September 19, 2019

Make Time Online Podcast is Back!

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Make Time Online podcast

Make Time Online’s podcast is officially back!

Many people still think the only way to make money is with a traditional 9-5 job. This podcast will show you real people who are living life on their own terms and making money in unconventional ways.

In this episode, I’ll cover a few things for you to know about the podcast in the future:

  • The 2 main ways that people make money on their own terms
  • The best ways to create passive income
  • What to expect from the show over the next few months
  • What the new case study is about and how it can help you

Make Time Online Podcast

It is possible to live life on your own terms

Time is more important than money. You can always get more money but you can never get more time.

Jim Rohn

There are really 2 main ways that I have seen people live life on their own terms.

Usually, this is by creating passive income streams.

Apart from investing in the stock market (or index funds ideally), these are through:

  • Property investment
  • Online business

So, the focus for the next few months will be all about online businesses.

Laptop make money online

Real online entrepreneurs will come on the show to share their experience and tips for starting an online business.

The Make Time Online Podcast Until 2020

There will be 3 main topics on the Make Time Online podcast leading up until the end of 2019

October- Start a Blog to Make Money

There will be 2 guests in October over 4 episodes.

They have made money blogging with numerous websites each and will share their journey, experience and tips with you.

November- Different Make Money Online Ideas

During November there will be some guests that make money online in slightly different ways such as:

  • Freelance writing
  • Virtual assistant jobs i.e. email/ social media management
  • Creating blogs in different niches
  • Different strategies i.e. SEO, viral content, contributor sites etc.

These are all ways that can supplement your income and potentially open your eyes to new ways to make money online (it certainly opened my eyes!)

December- Getting Traffic Quickly With Pinterest

Pinterest is still the fastest way to get a lot of traffic to your blog.

This month we’ll cover:

  • How to use Pinterest to get blog traffic
  • Pinterest SEO
  • What the changes will mean in 2020 and beyond
  • Are group boards still worth using?
  • The best way to automate your pins
  • How Pinterest works
  • The best niches on Pinterest

New Blog Case Study!

Using some of these strategies discovered from these chats I am starting a brand new blog.

The sole focus is to get traffic from Pinterest to monetise the blog with ads initially.

If you’d like to know exactly how much time and effort it really takes to make money blogging, this study will show you:

  • How many posts are written each month
  • How many pins are created each month
  • The number of sessions to the website
  • The number of pageviews each month to the website
  • How many Pinterest followers the account has each month (not the best metric, but an easy one to track and it can be useful to know)
  • The income the blog makes each month

This is not going to be full-time work, it will be around 10 hours a week with some help from my lovely wife (let’s call it 15-20 hours a week max!)

If you’d like to follow the journey you can get the results sent to you with the opt-in at the bottom of this page.

Note- The case study results will not be shared on this website

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Do you have any questions? Or maybe there’s something you really want to know more about. I can make sure I get the right guests on the show for the future.

Drop a comment below!

I genuinely want to hear from you…

About the Author

Mike Beatty has built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time PE teacher without any marketing or technical experience. Learn more about how he's done it here.

Mike Beatty

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  1. Thank you for your post. It is helpful to me. I started my online business for a while now. The main tool is to create content in my website. I realize that it is time-consuming to carry out this task.

    I like your quote from Jim Rohn: “Time is more important than money. You can always get more money but you can never get more time”. You are absolutely right that time is essential for our life and our success. If we control the time, we have control of everything.

    I see you have your site dedicated to “Making Time Online”, which is critical for my success. I bookmarked your website and will study more on your content.

    It is kind of you sharing valuable information with us.

    1. Thanks Anthony, glad it could help. 

      Do let me know if you have any questions or are looking for anything on the podcast in the future!

  2. Hi Mike, glad to see the podcast back up and running again. I’ll be particularly interested to hear about Pinterest strategies because that’s an area that’s still very new to me and I don’t feel I’m making best use of yet. If you could do something similiar for Twitter and Facebook, that would be awesome. Good to hear your voice again!

    1. Hey, glad you like it! Yeah, Pinterest is certainly a focus of mine over the upcoming months. October actually has 2 guests who heavily use Pinterest to build their online business, and December the whole month will be focussed on it. 

      Defo check out How to use Pinterest for beginners, for the general overview & a couple of killer tips. 

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