it was founded in 1974, and it has a good history.

Enagic Kangen Water Changes The Body’s pH Levels…

There is some research out there that suggests that drinking more alkaline (higher pH levels) water is good for us.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Losing weight
  • Reduce the chances of getting cancer
  • Reduce the chance of arthritis

There are claims that Kagen water can change our body’s pH levels and it’s better for our body to be more alkaline than acidic.

So what does Enagic offer?

Enagic Kangen Water Products

Here are the machines that Enagic has to offer:

Is Enagic a Scam?

  • Leveluk R – $1,980
  • Leveluk JRII – $2,380
  • ANESPA DX– $2,890 – (newest machine)
  • Leveluk SD501 – $3,980 (Main machine = 90% of their global sales)
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum – $4,280
  • Leveluk K8 – $4,980
  • Leveluk SD501U – $4,980 (connects to sink)
  • Leveluk SUPER 501 – $5,980

As you can see there is a big range in products.

Some are more compact, some attach to the sink and the more expensive ones tend to be more robust.

But this is not the only products Enagic offers…

The Ukon Products Also Have Many Benefits…

There are a lot of benefits to consuming the spice Turmeric including:

  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory- fights disease
  • Boosts brain power
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Helps to provide clear skin
  • And many more!

There is a whole range of Ukon products that can help the body with the above advantages ranging from:

  • $25 Ukon soap to the $1,980 Ukon Sigma combo (Tea, supplements & soap)

Is Enagic a Scam?

You can find the whole Enagic product list here.

Since you’re still here I’m guessing you’d like to know the answer to…

How to Make Money With Enagic

There are 2 main ways to earn money with any MLM company:

  1. Sell the products to other people
  2. Recruit people into your downline to sell products, and you receive a commission from their sales

Enagic has a third way:

3. Bonuses

How to Get Started With Enagic

There are some great benefits to starting with Enagic compared to a lot of other MLM programs.

This includes NO:

  • Monthly qualifications You don’t have to spend money to stay active
  • Stocking of inventory – Similar to other MLM programs
  • Annual renewal – The BIG difference to most MLM programs
  • Time limits – Don’t worry about making “X” sales in a time frame

The big difference here compared to other MLM programs is that there are no fees to stay as a partner with Enagic.

Enagic Compensation Plan

These are some of the types of commissions you can earn with Enagic:

  • Direct Sales Commission
  • Override Commission
  • Educational Allowance
  • Monthly Incentive
  • Quarterly Incentive
  • Title Incentive
  • Global Leadership Incentive

You can check out the full compensation plan here.

Or watch this short video…

Simply put:

Like any MLM company the more “direct sales” you make the more money you can make.

It helps you to “climb the ranks” and this is where people make mega bucks! But to achieve the highest rank you will need to sell 100 machines (yep, you read that right!… but you don’t have to sell all of these yourself)

Remember people in your downline that sell the machines also helps you so you are encouraged to help other people make sales too.


Don’t worry if you’re still confused. As you read on it’ll start to make more sense and you will find out the answer to… is Enagic a scam?

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

Is Enagic a Scam and a Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, let’s define what Direct selling is according to Wikipedia:

It consists of two main business models: single-level marketing, in which a direct seller makes money by buying products from a parent organization and selling them directly to customers, and multi-level marketing.

Wikipedia’s definition of Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) is…

A non-salaried workforce where your earnings come from a pyramid-shaped commission system.

Simply put: 

You earn money from commissions of sales you make and a percentage of the sales the people you recruit make. The people you recruit are in your so-called “downline” so if you help them to sell better it will help you make more money!

A pyramid scheme is defined as:

A business model that pays its members when they recruit others rather than supplying products or services. 

MLM programs can be legitimate, but pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal. 

So is Enagic a scam?

As you can see from this Enagic review, there are plenty of products that are being sold. 

Therefore, Enagic is NOT a pyramid scheme or a scam. 


Just to be fully transparent with you, I have not purchased this program myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn more “Ways to Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

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Common positive reviews

  • “The water ionisers are amazing! I’ve been using their products for nearly two years and will continue to do so until the end of my days.”
  • “My mother’s brain health has imporved amazingly, tears in our family, thank you Enagic.”

Common negative reviews

  • “Don’t bother to buy the unit. So costly and customer service is so bad. I got my unit power broken.”
  • “I just buy the grate machine that cost almost $4000. I cant hook up because parts are missing. She is saying that I have to order another part.”

Enagic Kangen Water: The Good

There are plenty of good things about starting with Enagic.

Here are some of the things I like about it:

#1 No Membership Fees

You DO NOT have to spend a certain amount each month to keep selling Enagic products.

All you need to do find is a sponsor and make a purchase of one of the machines (note that is at least $1,980 to start).

Top tip: use YouTube to help you find a good sponsor if you want to join! You can tell a lot about a person from a video.

#2 Accreditation & Achievements

There are a whole range of achievements and accolades Enagic has received over the years:

Is Enagic a Scam?

This includes:

  • Quality control and environmental management
  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification
  • Member in the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA)

This is another clear sign the company is legit.

#3 A+ on BBB

BBB gives Enagic an A+ rating.

Is Enagic a Scam?

The business was incorporated in the USA in 2003 and has been on BBB for 16 years. 20 complaints in 16 years is not bad!

Most of these are about the product missing parts or someone wanting a refund.

#4 Long History

Being established since 1974 it has a strong history.

This is another great sign that a company is legitimate because poor companies tend to not be able to last this long.

All of this may be making you think it’s too good to be true.

Well, here’s the other point of view…

Enagic Red Flags

There are some things that may not be obvious when you first look at joining the program.

It’s important that you are aware of these before diving in.

#1 Price of Products

This is the biggie!!

Do you remember that the Enagic water filtration/ ionisation machines range from $1,980- $5,980?

Well here is what I found with a quick search on Amazon

Water ionisation

It’s honestly hard to find a water ionisation machine for more than $2,000 (Enagic’s cheapest option) on Amazon.

Plus you can find Turmeric equivalents for a fraction of the price…

Turmeric supplements

It looks like it may be worth shopping around!

#2 Are the Health Claims Even Proven?

Healthline suggests the “outrageous health claims” haven’t got enough evidence to support some of these claims.

Especially the ones about cancer!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that drinking alkaline water may have other side effects such as:

  • Deficient of certain minerals
  • Vomiting
  • Hand Tremors
  • Tingling in extremities

#3 The Truth About MLM Programs

PR Newswire shows that 73% of all people involved in MLM companies lose money or make no money.

And of the few that make money, over half made less than $5,000 a year! Therefore less than 1 in 10 members of MLM programs make more than $5,000 a year!

I would like to point out that some people do extremely well from MLM programs. But as you can see in the article above the majority do not! Also, remember Enagic is a “direct selling” opportunity…

#4 Will People Order More Than Once?


Think about it. If you were to spend over $4,000 on a machine, do you think you will put in another order for this next year?

Plus there is a 3-5 year warranty for the machines.

Enagic warranty

Now I know there is the whole Udon side of things with the turmeric benefits and clients will need to buy filters etc.

But the bonuses and “levelling up” in the business model only happens when you sell machines!

Let me ask you this… do you know 100 families that would be willing to spend $4,000 on a water filter?

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My Opinion – Enagic

The products are too expensive.


You can find the same quality products for a fraction of the price on Amazon as is the case with a lot of MLM programs (I know!!! It’s direct selling, but even the definition of this says it has MLM in it!)

Now, let me ask you this. How would you feel selling these machines to your friends and family when you know they get the same thing delivered to their house for half the price?

Is Enagic a Scam?

It’s a good company and I do think there is something to be said about alkaline water and turmeric.

The research has even made me look into getting some turmeric supplements and I am researching the pH levels of our big water bottles that we drink at home.

But the fact is:

You will have to sell these to your friends and family. Do you really want to be that person?

Yes, there are ways to market it online and it has close links with the Digital Genius Lab, but you can read my opinions on this company.

All is not lost. There may be another way to make money online that is completely ethical and you can help a lot of other people…

An Evergreen Strategy That Brings You The Money

It wasn’t that long ago that I was still trying to figure out how it’s possible for people to make money online.

The biggest issue I found was that most systems either required a load of time, money or for you to sell to all your friends and family. I wanted to find a passive system that had a few things:

  1. I could work on when I wanted (I was still in a full-time job)
  2. Didn’t cost a fortune to start and maintain
  3. Didn’t need me to sell stuff to my friends and family

UPDATE- In September 2018 that I found Wealthy Affiliate. In September 2019 I quit my full-time job to dedicate more time to it.


I had no idea where to start with an online business a year before, but this has shown me step-by-step what to do.

The best thing about it is:

  • It’s free to start
  • Customers are brought to you that are already interested (just think about how you found this review… no money or time was spent by me promoting this!)
  • You don’t need to sell anything to your friends and family

Once you try the program out for free you will see why so many people recommend it.

No credit card details required

Is Enagic a Scam? The “MakeTimeOnline” Final Word

No Enagic is not a scam.

But it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the right program for you to start using.

As you come to the conclusion of this honest Enagic review you start to realise there are other ways that people make money online. And it doesn’t require $1,980 to get started or any selling to your friends and family.

If you have any questions and I mean any questions about Enagic, please leave them below. If you have used or currently are a member please also add your opinions below.

Keep changing for the better,




P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, check out my #1 recommended program

About the Author

Mike Beatty has built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time PE teacher without any marketing or technical experience. Learn more about how he's done it here.

Mike Beatty

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  1. Thank you for this honest review. It makes it very clear that while Enagic isn’t a scam, it’s just not worth my time. Plus, I don’t like the pressure of selling to my friends and family – unless I truly believed in the product and happened to talk about it incessantly just because I was excited about that. When I first started using products from a certain perfume company, I talked about them non-stop just because I loved them so much. I wasn’t an affiliate for them – I was just a superfan. And I feel that the best marketing happens when you truly ARE a superfan. Your excitement and true love for the product shine through. And these Enagic products don’t particularly excite me. Nor does the high cost of entry. Oof. That would leave quite a dent in my wallet. There must be easier ways to market something. Thank you for being so helpful!

    1. I’m with you there Wendy!

      There’s nothing worse than people who blackmail their relationship with you to sell things to you!

      I couldn’t agree with you more there, if you truly believe in the products then it won’t even feel like selling. You’ll just be talking about something that you are interested in!

      There are loads of options of network marketing opportunities if that is something you’re interested in. Some people rather work from their laptop a few hours a day and make passive income from it though. This is really what my #1 recommendation can help you do.

      Take care,


  2. This article is great by the way. There is a lot of useful information, I’m glad you took the time to put it together. I’ve been doing research on Enagic the past 3 months and I love thefinancial and health benefits but because I can finally have work that I’m excited for everyday. It does have some red flags but I’m happy to see from this post that it isn’t a scam. I’ll be looking into your number one recommendation. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Glad it could help!

      It’s certainly not a scam but I think it’s important people consider whether they would actually be able to recommend them to any real people (only someone with high disposable income and very interested in their own health would even consider these high ticket items).

      If you think you could refer people to them then it’s definitely not a bad company to be involved with, 

  3. These are pretty much expensive products to sell which really throw caution to me whether it’s going to pay off if I should decide to join. Anyway, I’m glad to find out through your review that Enagic is not a scam but to be a salesperson chasing people from place to place is something I don’t see myself doing. 

    The compensation offers seem attractive but considering the low success rate of MLMs in general, I might have to turn to other recommendations of yours. My previous experience with MLMs is a sad one and wouldn’t want to be caught in the same web. Thanks for the information

    1. Bang on there! It’s not a scam but the product are super expensive to similar items you can find else where. 

      MLM’s compensation plans always look attractive but unless you go all in and really believe in the products they rarely work for people. 

  4. OMG!  Yes, the price of those water filtration products would send me screaming and there is no way that I could sell them to friends and family at that inflated price.  You could almost buy a small car with the highest priced one!  I also find it amazing that they could actually try to sell turmeric products (even a whole pack of them) for $1,980.  That price is extremely inflated.  Nor could I ever encourage others to try to sell these products.  They company isn’t a scam but the products are laughably over-priced.  I can’t believe that anybody signs up with them!

    1. Yep, I couldn’t put it better myself. 

      I don’t doubt that there are some good products and legit products that will help people’s health here. 

      But as you say the price is pretty extreme. Maybe it works if you know people with a lot of disposable income and is just looking for a quick fix. 

      Pretty unlikely that anyone signing up with this program will be in this kind of circles though.

  5. Water purifier systems should continue to be a good niche considering a growing concern for the quality of water we have available.  The issue is whether consumers can adequately compare competing products. Even comparing types of water purification can be challenging for consumers. Consumers would have to have an idea of the types of water contaminants in their local area before determining the filter method and subsequent equipment.  

    1. Great points made Glen!

      I actually learnt a lot about this from the research and you are spot on with your concerns regarding water quality available. I actually ended up reading some strong research suggesting that the amount of water on earth could be the real danger to the human species, not global warming or coral reefs dying or running out of oil etc!

      You’re also so right about being able to make adequate comparisons. The point is that when people are given the choice of 2 seemingly same products for a massive difference in price, they will nearly always go for the cheaper model. Cheaper doesn’t always mean worse either (think iPhone and Android).

      I hope the review helped anyway


  6. Well! this is a very interesting overview about Enagic and I must surely say that this is well worthy and they sell good products too. Though the review has revealed some scary truth here, I am going to go by that especially the chances of making money. I am not sure I wan to waste my time on a platform that I can only earn less than 5000$ per year. That is way too small and considering the effort I will chip in to this, I cannot engage in enagic

    1. Yep, I cannot agree with you more there Rodarrick! Enagic has got some legit products that seem to be good (although check out Antonio’s comment…)

      But at the end of the day this is not a “quit your job” opportunity, it’s a “make a bit of cash if you’re lucky” opportunity!

  7. Hi

    Thanks for this thorough review of Enagic. The worst thing I find in such MLM schemes is targeting your friends and family. You can put your life long relationships into jeopardy for the sake of some unknown products.

    Enagic products may be good but their expensive prices are something which can make it hard to close sales.

    However, I am relieved to know that its not a scam at the end of the day.

    1. That’s so true Nick!! It was actually always a reason I was wary of MLM programs. I do understand the training in certain companies can be great and the personal development can really help expand your mind. Personally I just didn’t want to force things on my friends and family. 

      I like life too much to go around trying to sell overpriced things to everyone I meet. I’d rather make money ethically online and grow a legit online business. Thanks for your thoughts!

  8. Hi Mike

    I have worked in the water industry as a chemical engineer and can tell you that the tap water that most people drink is healthy and safe to consume. Soft tap water is slightly acidic because of the chlorine that is added to the water, whilst in hard water areas where calcium and magnesium salts are present, make the water alkaline. It has a pH of around 8.  There have been studies looking into the healthy benefits of hard water compared to soft water. Yes, you are unlikely to have calcium and magnesium defiencies but soft water tastes better. It also does not leave limescale everywhere, so appliances are less likely to breakdown.

    The health benefits of alkaline water is unproven and more likely based on myths.  It seems that it is trying to sell an unnecessary producs to your friends and family. Ion exchange equipment is not that expensive, it is promoting something on shaky foundations. If you want alkaline water move to a hard water area.

    I am still surprised it is going for so long, as it based on bad science.



    1. Antonio!!! Thanks so much for this, it’s great to get a professionals point of view on this!!

      I am actually from the South of England (hard water) so I’m guessing I have been drinking alkaline water most of my life?! You’re right limescale does get everywhere!!

      Up North the water is soft and I do agree it tastes better. It’s almost smoother and doesn’t make a mess with the limescale!

      That does seem like some bad science when you put it like that… it almost makes the product irrelevant. 

      Thanks so much for stopping by and clarifying that

  9. Expensive products? I think that explains the reason why there are no membership fees attached just like the other MLM programmes that one is familiar with. I think that most of these platforms that go into MLM schemes usually make use of the health niche because it is blooming. I understand why this platform is not recommended. Nice one!

    1. Thanks John, glad it could help. I’m sure the products are of good quality, but at their price, I’m not so sure. There’s no realistic business opportunity here 

  10. For what s worth, Enagic sells quality products that can really prove to be the difference when referencing the reason they ave stayed this long in the market. But one thing I found to be funny here is, if the products are the one-time durable products, then why make it an MLM business because that has literally reduced the chances of getting stable patronage from individuals. Actually, the chances of anyone making big cash from here is very low and I wouldn’t want to take chances here. Hence, I do not think I want to go for this at all.

    1. I agree 100%, Shelley! It does seem like the Enagic products are great, but like you say you won’t get repeat customers as they will last for such a long time. 

      I personally do think they have great products, but I can’t see it being a full-time home business for many people. Maybe a nice way to make some side income if you have some health-conscious wealthy friends!

  11. I’m enough of an expert to know that the FDA doesn’t set any limits on what is or isn’t added to Enagic water. In fact the FDA has essentially nothing to do with Enagic in any oversight capacity because such filtration devices do not require premarket approval or any kind of clinical testing or validation.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to review thoroughly Enagic!

    Although I can see you made an honest and mostly accurate effort, you are making a mistake as to your judgement about the pricing of the products.
    You are comparing Enagic to other water ionizers which are technologically inferior. The only Enagic ionizer that can compare to them is the one priced at 1980$. All other more expensive models from Enagic are technologically far superior. Hence the difference in price. For those interested in the technical explanations behind these differences please watch these videos:



    As for the unsupported health claims, Enagic’s ionizer is being used in more than 100 hospitals in Asia. It is the only water ionizer that has an extensive list of records with patients.

    It is the only water ionizer that is officially recognised as a Medical device and Japan has the strictest standards of approval worldwide for medical equipment.

    And there are hundreds of studies published in the most prestigious medical journals regarding the positive effects of Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) rich in Molecular Hydrogen, on a number of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases and more. ERW is the official scientific name for Ionized water, and only great quality machines with medical grade titanium and platinum plates can produce Hydrogen rich water that can last for hours after it is produced.

    You can find these studies in PubMed and searching under Electrolyzed Reduced water, or Alkaline reduced water or Hydrogen rich water.

    So, I believe the cost totally represents the value of the product, which has a life expectancy of 20-25 years!

    Other than that, it is an excellent honest article. Thank you for time!

    1. That’s amazing thanks for that comment, Panos. I just checked out the videos and the machines do seem very good.

      I don’t doubt the quality of the machines and I am completely aware of the importance of what we put in our bodies on our health. I do understand that the technology is not the same in the cheaper models and shouldn’t really be compared. However, some people simply won’t be able to afford or justify spending the high price for these models.

      When people really understand the science behind it then I’m sure they’d be more willing to consider it. However, from an MLM point of view, it will still be quite hard to sell these models as a lot of people won’t understand this or consider spending this amount of money on a water filter.

      It really does sound like a great product overall and I’m glad it’s available for people to buy.

      Thanks again for your time leaving the comment. Take care


  13. I regret that I didn’t do my research before making a decision. My best friend got an Enagic K8, she said that water cured her daughter’s eczema, and relived her stress so that she could sleep better. and she told me that water is especially good for the body after excise. she knows I excise regularly for years.

    I saved money for a half year, postponed my annually vacation, saved $5940, and paid her last Friday. and now I read this reviews, feel like a fool.

    I can’t trust friends anymore. My former best friend of 18 years, borrowed $6000 from me, and disappeared, then I realized I don’t even know her home and real name.

    This current best friend lured to purchase this useless machine, only for the commission. I always think people approach me because of my good character, or positive attitude, now I realize it’s all about money. it’s hard to admit it, but it’s true.

    1. Hey, Lily, this is so sad to hear and unfortunately, I’ve heard this story from so many people with regards to MLM companies.

      Please do not let your horrendous experience with one slimeball impact your clearly positive and amazing outlook on life.

      There really are some amazing people in the world and most people are genuinely trying to help. Unfortunately, the MLM industry is full of the “blind leading the blind” and more and more people are having their eyes opened by this disturbing “business opportunity” (you never own the business in an MLM you just become a cog in the wheel trying to recruit more people who will 99% of the time to lose money)

      Check out the Make Time Online podcast and you will hear dozens of people that are genuine and help others start a business by sharing their own experiences.

    2. As far as i read there is nothing -ve abt the machine. Its an genuine machine.. Enjoy drinking the water.

  14. I am considering joining a group that teaches you how to market online with Enagic. They provide free training to teach you how to market online and then eventually sell these products but the focus is on also drawing people to start their own online business with Enagic . It sounds very good and I certainly understand that any online business or any business for that matter takes some initial investment. I would like to know your thoughts. I just don’t know how you would do this without trying to sell family and friends I’m still researching.

    1. Hey Stevie,

      They probably will teach you this…
      Social media marketing (sometimes called attraction marketing)… basically posting a lot on social media and documenting your “cool” life… drip feeding in some enagic stuff

      You can also learn how to use other online marketing technniques such as SEO (search engine optimisation- get a website found on Google), YouTube, Pinterest, podcasts etc.

      There are different courses and approahces that suit different people and all of that can work. You can watch this video I created that explains more about how I learnt about this stuff here.

      You do need initial investment to make any business work. But the best online ones give you an option to try for low cost or even free to see if it suits you!

  15. Many years ago my cousin introduced me this product. I love the benefits but too expensive for me so I said 'no' . Fast forward 2019 I was introduced to the business side of Enagic. 12 month as an agent and reached the 100 sales. Thanks to the automated online system that I'm using. Very doable than doing this business traditionally.

    1. What is the automated online system you are using? Is this provided by Enagic or have you found it elsewhere? I’m sure the readers would love more specifics as that’s a very passing comment with no real evidence

  16. My dad recently got into Enagic due to Covid-19 reasons. I wanted to know if the products they sell are actually legitimate and if being apart of this is morally questionable due to the people losing money thing.

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