April 20, 2021

Stupid Simple SEO Review: The Best Way to Grow Your Blogs SEO?

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Blogging requires not only good writing skills but also SEO knowledge. Otherwise, how else can you rank your blog site on Google's results page?

But many people tend to get overwhelmed when they hear the term 'SEO.' They think that it's this complicated concept that's hard to understand and execute.

That's what the Stupid Simple SEO course by Mike Pearson wants you to understand. This course will teach you how to get your content ranking on Google without trying to blow your mind with information.

But is it a legit way to make money online? Does it deliver what it promises, or is it just all scammy talk?

That's what we're going to answer in this Stupid Simple SEO review...

This Stupid Simple SEO review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Stupid Simple SEO Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Stupid Simple SEO

Founder: Mike Pearson

Type: SEO course

Price: $497 or 4 payments of $147/mo

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn SEO

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Logo

Stupid Simple SEO Pros

  • Best course for bloggers and website owners
  • Pays itself back with value
  • Teaches the fundamentals (and even advance stuff) of SEO
  • Simple and understandable

Stupid Simple SEO Cons

  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming


Stupid Simple SEO is an online SEO course that teaches SEO in the simplest way possible.

Make Time Online Rating: 85 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes

What is Stupid Simple SEO about?

Stupid Simple SEO is an online SEO course created by blogger and SEO expert Mike Pearson.

As the name implies, this course teaches SEO in the simplest and most beginner-friendly way possible.

The course has been around for a few years now, only opening a couple of times a year for enrollment. So if you are interested in joining this course, you will need to get updates about getting yourself a slot.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Intro

Mike Pearson stated that SEO is a complicated subject. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to learn. 

This thought process gave him the idea of Stupid Simple SEO. He thought that the best way to teach SEO to the masses is by simplifying it as much as possible.

Thus, the Stupid Simple SEO was born - a simple and less sophisticated take on teaching SEO.

Check out this 15-minute video about the course...

And who is this guy?...

Who is Mike Pearson?

As stated earlier, Mike Pearson is a professional blogger and SEO expert. He is the man behind the Stupid Simple SEO course.

I have never heard about Mike before, to be honest. But taking a quick look at his website says that he loves teaching up-and-coming bloggers how to grow and expand their audience...

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Creators

He loves showing people the ropes, especially when it comes to growing traffic and income using smart SEO techniques. The man is also successful in his own rights.

Mike has earned well over $200,000 with the Amazon affiliate program. He created various niche sites and has created an influential profile through SEO.

Mike is a respected figure in the world of digital marketing. He is recommended by trusted sources such as Start a Mom Blog, Mommy On Purpose, and Making Sense of Cents.

These are blogs that Mike helped grow. The success stories that he shares are quite impressive and encouraging.

The great thing about Mike is that he doesn't keep his success and knowledge to himself. Instead, he shares it through teaching, which is evident in the Stupid Simple SEO course.

Just when you thought Mike couldn't get any more awesome, I found out that he is also very accessible on the course's Facebook support group. All of these qualities that Mike possesses are quite reassuring for people interested in taking his course.

To gain success in SEO, you'll need all the guidance and mentorship you can get. Fortunately, Mike Pearson is up for the challenge and is more than willing to help.

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How does Stupid Simple SEO Work?

The Stupid SEO course is made for anyone who writes content like blogging. It's also for people who want to increase traffic to their site for their content. That implies that this course is made for both bloggers and business owners.

Like any other course you come across online, Stupid Simple SEO offers a ton of videos for you to go through. These videos are then grouped into different modules to make them more consistent and relatable. 

The subjects range from how to start your SEO campaign to how to monetize from it. Every module provides a lot of valuable information that you would love to learn.

Stupid Simple SEO has gone through a ton of updates and reworks. Right now, you are looking at the Stupid Simple SEO version 2.0.

Right now, the course contains up to 740 minutes of videos.

That's over 12 hours' worth of learning. That doesn't even include the other resources that come with the course!

You also have to consider the hours you'll spend on applying what you've learned after watching the videos. To make it brief, you'll have loads to do and learn from this course.

For instance, the Keyword Research section is a single module. However, most students claim that they spent about two days working through all of the tasks that Mike mentions.

Keep in mind that the Keyword Research module is only about two hours long. From that perspective, it seems that you've got a lot of work cut out for you with this course.

But despite that, the Value and knowledge that you'll acquire while going through these activities are "second to none." At least, that's what most students have been saying so far...

Inside Stupid Simple SEO

The Stupid Simple SEO course is not all that simple when it comes to its overall structure. This course contains 55+ lessons, 11+ hours of videos on various SEO topics, and a private Facebook support group.

The course will teach you a plethora of SEO-related subjects. In particular, you will learn the following:

  • How to set-up an SEO-optimized blog site.
  • What user intent is and why it is essential.
  • Why user experience is the most crucial aspect of any site.
  • How to do keyword research the right way.
  • How to create and optimize different kinds of content.
  • How to utilize SEO for building affiliate sites.
  • How to build healthy and reliable backlinks to your site.
  • How to pitch for and write compelling guest posts.
  • How to do blogger outreach.
  • How to use Help a Reporter Out' to get valuable links.
Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Inside

An Overview of Stupid Simple SEO (2020 version)

As mentioned earlier, Stupid Simple SEO goes through a ton of updates. It's the latest update was in 2020, where it has the following curriculum:

Phase 1: The "Build Formula"

  • Get on Google's right side by ensuring your blog is 100% secure, mobile-friendly, and fast-loading.
  • Optimize your site homepage to send valuable "link juice" to your most important pages.
  • Re-structure your category pages into how Google will know exactly what your entire blog site is about.

 Phase 2: The "Design Method"

  • Come up with a spreadsheet full of rich keyword opportunities that will keep your editorial calendar busy for the foreseeable future.
  • Have a solid procedure that will determine if you can rank for any given keyword.
  • Update and optimize old blog posts to help them contribute to your site ranking high in Google.
  • Discover new keyword ideas using Google Search Console for FREE.

Phase 3: The "Create Strategy"

  • Learn how to research, outline, and create fantastic blog posts that rank high in Google.
  • Discover long-tail keywords with a straightforward hack (no paid tools needed).
  • Optimize your on-page SEO with a simple 9-step process (checklist included).
  • Please take advantage of the Yoast plugin by learning how to use it the right way.

Phase 4: The "Promote Technique"

  • Learn how you can steal your competitor's best backlink and use it to help build your domain authority.
  • Build powerful guest post links with a comprehensive perspective process.
  • Get recognized and linked from the biggest publications in your niche (no "cold outreach" needed!).
  • Learn how to create and build links that matter.


I wouldn't want to spoil much of what's in store for Stupid Simple SEO. That's why I won't go into too much detail with the extra features included, which are the following:

  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Scaling with Sponsored Posts
  • Niche Site Explosion (valued at $197)
  • SEO Tools on a Budget (valued at $97)
  • Scaling Content Creation (valued at $97)

It is also important to take note that there are many other similar courses out there just like:

Check out this other 15-minute video showing a more in-depth detail about the course...

Stupid Simple SEO cost to join

The Stupid Simple SEO is currently available for $497. Yes, it's not the cheapest course in the world.

Is the one-time payment of $497 is too much for your pockets? You can opt for the 4-month payment plan of $147/month.

However, if you want the most value out of your spending, you should go for the initial $497 price.

The reason is that if you calculate the 4-month installment plan, you'd be paying up to $588...

Stupid Simple SEO monthly cost

Again, the Stupid Simple SEO course is available for a one-time payment of $497.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Costs

It also comes with an installment plan of $147 per month for four months.

But you still have to spend money on these things...

  • Keyword research tool: $15 to $99 a month
  • Hosting and domain: Around $10 a month

Why? So that you can fully utilize your learnings from the course and put them into good use...

Stupid Simple SEO reviews online

Stupid Simple SEO is an online SEO course that teaches SEO in the simplest way possible.

But what you really want to know is if it works or not. So, to answer that question, here are some of the things that its actual subscribers say about the course...

Common positive Stupid Simple SEO reviews

Mike Pearson's Stupid Simple SEO has a ton of positive reviews online, headlined by the following:

"I seriously have no regrets at all about buying this course. In fact, I'm super pleased that I did. It's honestly a (long-term) game-changer."

"Part of this course guides you through how to do your own keyword research and how to review your site, to improve. It has already made a massive impact on my traffic."

"Just want to thank Mike Pearson for this amazing online class. Well worth the money! I just got my second site on Mediavine after only about 2 months of taking the class."

"I took the course in Nov 2018. I did my monthly states for the first time in Dec. 2018 I had a whopping 29 for organic traffic. In Feb. 2020 I was ecstatic that I had 3132 organic traffic. I want to marry Mike Pearson."

Common negative Stupid Simple SEO reviews

While it may be a top-notch SEO course, Stupid Simple SEO isn't 100% perfect.

It does have some flaws, which is mentioned in these negative reviews:

"Stupid Simple SEO is a great, great course. I didn't regret shaving $497 off of my pocket. I just wished it was a tad bit cheaper, though than what it costs now. $497 is $497. But other than that, no regrets!"

"Apart from the Value that it brings, the price of this course is also something that inspires me to do the work. Otherwise, I'd be wasting $497 I can't get back."

Is Stupid Simple SEO a scam?

Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson is not a scam.

It's a hundred-percent legit online course that covers a lot of ground about SEO.

The positive reviews and the success stories being shared online are proof that this course is the real deal. So if you are interested in this course, you can start waiting for its next enrollment right now...

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Stupid Simple SEO pros

#1 Best course for bloggers and website owners

If you're a blogger or website owner who wants to thrive online, then this course is for you.

It's a comprehensive course that teaches everything you need to know about how to optimize and monetize your site...

#2 Pays itself back with value

While it does receive a lot of heat for its price, this course exchanges that with valuable information about SEO.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Pros

Stupid Simple SEO doesn't skip a beat when it comes to teaching SEO...

#3 Teaches the fundamentals (and even advance stuff) of SEO

This course covers a lot of areas when it comes to SEO.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Pros 2

This course will make sure you become a full-fledged SEO expert from the basics to the more complicated topics.

The language and tone that Mike uses are also simple and easy to understand...

That way, students won't get lost or confused about what he is trying to say.

Stupid Simple SEO cons

#1 Expensive

You've probably seen this a mile away.

The price is $497. If you go for the installment plan, you'll be paying a total of $588...

So no matter how you look at it, Stupid Simple SEO is an expensive course. But that's the Value you'll need to pay if you want to learn how to monetize from doing smart and effective SEO techniques.

#2 Time-consuming

The high price tag also forces you to do the work, which is already time-consuming in itself.

The effort you'll need to put in to make this entire thing work will be a headache.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam: Cons

If you don't put in the work, you'll just be wasting money that you could've used for other business ventures.

So, if you want to take the course, you'll need to be prepared for the hardships you'll go through...

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My opinion - Stupid Simple SEO

If you are serious about your intentions to learn SEO, you'll have no regrets about buying this course.

Price aside, Stupid Simple SEO It's an absolute game-changer.

So, here is what I can say about it...

You might have heard about the business phrase "you'll have to spend money to make money." Well, that is 100% true when you consider this course.

It does cost a lot of money. If you manage to implement all of its teachings successfully, your investment will come back tenfold. 

It's a gamble. But it's something you should be willing to take if you're all-in on your SEO aspirations...

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