October 24, 2019

How to Create a 6 Figure Online Business- Paul Scrivens [Part 2]

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Dare to Conquer Podcast

You’re probably reading this page because you’d like to know how to create a 6 figure online business.

Chances are you think it will be super hard.

But what if there was an 18-month blueprint already laid out for you?

Paul (Scrivs) Scrivens explains the one question you need to ask yourself to see if your idea can become a 6-7 figure business.

On the show we chat about:

  • The 2 types of online entrepreneurs
  • What the one thing is that super successful online businesses do
  • Why Scrivs is very grateful for his wife (…no he didn’t cry!)
  • What Scrivs would say to himself if he could go back in time

This is part 2. You can check out “the worst mistake new bloggers make” for part 1.

There are 2 Types of Online Entrepreneurs

Scrivs splits his audience into 2 different people.

  1. Bloggers
  2. 6-7 figure business owners

Let’s dig into what the difference is…

Bloggers- Just Want a Side Income

There are some people that really just want to make an extra $1,000 or so every month.

Sometimes these people just want to write and would be extremely happy if it made a bit of income on the side.

A key focus here is to write content that is suited to Pinterest. You can learn more about why this is the case in “how to use Pinterest for beginners”.

They may want it to become a full-time business in the future, but usually, they have a different mindset to the 6-7 figure business owners…

6-7 Figure Business’s AKA 1,000 True Fans

There is really only one simple question to ask yourself…

What transformation are you going to deliver?

Can you create a product that gets people from point A to point B?

You probably have noticed that when you look at everything you need to do for an online business in one go… it seems pretty overwhelming!

This is why Scrivs recommends that you don’t focus on everything at once… just do one thing at a time.

Slow and steady amigo.


Here’s a way to help you keep it simple:

  • It only takes one blog post that connects with someone for them to join your email list
  • It only takes one email sequence that provides value for them to trust you
  • When someone trusts you they are much more likely to buy something from you

Can you see the importance of building trust and authority?

Your reader is now more likely to want to see what your course can provide.

This is the secret to getting 1,000 true fans.

And 1,000 true fans that pay you $100 a year = $100,000 (a 6 figure business).

Simple right?

Now, if you’re like me you’d be interested to know more about…

Scrivs Working Habits

So how does the guy that has 20+ courses and so many niche websites keep on top of everything?

His habits and the life he has created certainly helps:

  • He batches content (he’ll often write a lot in one day then do no writing the day after)
  • This month Scrivs has written: 80,000 words in 20 posts, 17 emails and 3 video scripts.
  • He has a list of keywords ready to write about
  • Family members help out with work they enjoy doing
  • Write like you talk- don’t edit yourself when you write (try to entertain as you educate)

One other thing…

Scrivs has found that a subscription model and evergreen courses make things easier for cash flow. (It doesn’t mean it’s easy to do though!)

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Top 3 Tips if Scrivs Could go Back in Time

This is what Scrivs would say if he could go back in time to when he had just gone back to a day job.

  1. Ask more questions from people that have expertise in areas you don’t
  2. Set time aside to actually do the work (i.e. set a schedule and wake up early)
  3. Communicate more with your wife early on

Can you imagine the power of being able to tell your past self these pearls of wisdom?

Full Podcast Transcript


If you want to contact Scrivs or learn more about the courses he has on offer then you can do so here:

Obstacle (Scrivs blogging website)

Dare to Conquer (create a 6 figure business)

Blog Revenue Engine (make $1,000 per month within 6 months)

Scrivs From Dare to Conquer Podcast Summary

So there it is!

Deliver a transformation for someone and you will be on the right track to creating a 6 figure business.

The blueprint for creating a 6 figure business is within clicking distance (see what I did there!?)

Will it be easy?


Are the best things in life ever easy?

You know the answer to that one.

Keep changing for the better


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Starting a 6 figure online business

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    1. Oh by explaing the 2 types of online entrepreneursWhat the one thing is that super successful online businesses do
      Why Scrivs is very grateful for his wife ,What Scrivs would say to himself if he could go back in time then he ll be able to solve many people  problems  thanks for this post It ll really go a long way and also thanks for the recommendations  also

    2. Hello Mike, staring an online business for me is majorly to make some really cool income, maybe not 6 digit, but i know i wam not here to make some side income like you have said. My mentor makes 6 digits using his site so I see it as something very possible. Reading through this post has given me more insight on how to make 6 digits from your online business and coupled with the training i am undergoing, i believe when I start my business, it may take time, but its possible. Best regards

      1. Spot on Benson!

        I do believe it’s important to understand what you want from it as making loads of money online and working super hard is not necessarily what everyone wants. 

        Glad the chat could help, keep in touch, I’d love to hear how you get on

    3. I absolutely loved these podcasts with Scrivs, Mike! Tiffany asked some great questions (as she always does). He is such a great person to learn from. I am a part of both DTC and Blog Simple Framework. I don’t think I have my mindset worked out yet. lol

      Actually, I just want to build a mini online empire using all the different strategies! Now I just need to learn how to focus on each one individually. lol

      You’re an awesome podcaster, and I can’t wait to hear your other ones!

      1. Thanks so much Christina!

        Scrivs really knows his stuff doesn’t he?!

        I know exactly what you mean about the mindset stuff and focusing on one thing at a time. It’s hard but much more effective when we can get that focus for sure!

        Looking forward to seeing how you progress over the year

    4. I like every article on the internet that spread the ideas of making money online and living your home business.
      Bye the way I found your content such helpful.
      Keep up the good work.

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