October 17, 2019

The Worst Mistake New Bloggers Make to Not Make Money- Paul Scrivens [Part 1]

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Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer

You probably know the feeling of trying to make money from a blog.

Many people think it’s super hard and you’ll have to come up with a great idea to earn a cent. In fact, it doesn’t have to be this way.

This podcast with Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer will show you the worst mistake that new bloggers make…

And what you can do to fix it.

Scrivs and I chat about:

  • How he started working in the “online world”
  • Why one of his websites went from 0 to over 1 million page views every month (in under 2 years)
  • The 2 mindset hurdles every entrepreneur has to overcome
  • What you can do if you’re not an “expert”

This is another 2 part podcast, with more on how to start a 6-7 figure online business next week.

Paul Scrivens Background

Scrivs first job was a headhunter (aka helping other people find jobs… “recruitment consultant” if you’re from the UK).

But there was a big issue with this…

He hated working on the phone.

So doing what any normal person would do in this situation he lied to his boss…

“Hey, I can build websites for you”

He had no idea how to… so he had to figure out how to do that in a day!

This was Scrivs path into blogging.

And the rest is history as they say…

Sort of!

As you listen in to the podcast you’ll hear how Paul Scrivens:

  • Was vagabonding for a while
  • Had to get a “real job” when he met his now-wife
  • He bounced between a few random jobs but…
  • He always hated working for someone else
  • How he created a course on web design to make $20k in a weekend

But he still had no idea why certain things worked and others didn’t.

Eventually, this led to…

Thrive/Strive- From 1,800 pageviews in 3 Months to 1 Million Pageviews in One Month

Scrivs started the health and fitness website with his brother and wife.

After 20 months, Thrive/Strive was receiving 1 million pageviews each month.

But it wasn’t always that way…

The Worst Mistake From a New Blogger

There is one big mistake many online entrepreneurs make.

It is the one reason why many people fail or waste so much time:

You try to create something brand new.

Many people put off starting or fail because of this one mistake.

Everything that works (aka makes money online) has already been done.

You can copy the idea or model that someone else has done.

Obviously don’t completely copy it, you put your own spin on it.

But if you can show people how to lose weight in one month, people will pay you for the information.

Weight Loss

Is it new?


Does it work?


Mindset & Initial Steps

Scrivs explains this…

You have to understand it is a process.

You will not start making crazy money after a day… or a week… or a month.

The success stories you hear don’t always explain the struggle or failures these people had on the way.

You’re going to have to do these 2 things before you get anywhere:

  • Overcome your own self-doubt
  • Then overcome the self-doubt of your friends and family

The best way to do that is to start taking action.

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

The platform that opened Scrivs’ eyes to how to get free traffic quickly was of course…


It has been proven by so many successful bloggers that it’s hard to ignore the power of Pinterest to get free traffic quickly.

Related content:

Not an Expert in a Niche?

You don’t have to be.

All you need to be is one step ahead of the people reading your website.

If you really are not confident in that niche you can always consider yourself as…

Research Assistant Organise & Planning

A research assistant.

That is still super useful for people.

You find out the answer so that they don’t have to.

Full Podcast Transcript


If you want to contact Scrivs or learn more about the courses he has on offer then you can do so here:

Obstacle (blogging website)

Dare to Conquer (create a 6 figure business)

Blog Revenue Engine (make $1,000 per month within 6 months)

Paul Scrivens from Dare to Conquer Podcast Summary

So that wraps up part one for the podcast with Scrivs.

What was your main takeaway from this? Is this mistake something you can relate to, or have you seen anyone else making this mistake online before? Do you agree that this is the worst mistake new bloggers make?

Drop a comment below!

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    1. My takeaway from this post is that nobody is an expert from the things they do. they can only make what has been in existence before to be more better and that to me, is very great. i like every bit of this information and I will try all my best to ensure that I don’t go against the tide rather, i will move alongside the movement o the tide. good lesson.

      1. Yeah too true! Getting the foundation right and making that initial income means you can then experiment or create a new product as Alex and Lauren did too. Trying to create something brand new without an audience will likely fall flat on its face!

    2. Hi

      Those are all good tips for bloggers to avoid and what to implement in your website. It does seem strange as your first thought is that you must do something different in order to attract people to your website but if it ain’t broken why do you need to fix. Why do you have to reinvent the wheel once again. I think we can all learn from successful bloggers and then implement it to our own website. I got a lot from that podcast and  really appreciate the time both of you have given to this.

      The biggest problem is traffic and you often feel that everything goes against  you, especially Google. Apart from Pinterest how do you attract more visitors to your site?



      1. Hey Antonio, 

        Glad it could help!

        I personally focus on Google and Pinterest. They are very similar in what you need to do to market a post (SEO and keywords work on Google and Pinterest). YouTube is another way that many people market their website, although I haven’t really focussed on this (yet). 

        I personally also use the podcast to help attract traffic (and vice versa). 

        There are so many ways that people sometimes get overwhelmed and try to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else mentioned at once. However, the best way is always what works for you. 

        I’d recommend really learning about one and implementing that strategy rather than doing everything very averagely.

    3. Hi, I think that it is so important to go into starting your own website with the knowledge of what not to do just as much as knowing what you should be done.

      It is all about trial and error but it sure makes it faster if you can learn from other peoples mistakes.

      The past few days I have been getting into scouting my competition because like you say it has probably already been done. Seeing what worked for them might trigger ideas for your own website.

      You offer some great advice on what not to do when you are a new blogger.

      1. Thanks, Alexandra! Yeah, Paul certainly knows a thing or two about what you should (and shouldn’t) do when starting a blog. He makes it sound so simple doesn’t he?!

    4. I had heard the name but couldn’t place it. I wish I’d come across Paul Scrivens a few months ago. I am always on the look out for advice and tips. I’m not impatient but I am very conscious of the fact that there are plenty of successful people out there and I’d like to be one.

      I wouldn’t have picked ‘trying to be unique’ as being the worst mistake but it does make a lot of sense. It’s hard to think like that though, especially at the beginning. You’re excited and want to put your stamp on the internet. Duplicate what’s successful and do it yourself, with your own personal ‘take’ on it. Sounds so simple. It’s just a virtual version of any business out there on the streets. Different outlets selling the same products in their own way.

      If I’d had to pick one, it would be not giving the website enough time to mature and bailing after a few weeks because they haven’t made a sale. One thing I am going to do is work on the Pinterest angle, those traffic figures are immense. Looking forward to the next installment, the guy has passion.

      1. Hey! Yeah Paul is a great guy, really knows his stuff!

        It’s such a great point he makes isn’t it?! It’s such a common thing for people to try and create something “never been seen before” but the fact is things that exist already work. Doing them in your own style is what will be effective. 

        Defo check out How to Use Pinterest for beginners. Pinterest is great for certain niches but you can usually make something fit into it in almost any niche!

    5. Blogging is one of the most profitable and lucrative online business anyone can think of and it’s also very easy to fail. This is the main reason why I always hammer on the fact that every business deserves to learned even in the smallest amount prior to the start, this will ensure that you thread to the safe path and it shows you what to do and what to avoid. The reasons why bloggers don’t make money that you stated are very true, thanks for giving a way out to these problems. It’ll be of great help to so many bloggers out there.

    6. I totally agree with Paul Scrivens point “The worst mistake new bloggers make is trying to create something brand new.”

      As we all know, no man is an island of knowledge; there is nothing in existence that has not existed before. We only try to tweak them, add some little twists, etc.

      Trying to create something new, especially when beginners try this, they end up failing. As a beginner, it is important to build on what’s already in existence; then as one gets mature, he can come up with something unique.

      1. Couldn’t put it better myself! 

        Focus on one thing and then you can do the fancy stuff once you have the basics sorted!

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