February 27, 2020

Pinterest Update 2020 – Kate Ahl Shares Inside Knowledge

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Oh my word! Pinterest is changing again in 2020!!

How will this affect your traffic?

Will we need to change our whole Pinterest marketing strategy?

Is there any point in trying to use Pinterest any more?

If you're like me then these are probably some of the questions you've been asking yourself recently. 

So I figured it would be wise to get a perspective from someone who's whole business is based on Pinterest marketing. Ideally, someone that regularly speaks with Tailwind leaders and the people that actually make the Pinterest updates in 2020.

Of course, Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media seemed like the obvious person!

Pinterest Update 2020- Inside Knowledge From...

Kate Ahl

Simple Pin Media

Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media

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We chat about:

  • Why Kate was commenting on Harry Potter memes and how this really helped her (it's not what you think!)
  • Why and how you should learn more about who actually uses Pinterest in your niche
  • How many times you should be pinning per day in 2020
  • What the Pinterest updates are in 2020 and how that will affect you

Listen to the full Kate Ahl podcast episode here

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Popular niches on Pinterest in 2020

You probably know that there are some niches that are just more popular than others on Pinterest. 

The main big niches in 2020 are still:

  • Home decor
  • Recipes
  • Women's fashion
  • DIY crafts
  • Health and fitness
  • Weddings
  • Personal finance

But Kate suggests that smaller sub pockets within these niches tend to do better for bloggers looking to drive traffic from Pinterest.

After all, Pinterest users typically are searching for something specific when they type something into the search bar on Pinterest. For example, she explains how one of Simple Pin Media's clients has a "custom dog crates" website that does very well. 

If you can make your pins with specific keywords that people are looking for then you can "rank" on Pinterest's search feed.

This is how you can get consistent traffic from Pinterest. You can find out more about how to use Pinterest SEO here

What does Pinterest want in 2020?

As of February 2020, Pinterest is asking for:

"Relevant, recent and inspiring" content.

Pinterest does not want you to re-pin the same thing over and over again!

To be honest Pinterest hasn't really changed what they want since April 2018. They have been asking for "fresh content" since then and that is still the case today. 

But many bloggers still get confused what actually counts as "fresh content".

Pinterest now says that fresh content needs to be a "new image".

Fresh content used to be just changing the title or descriptions. But in 2020, Pinterest also wants new "Pinterest images".

So if you're using a template with the same picture in the background and text overlay in the same format and position, this may not always be counted as "fresh content". 

It doesn't have to be a new blog post to be counted as fresh content, but Pinterest does recognise new images.

How many times should you pin per day in 2020?

As always this really does depend on how much content your website has.

But Kate does provide a pretty good rule of thumb:

Pin between 5-30 pins a day.

If you have an established food website with a load of pins and different articles then you may be able to pin between 15-25 times a day and still "space out your content".

However, if you have a new account with only a few articles and pins then only pin up to 10 times a day... and even limit it to 5 times a day. You can pin good quality content from other websites in your niche too.

The key here is to focus on pinning as much "fresh content" as possible. 

So you shouldn't be pinning the same pin to the same board more than once every 6-12 months. And if you are pinning an image to multiple boards (still only pin to relevant boards) then space this out by at least a week, but probably more moving forwards!

Pinterest is starting to notice how much your account is "engaged with". So if people re-pin every pin or comment and interact with it, it shows Pinterest that your account is worth sharing!

How does Pinterest work in 2020?

Pinterest wants to show people really good content that they know people will engage with. This typically is content that is already proven on Pinterest (aka old content or from trusted accounts). 

However, there are 2 ways that people can find content on Pinterest in 2020:

  1. Home feed (also known as the smart feed)
  2. Search feed

Content is distributed to these places in a slightly different way.

The home feed typically shows users content that is new. So your "fresh pins" will typically show up in peoples home feed when they open Pinterest. 

The search feed will be very similar to Google. You get old pins mixed with newer pins. Pinterest will try to show people the BEST answer to their search and this is where your SEO will pay off if you can provide good content here. 

But if you ever want your pins to show up consistently in the search feed you will need people to engage with your "fresh content". 

This is why your pin design is so important!

Pinners typically see your image for a fraction of a second before they decide if they are going to click on it or scroll past it. You can learn all about the best Pinterest design tips from a professional graphic designer here

What is Simple Pin Media changing?

Kate was a Pinterest accounts manager originally but has created a whole business to serve people better with Pinterest marketing. 

You can learn more about the way Pinterest is changing by seeing what services Simple Pin Media offer:

  • Pinterest image department
  • Video creation
  • Promoted pins
  • Education 

You can find out more about Simple Pin Media's services here.

But as you can see, Pinterest is certainly moving towards trying to help more video and promoted pins get more attention in the future.

For now, fresh content and new images are more than adequate to get some serious traffic. But Pinterest is continually trying to improve their platform to help their users.

Full Kate Ahl Podcast Transcript

Pinterest update in 2020 Summary

So there are so many value bombs dropped by Kate in this podcast. 

Yes, you can see that Pinterest has changed and will continue to adapt over the coming years. But that is the same for any online marketing or social media platform!

The thing that stood out for me was that when I asked Kate...

"Is Simple Pin Media doing anything different?"

Kate's answer was...


The real change was made early in 2018 when Pinterest announced they really wanted "fresh content". Everything else that has come to light recently in 2020 is just more of the same!

If you want to get traffic to your website from Pinterest then you have to...

Create relevant, recent and inspiring content on Pinterest in 2020

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In simple terms that means create great content and design new awesome pins regularly. In reality, that's always been the case to get traffic from Pinterest!

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Pinterest Update 2020- Kate Ahl Podcast

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  1. Your review couldn’t have been more timely. I have just launched a new blog site and was wondering if I should use Pinterest or not. I searched for pins in my area of interest.  All I found were these in your face ads and thought that there had to be a better way. Your review has given me hope that there is someone out there that has the answer to what is currently going on with this familiar platform. I have requested the info from Kate Ahl. I do have one question, as a business if you had just had time for a few channels to post on other than twitter – would Pinterest be a better platform than Facebook?   

    1. Hey Steve, I’m so glad it could help!

      I would 100% say Pinterest is better at getting traffic for free than Facebook for the majority of niches. It’s just a completely different platform in the sense that Facebook aims to keep people on Facebook… but Pinterest has an element similar to Google where you can type in something you are looking for.

      Facebook ads are probably a bit more established than Pinterest ads, but that would depend on the niche you are in. 

      Check out the Ultimate Pinterest Traffic Guide if you want to know more about how to use Pinterest. 

  2. Thanks a great article and update on Pinterest.

    As a beginner in affiliate marketing, we are not yet using pinterest but intend start in the mid part of this year. I love the way you’ve divided the article up so we can pick out issues that are relevant to us but also covered everything concisely. I have bookmarked this article for reference at a later date.

    Thank you again!

  3. Several people have told me how important Pinterest can be for your online business, but besides a few pins here and there I have not been consistent with it. I always revert back to Twitter. Your article has really made it clear to me, though, how much more advantageous it would be for me to use Pinterest more often. I have a website, do I use Pinterest with my personal account or is a business account better? Can I use hashtags on Pinterest? Is Pinterest userfriendly on a cellular? I simetimes work on my cell phone, that’s why I’m asking.

    This is honestly the most informative article I have read about Pinterest. It has been very helpful to me!

    1. Hey Christine, there’s a lot to dissect in what you asked there, but basically don’t worry too much about all those “tactics”… the “strategy” is far more important (pinning great pins, to relevant boards, using keywords)

      Check out the Ultimate Pinterest Traffic Guide for more information on all of this

  4. Thanks for sharing this article with us about  “ Pinterest,” with us. I had no idea about  Pinterest marketing! By this article i have learned a lot about Pinterest marketing & that’s why this article very important for me. This article more important to those people who is already a Pinterest Marketer…  

    Thanks Again…           

  5. This was a very very interesting this podcast was she’s talked about all kinds of traffic or kinds of things on her website and she was very helpful to me I would pass this on to other people most definitely because what she has is a lot of knowledge about everything and it’s very useful or me as a newbie and others as a joined the program thank you so much cake for giving a good production here for us and hope to hear back from you soon

  6. Very informative article. Need to get more involved in social media. This article is very enlightening about what is need to help get you up and running with Pinterest which is great. Knowing what niches are most popular is very helpful. Also, sharing the website of a specialist is also very helpful. Thanks for the good information, Deanna

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