April 23, 2020

How Frances Got Over 1 Million Pageviews in Her First Year Blogging

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Ok, Frances actually makes getting traffic sound crazy simple! 

And when she says what she did it genuinely does make blogging sound like a very simple game. In fact, I don't even think she realises how much of a writing machine she has become. 

But here's the truth... if you had to... if you're life depended on it... could you write 20 blog posts every month?

Frances Vidakovic from Inspiring Life Dreams joins the podcast today.

How Frances Got Over 1 Million Pageviews in Her First Year Blogging

Frances Vidakovic

From Inspiring life Dreams

Frances Vidakovic podcast

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We chat about:

  • How Frances managed to write 20+ blog posts every month (with a full-time job and 2 teenage kids)
  • The one secret to getting the most out of Pinterest that you won't normally be told
  • The power of having a "why" strong enough to you
  • Why her childhood dream job has helped so much as a blogger

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Best Tips and Tools from the Podcast

Here are some of the best tips and tools mentioned in the podcast:

  • Writing more content means you have more chance of something working
  • Aim for B+/B- work "done is better than perfect" (you can always improve it later)
  • Experiment when you are starting, but focus on what works
  • Find real "pain points" in your niche i.e. ask people in Facebook groups, do you have your own pains?
  • Use your own system and stick to it- Frances wrote 20 blogs a month and created 100 pins
  • Become a user of Pinterest before you are a creator- create at least 10 boards and fill them with 200+ great pins from other people (learn more about this in the Ultimate Pinterest Traffic guide for bloggers)
  • Tailwind for Pinterest
  • Keysearch- keyword research tool for about $10 a month
  • Stupid Simple SEO- course by Mike Pearson
  • Content is King- Frances own ebook (find all of her ebooks/ courses here)

There's honestly far too many great little tips to put them all here. you'll find the best ones in the podcast itself and pick up so many useful tips for motivation and how to actually make money blogging!

Full Frances Vidakovic Podcast Transcript

Contact Frances

So it's pretty incredible what Frances has managed to achieve in a very short amount of time.

If you want to check out her blog or get in contact with Frances then you can do so at Inspiring Life Dreams

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  1. I couldn’t have found your article at a more important time: I am currently trying to build my own online business and have recently started writing blogs. I have got in to a nice flow of it but really feel I need to step it up, so when I came across your article when searching for ways to build my blogs further I was delighted.

    Simply reading the key points that you have written down, there is so much to be taken from this alone, so I will definitely be making sure I set aside the time over the coming few days to sit and listen to the podcast.

    Thank you for sharing this, i will certainly be bookmarking your website to come back to having seen the other podcasts on there too.

    1. I’m so glad it helped Emma! Yeah, Frances really knows her stuff and it is amazing what she achieved in such a short amount of time. Feel free to drop any questions here for her and I’ll let her know

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