January 21, 2022

Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam? Is This Affiliate Training Program Really Profitable?

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You've probably found this Ministry of Freedom review because you've seen one of Jono Armstrong's ads. But now you're wondering if it's legit. 

Ministry of Freedom is technically not a scam. It will show you how to make money from "Launch Jacking".

You will learn how to set up a YouTube account and how to get traffic from doing reviews of new courses coming out. But the focus is on promoting some terrible courses, and Ministry of Freedom itself.  

I've spent 40 hours going through the training, the sales material and watching other people's YouTube videos or reviews.

I've compared hundreds of ways to make money online and spoke to dozens of 6-8 figure online business owners on my podcast. 

Let me show you what Ministry of Freedom actually does and if it will work for you...

This Ministry of Freedom review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Ministry of Freedom Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Ministry of Freedom

Founder: Jono Armstrong

Type: Launch Jacking Affiliate Marketing Training 

Price: $1,497 subscription

Best for: People desperate to make money online in any way they can

Ministry of Freedom Pros

  • People actually make money (but...)
  • Extensive training materials

Ministry of Freedom Cons

  • Expensive subscription
  • Hidden additional costs
  • Launch Jacking terrible products
  • Paying for traffic is just like playing with fire
  • Signs of a pyramid scheme
  • Don't expect a refund

Summary: Ministry of Freedom is an affiliate marketing program that focuses on "launch jacking". You will be taught how to do YouTube reviews (mainly fake positive ones) of new "make money online" courses that are "launching".

99% of these courses are terrible and some are border line scams but apparently it's the "easiest" way to make money online as a beginner (...it's not! As people won't trust you as you don't know what you're talking about!) 

Make Time Online Rating: 25 out of 100 

Recommended: No... unless you don't mind recommending bad products to other unsuspecting victims to make money.

What is Ministry of Freedom about?

Ministry of Freedom is a launch jacking affiliate marketing course created by online marketer Jono Armstrong. It claims to be the most complete and comprehensive course when it comes to making money online. 

The course is marketed as a tried and true business model that Jono Armstrong developed himself.

It consists of 9 modules that covers training on launch jacking, product launching, as well as marketing including email and paid traffic. 

There are a ton of very positive reviews on YouTube about the course (mainly because they are affiliates for it). But here is a true insight into what to expect from Ministry of Freedom (you can easily watch this on x2 speed to save some time)...

You may think this is just a bitter student that couldn't make money from the program. But this insight does reveal some hidden truths about it. And from my digging this sounds pretty accurate from most members.  

You certainly won't find this info on the sales page either!

Ready to make passive income online?

Hey, I'm Mike.

I created a passive income online within a year. I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started. 

Mike Beatty

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is an online business marketer who created the Ministry of Freedom affiliate marketing course.

He claims to have made a million dollars in 2019 in affiliate marketing alone. The secrets of his success are the foundation of his training course. 

Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam: Founder

After university, he was already $50k in debt. To pay for it, he worked as a teacher for 9 years. This was from 2000 up to 2009 where he only got paid $1,100 a month. 

Realizing it wasn't going to be enough, he left his teaching job and pursued a career in music and acting. He was a pretty big deal as a TV show host in Indonesia. 

During this time he became addicted to drinking and drugs and had many affairs. 

In 2016 he got married and wanted to improve his life.  

This is around the time that Jono started doing affiliate marketing with Amazon with a commission of up to 10%. But this ultimately fell to only 3% (although I still know tons of people that do very well just from Amazon affiliate work alone) which led him to marketing digital products.

Jono found a way to make more money by promoting digital products through paid traffic. 

After he started earning more and more, he continued to find ways to develop those strategies until he earned a million dollars in 2019. This eventually led him to share his secrets through Ministry of Freedom training course...

You can get a quick "feel" for him in his 2-minute intro video for his YouTube channel...

So let's dig deeper into what this program is really all about...

How does Ministry of Freedom Work?

When signing up for the Ministry of Freedom training course, you will be immediately be given access to its training materials. These materials are divided into 9 modules which are organized for a 9-week course coverage. 

There is a lot of information inside there but Jono only lets you access a certain amount each week. 

Some courses do this to make sure you follow it in order, which is good for beginners. But really it's much more helpful to be able to choose the sections to view when you want!

What to expect?

You will also be given access to the Ministry of Freedom's private Facebook group. The group serves as an online support community among its students.

You can interact with other students and ask questions regarding the courses as well as post your earnings to track and compare your progress. 

Aside from the training modules that you will receive, you will also have a chance to participate in Jon Armstrong and his team's live webinars.

These webinars are streamed on the Facebook group and are scheduled three times a week...

One on one coaching is also provided to up to one year after your purchase the training course. You will have the opportunity to talk and discuss directly with Jono Armstrong about the course and products that you want to launch.

Inside Ministry of Freedom

The entire Ministry of Freedom course is categorized into 9 modules.

Each module tackles a certain topic which all ultimately leads you to online business success (as what he says).

Here's an in-depth look into these modules...

Module 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

This is probably the most basic and straightforward module among them but it is also an important step for anyone who wants to pursue anything. This module discusses how to keep a positive mindset and be goal-oriented. 

In other words, it starts to brainwash get your mindset right that you won't make ten thousand dollars in 22 days (unlike the sales page claims). 

"Of course, the content here can be transferred to other areas of business or work you're involved in and therefore valuable even if you don't take any aspects of the MoF program any further," comments internet marketer and UK property buyer Ruban Selvanayagam.

Module 2: Tools and Applications 

At this part of the training, you will be introduced to the tools and applications that are essential in affiliate marketing. These tools include those used in email marketing, and running paid ads.

According to them, most of the tools are free and those that are not, mostly come at a low cost. 

Module 3-5: Launch Jacking 

This is one of the highlights of the Ministry of Freedom's training course. Launch jacking is a marketing technique where you will find new products that are launching and then review the product before its launch.

This way, you can hijack the traffic during the launch and make customers buy them from your links which you will get commissions.

Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam: Inside

Week 6: Soft Launching 

This is a course in which Jono Armstrong will teach you how to make a digital product or course and then soft launch it.

You can make money from the soft launch and Jono will teach the secrets of how to take advantage of this technique and earn more money. 

Week 7: Email Marketing 

Email marketing is another key element in the Ministry of Freedom training course. Jono is a huge admirer of this marketing technique and it is one of the driving forces of his business.

In this module, you will learn how to create a mailing list, how to integrate an autoresponder, as well as receive scripts for marketing emails. 

Week 8: Product Launching 

In this module, you will get tips directly from Jono Armstrong who will walk you through a step by step process towards a successful product launch.

This will ensure that you will instantly make money off of your products even at the beginning. A successful product launch if done right will provide more money and sales for your business. 

This is the only module inside this course that is really worth anything valuable.

But if this is what you want to do I'd highly recommend Create and Go's Six Figure Blogger course, which does this better than most other courses I've seen and costs under $300. (I also spoke to Alex Nerney one of the creators on my podcast here). 

Week 9: Paid Traffic

The last and final module talks about the proper utilization of paid advertising. You will learn the best technique to use on various platforms to drive traffic to your affiliate system and gain more commissions.

Paid ads are a very powerful marketing tool to drive sales and generate money online.

This long 1-hour and 20-minute video answers some of the most asked questions about Ministry of Freedom...

Also note that there are loads of other similar courses that talk about the same stuff such as:

Let's then talk about numbers...

Ministry of Freedom cost to join

As of this writing, the Ministry of Freedom's affiliate marketing training program costs $1,497.

It is also available in 3 easy installments at $597...

This payment will provide you access to their materials as well as access to their private Facebook group.

Just remember that these payments will only cover the training course. You also have to set aside money for the tools that you are going to use as well as money for the paid ads once you get started.

Ministry of Freedom monthly cost

Ministry of Freedom will recommend you to spend at least $150 a month for the basic tools and ads.

It doesn't tell you this up front and they would argue that it is possible to not spend this much. But to be successful with launch jacking you will need to allow for ads. 

Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam: Products

Here are the other common additional costs you'll have to consider, which you may not know about:

  • Funnel builder - minimum of $25/month (ClickFunnels is $97 a month, and their sales page is built with this).
  • Tracking software - minimum of $27/month
  • Email autoresponder - minimum of $15/month
  • Ads - minimum of $100/month

This means that you will need to spend at least $170 a month to implement this training...

Ministry of Freedom reviews online

So you've got this far in this Ministry of Freedom review, but all you really want to know is if it'll make you some money or not. And that best way to do just that is by seeing what the people who have taken the course have to say...

I scoured the net and checked a number of YouTube videos, review websites like Reddit, BBB, Sitejabber, and Glassdoor, as well as other users' reviews online.

Here is a summary of these reviews to save you time...

Common positive Ministry of Freedom reviews

  • You learn useful marketing strategies to boost your income potential
  • It has in-depth training programs that give you your money's worth
  • Real people do make money

Best positive reviews I've seen online:

"The program has extensive modules. They are very detailed and helpful."

"If you want to see yourself succeed in affiliate marketing and become independent, invest in the Ministry of Freedom training program."

"Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned marketer, this course can work wonders to boost your income and let you gain the freedom you’ve been looking for."

The issue I had with nearly all of the reviews is the lack of transparency. Sure some of them show you screenshots of money they made. But none of them tell you how much they have spent or what type of products they have sold. 

Sure you want to make money. But surely if you have some morals you'd prefer not to be scamming people by doing so!

Common negative Ministry of Freedom reviews

  • Expensive subscription cost
  • You need to spend a lot on ad spending
  • No assurance of success
  • Recommended to promote crappy products

Best negative reviews I've seen online:

"I am embarrassed that i've fallen for the Ministry of Freedom scam, cheated of $848 SGD. The course was seemed to be very easy and "guaranteed" to make thousands every month, from "1 hour of work per day" and not everyday. It is basically an affiliate marketing course that promotes people to sell useless softwares and courses that claim financial freedom from muncheye. In his seminar to get people to buy his course, he said about how he was a drug addict and just recovered 2 years ago, that he made 2 million dollars in a year with his methods."

"He even got people to give fake testimonials, an old man who made $1000 USD in a day from just after "3 days of starting the program". I was stupid and desperate to be financially free and could not think logically at that point of time. They refused to give a refund and tried to charge my card a second time, without my permission."

So, does this mean...

Is Ministry of Freedom a scam?

Technically no, Ministry of Freedom training program is not a scam.

It does provide a lot of information about how to use launch jacking, YouTube ads, Google ads and email marketing. But many people call the program out as a scam as they can't get a refund.

Some people clearly have got some results from this course.

But the shady programs they are taught to review and recommend to make money and the expensive costs are what causes some people to call it a scam. 

Tired of expensive crappy Affiliate Marketing courses? Check out how I make money online here!

Ministry of Freedom pros

There are some pros to this course...

#1 People actually earn money... but

This is an important factor to consider because it's important that you can get something out of your investment. 

Here's some members sharing they are making money...

Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam: Pros 2
Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam: Pros

It sounds really nice, right?


None of the "proof" I've seen shows how much anyone has spent to make this money. Launch jacking is very temporary too.

They may make $277.38 yesterday from an ad about a new crappy course. But it may have taken them $2,000 in ad spend to find one that worked. 

Also, this time next week when people see the wood from the trees the course gets forgotten about or their ad account gets blocked and they are back to square one. 

#2 Extensive training 

The Ministry of Freedom's very comprehensive material has been the subject of praise among its students.

The 9 modules will provide you with everything you need to know about launch jacking and the basics of affiliate marketing.

These modules include launch jacking, launching products, email marketing, and paid ads...

The 3 live weekly calls inside the FB group also help to stay up to date. 

You can tell there really is support for members. 

Ministry of Freedom cons

Ok, let me be honest with you for a second...

This section could be much longer.

But I want to get the main hidden truths across to you so you can go into this with your eyes wide open if you still think it's a good fit for you. 

#1 Expensive subscription

The Ministry of Freedom training program is indeed very expensive.

The entire program costs a massive $1,497.

...And no not every affiliate marketing training program costs this much!! In fact, I'd argue the good ones I've seen don't cost anywhere near this much.

But that cost only covers the course...

#2 Hidden additional costs

When you get started, you will also have to pay for tools and software that you will use.

Is Ministry of Freedom a Scam: Cons

As covered earlier you will need:

  • Website hosting
  • Tracking software
  • Camera/ microphone/ lighting/ YouTube software/ other gear costs
  • Funnel builder
  • Email autoresponder
  • Ads

Money should also be set aside every month moving forwards. 

Any business has running costs. But you should be made aware of this up front... which you are not. And there are so many online businesses that do not require you to spend hundreds of dollars a month to get started. 

#3 Recommending terrible courses

You will be shown how to use YouTube to get free traffic. But the majority of the reviews that you do are for "new" courses for:

  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • Clickbank

All of the courses in any of these programs are shady as F...rance. 

Yet you'll be recommending them to make money. 

Here are just some of the courses I've reviewed from these sites:

There are honestly way more, it's so rare to find a good course inside any of these marketplaces. Most of them disappear after a few weeks and therefore so will you traffic. 

So you'll need to pay to get any traffic (and money) consistently. 

#4 Paying for traffic is just like playing with fire

For beginners, this is the worst idea to start online.

I get why you think you may be different... after all, spending money to make more money sounds like your own printing machine. 

But it is just like playing with fire and there's a very strong chance you will lose a lot of money.

Here are some of the most common issues with spending money on ads to promote someone else's course:

  • Your ad account can get banned.
  • The ad can be a hit then just disappear for no apparent reason.
  • You will have to create about 100 ads before you find one that makes you any money (aka lose a ton of money to make a tiny bit to start).
  • The program you create the ad for can disappear.  

Once you have your own course or product then ads can be amazing. Especially if you have created real value and are helping people solve a problem.

Once you have your own funnel, email marketing and multiple products to promote it really can boost your income quickly. 

(How do you know all that Mike?... well maybe I was one of those suckers that fell for this when I started!)

#5 Similar to a pyramid scheme

Here is a 50-second video testimonial I've seen...

As you can see, this guy says that he made money as a complete newbie. But all he actually did was to promote Ministry of Freedom to someone else. 

The number of members has jumped from 1,400 in October 2020 to 3,500 in April 2021. It's almost tripled in 6 months!

This means that it's got signs of being a pyramid scheme because people are taught and motivated to sell the same product. Instead of using the training course as a means to create their own business/ provide real value to people...

Oh and in case you were wondering, it's literally impossible for everyone to make money inside a pyramid scheme.

The bigger this program gets the more competition you have! If you were taught how to create your own online business in any niche or interest that suits you, then the training still works and the competition is reduced a lot. 

#6 Don't expect a refund

It is 100% NOT "money back guaranteed"...

Here are the hoops you need to jump through to get a refund:

Ministry of Freedom Refund

If you can't read all that here's the main things you need to do (before you even ask for a refund):

  • Complete and take action on the entire course
  • Attend 3 live recordings a week the entire time you are a member
  • Post at least once per day in the FB group
  • Document everything you have learned and steps you've taken to implement this
  • In a Google doc: Write 2 entries for 60 days straight- as Google docs timestamps the entries

So what about those people that thought they were being taught how to start an ethical online business model? Only to find out they are being taught how to promote shady "make money online" courses to poor victims that don't know any better.

Oh and you're doing this as someone that has never made money online before so can't really tell what courses are good or not #theblindleadingtheblind.

Ready to make passive income online?

I've created a growing passive income online with no marketing skills or online experience... 

I've made a special video for you to explain exactly how I did this.

Make Time Online Income

My opinion - Ministry of Freedom

Ministry of Freedom teaches people a very narrow minded way of making money online.

It contributes to the terrible name "making money online" has for itself. Encouraging people to promote terrible programs to unsuspecting victims is exactly why this problem is not going away. 

So, here's what I think about this "business opportunity"...

It will give you the technical know-how on using YouTube, email marketing and running ads.

But there is only one module out of 9 that gives you the skills to actually create value (Product launching). The issue here is that you will already have spent a ton of time and effort creating a "brand" for yourself reviewing "make money online" courses. 

So what do you think your course will be on?


Making money online! But you still won't really know anything about how to do this properly!


I don't blame Jono, as he is just a victim to this terrible "make money online" scheme. Ministry of Freedom is his attempt to create a course online. But the fact is he only started in 2016!

Sure he's made some money online, but he still knows diddly squat...

It would be like me creating a course about all this right now (but I know I still have a lot to learn!) My time is spent actually creating valuable websites that help people... and this makes more money that promoting scammy courses does anyway! 

How I make passive income online

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. 

Once I learnt about it, it just seemed like a great business model that can grow over time using the power of the internet. 

So I tried to figure it out by myself... that got me nowhere fast.

Then I fell for some terrible online scams. 

But eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches long-term proven strategies to build an online business with all the tools & support needed. 

And this happened...

Make Time Online Income

Once you learn the process of getting thousands of people to find your website every month (for free) there really is not limit to what you can achieve online. 

I've reviewed hundreds of courses or programs that claim to help people make money online. And I've spoken to dozens of 6-7 figure online entrepreneurs on my podcast.

This is by far the best place I've seen to help beginners get set up on the right foot. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here (including the pros and cons!) 

Or you can watch an insiders video I made that explains exactly how it works here.  

Mike PE teacher to Passive Income Online

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  1. Thak you for enlightning us. This morning, after watching Jono's video, I almost fell for his sweet talk thinking "hooray, at last a way to support myself and the twins"

    Is there perhaps anything worthwhile that you can suggest? I trulyneedto have some form of income see that I'm unemployed.

    Thanking you in advance

    1. Glad it helped- I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone on a tight budget. But I’d recommend TASS (The Authority Site Systsme) for anyone serious about creating an authority website

  2. Thank you for being so objective. I am grateful for the way in which you have covered all aspects of Jono's intentions.

    The fact that some costs seemed hidden did pop up in my mind as I followed his video twice, on a Saturday when I was alone in the house.

    You have confirmed the alarms + suspicions which have invaded me.

    No, I will not be joining it. It is a business model. A job. He has overheads, staff to pay, his own cost of living expenses … Jono has honestly admitted that they are not as rich as they seem to be. This is honest and down to earth.

    The course seems to have been put together very well. Technically, it is a good thing. I could have joined it if it cost $600, not more.

    I wish Jono luck, his lovely wife as well. It is embarrasing that he speak about his drug abuse. And admirable that it does not seem to have made him violent, but bounce back.

    With the unexpressed mention of the support of his Mum and of his wife. But that is ok. Society gives men the right to enjoy this without acknowledging the invaluable aspect of the power in a Mother-son relationship and that of the power couple engagement.

    I have freedom already. It just came with this gratitude from having been able to face things and be genuine with my Life as it is today. I have taught my three children to be honest and independent. I am relieved that they too are simple and honest. Things are fine.
    Jean Anne Du'Pratt

    This is a big fraud, jono oversells his programs and tells people if they don't make at least $10,000 USD in two months time doing his program, he will give them a full refund and also an additional $5,000 USD to compensate them for their lost time. He "believes" so much that he is certain that people will make more money so he gives them this additional money, so either you make more than $10K or worst case you lose nothing and get $5K out of it… turns out this is a big lie. I signed up and followed the instructions every single day, his support team that is supposed to issue the refund were never helpful and looked for excuses like oh you weren't active on the facebook group every single day for 60 days, you need to jump thru all these hoops and after all that they still won't honor the agreement when you show documentation of your work for the whole two months. My advice is if you got suckered into his program, make sure you paid thru PayPal so you can file a dispute and get your money back.

    1. So sorry to hear this.

      Thanks for sharing JBH. Hopefully, the more people that can share this experience the better for anyone looking at getting involved. I hope you do get your money back

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