April 1, 2021

Is Rain International a Scam: In-depth Health and Wellness MLM Review

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Most likely, you are here because someone told you about this opportunity to earn good money while working from home.

But it sounds a bit weird, and so you’ve become skeptical and asked yourself… Is Rain International a scam? Well, nope. Rain International isn’t a scam.

But even if it isn’t, is it still a legit opportunity to make money from home and leave your day job?

That’s what this article is all about because here, we’ll be answering that with the help of numerous images, videos, and solid details about the company, along with the pros and cons.

This way, you can come up with the right decision.

Rain International Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Rain International

Founder: Byron Belka

Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Products (Including Pricing): 10/100 ($65)

Success Stories: 3/100

Price To Join MLM: $40 subscription + $200/monthly

Is Rain International a Scam: Logo

What to look for in a MLM:

  • Low start-up fee & maintenance cost
  • High-quality affordable products
  • You don’t have to carry inventory
  • An affiliate-like system 
  • Generous compensation plan
  • Company is in the early momentum phase

Rain International Pros

  • Positive product reviews

Rain International Cons

  • Expensive products
  • Lacks information
  • Saturated market
  • Hidden monthly expenses
  • Pyramid scheme in disguise?
  • Downward trend


Rain International is an MLM company in the health and wellness niche that sells seed-based products that they say improves the overall health of users.

They’ve also got an affiliate program where members can join and earn commissions from selling their seed products.

Make Time Online Rating: 20 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Rain International?

Rain International is a Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells health and wellness products, specifically seed-based products, which according to them, helps improve the overall health of the user.

It was founded by Byron Belka, an entrepreneur businessman, back in 2011, with its base located in Utah, USA.

Not much is known about Belka, but based on my research, he has more than 10 years of experience in the world of multi-level marketing.

He was also involved in a number of MLMs in the health and beauty niches, such as Nu Skin.

Here is a 1-minute video that will show you what the company is all about...

Let's then know if...

Is Rain International a pyramid scheme?

Rain International isn’t a pyramid scheme.

Why? Well, it’s because their members are still earning money from the selling of products.

They receive commissions and bonuses even if they don’t have to rely solely on recruitment.

However, it’s still important to ask if… Is Rain International a pyramid scheme in disguise?

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a company or organization that is paying members to recruit other people into the club.

This is the main business model instead of selling real and actual products and services.

A lot of countries around the globe have already made these illegal as it is very obvious that their members aren’t going to earn a stable income from an organization or company which is only paying members to recruit other members.

Here is a diagram from Wikipedia that explains this clearly...

It’s important to note, though, that there are a few members who make money.

But they do nothing but just recruit people and advertise the business opportunity they always talk about even if there’s really no such thing as a business opportunity here.

Also, looking at the diagram above lets you see that it’s impossible for the members to make money because they are just going to lose potential recruits in the future.

Here is a 5-minute video from YouTube that will help spot these pyramid schemes in disguise...

But why do many say that...

Success is rare with Rain International

Yes, success is very rare when you are dealing with an MLM company such as Rain International.

In fact, it has been confirmed that around  72.5% and 99.9% of all MLM members are losing money instead of making an income.

92.3 Percent of Members Lose Money in MLMs

This is, surprisingly, happening, because members can only receive commissions if they stay active. And how to stay active? Well, by reaching the monthly quota of sold products.

If they fail to do that, then they’ve got no choice but to just use their money and but the products for their own personal consumption.

Hence, they lose money from their own pockets before they can get their first recruit.

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How does Rain International Work?

Rain International works by selling seed products that come in the form of health supplements.

They also have their own kind of affiliate program where members can join, become agents, and sell their products to earn commissions.

It sounds nice, right? Well, it’s not as simple as that because the company passes the burden and hassle of marketing to the members so that they don’t have to spend millions of dollars in marketing campaigns.

Instead, it’s just their members doing all of the hustle...

Rain International products

If you’d like to have a taste of what it is like to become a member of an MLM, then join Rain International. But doing that means you need to know their products more.

I did my research and found out that their website divides their products into 7 categories:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Greens
  • Joints
  • Skin care
  • Protein
  • Digestive health
  • Skin red

Meanwhile, here are their best-selling products:

  • Bend ($90) - A nutritional supplement that helps improve the muscular and skeletal system, strengthening bones, muscles, and making you more flexible. It also gets rid of muscle and body pains.
  • Revri ($170) - A supplement that improves your skin health. It lightens your skin tone, smoothes out wrinkles, and makes you look younger.
  • Pure ($78) - A health supplement that improves the immune system, making you less prone to illnesses. It also boosts your energy and improves your digestive system.
Is Rain International a Scam: Product

It might sound interesting. But take note that there’s really nothing special about whatever it is that this company is selling.

This is because there are hundreds of other MLMs out there that offer the same or similar products.

Here are some of them:

All these companies always say that they are special and they stand out from each other, when really — they aren’t.

Now that you know this, then what makes Rain International different?

Rain International flagship product

Soul Red ($65) - A health supplement that improves body metabolism, reduces inflammation, and boosts your overall energy.

It contains seed-based natural ingredients that helps you lose weight, recover faster, and be more energetic and active.

Is Rain International a Scam: Flagship

I found a 1-minute video that shows one of their best-selling products:

Now, let's move into knowing if...

Can you make money with Rain International?

Yes, but it’s not as simple as it seems. In fact, it’s hard to make money or earn any income from this company.

There are a few who do but they work too much, even for more than 10 hours a day, only to earn an income that is comparable to minimum wage.

Rain International doesn’t even have an income disclosure to prove that they are a profitable company to do business with.

How to make money with Rain International

You need to do these 2 things to make money from this MLM:

  • Sell their seed-based products
  • Recruit members to the company

But take note that you can only earn bonuses if your downline members sell products, and not by simply recruiting them...

How much does it cost to join Rain International?

It costs $40 to become a member. This is the subscription fee you need to pay.

Aside from that, you also need to buy their business kit which varies in price, with the cheapest one being $105 and the most expensive one costing a massive $1,320.

Rain International monthly cost

All members are required to maintain 135 PV every single month to stay active and qualified.

Also, the costs you need to expect on your first year are:

  • $40
  • $105 to $1,320
  • $200 x 12

Minimum costs for year 1 = $2,545 to $3,760

And that’s before adding up the other costs of training, marketing, and miscellaneous stuff.

Yes, I know… that’s an awful lot of money!

Rain International compensation plan

MLMs have their compensation plans that are downright confusing. No need to worry about that, though, as I’ll simplify this up so you can easily understand it.

Rain International has 4 ways for their members to earn money:

  • Retail -  Earn 10% commission from every product you have sold.
  • First Order - Earn 40% commission from the starter packs that your newly recruited members bought.
  • First Order Bonus Match - Earn 10% commission on the succeeding starter kit purchase of your newly recruited member.
  • Three and Free Program - Earn an undisclosed amount of money when you recruit 3 members who generate a combined 300 PV on their first month.
Is Rain International a Scam: Compensation

Anyway, you can learn more about the compensation plan in the 0-minute video below if you'd like to get your head around it a bit more...

I know, that’s still confusing. But this is not surprising as all MLMs have weird terms and fancy names so that it may seem that there are a lot of ways members can make money from then.

When the reality is actually very far from that because there are just 2 things they really need to do:

  • Sell their products
  • Recruit members into Rain International

Check out this 17-minute video of an in-depth discussion about their compensation plan...

Or you can find the full compensation plan here. 

Is Rain International a scam?

Rain International isn’t a scam because they sell real and actual products and their members are paid correctly.

But the catch is that their members realize they’re losing money because they always have to keep up with the sales quota.

This then leads to them labeling Rain International as a scam.

The next part and section of this review is going to reveal why this is the case with the pros and cons of Rain International.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a distributor myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn how to “Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

Common positive reviews

Here are some of the common positive reviews that we have found in Indeed where people are talking about its job opportunity...

  • "Rain International has a really fun atmosphere. For the most part there are great co-workers and everyone in customer service tries to be very helpful. It does involve a lot of multi-tasking and many group projects."

Common negative reviews

And here are some of the common negative reviews we also have found in Indeed...

  • "This company is new and ever-changing. One must be quick to adapt or be left behind. Although it is everyone's mission to succeed, at times the proper attention to care did lack. This is to be expected once again, due to the relatively young age of the company."

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What I like about Rain International

Key Terms:

  • Pyramid Scheme – recruits members via a promise for payment from recruiting others into the company rather than providing a product
  • Affiliate Marketing- Connecting a customer to a product they are looking for and receiving a commission for doing so
  • Red Flag - A warning sign

Below are some of the best things I have found in Rain International...

#1 Positive product reviews

The first thing I like about Rain International is that there are a lot of positive reviews from its customers.

Is Rain International a Scam: Pros

You can see that their products are indeed effective and do help improve the overall health of its users.

That’s a good sign for those who want to be a member of this company.

#2 Gaining momentum

Here is what I found on Google Trends...

Is Rain International a Scam: Pros 2

The diagram shows that the popularity of Rain International is increasing.

This means that more people are becoming interested in the company, which also means that you can technically sell their products easily.

What I don't like about Rain International

And then here is the other side of the coin which shows its not-so-good side...

#1 Expensive products

Rain International sells overpriced health products.

Yes, they might be seed-based products, but the point is, it’s just too expensive.

Is Rain International a Scam: Cons
You can see that there are a lot of other health and wellness products out there that are affordable and way cheaper compared to whatever it is that Rain International is selling.

#2 Lacks information

Rain International doesn’t have an income disclosure.

This shows that maybe, the company doesn't want the world to know that their business opportunity isn’t really that profitable or that their members aren’t actually earning anything.

#3 Saturated market

The health and wellness niche, which Rain International belongs to, is very saturated.

There are a lot of other MLMs out there that sell products that make people generally healthier.

It’s really very common...

#4 Hidden monthly expenses

You need to sell 200 PV monthly for you to be active and be eligible to receive their commissions.

This means you must sell $200 worth of Rain International products every single month.

If you can’t, then just buy them yourself.

This is why the biggest customer base of these companies is their customers because they always buy their products in the hopes of making it big someday soon…

Even if they really can’t!

#5 Is Rain International a pyramid scheme in disguise?

There’s no doubt that Rain International is a pyramid scheme in disguise because the only way for you to avoid losing $200 monthly is by recruiting as many people as you can.

MLM pyramid scheme

You then pass on the burden of keeping up with this quota to them. It just doesn’t sound right no matter which angle you look at it.

#6 Downward trend

We checked Google Trends and we saw this...


You can clearly see that this shows not many people are interested in whatever it is they are selling...

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My opinion - Rain International

Rain International sells effective and healthy products. But the thing is, is that they are just way too overpriced. Add up their business opportunity, and here’s what I can say...

The only way you can earn from them is by means of aggressive recruitment.

Add up the fact that the guys you’re going to recruit are just going to lose money. Again, that doesn’t sound right and is in no way ethical.

There are a lot of better opportunities out there that can help you earn good money...

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  • You never need to sell to friends and family
  • It's completely free to start

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