5 Secret Pinterest Hacks to Make You Money Quickly

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You probably know the main challenge for new bloggers is to get traffic to their blog.

Make money online by using these Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your website. These tips can help you make money blogging. To get your Profile looking “Pinterest Pretty” you need to do the following things: Use similar colours in your pins, Neat design (don’t make it too busy/ too many words!) Ensure your description and your business name uses keywords, Your description gets to the point. Tell people what you do.
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Now you may think all you need to do is pin more on Pinterest and you will start seeing traffic role in. In fact, by learning some expert pinner’s secrets you can become much smarter with your efforts and even completely automate the process with a few hours of work a month.

This article (with video) will show you the top 5 Pinterest hacks to start driving crazy traffic to your blog.

Why Use Pinterest?

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying… I’ve already got an account with Facebook and Twitter, why should I bother with Pinterest?

This is the exact question I had been asking for about 2 years before taking the plunge!

I’m definitely not the Don on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. However, I do use all of them and have a bit of a following (over 2 thousand) on each.

All of them have taken time to grow and to be honest I had been putting off starting another social media platform because of that.


Pinterest beats all of these for one simple fact…

All of the other social media platforms are designed to keep the users on their platform.

Simply put, the best traffic drivers are:

  • Pinterest = user to content (awesome)
  • Google = user to content (awesome)
  • Facebook = user to user (good)
  • Twitter = user to user (good)
  • Instagram = user to user (average at best)

People literally use Pinterest to find valuable content. It is like using Google.


In 2018, after hearing this, I felt like I had been wasting all of my efforts on social media.

I thought Pinterest was for pretty wedding photos, flowers and basically… I thought it was for girls!

As it turns out, my stupid bias judgemental mind had been holding my website traffic back.

… Onwards and upwards…

So rather than dive into it full steam ahead, I went out of my way to find out some of the best Pinterest hacks to drive traffic to my blog.

Tip 1- Create Killer Content

Well Duh!! This is more important than water is to a fish.

I thought you said these were gonna be top secret tips?!

Well actually it may not be top secret but this one is ALWAYS the top priority. If you can genuinely help to solve someone’s problems then this person is likely to become an avid fan and share, pin, tweet (whatever!) your content. Always ask yourself…

Am I actually helping to solve someone’s problems?

It’s so important that your content is easy to read.

Let’s face it people on the internet are in a hurry. Think about the last time you read an article. Chances are very high that you skimmed it and tried to take in something useful without wasting your time reading it!?

So a very valuable tip is to create content that is EASY to read.

Help people skim read it if they want.

Remember, the main focus should be providing the reader with valuable information that helps THEM.

Solving other people’s problems and helping them builds trust. This means they are more likely to read more of your stuff and come back.

Tips for making blogs easy to read:

  • White Spaces –

Do not leave a wall of text. Use Line breaks and mix up your paragraph lengths… When writing ONLINE a paragraph should NEVER be more than 3 lines of writing.

  • Images –

Use images to convey your message.

  • Don’t use $10 words! –

Yes, you may think you sound clever. But these LOOOONG words make reading harder. If you can keep it simple people will keep reading.

  • Get to the point –

Don’t use 20 words if it can be said in 4. After writing a post CUT it down!! I’ve heard as a good rule of thumb to delete the entire first & last paragraph and remove every 6th sentence! Seriously… cut it down, don’t get attached to your words, you will thank yourself in the future!

  • Use Stories/ similies/ metaphors

People find it easy to remember a story. They often come to their own conclusion and form their own opinions from them. It is much more powerful when we learn something ourselves than when we are told something.

Tip 2- Create Awesome Images

The way your pins look is IMPORTANT.

In fact, this is maybe the most important of the Pinterest hacks.

How can you make Pins that stand out?

Pins need to:

  1. Stand out – BOLD and bright text
  2. Grab attention – Eye grabbing picture
  3. Entice people to click – A title that makes you want to know more

Here is one of the pins from the Pinterest kings Jeff and Ben at Dollarsprout.

What’s the perfect pin size?

People seem to recommend different sizes all the time. There is no perfect pin size.

Currently in November 2018, from what I have found many are using or recommend 600px wide by 900-1,250px tall.

This is something I was terrible at when I started. It wasn’t until I took Jeff and Ben’s $9 “Perfect Pin” course that I really saw traction from Pinterest.

Check it out here, it can save sooooo much wasted time! As you read on you will find out more about Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout (spoiler alert they now make over $240k/ month)

The Perfect Pin course
Click the image to read more about the course

Tip 3- Use descriptions wisely

This can make a big difference in 2 ways:

  1. People finding your pin
  2. People clicking on the link

To help more people do both of these things your pin descriptions need to:

  • Includes keywords (helps people find it)
  • Have WIIFM (what’s in it for me?)
  • 200-300 characters
  • Has CTA (call to action – tell them what to do)

There’s not much more to it than that.

The aim of the description is to get people clicking on that link! Try out different descriptions for pins leading to the same post to make the most of these Pinterest hacks.

Tip 4- Make a Clean and Branded Profile

Your business profile needs to come across well for your niche.

People just want to know what you do… So tell them

To get your Profile looking “Pinterest Pretty” you need to do the following things:

  1. Use similar colours in your pins
  2. Neat design (don’t make it too busy/ too many words!)
  3. Ensure your description and your business name uses keywords
  4. Your description gets to the point.
  5. Tell people what you do.

To be honest with you… there is too much to explain in one blog post about how to set up your Pinterest account and explain how Pinterest works.

If you’re keen to see the same results as some of the most successful bloggers that make 6 figures a month then check out the best book I have found that explains everything you need to know about Pinterest. Including:

  • How to set your profile up for best results (with checklist)
  • The secret manual Pinning strategy to make pins go viral
  • How to only spend 1-2 hours a month setting up your pins
  • How to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing
The She Approach Making Pinterest Possible
Click the image to learn more about this book

All of this is great but there’s actually one last BIG tip to getting more engagement on Pinterest.

The answer lies in Group Boards…

Tip 5 + Bonus Tip- The Group Boards Secret

Driving traffic from Pinterest is a game of applying to as many group boards as you can, and pinning bright, bold, click-bait pins to them repeatedly!

However, something that I have found hard to find anywhere else is…

How do I apply for group boards?

You basically have to find other people’s boards that you would like to join. You need to message the owner and ask if you can become a “collaborator” of the board.

Type in a keyword into the search tab on Pinterest and look at the group boards for this.

Group Boards are amazing and different from any other social media platform because…

If you only have 50 followers and “collaborate” on a board with 10,000 followers, then all of these people can now see your pins. 

You could spend hours applying to loads of boards… However, some group boards are better to apply to. The BEST ones need to have the following:

  • Less than 20 collaborators
  • A very specific topic (not affiliate marketing… but affiliate marketing on Pinterest for beginners)

Realistically you won’t know what boards are good until you join them. SO you need to hustle here and ask around. Once you’re on the board you can check out what the best boards are by watching this short video…

Read the podcast chat show notes with Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout.

You can message the owner of a board on a pin to ask to join a group board as a “collaborator”.

If you’d like a step by step 6-day guide to using Pinterest from setting up your account to finding group boards then get this sent to you for free right now…

Plus get your bonus email template to join the best group boards…

But I have nothing to offer!

You can’t name drop because you know nobody… you have no followers… you are just starting a blog…

So what can you do?

Comment and engage on their stuff!

Find where they hang out and contribute to their work regularly.

Is it easy to comment? Yes!

Can it be time-consuming? Yes!

Does everyone do this? Hell no!

There’s always a way for you to stand out. You just have to be willing to go the extra mile!

Last little nugget before you go…

Use tailwind to automate your pins like clockwork… simples.

I just spent 3 hours setting up my pins (30+ a day) for the next 3 months. That’s 3000 pins going out at THE best times of the day!!

Pinterest Hacks Summary

These Pinterest hacks really can drive more traffic to your website than rush hour on the M25 (that’s British humour… Google the M25 if you don’t know what I’m chatting about).

Use these 5 tips and find the best group boards to pin onto and you will have visitors pouring onto your site just like Jeff and Ben did in 2016. Check out how they went from not making any money from their blog for 13 months to now earn $240k per month.

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. It’s so important to have your account set up the right way to get the best results from these Pinterest hacks. Make sure your account is set up right by getting the free course below…

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    Make money online by using these Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your website. These tips can help you make money blogging. To get your Profile looking “Pinterest Pretty” you need to do the following things: Use similar colours in your pins, Neat design (don’t make it too busy/ too many words!) Ensure your description and your business name uses keywords, Your description gets to the point. Tell people what you do.

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