April 4, 2019

How to Create a Hands Off Property Investment Company- w/ Grant Robe

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You probably agree that most people want to create passive income.

Most people like the idea of passive income but often under-exaggerate how much time and effort goes into it. Well, Grant Robe has set up a hands-off UK property investment company that helps people receive that service.

How do I know it’s hands-off?

We have invested with Provest Holdings from Qatar!

This podcast will show you how he’s done it and what this means for people looking to invest in property in the UK.

Grant’s Background

1:30 min

As you listen to the start of the podcast you will learn:

  • Where Grant is from
  • How he got into building and labouring
  • He has a degree in planning and property development
  • Grant’s “Property journey” really started at University
  • What his degree was missing
  • How Grant learnt the sales, management and business skills needed to set up Provest Holdings

As you absorb this information you will begin to see how the skills we learn are vital to our future success

Starting a Property Business- Enter Provest Holdings

4 mins

Grant explains how Provest Holdings started:

  • He met James Egan (the co-founder) at a property course
  • They realised they had different skills:
    • James- more analytical
    • Grant- builds relationships (more brash as he puts it!)
  • James originally loaned Grant some money to finish off a project he had going on & this grew their trust
  • They reaslised they couldn’t do everything themselves
  • How they started growing the business
  • How they’ve completed 30 projects in 2 years and created homes for over 150 tenants
How to Create a hands off property investment company

And do you begin to notice that it’s not just an accident that Provest Holdings was formed and achieved so much?

A Fully Hands Off Investment

10:30 mins

This section explains what a fully hands off property investment company does…

  • Work with investor through the vision including:
    • Conveyancing
    • Design
    • Development
    • Build
    • Refurbishment
    • Lettings
  • Offer BTL, small HMO’s, commercial development
  • Clients around the world
  • Learn why Provest Holdings stood out to me and Sarah

You probably agree that in order to invest in property you will need some capital. However, it doesn’t mean you have to have a super high paying job or sacrifice your lifestyle to be able to do this. Find out “How we Save £30,000 a Year and Travel as Teachers

Starting the Entrepreneurial Route

15:00 mins

Grant reflects on why he ended up going down the entrepreneurial route:

  • Started in swimming- small details made the difference
  • Wanted more than what could be offered from a job
  • Personality profile/ wealth dynamics tests
  • Millennial mentality – couldn’t find a good fit in a job
  • Came across network marketing (lead to personal development)
  • Wanted more freedom and the choice of how much you work

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want

Zig Ziglar

Imagine what you’re life would be like if you chose what you wanted to do every day… You can learn more about why this podcast and website exists in “Why Make Time Online? Financial Independence Retire Early Blog“. Save Hours of Time with these Resources

Business is Not For Everyone

21:00 mins

The more you listen to this podcast the more you will realise business comes with its fair share of challenges:

  • Hard days
  • Lots of problems to solve
  • They are up to you to solve!

However, there are some BIG benefits of starting a side hustle or business:

  • Business can be numerous vehicles (property, network marketing, online business etc.)
  • In business, you are in control of your own salary
  • You decide when to take time off
  • Grant speaks about starting a family with his wife:
    • Pay decreases the longer you are off on maternity leave in a job
    • His salary is forecast to double during this time

As you listen to each word of this podcast you will realise that starting your own business is not for everyone. There will be challenging times.

For some people, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Working on “your mindset” is the most common piece of advice from some of the world’s most successful people. Discover “What I’ve Learnt from Reading Over 100 Books in the Last 3 Years

And are you beginning to notice that you don’t have to be an employer OR an entrepreneur? You can start a side hustle or try things out part-time, without giving up your day job.

3 Pieces of Advice

26:30 mins

Have you ever wondered what pieces of advice you’d give to your self 10 years ago? Well Grant lets you hear what he would tell himself if he could do just that…

  1. Leave your emotions at the door
    • Business can be an emotional rollercoaster
    • Use logic and systems
  2. Collaborate more
    • Need additional support
    • Create win-win situations
  3. Do something you enjoy
    • Rather than spending time pleasing other people
    • Serve yourself and other people
hands off property investment company

Have you noticed yet that it’s important to not try to please other people and do what others think you should?


Find Grant or Provest Holdings on any of the following pages. If you’re interested in hearing more from them drop them a message and don’t be afraid to ask for a chat!

Facebook- Provest Holdings/ Grant

Instagram- Provest Holdings/ Grant



Let’s keep it simple this week. Only 1 piece of action…

  1. Learn more about starting a side hustle of your own.

Read “Discover the Perfect Part Time Job Online” to find out what you could start today for free. The beauty of this is that you can make it fit almost any passion or expertise that you already have!

If you already have a business and are looking to grow it find out “How to Use Online Marketing for Small Businesses

If you would like to see more suggestions of “How to Make Money at Home” then check this article out.

Hands Off Property Investment Company – Summary

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a hands off property investment company that genuinely cares and help you achieve your own goals?

My personal top 5 takeaways from this podcast were:

  1. Leave your emotions at the door
  2. Collaborate with others more quickly
  3. Do something you enjoy
  4. Small differences make a big difference
  5. Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want

Drop a comment below to let us know what your main takeaway was!

Keep changing for the better,


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