Hustlr By Jeremy Ong [12-Month New Online Business Case Study] Part 1

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Hustlr by Jeremy Ong

You probably already have an online business or are interested in starting one.

This podcast will show you some thought processes and goals of someone very aspirational that is just starting an online business. Hustlr by Jeremy Ong has set the bar very high, but he has also thought about how to reach this bar.

Tune in to hear us chat about:

  • How Jeremy went from working 12 hour days for $600 to 6 hour weeks for 5 figures!
  • The specific goals for Hustlr over the next 12 months
  • Why Jeremy regrets eating so much ramen

Jeremy’s Background

1:30 mins

As you absorb this information, you’ll realise that Jeremy…

  • Grew up in a “typical Asian family”
  • Started working in a 9 am-9 pm job for $600 a month after college
  • How the “Venus Factor” helped him make money while he was asleep
  • Affiliate marketing opened his eyes to other possibilities

The more you listen to this podcast, the more you will realise…

How Vaping Changed His Life

9 mins

If you’re like me you will be interested in hearing:

  • That Jeremy lived on savings for the first year and took no salary
  • He took on some freelance gigs here and there to make ends meet
  • How he now has 6 hour work weeks (Tim Ferris eat your heart out)
  • His vaping business now earns a net profit of $10-15k per month
Vaping Business

Jeremy speaks about how reading during this transition helped him to thrive and achieve more. Check out “The Best Self Improvement Books to Shape Your Mindset“.

Little by little you begin to realise that this wasn’t enough for Jeremy. He found he wasn’t making a big difference to people’s lives, and hence…

Hustlr is Born…

11 mins

During this section you will find out:

  • Hustlr started in March 2019
  • How he started out
  • That Jeremy is obsessed with removing time as a factor of making money… hence he didn’t want to go down the coaching route
  • How he figured he could use the Internet to teach people at scale
  • That Jeremy got a 30% conversion on a course that wasn’t even built

If you’re thinking “but I have no idea how to do these things”… neither did Jeremy! Are you beginning to notice that he learned this on the way?

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Hustlr Target Audience/ Niche

14:30 mins

You will discover that Jeremy has a plan for hustlr. This part of the podcast will look into:

  • Teaching people how to use affiliate marketing or side hustles to start
  • Show them how to set up a long term and scalable model i.e. eCommerce business
  • Eventually helping people manage money & personal finance tips
  • Who is the ideal reader?
Hustlr by Jeremy Ong

As you continue to listen to the podcast you will find out how he validated this idea before launching it.

Hustlr Goals

19:30 mins

So there are some pretty big goals for Hustlr:

  • Impact 100,000 people in the world by 2020 (specifically if they helped you save $100 a month or make $100 a month)
  • Want to monetise the blog as soon as possible
  • 100,000 monthly page views by September 2019
  • Improve Page authority and Domain authority
Hustlr by Jeremy Ong goals

The 3 main metrics that will be tracked are:

  • Podcast listeners
  • Monthly Pageviews
  • Email subscribers

Hustlr’s Secret Weapon… a Team!

26 mins

Hustlr has a 7-man team:

  • 2 people full time on the vaping business
  • Web designer
  • Digital Marketer
  • SEO expert
  • Social media

This can still overlap and sometimes people can do anything.

Tools to Use

27:30 mins

Some tools mentioned during the podcast were:

  • Slack- a collaboration tool
  • Trello- project management
  • Asana- project management
  • Tailwind for Pinterest (automate your pins!)
  • Autoresponders- Drip and ConvertKit (great for creating opt-in forms and sending out personalised emails)
  • Link building using Ahrefs
Hustlr by Jeremy Ong Tactics

Jeremy plans to help the company to grow by using the following tactics:

  • SEO (organic content on the website)
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook and Instagram ads

You can find out more about the best online tools there are to “Save Hours of Time with these Resources“.

Monetisation!! Everyone’s Favourite Part

28:30 mins

There are different ways that Jeremy plans to monetise the website:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Create own products (find out why they are not starting with this…)
  • Hustlr school later down the line (potential membership site)
Piggy bank money

He talks about focusing on the 80/20 principle as he realises that affiliate marketing will bring in the majority of income initially. Find out more about the power of affiliate marketing in “Affiliate Marketing Online: the Secrets Revealed“.

Goals for 6 Months

28:30 mins

So here are the specific goals Hustlr would like to achieve by 1st November 2019:

  • First $10,000 month
  • Receive 100,000 page views in one month
  • 1 podcast a week – 24 podcasts
  • 1 article per day – 120 articles on the website
  • 3 pins per post – 360 pins

We will have another chat in November 2019 to see if these goals have been achieved.

Jeremy’s Top Three Tips for His Younger Self

41:30 mins

  1. Explore ideas with fewer resources
  2. Persevere- it can be hard in this instant gratification world we live in!
  3. Don’t eat ramen every day and exercise more


40 mins

Find out more information on Jeremy’s website:– interested in making more money and saving more money

Or contact Jeremy directly on:


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Hustlr by Jeremy Ong- Summary

45 mins

So here are my main takeaways from this chat with Jeremy.

  1. Explore ideas with fewer resources
  2. Persevere
  3. Don’t eat ramen every day and exercise more
  4. Start something… you don’t know what you don’t know
  5. Find ways to make more money using less time

He is seriously such a cool guy that has some amazing plans ahead. If you’re like me you’ll be very excited to see how Hustlr gets on over this next year.

Stay tuned in November for part 2, where I will follow up with him on whether he achieves these goals.

Keep changing for the better,


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