2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is This The BEST Affiliate Program?

So here we go! I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program in August 2018 and this is the MakeTimeOnline 2018 Wealthy Affiliate review.



Just imagine being in control of your own schedule; making money from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere in the world with internet connection) and living the life that you have always dreamed of…


Yes, I’m now officially on the journey to finding out how to make money online to free up time. After all, I value time much higher than anything else… because you can never get it back!!

I already know this won’t be easy but after blogging for a year and “e-meeting” some amazing people who seem to do this for a living I think it’s definitely worth a shot.

Anyhoo… sit somewhere comfy and with a cup of your favourite beverage and see what to make of the training program I have started using…


Wealthy Affiliate- The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson – 96 out of 100
  • Website URL: wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Training: 90 out of 100
  • Support: 99 out of 100
  • Website Builder: 99 out of 100
  • Research Tools: 95 out of 100 (for the paid version)
  • Success Stories: 95 out of 100
  • Price: Starter Member (Free- for as long as you want) Premium Membership ($49 per month/ $359 year)
  • Maketimeonline.com Rating: 97 out of 100


My Story

So in August 2017 my wife, Sarah, and I started a blog. We kind of started to keep track of what we were doing as we had moved from England to be expat teachers in Qatar. So we could see this being a distant memory at some point in the future (plus my Mum wanted to know what we were up to!!)

However, it became a place where we started writing about what we had learnt and what we did that was new.

I loved it! I found I was taking more action from the books I was reading and my productivity levels rocketed.

We started waking up earlier to exercise, meditate, read, write and get the main things done before setting off for work.

We ran a marathon, walked the 3 highest mountains in the UK within 24 hours, started a property investment business, travelled more and spent more quality time with family and friends than ever before.


After a year of reading others blogs and speaking to many, many bloggers I realised some of them seem to be “blogging” full time (I had no idea blogging was still a thing!)


So it has become a puzzle of mine to put the pieces together and figure out how they do this.


Well, Wealthy Affiliate has definitely helped me to put a lot of pieces together. But I am not going to blow the websites trumpet to convince you to give it a go. I will be completely honest about my experience so far (which is only about a week currently – note I will update this review over time) and will continue to be completely honest with you on this journey.



What does Wealthy Affiliate do?

A lot!!

To be honest it does so much that it can be overwhelming reading it all.

All you need to know:

If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, then Wealthy Affiliate holds your hand into getting an online business up and running. 

Some of the things it does:

  • Step-by-step training – make a website suited for affiliate marketing (promoting other peoples products and getting a commission)
  • An amazing community to support you
  • Build your website in 30 seconds
  • Tools to track and monitor your progress
  • Tools to improve your research and content
  • Top quality hosting


Wealthy Affiliate Training, Many Formats to Suit your Taste

So far the training I have been through has been great. I read others reviews saying that there is loads of text and only a few videos, but from what I’ve found the videos covers pretty much all the text.

So if you don’t like reading then the videos are more than enough to gain the information.



There are 2 routes you can take with the training:

  1. The Online Entrepreneur Training
  2. The Affiliate Bootcamp


Now for me, the indecisive ninny here, I found this very hard to decide! Basically, route 1 is for those who have a specific niche and know exactly what they want to do. Route 2 is for those who don’t really know and so they hold your hand down the make money online route.

As I already have a blog up and running I literally would love to have a niche in anything to do with health, success or happiness. However, after starting route 1 I realised I would 100% need to sub-niche this down as it’s too vague and pretty much covers everyone in the world (which turns out is not a good thing!!)


If you need to some help in deciding on your niche then I have created a post to show some things I wish I knew before (plus the video on there could save you hours of faffing!!) 


If you are reading this then there’s a very big chance you may have done something similar to me in life…

You lived (or are living) the script of going to school, getting a job and working hard to pay for your house and lifestyle. Then you read Rich Dad Poor Dad and your whole world shifted!

That was me in 2014. Since then I have developed a passion for increasing my own financial IQ and we continue to take action with our UK property business.

Working in education since 2011 has shown me how little financial IQ is taught at schools. This website is my way to help spread the word about financial education and demonstrate different ways we can create more money in our own lives.


…So route 2 it was!

So far the Bootcamp has been more useful than a cold drink on a hot day. It literally shows you step by step how to create your online business.



The reason that I haven’t rated the training higher is that it apparently skims through some things that really benefits affiliate marketing i.e. email marketing.

I read Anik Singal’s book “The Circle of Profit” recently. Since reading this I followed (almost) everything that he said. I had my opt-in page, I created a free resource to collect peoples email addresses, I found ways of getting some traffic to my page (mainly by paying for clicks).

…What I hadn’t done is find my specific niche. It was still too vague, so basically nobody even wanted a free e-book.

However, I have spoken to people who make their living off email marketing.

From the reviews I’ve read about Wealthy Affiliate and by skimming through the training, they miss this strategy out in any real depth (luckily Anik’s Book is quite thorough on this!)

Do not fear though!! the next section really makes up for this…


Wealthy Affiliate Support, A Community of “Caring” Experts

One week in, I had more messages from Kyle, the founder, than anyone else. The thing is, they were all automated and he has yet to give a genuine reply to my questions. I’m guessing there are 1000’s of people messaging him so I’m not surprised, but some reviews claim that the founders will message you with personal messages. Time will tell on that one.

I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate after reading Riaz Shah’s website as I found his reviews to be very honest and informative. He has been more helpful to me than Robin is to Batman (yes I just referred to myself as Batman!)… just look at the detail in his response to a question I asked. And this is only a fraction of the answer… talk about personal service!



There is also a Live chat and Forum so you can get quick responses to any question that pops up in your head!

I have been using WA for 2 months now and I have already made some great connections with the community. I recently wrote a post about “Why do People Create Blogs” and I had 13 people who took the time to answer some questions for me.

People continually provide comments and feedback on my website and they are so helpful, generous and kind.



The SiteRubrix Suite, Create, Manage & Grow Your Websites – SEO

This was actually pretty amazing! I remember creating our website for our first blog on WordPress and I was so confused. WordPress is actually very user-friendly but it took me ages to make the website look how I wanted it.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it took 30 seconds to create a website using Site Builder. No joke! Just a few clicks of a button and you’ll have a website built for you.



The screenshot above shows all the things that come with the SiteRubrix Suite. I honestly have found it soooooooo helpful!

For me, the best part about Wealthy Affiliate is the site comments.

You get to choose what you’re interested in (so I never receive any baby advice or gardening websites) and you can skip websites if you’re not interested. So I actually find reading others people work really useful.

In the screenshot above I had made 10 comments and then I used my credits to ask for specific feedback on certain posts that I have created. As you can see I have already received 20 comments and this is only a couple of hours of it being out there (20 for the price of 10!!!!)



The Site Manager (above screenshot) is such a great way to see what you can do to improve your “Site Health”.

It also shows the speed of your website and what you can do to improve this. This helps to ensure your website is optimised to improve its rankings on search engines and that your audience has a better experience when using the site.


Jaaxy Tool – Key Word Research

The training program shows you step by step how to make the website better for SEO using plugins (Search Engine Optimisation- in English this means it makes your website easier to find on Google)

The Jaaxy Tool is an amazing way to find keywords that receive a lot of searches each month. The best part is using the QSR column (number of competing websites) you can find keywords that have less competition. This means your website has more chance of ranking higher on search engines when someone types in your keyword.



This helps to give you inspiration of what to write about. It also helps to decide what title and keywords you want in your post as this is what people are already searching for!

I tried using the Jaaxy Tool before watching any training and I was completely confused! But just like everything else on this site… follow the training, complete the tasks and all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together.

This is actually worth $49 per month by itself but it comes as part of the Premium Wealthy Affiliate package. 

If you want to see some of the benefits of using Keyword Research in more detail check out this post. Jaaxy Tool- Keyword Research


Managed WordPress Hosting- Set up Efficiently!

The hosting is top quality. It has very quick loading speeds, again making this better for SEO.

If you are on the free membership you get 2 .siterubrix free websites so you can get started and try out the training without having to pay anything. Plus you can stay on the free membership for as long as you like!



If you use the paid version you can get 25 free .siterubrix websites and 25 domains.

This means if you have another online business or website you can transfer it onto Wealthy Affiliate and get all the added benefits of faster speed, the Spam Blocker and SiteSSL (notice my website is https instead of http. You usually find this on websites that you make payments on as it makes the site more secure).


Why bother using the paid version?

This is something that I asked myself a lot when I started out.

You can access so many things on the free membership I didn’t really see the point.

On the paid membership you get the extra websites available (25 instead of 2) and access to the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (usually $49 per month by itself) plus all of these benefits:


The main reason I went for the paid membership was really because of what I’m about to tell you… and no it’s not the Vegas trip…


Meet in Vegas, Lucrative Affiliate Program – No Chance As A Newbie

If you sign up right now you will be getting a free trip to Vegas every year for the rest of your life!!… Only joking!!

Of course, they don’t actually sell this to you like that (that would be cool though eh?!) and of course, it’s great to set big goals but to get the all paid for Vegas-trip you need to get 300 people to sign up.

Obviously, this is unlikely if you are like me and new to it. Chances are, people will be signing up from someone that has been using Wealthy Affiliate much longer. But they do set more realistic timeframes to achieve something like this.



The bit that is interesting though is that you can get paid to refer others to join Wealthy Affiliate. Now, there are a lot of reviews that sell Wealthy Affiliate as the best thing since sliced bread (I’m sure you’ll understand why in a second).

The thing I have found surprising is that a lot seem to fail to mention this part. I’m not entirely sure why… maybe there’s some training later that tells you not to… but I’m going to tell you!



You get paid if someone signs up from your link…


If you’re on the free membership (by the way did I mention you can be a free member for as long you like??) you receive $11.75 per monthly premium subscriber or $87.50 for a yearly membership.

If you are on the paid membership it doubles to $23.50 per month or $175 for a yearly membership.

So that means if 2 people sign up to Wealthy Affiliate from your link, you get the premium Wealthy Affiliate membership for FREE!

Is it starting to make sense how people make money online?



Wealthy Affiliate: The “MakeTimeOnline” Final Word

I really do think it’s great for beginners. If you are serious about getting started at making money online (which eventually leads to time… hence the URL name!) I think the training is brilliant.

Even if you don’t join the paid membership you can stay on the free membership for as long as you like and access a load of the training. Some of the more in-depth training will require you to become a paid member but that’s something you can decide when you get there.

As I said at the start I’ve read a lot about this over the last year.

This is one of the best ways to get hosting, domains and training in one place. If you want to build a community of like minded people there is a strong active one on Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus, I am already going through this process so you’ve already got someone to give you personal feedback and help.


Rating out of 100


My Recommendation and Special BONUS!!

I would recommend giving Wealthy Affiliates a try for free. Choose a week when you know you have time to commit to it and make sure you put in at least some time each day.

The special bonuses of signing up for the paid membership:

  1. You get your first month for $19 (a 59% discount!) if you sign up in the first 7 days.
  2. You get personal and private access to me! If you have any questions starting out you can bet I had the same ones.
  3. You get access to Jaaxy the Keyword Research Tool. This is so helpful at helping decide on a niche. This is worth $49 a month on its own, but it comes with the paid membership.

Remember this is a special bonus for those action takers that join the paid version in the first 7 days.

All you have to do is click the link above and see what you think… what’s the worst that can happen?


One last great tip to leave you with… If you sign up during Black Friday (end of November) it only costs $299 for the year, which works out to be $0.82 per day

What would you pay to live the life you always dreamed of?


If you have any questions and I mean ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please leave them below. If you have used or currently have a membership please feel free to add your review below.

Keep changing for the better,




Updates to Questions Below

The training also includes how to use social media including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and how to make your website a place for others to engage.


22 Responses to “2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is This The BEST Affiliate Program?

  • Very informative, the information you have provided! I like how you broke it down. I’ll be sure to pass this along!! And thanks for sharing. Laura

    • Thanks so much Laura, I really appreciated your comment on the community too. Those little things really do make a big difference to people starting.


  • Good looking site Mike, like yourself i have just joined and trying to make it your site is well constructed and easy to navigate.

    • Great to hear Dave!! I’ll check yours out now too.

      Thanks for stopping by


  • Great article. Very detailed and credit given to Anik as well. I agree Anik is a marketeer from a different league. This review for Wealthy Affiliate will help new members take an informed decision. Keep more such reviews coming!

    • Thanks Rudolph!

      I do really like Anik’s work but I think it may be a bit more advanced (plus it involves a lot more money up front… I think the inbox blueprint is $1,000)

      It’s definitely something I would like to try down the line though.

      Have you ever done any of his courses?


  • Wonderful post. I like the way you explained your journey with wealthy affiliate. Honest review!

    • Thank you so much! I hope it will be useful for others looking to start and I’m sure members can relate to parts.


  • It’s my first time trying to start an online business, and I don’t use social media very often. Do you think that Wealthy Affiliate would still be a good way for me to get started?

    • Hi Korbyn, thanks for your comment.

      I can honestly say that I went through a very similar feeling to you by the sounds of it so I can really relate.

      The best thing about Wealthy Affiliates is that it has got all the training you need. It even has training on how to use social media if you’d like to (but note you really don’t have to!!)- check the bottom of the post and I’ve added a screenshot of the overview of this training.

      It really is very thorough and if you don’t understand anything you can re-watch or ask the community. I have actually had answers to every question I have had so far and with the live chat, it can be within seconds.

      Since I have written this (only yesterday, but I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time on it since then) I have actually found the support and training to be even better than I thought. It is PERFECT for newbies to an online business and the best thing about it is you can try it for FREE… for as long as you like!! (I am yet to see this as an option on any course I’ve seen)

      Thanks again for your question, I hope this helps

      Please let me know if you have any more


  • Interesting story and especially how you first started your blogging venture. I never started a blog to document my journey but this seems like a great idea. It will also motivate others to reach their dreams too. Your review was spot on as I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have no plans on leaving, EVER!

    • Thanks Brandon, I really appreciate your comments!

      I figure it’ll be good to look back on one day if nothing else so I may as well just put the journey out there and see if it helps people. I know I’d love to follow someone else’s if they were in a similar position to me.

      That’s great that you use Wealthy Affiliates. How long have you been part of the community now?


  • Very informative, it’s really a detailed post of Wealthy Affiliate. It provides a good guideline for everyone who wants to join. The price is not high too. It’s good for everyone who wants to start an online business.

    Start a blog and record everything about the life should be interesting.

    Thank you for your sharing.

    • Thank you! Yes, I think it’s such a simple way to get started. There are such few costs upfront that it is easy for people to get started just by spending a few hours on it a week.

      Thanks for your comments


  • Thanks for breaking it down so clearly!!

    • You are so welcome Jo!! If you have any questions please do let me know



  • Sharon May
    4 months ago

    I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best, it’s very good and I’ve been with them for 5 years. Their teaching is one of the best and is honest. If anyone is worried about the cost, then don’t worry because when people sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through your site using your affiliate link you get commissions. In all the time I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate, I paid for my first year hosting, but every other year has been paid for out of my commissions. They offer one of the teaching platforms of how to start a website, you won’t fail if you commit to it. 

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks so much for adding your own experience. It’s so great to hear stories from people such as yourself!!

      What is your niche/ can you leave a link to your website?


  • I must say that this one great review about Wealthy Affiliate. I am member for a year now and I am more than satisfied. What I like the most is a great community and support which is priceless. Based on your experience, how long should it take to see some decent result?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I’m glad your enjoying the program and the support is amazing you’re so right there! 

      It’s a really hard question. Some people may only spend an hour a week on their website whereas some people will spend 100+ hours a week working on it. 

      Just like with anything in life, the more time and effort you put into the more results you will see. 

      Personally I am putting 2 hours a day into my website and it has been going for 2 months. I earnt my first commission from an affiliate link about 2 weeks ago (it was less than $1, but at least I know it works!!)

      There are some great blogs that I’ve read that have monthly income report. 

      I saw one that started in 2011 and is now consistently earning more than $100,000 per month, so it really depends on how much time and energy you spend on it!

      I hope that helps!


  • Hi Mike!Well, we all love WA! What to say else? There are so many WA reviews written already! And many more could be written! Very simple, WA has it all! 

    All in terms of building up your sites, creativity, skills and knowledge in the world of online marketing, engagement, great support, stability, past and fresh content, thousands of tutorials, community ready to help in no time, and much more.If you don’t join and don’t start using the tools, platforms, lessons, training and more, you will never be able to discover this opportunity.Great reviews can only help to anyone to understand the value offered. WA unites all you need to work online, There are thousands programs out there you can join. 

    I have studied hundreds of them. Everyone is explaining the same thing in own way, with few more or less tricks here and there.What I have learned so far, through WA and my own experience while researching online and through my failures and my occasional attempts, not massive once, to be honest, what is completely wrong of course, is I guess what many people around the world are experiencing in the same, way at least those in a similar position as I am now!

    But, regardless all said above, the main principle and system to make money online, and to improve your skills remains. It is  a basic system everyone needs to go through. 

    There are differences between paid and free system, but in a nutshell, the system is to use from everyone online:

    1) Choose your field of action (your niche)

    2) present your self (website or maybe another way, but all finishes with website)

    3) Get traffic to your website

    4) Convert

    This is the basic, the fundament. 

    Surely, you need to develop each step, but you need to go through these steps. So, WA, Anik Singal or any other marketer, they have done their lessons and tasks. That is why they succeeded! They took focused and determined ACTION! This is what it comes to at the end! 

    Answering the following questions opens the door to success:

    1) What? 2) WHY? 3) How? 4) When?5) Where?6) WITH HOME?7) ACTION! MASSIVE ACTION!

    WA offers answers to all of that! And yes, it is a circle. I call WA as “all round editing and learning circle!”. But, taking action is most important. For example, there are so many wonderful book authors with unknown great books because they didn’t take massive promotional actions. 

    You mentioned the words with capital letters in the list above? In my opinion these are the most important questions to be answered (although all others are very important as well). To know why am I doing this, do I do it with the right people and do I really do all is needed and take massive proper action?

    We all who are not yet that successful, need to take action to become successful online. This is the fact! Answering each of those questions and to take proper action on each of it, it is simple … no success!Maybe now, it is also our turn, to learn from them and possibly succeed. The time will show!Thanks for your post! I would like to hear from you your opinion about my comment!Thanks in advance.Best regards!Stay well, market better, convert best!

    • Hi Igor,

      You are spot on!! What a super comment.

      WA really does have it all in one place. All the information we can possibly need is all there on their website. The community is amazing and any new updates or changes to anything comes in straight away. 

      If someone was able to absorb all the information from this website and use it (as you say take massive ACTION) then everything to do with an online business would be there!

      Your 4 steps a so true

      All good marketers will do these 4 steps and improve on them.

      I can’t agree with you more about finding your own “why”. I actually recently asked lots of bloggers this exact questions and you can find the answers here…


      I have another question for you…

      What is the one common mistake you notice from people starting out online?

      Thanks again for your awesome comment!


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