January 29, 2019

Discover the Perfect Part Time Job Online

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You don’t know it yet, but at the end of this page, you will have learned what the perfect part-time job online is.



Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to work anywhere in the world at any time you want?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you really loved what you were doing and could genuinely help other people in the process?


As you study every word in this article you will be amazed at what you will learn and how this is possible for anyone to achieve. 

It’s as real as the nose on your face!

So go and put the kettle on and settle in…


Are You Tired of Your Financial Situation? 

Do you ever feel like you’re just existing to work?


You wake up, go to work, get home (tired), eat something, sleep… repeat

Then you get some holiday time. 

But do you find you can’t do the exact things you want to do because you have to “be careful with your money”?

You don’t really ever switch off because you know you’ll have MORE work to do when you get back to it!


Everyone knows that most people in the developed world have a job. 

But only rare thinking people like you know there are different ways to earn an income than through the traditional route. 


The more and more you review this page the more you begin to find yourself excited at the opportunity of this part-time job online. 


One of the best things I’ve ever done for my finances was to make a personal financial statement. 

It really helped to see where we were spending money on things that didn’t bring us happiness. 

We could then cut back on this to spend more money on what we love. 


Get the exact template we have used for the past 4 years. Plus get emailed the best tips on how to use it here…


Who Else Wants More Money?

Get this FREE budgeting and personal finance statement template we use to save £30,000 a year as teachers. 


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Do You Want to Find Your FIRE?

Of course, you’ve heard that once you focus on your passion it won’t feel like work.


What a lazy cop-out statement!


It implies that people naturally have a passion or a burning desire built into them.

If that’s the case then why do so many 3-year-olds want to be a Barbie or an Action Man?


A more accurate statement should be…


Try different side hustles until you find what you are interested in.


As you absorb this information, you’ll realise this part time job online is THE best way to find what you are passionate about.


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Have You Tried Other Ventures Before? 

If you’re like me then you’re probably fed up of seeing these miracle cure opportunities. 


You know what I mean, don’t you?…

“Use this program to make you $3,264 EVERY day

All you need to do is follow the steps and spend 5 minutes working on it a day!

It’s ready-made for you for just $97. 



Have you noticed yet that this miracle program just doesn’t exist?


The people that are successful online always get there by doing three things:

  1. Using a strategy that works
  2. Spend effort and time working on it
  3. Continuing to learn


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How is This Part Time Job Online Different? 

So a few years ago it felt like I opened my eyes for the first time. 

I realised I had been living this life following the script and I knew I needed to change things if I was ever going to be able to be financially independent.


I figured out I needed to do 2 things:

  1. Make my money work harder for me
  2. Find ways of making more money

I managed to get the ball rolling on number one through property investment in the UK. 


The issue was always finding ways to make more money.

After all, there’s only so much coaching a PE teacher can do!


Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume you are not a money grabbing monster.

But equally, you know the importance of money to find true peace and freedom.


I knew I wanted to help other people and connect with like-minded people. 

I just didn’t know how.


Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…


So What is This Perfect Part Time Job Online? 

Do you really want to know?

OK then.

I’ll whisper…


It’s this website.


No, obviously you would create your own website… you can’t just take this one. 


The thing that makes this part time job online stand out like a white man in China is that:

  1. It has taught me so much. 
  2. It has helped to clarify what I want to do.


A personal finance and wealth building passion is growing within me.

But more importantly, my passion to help others is being used all the time. 


Like actually help…

Not what I thought was helping.


Little by little you will begin to realise that it’s not a part-time job online at all.

It’s an online business… using affiliate marketing.



What is Affiliate Marketing Online? 

Connecting people who want to buy something with a product they want to buy. 

This should help…

part time job online


Now study it again.


There are no tricks and scams here. 

The idea is that the affiliate marketer promotes good products they have used and thinks can help others. 

Just like how you would recommend a good film to a friend.


If their audience or readers click their link and buy the product the affiliate marketer gets paid a commission (can range from 4-75%… and yes a lot of products will pay 50-75%!) 

Monkey simple.


Who Else is Not a Techie? 

This was what held me back about starting this part time job online sooner.


After all, I am only a PE teacher!


I’d heard about it being possible to make money as an affiliate marketer, but I was put off by the fact that I knew nothing about computers!

I’d heard of coding but I had no idea what it meant (YOU DON”T NEED TO CODE ANYTHING!!) 


The thing is…

You don’t need to go to University to find stuff out any more.

You don’t need a personal mentor.

All you need is…



I’ve learnt so many new skills that I never even thought of (let alone thought I could do):

  • SEO techniques (search engine optimisation)
  • Copywriting (writing text for advertising)
  • Proofreading 
  • Researching
  • How to optimise a website & improve its speed
  • Website design
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating systems


Now, I’m not saying that I’m an expert at any of these things. 

But I could definitely do some freelance work for any of them!


Skills are the currency of the future.


Here’s a fact for you:

Creating a website and posting on it regularly will improve skills that you didn’t even know existed within you!


But How Do I Start? 

If you’re like me then you probably have no idea how to actually start all of this. 


What you would need to do is work out how to build a website, get the hosting and find some sort of training. 


If you EVER want to monetise your website, hosting is needed (a server that means your website can be accessed all over the Internet… But I won’t get into that now!)


You can find information about affiliate marketing for FREE.

But you’ll have to spend a LOT of time separating the wheat from the chaff!


So you’d be looking to spend a minimum of:

  • Bluehost ($60 for one year)
  • Domain name (~$15)
  • Affiliate marketing training ($200+)

Total= ~$275+


You would have to find all of this yourself, hope the training is worth it and likely be left without on-going support when you need it from real people.


You will also then discover other things you NEED and will likely spend more money on. 

Such as a keyword research tool or mentorship etc. 


Now, remember you can find all of this information for free on the Internet. 

But chances are you just want to spend your time writing and creating meaningful content. 


That is why I chose to spend $349 for an annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. Start for free (no credit card details required)


What does this include?

  • Hosting (much better than standard hosting… people would normally pay $200+ for these speeds and functions)
  • Affiliate marketing training (that is updated all the time- hundreds of course lessons and weekly live training sessions)
  • Support within the community (hundreds of thousands of REAL people at all levels to help)
  • Website builder (set up an amazing website within 30 seconds)
  • Jaaxy Keyword research tool (worth $19 a month)
  • Tools to track and improve your website 

Note- you would still need to pay for your domain name (~$15)


Total = $364


That is EVERYTHING you need to start for the whole year.

This is with better hosting, a keyword research tool and a community of people you can ask SPECIFIC questions to (at ANY time of day- there’s a live chat function!)


That works out less than $1 a day!


If you think you can’t afford it then let me ask you this about your current hobbies:

  • How much do you spend on your TV package a year?
  • What did/ do you spend on your current phone?
  • Do you pay for a gym/ sports membership?
  • How much do you spend on tickets to concerts/ the theatre/ sports games?


Now let me ask you this…

Do any of your hobbies give you the potential to make money?

Can they make you enough money to replace your current income AND some?


It’s all about your mindset and priorities. 

Instead of saying “I can’t afford that” ask yourself…

How can I afford that?


There is so much more that Wealthy Affiliate offers but there’s no point in listing them all. 

Try it for free and see for yourself. 


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How Much Time Would I Need to Put in? 

The beauty of this is that it can be completely part-time on the side to your full-time job!


Imagine if you could find 1 hour a day. 

Let’s say you wake up one hour earlier every day (you can even go to bed one hour earlier if you NEED that sleep!)

You will have put in 365 hours into your website this time next year. 


Now, let me tell you from experience.

If you put in 1 hour a day, you will find more time to work on your website.



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My Family & Friends Will Think I’ve Gone Crazy!! 

When I first started “a blog” I really thought this was a weird thing. 

I ended up writing some pretty personal stories on there and I would regularly poo my pants as I clicked publish (not literally). 

However, it genuinely made my relationships better with almost everyone that I consider a good friend.


I got in touch with people I hadn’t spoken to for years over some random articles. 


I found more like-minded people that I already had in my life, we had just never had the kinds of conversations we wanted to have. 


Now, I’m not saying you should spend thousands of dollars on a course without speaking to your spouse.

In fact, I AM saying you should NOT spend thousands of dollars on a course when you first start…

But by speaking to them about what you are thinking of doing means you can plan for this together. 


After all, If you’re like me the reason behind starting this is to have more time with family and friends anyway. 


And do you know what?

If a friend does think you’re crazy then maybe they shouldn’t be your friend!

BOOM I said it!


Who is this NOT for?

 Here is a list of people that this part-time job online is NOT for:

  • Want to get rich quick
  • Gives up at the first roadblock
  • Don’t want to put in any TIME or EFFORT into this
  • Only motivated by money
  • Is happy to work until they are 65+
  • Doesn’t want to learn any new skills
  • Not interested in making money doing something they really enjoy
  • Wouldn’t like an opportunity to make money working anywhere in the world


If any of the above applies to you then DO NOT start this part-time job online. 

It won’t work!



Part Time Job Online Summary

Making money online is easy.




It’s actually very hard. 


DO NOT start this if you do not like solving problems and working through challenges. 

DO NOT start this if you are not prepared to learn and work hard. 

And definitely, DO NOT start this if you are only interested in getting rich quick. 


There are literally so many reasons why you should not start this.


However, I will let Michelle Schroeder-Gardner show you how this is possible to make money and help others doing something you love…


However, if you haven’t ever created a website or a blog and you’re interested then you may as well start for free with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • You can stay as a free member for as LONG as you like.
  • You can get a website created in 30 seconds.
  • Connect with real people who are doing this.
  • Plus access some of the training for free!
  • If you don’t like it export the website and move to your own hosting!


If you have been struggling to make money online then the training, community and tools offered on Wealthy Affiliate may just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

But whatever you do don’t let me convince you.

Decide for yourself.


Click here to start for FREE

(for as long as you like & no credit card details required)


Keep changing for the better,




P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts about this part-time job online please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here


P.P.S. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner travels full time on a yacht and has income reports from when she first started in 2011! Read them & see how it’s possible.


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  1. Hi Mike….excellent content, had me reading the whole thing. I like your theme and the way you use images. best of luck with your efforts.

  2. What a great post!
    You make it very clear what is to be expected by going into a blogging career but also clearly show how starting a blogging career and sticking with it could be a majorly positive change.
    I have really learned to love the idea of blogging. I have always enjoyed helping people and much more recently discovered that blogging could be my best way of helping people and having the life I have always wanted.
    Thanks for this very informative and well written post!

  3. Well as one who never joined the rat race, and discovered that money will still be needed I discovered working online as the anti dote. My time. My way. I love it and just cant get enough of the kind of info fellow travellers are dishing up. I collect it all, collate it and distill the lessons that are right for me to be learning when they are needed to be learnt. More power to us all, value laden free info and an honest look into what you will need to be doing to succeed. Thank you a:)

  4. Hi Mike, great post, it made me laugh a couple of times. I am glad to see that I am not a money grabbing monster:).

    You have given everybody a good review on how Wealthy Affilate would help people get a blog like this one, without being a techie.

    I like how you explain to people that it is not easy to build a blog and start making money. A lot of people fall for those claims of easy money because 1. they are not willing to learn how to do it properly and secondly they want money now, no strategy or business plan. It’s get me the money NOW!

    Ok, rant over, thanks for the info,

    1. Glad it made you laugh Frank. Love the rant too! I can’t stand these get quick rich schemes (defo fallen for them before too!) Hopefully this can help people avoid those scams and start with something legit

  5. I have a good job, but I really don’t like it, the grind takes its toll after a while. My job pays the bills, and that’s why I stick with it. I would love to learn how to build my own business, but it seems so daunting and I dont ‘know where to begin. That’s why I have been searching the web to see how to make money online. I love the idea of a low cost, low-risk way to start, and I will definitely check out some of your suggestions. I have a background in finance, do you have any ideas on how to put my skills to use?

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