July 10, 2020

Is Club Cash Fund a Scam? Another Gifting Pyramid Scheme?

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Most likely, you are here because someone told you about an opportunity to work from home and you’ve thought to yourself...is Club Cash Fund a scam? Well, I’ll be putting you out of misery…

Yes, Club Cash Fund have a signs of being a scam.

But despite that, can they still be considered a legit opportunity to make money from home to ditch your full-time job?

Well, this review on the MLM called Club Cash Fund will answer everything along with images, videos, and pros and cons, so that you can arrive at the right and informed decision.

Club Cash Fund Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Club Cash Fund

Founder: John Stalvey

Type: Cash Gifting MLM

Products: 3/100

Success Stories: 1/100

Price To Join MLM: $80

Is Club Cash Fund a Scam: Logo

What to look for in a MLM:

  • Low start-up fee & maintenance cost
  • High-quality affordable products
  • You don’t have to carry inventory
  • An affiliate-like system 
  • Generous compensation plan
  • Company is in the early momentum phase

Club Cash Fund Pros

  • Gaining momentum

Club Cash Fund Cons

  • No real product
  • Unsustainable business model
  • Lack of information
  • Is Club Cash Fund a pyramid scheme in disguise?


Club Cash Fund is a cash gifting MLM that allows members to send monetary payment to others and provides them an opportunity to earn money by recruiting other people into the MLM.

Make Time Online Rating: 5 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Club Cash Fund?

Club Cash Fund is a  Multi-Level-Marketing company that follows a direct mail cash gifting system.

This allows members to join the company to send money and hoping that they receive cash from other members who do the same process.

But what makes the firm a bit different is that they follow a certain kind of automation that speeds up the system and enables other people to send cash and earn commissions in a faster way.

Club Cash Fund is a cash-giving scam that promises users will receive dozens of free cash checks. People will contribute money to the program, expecting others to join after them, do the same, and give money by direct mail.

It is a pyramid scheme in which you submit payment without purchasing good concrete hopes and then hopes others follow the same path. Nonetheless, there are a few ways in which this cash gifting plan differs (and is more automated):

This system, unlike others, will take care of everything once you've joined.

You can earn commissions if you purchase a position for a one-time charge of $80.

Here is a 14-minute video showing what Club Cash Fund is all about...

I also discovered that the name of the founder of Club Cash Fund is John Stalvey who hides under the alias of Chad in the videos.

There’s not much information about John Stalvey, aside from the fact that he’s been through other pyramid schemes before. And what’s worse is that he’s the one who started them!

Is Club Cash Fund a pyramid scheme?

Yes, Club Cash Fund is a pyramid scheme. First off, is that their members can’t earn money aside from recruiting other people to join the company.

They also don’t have any real product to sell. But still, a better question for that is… Is Club Cash Fund a pyramid scheme in disguise?

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a company that pays members who manage to recruit other people into the system. This is the main focus instead of selling real products or services.

Many countries have already labelled these companies as illegal as it is impossible for members to earn money from a system that is only paying for recruitment.

You can refer to this diagram from Wikipedia below to learn why...

There might be some who make money, but they just do nothing other than recruit, recruit, and recruit, while selling the idea of becoming your own boss from this alleged “business opportunity.”

But if you were to look closely at the diagram shown above, you can see that it is impossible for all of the members to make lots of money from a system such as this as you will eventually run out of people to recruit.

Know more about these “pyramid schemes in disguise” in this 5-minute video...

Let's then learn why...

Success is rare with Club Cash Fund

What’s more is that you are going to have a hard time getting any kind of success when you’re with Club Cash Fund.

You can even refer to the latest statistics which state that between 72.5% and 99.9% of MLM members are losing money.

92.3 Percent of Members Lose Money in MLMs

This is happening because of this “sales quota” which has become common for every MLM.

What this quota does is that members can only stay active and be eligible to receive commissions is if they manage to sell a certain number of products monthly.

If they can’t, then they have no choice but to just buy the products themselves.

This then leads to hundreds, if not thousands of members losing loads of cash from their own savings before recruiting a single person.

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How does Club Cash Fund Work?

The company has a cash gifting system where members can send money and earn commissions by doing that sole task. The more money they send, the higher chances they can earn more commissions.

Club Cash Fund utilizes an automated approach even though such schemes are not novel and are extensively illegal in many nations. To participate, you are not required to send anything to anyone. Everything occurs organically, granting you the benefit of the doubt in this situation.

Their website needs to be a working version of its website. You need access to it directly. The only way to get money from Club Cash Fund is to invite. What is the deal with the cash gifting scheme?

It seems like they are offering regular people an opportunity to work from home by being a part of the “system.”

But if you were to closely analyze the business model, you can see that there’s something fishy about this because all you have to do is to recruit, and nothing more.

And what happens when you can’t find anyone to recruit? Well, you don’t earn money! Hence, a solid example of a pyramid scheme.

Club Cash Fund products

The usual thing with MLMs is that they offer real products and services where members can sell them and earn money without having to recruit. This is what common MLMs do.

But Club Cash Fund is different because it just doesn’t follow that system. Club Cash Fund doesn’t sell any kind of product.

Instead they just provide a system where members can send money to other people, and expect to receive monetary payment for doing that simple stuff.

That’s the best description I can give to what they are “offering.”

Here is a 7-minute video showing what you can expect from becoming a member:

Let's now move forward and know if...

Can you make money with Club Cash Fund?

Yes, but you’ll eventually be losing the money you’ve earned. And mind you, it’s very hard to make money from this scheme.

There might be some who earn, but they work tirelessly throughout the day and sell the idea of becoming your own boss while treating it as your full-time day job.

What’s more is that there is no income disclosure which proves that members are earning. So, that again is another thing that’s fishy with Club Cash Fund.

How to make money with Club Cash Fund

For you to make some kind of money from Club Cash Fund, you have to do any of these 3 things:

  • Qualify for cash gifts by signing up

  • Recruit people to become your downlines

  • Help your downlines to recruit other people

And take note that your entire “earnings” come from the recruitment that you do, which is a clear sign that this is a pyramid scheme...

How much does it cost to join Club Cash Fund?

You have to pay a one-time fee of $80 to join the MLM. However, I also found out that the subscription fee before was $100. Perhaps they lowered down the price so that they can attract more people.

Club Cash Fund compensation plan

I’ve been reviewing numerous MLMs lately, and there’s one thing I noticed that’s similar with all of them.

And that’s their confusing compensation plans. Although Club Cash Fund’s compensation plan is a bit simpler than most MLMs, it still has its own confusing plans.

But no worries as I’ll simplify it to the best of my capabilities...

Basically, you get a $20 commission every time you recruit a person into the company.

That newly recruited person pays $80, right? So, you get their $20 and the remaining $60 goes to the person who recruited you. The cycle goes on from then on...

Here is a 6-minute video about their compensation plan to help you understand it a bit more...

Meanwhile, the company also gets $20 for every $100, which is how they make money...

It sounds simple at first glance, but it turns out to be confusing later. But don’t worry!

Because in reality, there’s just 1 thing to do when you’re with Club Cash Fund, and that is by:

  • Recruiting as many people as possible.

Anyway, you can refer to this 0-minute compensation plan video to get your head around their “money-making” scheme even more…

As you can see, there’s something odd about this company because you’re just tasked to recruit as many people as you can possibly find.

And for what? For the hope of increasing the chances of earning more commissions?

Is Club Cash Fund a scam?

There are a lot of signs which prove Club Cash Fund is a scam.

They don’t sell any products or services aside from offering a platform and system where members can send money and earn commissions.

But before we confirm that this is really the case, let’s dig deeper and know the pros and cons of this review so you’ll know if this is for you or not...

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a distributor myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn how to “Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

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What I like about Club Cash Fund

Key Terms:

  • Pyramid Scheme – recruits members via a promise for payment from recruiting others into the company rather than providing a product
  • Affiliate Marketing- Connecting a customer to a product they are looking for and receiving a commission for doing so
  • Red Flag - A warning sign

#1 Gaining momentum

I checked Club Cash Fund’s status in Google Trends and I can see that they are faring well:

Is Club Cash Fund a Scam: Pros

As you can see, they are gaining momentum and the number of searches in Google for Club Cash Fund is increasing.

This means that there are more people who are becoming interested in the MLM, which is technically easier for you if you want to recruit...

What I don't like about Club Cash Fund

#1 No real product

The most obvious reason why this is another one of those “big joke” MLMs is that they don’t offer or sell any product or service. 

The only that they are “offering” is a system where members can send money and expect to earn commissions whenever they recruit people into the company and literally just do the same process that they did.

It’s really not that hard to realize that there’s something really off with this MLM.

#2 Unsustainable business model

The company has a very unsustainable business model because members are only paid once, and that is when they sign new recruits and they followed the same process of sending cash to another person.

The mere thought of earning money by recruiting people who do nothing but just to recruit is just another clear sign that this is a pyramid scheme!

#3 Lack of information

Club Cash Fund doesn’t have an official compensation plan to show how their company really works and how they intend to pay.

But what about the compensation plan I talked about earlier? Well, that’s based on the various information I found from different sources around the internet!

What’s more is that there is also no official income disclosure to prove that their members are really making money.

I even checked their website and the feel you get when you’re there is that there’s something off because of the misspelled words and the awkward placement of content and tabs.

It just seems like they’re not spending the time to build up their brand and reputation.

Because well, all they care about is recruitment… and nothing more!

#4 Is Club Cash Fund a pyramid scheme in disguise?

No doubt it is!

Having to recruit as many people as you can just to stay active and become a member eligible for commissions is a very clear sign that you are in a pyramid scheme.

There is no offered product or service, and the only way to make money is to recruit people and encouraging them to again… recruit!

Here's how that looks like...

MLM pyramid scheme

For this reason, I am convinced that this company will be closed by the FTC. It might not happen any time soon, but time will come that it will.

They have all the red flags of a scam and pyramid scheme so there’s a very big chance this will happen...

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My opinion - Club Cash Fund

Looking at Club Cash Fund, you can easily dismiss the company as a scam and pyramid scheme because they’re not selling anything.

All it does is just let the members send cash to people they don’t know, recruit people to do the same process, and then wait for the commissions.

Here is what I think about them...

In no way does that sound like an ethical business to me because all you have to do is recruit, recruit, and recruit… Nothing more!

You’re just selling the dream of financial bliss when you know for yourself that you just recruit other people to ease the burden of recruitment and to earn more money for yourself and nothing more...

How I make passive income online

MLMs are not scams or illegal. However, I'm not a fan of them because of the restrictions to the expensive products you have to promote.

Once I learnt about affiliate marketing, I realised it's a far superior business model because:

  • You can promote anything you want and truly own the business
  • You never need to sell to friends and family
  • It's completely free to start

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was.

But I went from a full time PE teacher to making a passive income online within one year...

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