How to Turn Any of Your Passions into Profit

by Promoting Products You Don’t Even Own or Create?!

It's free to join, no credit card details required

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Mike! A 31-year-old PE teacher by trade who’s learnt how to make passive income online. You can learn more about me in the video above or carry on reading...

My wife and I started a blog in 2017 with no idea that it was possible to make money online from it.

We were working in Qatar as International teachers and wanted to document some of our lessons and life in the Middle East. 

We always wanted to have a lifestyle that could allow us to travel and spend more time with our family and friends, particularly when we have children of our own. 

Mike and Sarah in the Philippines

Eventually, I realised that other “bloggers” and online business owners were making a full-time income. 

The exciting part for me was that some people seemed to make passive income that allowed them to live life on their own terms rather than trading their time for money like most jobs. 

It became one big puzzle for me that I wanted to put together. 

But I had no idea where to start. 

Everyone I turned to claimed to be a “guru” and some people would say they could help us make $1,000’s within a month. 

I had quite a few setbacks on the way...

Strike 1- I took advice from some people that turned out to be outright scammers. 

That was a tough pill to swallow!

Strike 2Then a friend called me to tell me about this great opportunity in selling health and wellness products. It turned out to be an MLM program and I really didn’t like the idea of recruiting or selling to my friends and family.

I just ended up more confused than ever!

But then I watched a random Facebook ad...

It was the first piece of the puzzle...

It talked about a business model called…

Affiliate Marketing.

It stood out as a great model because:

  • You don’t have to create products yourself 
  • There are hardly any upfront costs you need to get started or maintain it
  • You don’t need to sell any products to your friends and family

I realised this was the perfect opportunity for someone in a full-time job that was serious about starting an online business.

You could build this business model over TIME.

Consistent actions would help it to grow rather than needing to dedicate 40+ hours a week to get any results. 

So I looked online for some ways to learn more about this. 

Guess what happened…

Strike 3- I found more scams!

More false promises from these online schemes

...and more unrealistic claims that were not met.

I felt like giving up. It just didn't seem like it was worth the effort of trying this out. But it's a good job I don't really understand baseball because...

Eventually, I found a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. 

I was so sceptical at first as I’d been burnt from very similar things before. 

But it seemed different straight away. For a start, it was completely FREE to try out and I didn’t need to put my credit card information in there. 

I still was sceptical but figured I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it. 

So I followed the step-by-step training.

I built a website and learnt a lot about how to create content that can be found by Google every month (SEO aka search engine optimisation).

Things started to make sense so I committed to sticking with this for a year.

It took a while to see anything happen and it felt like I was putting in a lot of time for no reward. 

Until eventually this happened…

Traffic From Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to get real visitors to my website every month.

And this translates into…

Wealthy Affiliate Works

Real money! 

I know those screenshots don't mean anything because anyone can use photoshop these days.

But is it life changing money overnight?

Absolutely not!

The thing that separates this to so many other “make money online” programs is that everyone is so upfront about the fact that you need to put in TIME and EFFORT to see results using proven long term strategies.

But once the flood gates open, you can see the growth is exponential.