The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of MLMs: From a Current Member w/ Chris Harrison

You may have heard of some MLM (or network marketing) companies before such as Amway, Nu Skin, or Young Living.

But Multi-Level-Marketing companies often get a bad name for themselves. 

Today, Chris Harrison, explains his personal experience of working inside one (Arbonne).

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of MLMs: From a Current Member


From Arbonne

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We chat about:

  • The elephant in the room... are all MLMs a pyramid scheme? And the truth about recruiting people!
  • Why so many people "fail" inside MLM companies and how to change that
  • Some of the inside truths about network marketing and the benefits of joining one
  • How Chris, who has never liked public speaking, ended up speaking in front of thousands of people... and enjoyed it!

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Full Chris Harrison Podcast Transcript

Chris Harrison Podcast Summary

Chris makes no excuses or false promises about it being easy to be successful inside an MLM. 

He even admits that to make good income and a residual income you will have to recruit people into the company. 

But if you enjoy the products and would buy them anyway, then it's not really like selling... it's just recommending things that you love. 

He says that if you have the right mindset and expectations from the start, MLM companies can be a great way to design your life to look how you want it to. 

At the end of the day you have two choices:

  • Repeat the same thing and expect the same results
  • Evolve, learn something new and work towards your ideal lifestyle

The choice is always yours...

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