July 23, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Secrets w/ Leo Emery

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​Everyone is looking for that silver bullet to help their online business. ​

And because Leo is a straight shooter, here's what he said is the secret to ​internet marketing...

Put your head down, ass in the air and be consistent

​Leo from Net Wise Profits joins the podcast to chat about:

  • The power of failing forwards
  • ​The one thing that Leo always works on and it helps his business continue to grow (I bet it's not what you think)
  • Some of his best tactics and marketing secrets
  • And much more

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Leo Emery

From Net Wise Profits

Leo Emery Podcast

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Full BLANK Podcast Transcript

Leo Emery 0:00
The I think the secret for making money online if you want to use a lack of a better term is just you know, just head down ass in the air. cold hard. I’m gonna do this determination no matter what it takes, because you got to have that because when I first started on line and I started some businesses, I even sold my car to keep one of my companies going

Mike Beatty 0:25
Hey guys, it’s Mike from make time online. And today we’re joined by Leo from net wise profits.

So Neo has been in the whole online marketing game for years now. He started in around the year 2000, as he will explain on the podcast, but he also has a website where he has numerous websites and and has had numerous websites and he’s also stopped a podcast called net wise profits, which is probably going to be out around the time that this episode is published actually may already be able to definitely check that out as well. Just kind of given all affiliate marketing tips and things like that. And he is just someone that has just been through, it’s got such a story that you probably can relate to a lot about starting out and not finding things that works and things like that. He’s going to explain all that in a minute. But if you are interested in anything to do with affiliate marketing, online marketing, just the mindset as well behind what goes into it, and also just some little tips in there things to do with speed, YouTube, SEO and things like that is all mentioned in this podcast. So if that sounds like interests, you definitely check, check this one out. It is quite a long one. So if you want to just jump to the end and get my takeaways which may also help you. You can do that in the last few minutes but if not, enjoy it So, can you tell me about a time or day? It might have even been a moment when you realise the whole nine to five world wasn’t for you?

Leo Emery 2:14
Oh, I had I had a lot of days like that. I think it was every Monday

cuz I, I did I, you know, I did this kind of silly I one day I said, How many jobs that I have when I was a kid like growing up and going through my 20s and I’ve probably had 50 or more jobs because everything from you know, from working construction to sales jobs and everything in between. And I noticed a pattern one well until I grew up, and you know, matured a little more as a young kid. Of course, I thought I knew more than the guy that owns The company, you know, but I just I didn’t, I didn’t see that I was getting, I thought I and I still do to this point, I was more valuable than I was being paid for. Like, I felt like, you know, back then if you know you’re making X amount of dollars an hour and going, I’m worth more than X amount of dollars per hour, you know, and also I wasn’t feeling challenged. I didn’t find it exciting, you know, and I also looked at my, my family’s own history, and my uncle started as as a car salesman. But then he and his buddy pulled their money together, and they bought a car dealership. And then so they worked their way. You know, my father started as a welder. And then he worked his way up to president of the company, you know what I mean? So, I had that work ethic already. As a mom I didn’t really follow it that well.

But it was there. And I just remember one day going, when I really got serious about things, because I was in doing you know, I was doing radio, doing design, everything like that, and I’m going, no matter how hard I work, I’ve always got to ask somebody else. Can you pay me more? Because I think I’m worth more and I got tired of someone else telling me that you’re only worth this much money every year. We don’t care how hard you work, how great you do your job. Yeah, maybe we’ll give you a bonus. And I said, there’s got to be some way that I can be in charge of my own financial destiny if you want to use you know, that term. And then I just one day I just said you know what? There’s this. I remember buying my very first computer and being in the basement of my parents house. showing you how clueless I was when it came to computers and everything like that when something went wrong, I turn it off and turn it back on. I consider my computer a big frickin Etch A Sketch.

Mike Beatty 5:13
still the case today, isn’t it?

Leo Emery 5:15
Oh, there’s been times when I’ve wanted to skip my computer across the yard. Okay. So yeah, with

that it’s been 2000 it’s 2000 2000 batwoman. And I didn’t even I really didn’t even kind of know of the internet. You know, I just knew that computers were the were this was kind of the way to go. And to my even my naivety back then. I didn’t know that you had to be connected to get online to get on to the internet. I thought you just plugged in your computer and away you go kind of thing. Yeah. So I wasn’t even connected to the internet when I was in my parents house. You know, I mean, they’re, they’re, you know, they didn’t have computers. They didn’t grow up with that stuff. Dad’s idea of a computer was the Casio calculator that was his, his computer. And then when I moved out, I was like, oh, that guy now of course, hanging out with friends and getting to know more and more what’s going on. And then that’s when I started, you know, getting into the radio and in engineering and all this kind of stuff. And then of course, you just basically just fall into it. Yeah, you know, that’s when I kind of got online was like the year 2000. And then, for three years, I became a millionaire. No, there’s three years ago, screwed over by every pots wannabe guru telling you that you just spend money on my course and all your dreams will come true. Well, I’m sure I put a lot of gurus kids through college.

Mike Beatty 6:50
Yeah, I mean, it’s such a common story, isn’t it? You know of people when they first jump online and you know you I think, because you don’t know so many Yeah, you don’t Know You don’t know what you don’t know what you don’t know. And also, you are getting fed this story all the time of why this course and all your dreams will come true this month. And it’s being fed over and over again that it just I think, and in such a fast paced world and that was always the internet and you hear all these amazing stories of people that make millions of dollars online and stuff and you just end up believing that’s what it is. And so you can see why so many people fall for it.

Leo Emery 7:30
You still hear that story today. I still have people emailing me every day, you know, asking me is such and such a course for real. And 99.9% of the time my email back is go get runaway, but as far as you know, and because I think a lot of people, and I think as time has gone on, more and more people are either unsatisfied with where they are, maybe they’re not happy With their job, you know, maybe they saw, gee whiz, I’m this old and I thought I’d be a lot further along in my life or my career. Yeah. Or other people just have their backs against the wall financially gone, you know, there’s more month at the end of the money every time you know, and it’s like, shit if one bad thing happens, they don’t have the resources to to, to weather whatever little storm that may be, you know, it could be as simple as a simple problem with the car breaking down. Well, if that car breaks down, they don’t have the money to repair it. How did they get to work because maybe they’re out of the loop for when it comes to the bus service or this or it just becomes a domino effect. So I find it more and more to do more and more people are susceptible to that. Hey, give me the 4995 I know this superduper little trick and secrets and and away you go. And it’s just the same crap. just you know, 20 years later,

Mike Beatty 9:02
yes, like packaged differently.

Leo Emery 9:04
Yeah, it’s just packed. Like that kid that had that crypto currency company they found him dead and he had like 250 million dollars but it was just the same Ponzi scheme just done up to date to to now use electronics and everything but it was just the old fashioned Ponzi scheme. Yeah, you know, and it crypto I don’t even I don’t even I don’t even understand it. I sit there and go, I don’t get it. Well, you shouldn’t know because I’ve I don’t get it. I ain’t getting into it. And I don’t have the time or energy to try to figure out that crap. Because to me, it’s just Yeah, I don’t know. And I’m probably could be totally wrong. I just because I just see so many companies just imploding every time when it comes to crypto as well. How can you? Why would you get involved in such a volatile thing? You know, well, it’s so much money to be made. Well, yeah. Okay. They said that about the pot industry too. But every company’s working in the negative and every guy that’s investing is like holy crap. I’m losing my shorts here. Well, yeah, it’s an unproven market. Why don’t you wait five years? No, I want to make my money right now.

Mike Beatty 10:09
Yeah, well, unless you have a thing as always that you hit, we always hear it. If you get in early, you know, that’s where you make the real money and stuff. But what was it? What? How did you then realise? What was the first thing that made you realise how to actually be successful online? Or like what was your first taste of success? Like, what actually did you start doing to make some money?

Leo Emery 10:33
First realise that all these gurus are idiots and liars. And if you’re listening, you are idiots and liars.

And I think that was the first where I had that. I think, if I were I think it was sitting on the back deck, and I finally said, You know what? There’s that saying, No, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result You know, you’re getting the same result, but you’re expecting a different result. Obviously, what you’re doing is not working. So I finally just said, Okay, I gotta stop falling for all this. And I think that was the term we always use that shiny object syndrome, you know, or the grass is greener on the other side kind of thing. And I said, I need to find somebody that actually knows what the hell they’re doing, and actually gives a shit about me. And I did, I stumbled across literally, I can’t remember how, but I’m in Canada, and there’s a gentleman back in the early 2000s named Corey rudl. And that’s where I found my mentor. And he actually cared about my success, not what was in my pocket book, Chair less what was in my pocketbook. And Cory is like the guy he was one of the founders of internet marketing because he’s the guy that created the long page sales letter. You know, those sales letters seem to go on forever. She’s the one that designed You know, and, and all this kind of stuff. And three months after being mentored by a real mentor, not a want to be Putz guru. I made money. And then 18 months later, I was full time affiliate marketer. Well, to me, I think that obviously that was my aha moment. But I think my biggest aha moment was like, you know, and I think it’s hard to admit that I was, I was, uh, you know, I can’t believe I got I thought it was a smart guy. I can’t believe I got screwed over for three years. I thought I thought I was you know, I kind of thought I knew my stuff. You know, I wasn’t you know, you know, I’m not the guy who can pull the wool over my eyes and everything. Well, apparently I can. And, but it was just, I think what it came down to, and I think the other thing too, was at the same time I started I did that. personal power course with Tony Robbins. And I started, I started so that those two things kind of happened at the same time because I said, Well, I saw Tony Robbins is a guy that you could trust. And he obviously knows what he’s doing. So I, that’s why I ended up in Vancouver was to go get his course. And then that’s how I stumbled across Corey. So it kind of all kind of happened at the same time without any design or effort on my part. As usual, I’m just kind of stumbling through things trying to figure stuff out gone as well. sure it’ll work out I’m sure. And that I think what happened was is that when I started taking Tony Robbins course, that opened my mind up to a lot of things, and a lot of things that I saw and completely unaware of when it came to. Okay, whether you understand it all starts with me. The rest of the world at this point does not matter. It starts with me because when now that it started With me, I can I can wade through all the negative stuff and push that aside, I can probably see a lot of the Yeah, that’s another shiny object, I probably shouldn’t go for that. And what I learned was the reason why a con artist is so good at what he does, because he tells you what you want to hear. And he was telling me that if you just follow this, I’ve got this super duper secret, and in 30 days, you’re gonna make money. Well, that’s what I wanted to hear. Because that’s what I wanted to make money because it’s the internet it’s supposed to happen. You know, you’re supposed to push a couple buttons and sit back in the beach and have a Mai Tai (Lopez) and then go check your bank account, you know, because that’s the way the internet works. Yeah, not so much.

Mike Beatty 14:46
That was how it was. Oh, that’s what

Leo Emery 14:47
it was like. And that’s why every day I go, how come it’s not working.

Mike Beatty 14:54
So then, what is the secret then? What What is this all magic. You give me 4995

Leo Emery 15:02
I know the secret to making money online. And you know what the secret to making money online is? There is no secret to making money online never has been never will be. Yeah. But that’s what people want to hear. Because like I said, going, circling back to what I was talking about earlier, there’s people that have their backs against the wall, financially and they’re, they’re struggling and they’re there. They’re looking for answers, and they’re genuinely looking for help. And I truly believe the majority of people that are out there, hopefully have, okay, once they understand truly what’s involved, too. When I say make money online, I’m talking about building a business online. I’m talking about building something that’s going to solve or answer all your financial needs and wants. I’m not talking about, you know, all these goofy little tricks or anything. I’m talking about actually building a business online. That takes time, that’s not going to take 30 days, that’s got a, and you got to kind of have in your head, okay, this is going to take me six months to 12 months to source out to get things going. And I may or may not make revenue in those six to 12 months, that’s six to 12 months might be just the building up my foundation. But the cool thing about the internet is kind of like once you slowly start that little ball rolling, and if you stay consistent, and I think the toughest thing on being online is because you’re whether you have family or not, or whatever, you still kind of doing it alone. You’re kind of sitting there staring at the screen by yourself kind of figuring this stuff out. But if you can stay consistent each and every day, and I’ve always told people, I could care less, what step you take every day, but as long as you’re taking one positive step, no matter how big or how small, you’ll get to where you want to go. You know in and out The consistency the I think the secret for making money online if you want to use a lack of a better term, and it’s just, you know, just head down ass in the air, cold hard. I’m gonna do this determination no matter what it takes, because you got to have that because when I first started on line, and I started some businesses, I even sold my car to keep one of my companies going because that was my determination. I’m not gonna make this fail. But understand, you’re gonna screw up on a regular basis. I will probably screw up later on today. I will probably screw up tomorrow. That’s fine. That’s all part about of succeeding. You know, but as long as your as the term goes, as long as you’re failing forward, meaning you’re learning from your screw ups. You’re doing fine. Don’t worry about it. Put it in the past. Don’t look in the rearview mirror. You can’t change the past. Interesting

Mike Beatty 17:54
story I see about that. Just gonna jump in quick. Yeah, I’ve literally just been screwed. Growing up this this last week, and the whole week, it’s just been. It’s been a pain in my ass. Honestly, it’s just everything. You know, like every little thing that I’ve done. It’s like I’ve taken one step forward, one, two steps back, that whole thing has been happening. It’s basically just long story short, I’ve installed a plug in WP rocket, which is supposed to help make your website superfast blah, blah, blah. It did it. I was like, Oh, this is great. You know, it’s really sped up my website. It went from like four and a half seconds down to 1.58 or something like that. I just installed that two weeks ago. Did you know so? Yeah. Anyway, I then have super happy about it. Then I checked the mobile speed. I was like, hang on. My mobile speeds really dropped. And I didn’t understand why. And so I got into an email conversation with their support, right? And then realise, oh, I’ve unchecked mobile caching or something. Yeah, that simple little thing. I did that and my mobile speed went crazy fast. Suppose that every page was under a second as well, how is that even possible? Anyway, that lady then that was in a conversation with from the sport, found I had this HTML daemon or that what this means like a dash HTML with inside the coding wrap stuff, right? I had too many of them on certain websites and she was like, that is not from WP rocket. There’s something else going on. So then I had to like solve with it. And then so I went to Thrive Themes support a lot without any idea what’s going on here. I think I even messaged Wealthy Affiliate support and like, I just ended up like I was saying, it felt like this one step forward, two steps back every time I emailed someone about something, it was like I was just moving backwards.

Leo Emery 19:43
You and I were working in parallel, because I had a week last week. Two weeks ago was that week, but then it started.

Mike Beatty 19:50
Yeah, the crazy thing is like now I’ve actually got my website superfast, like from what it was is more than that. It’s like 63% speed percent. From what I realised, I’ve just written a review on WP rocket. I thought I’m going to I’ve been starting YouTube recently so I thought I’d do one on there. And it’s like, oh, okay, this is actually this pain in my ass week has actually turned into something quite good because I can actually give real feedback to people actually show them what has happened and be like, Don’t do this. And you know, that is actually ended up being something that’s really helped to move forward. So I completely That’s crazy. I’ve just experienced what you’ve just explained. Explain basically, yeah.

Leo Emery 20:32
Well, that’s crazy. We’re having a parallel life because for months because my main websites not hosted at wha and I talked to Kyle and he goes now your site’s way too freakin big to transmit. Not that the transfer go It’s just that you know, don’t bother. You’ve got so many your index so if it just cause a horror show, your host so with that one,

Unknown Speaker 20:54
I’m actually with Hostgator I’ve been with them okay forever, and I I love them. They’re the everyone. Some people bitch about them. Well, you’re gonna find just the many people that bitch about one thing is they do praise the other thing. So it’s like, yeah, whatever it works for me sorry for your problems. And I was trying these different because my website speed like I use gt metrics, it actually it actually monitor does give you true website speed, the insight page insights from Google doesn’t actually check your page speed. It just tells you what’s wrong with it that’s causing low page speed. So my desktop speed is always 9899 no problem. I get to my mobile and I’m like, geez, I’m 60 something. I’m like what you know, so god damn it. And I know Google as goofy as they are. They’re using that information to trash my site, because their heights it’s not fat. So I was trying these different plugins and I’m putting different code right into my HTTP access code and all kinds of crap and I’m going to He would go up a little bit and it’ll go down and I’m going, I’m going to need a helmet because my head’s getting really sore from banging it on the wall. And then I came across WP rock and I said, Well, this is a paid one. What the hell, you know, get hurt.

Mike Beatty 22:16
We sold 18 days free as well. Like you can get a 14 day guarantee sort of thing didn’t even

Leo Emery 22:22
which is why I jumped in on it. I was Oh, no,

that’s right. You get Yeah, that’s right. 14 days you can get it but I said, Okay, here we go. So I got rid of all that crap that I had in there. took all the code out of my access file, did everything put WP in there? Is it okay? This is it. Either this is working or I’m going to get a daytime job. This is like and in two days, I’m like, okay, because I wanted to kind of let it marinate for a day. And I was like you and then I was going through the process of because I use Microsoft 365 I think they just call it 365 now When I open up my computer the morning we cannot access your files yes it does I I am holy crap I’ve lost like I can’t access any of my word my Excel nothing I’m like are you freaking kidding me? Jesus Christ so now I’m while I’m working with WP now I’m trying to contact Microsoft, which is that’s a horror show in itself. I said, You know what, I’m just going to go old school here. I’m going to turn everything off, shut my computer down, restart it. And then I found updates and everything like that. And while I was doing the WP saying I was doing the Microsoft thing finally got the Microsoft thing sorted out like whoo see my files again? Hallelujah, you know, God, and then I was like, okay, so I go to gt metrics. My I’ve got a green score of 99 and 97 and I go to pay insights and I met 91 for mobile and 99. for desktop, I first thing I did was email WP rocket. Oh my god.

Yes, that my site is thanks to you.

Mike Beatty 24:15
Yeah, it was I think I use web page test.org or something like that as well, because gt metrics for the free version anyway only does desktop I think. And so I use UI web pads, something like that to measure mobile speed as well.

Leo Emery 24:31
I have their paid version of GT. Oh, cool. And I also use, I also use their a image fi for for images that are like that, because they that that plug in automatically. And I think this also helped big time with my PageSpeed because I was compressing my web my images before I upload them, but the preferred mind you this is back 2010. But now it isn’t last year to Google is really keen on web p style images. Well image file automatically converts your images, compresses them and automatically converts them to web P. And yeah, that’s why I think that had a good reason why my PageSpeed site speed got even quicker because I was like you when I was at gt my speech PS was like a whopping four and a half seconds. Like a good Oh, no rocket scientist, but I know that ain’t good. And then once I got everything done, I got as low as point 755 for pace fee, but, but I averaged about one second now. 1.2 Yeah, it’s it’s funny. I know, I these are the things you should do. But every couple of days, I’ll go back to GT and I go to page insights, just so I can see that green number and go,

Mike Beatty 25:50
well, it’s still there. Yeah, that’s exactly what I did last week.

Leo Emery 25:54
You know, you just want their confirmation. Okay, crap, still working. We’re good. We can You know, cuz it’s funny with internet, you’ll do something and it’ll be working, working, working. And for some reason, it’s like, well, why did things just fall off a cliff again? I didn’t do anything different. Well, once you’ve been online long enough, you realise you’re really not in totally control, you know, you still have to rely on these people call Google’s and all these other things and all the whatever mystical stuff they do and in Google mountain there to make your life a challenge.

Mike Beatty 26:28
That’s the point that you’re making, though, is like, as long as you’re willing to sort of go through those challenges and failing forwards, you know, that you you’re figuring stuff out, you’re learning you improve. Well, that’s it, then it’s never really an issue. Whereas No, go, which I felt like doing. It is just going

Leo Emery 26:47
Oh, no, my website is falling apart. I know. I don’t know what every day. I have no idea. I

Mike Beatty 26:52
still don’t really know, like, older coding techie stuff. No, it’s just figuring out message like as long as you’ve got support People that you can message to help, then there’s always a fix it.

Unknown Speaker 27:04
rocket was really good with because I asked them, you know, before I can I don’t know, I think I was asking regards because at one time before I had WP rocket, I had two other plugins like auto optimizer and a few other ones to help with, you know, deferring, you know, stuff and everything like that. And she goes, you won’t need that get rid of it. Because now it’s very cool. Because when you open up your website, if you open up post, you can see on the right hand side, oh, it’s the minify is checked off. This is all it’s all there. And you’re like, well, who’s the smart little critter that figured out this WP rocket,

Mike Beatty 27:43
isn’t it? I didn’t really realise how effective a plugin could really be until I did until I use that what is the only plugin I’ve ever paid for actually. So yeah, just yeah, beautiful. And if I knew that it could actually do though,

Unknown Speaker 27:57
then No,

Unknown Speaker 28:00
oh, get it done this a year ago for crying out loud, but, and again, I think we’re running parallel lies because I’m going to be doing a WP rocket review as well too, which is what I want them to do because it’s like, I know there’s other people out there that have put a dent in the wall from banging their head on the wall to because they’re probably going through the same issue and it’s like, okay, yeah, and that’s what I’m excited about doing a podcast. It’s like, I can convey all this information in a blog post. But this would be to me a perfect thing to talk about. In a podcast on this is the crap I went through it, trust me, you know, I almost wanted to start drinking again. It’s like, go run in the middle of the woods and Primal Scream or do something. What is going on? And it’s it. It’s It’s frustrating as all hell but that it may sound maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I find that exciting at the same time. It’s Like, it’s very rewarding to know that you’ve not rewarding that you had, there was a challenge, but the reward was, Hey, I figured this shit out. And now I got another feather in my cap and I got maybe a little bit more of a skill set. I will not say I’m a coder or anything like that, but I figured it out and I realised that, hey, I had people in my corner because yeah, like you I, I, you know, email rocket, hey, I’m, you know, what do I do? I got a lady too. Could have been the same one, hey, you do this, this, this and this, and here’s some references for it. And here’s some articles for you. And I’m like, cool, you know, and and it’s like, Okay, well, I think that’s what anyone was asking for. If we was circle back to making money online, that’s what people are looking for. Yeah. They want someone just to add, I don’t, I’m not here to when I have like when I have my referrals that come to who such as you have your referrals, you know. I’m not there to do the work for you. You know, that’s not my job. That’s not my responsibility. But my responsibility is to be there when you need me. If you have a question, if I know the answer, I’m going to give you the answer. If I don’t know the answer, I’m going to go, I have no frickin idea. But I know some people that I can get ahold of that do know what they’re talking about. Or if you’re pm such and such, let them know and I’m the kind of guy that goes I’ll use you as an example. Well, pm pm Mike, he knows his stuff about this, you know? After I’ve told them to do that, I will pm you right away and go Hey, Mike, I just gave up your name to so and so who’s a member here and they’re looking for this kind of answer. This kind of question. I kind of thought you’d be the guy. If you’re not oops. Yeah, you know.

Mike Beatty 30:47
So what about that network, isn’t it you know, building those connections and yeah, it passing it on to other people as well when they need that support when they need that help. It’s just that I know you’re just speaking to you. There’s so many people that you will know that I know could help me in the future. And so it’s just again, building that network. It’s like, well, that’s nice. Yeah. But honestly, not through like, scamming people out and

Leo Emery 31:13
no, there’s no boy on his face and stuff like that, you know, there’s no motivation behind it is designed to help you out because I’ve given people links, and I go, here you go. It’s not an affiliate link. Here you go, but then they’ll email me back. Go. Give me your affiliate link. Okay. Okay. Because my motivation is not money motivated when I’m trying to help you. That’s it. Yeah. This may sound a little crazy. Well, you’re already in an essence like an homage to us. Being a member of wealthy affiliate. You’re already kind of paying me every month because of your membership because you went through my affiliate link. I’m not gonna ask you for more. I’m, you know, like better I’m already making money off you. Yeah. I’m here to help you. And I think a lot of people don’t believe that, because I’ve had really, I’ve had those were really, really, really.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
I’m good. You know? I’m, yeah, I’m not it’s and I think, I think that catches people off guard. Yeah, really, they probably been just seen as an ATM for so long. Yeah, you know? And it’s like, well, I don’t believe you’re doing that. I don’t believe you’re doing this. Because yet while I am, you know, if you want to take advantage of we’re not totally up to you trust me. I’m going to sleep just fine tonight. And that’s why I can sleep like a baby at night because I know I’m not screwing anybody over. I’m not ripping anybody off. I’m not here to take your last dollar kind of thing. And I’ve told people like I want to join but I can’t afford the premium membership. And I said, Well, there’s ways you can afford the premium membership. Obviously. I’m not going to tell you To join and then work your ass off to make money to pay for your membership gets that not gonna work. But I say, What skills do you have? I can do this, I can do that. Have you ever thought of maybe freelancing it’s a tough gig to freelance, but the opportunity is there, you could go to freelancer, you could go to Fiverr. You can make these quick little. And when you think about it, if you can make that 50 bucks a month doing the freelance thing, well, then maybe that could pay for your premium thing. And then you can kind of work both ends at the same time. I know it’s a tough road to hoe. But at least it gives you an opportunity. And I remember one person going, holy crap, no one told me that one guy just told me to get a second job. I said, I think you probably figured that part out on your own. You didn’t need someone else to tell you that. And I think I think his motivation was that he wanted you to go through his affiliate link. He goes, Yeah, I think you’re right. No, well, you’re not it’s and the funny thing about that is okay, you may get that person to go through the filter. Like, and you may earn a passive recurring income from that person once was it worth all that bs? Now, people I want to be what I call in my team on my tribe, when I’m referring and I keep talking about why because I have a passion for the place is that I, I’m trying to I know I’m not going to resonate with everybody out there because I’m a new a unique little critter. So is everybody else my friends say my biggest asset is I say exactly what’s on my mind and I have no filter and my friends also say my worst asset is I say what’s on my mind and I have no filter. And it’s like well, I, the people that I want on my team is I want people coming in here knowing Okay, this is not a get rich quick thing. This is going to take hard work on your part. You’re not going to have fairy tales, rainbows and unicorn days every frickin day and but if you hang in there Things can turn you, you can actually change your destiny. And also, here’s the thing you probably don’t want to hear. Not everyone’s gonna make it. Reality Reality Check not everyone’s supposed to make money online, there are supposed to be gas attendants there are supposed to be teachers, there are supposed to be doctors, you know, construction workers, car salesman, it just is what it is. You know, all you got to do is find your thing. And I go, but here’s the crazy thing because I know I’m telling you, not everyone’s gonna make it but at the same time, I’m telling you, everyone can make it because once you find your thing in the real world, you find your passion, you find your hobby. Maybe you’re the best car salesman on that car lot. Did you know you could have a website that teaches people how to become the best car salesman on their car lot and now you have an internet business?

Mike Beatty 35:52
Yeah, I don’t think people don’t think about that.

Okay. Everything is transferable. 100. Again,

Leo Emery 35:57
whether to work or not. Yeah, I can’t guarantee that. Yeah, but there’s, you know, look at that guy that made God knows how much money someone plans for how to build a frickin chicken coop for crying out loud.

Mike Beatty 36:12
Yeah, well, I’d love to Well, that’s actually how we kind of connected, wasn’t it? I think it was through talking about podcasting and stuff on the affiliate platform and just yeah, messaging about some of the opportunities there a bit more.

Leo Emery 36:28
Sorry, Sure. Absolutely. Yeah, you’re the one that told me go get Pete’s course.

Mike Beatty 36:33
Yeah, well, um, I don’t want to get there. But I also want to know a little bit more about like, because obviously you’ve had multiple websites before you were just mentioning before this chat about one that you sold with a you built it with a friend who’s actually the owner of Thrive one

of the one of the creators of thrive.

Leo Emery 36:54

Mike Beatty 36:55
that’s really cool. But so can you like describe some or explain We’ll share some of the websites that you have had or that you currently

Leo Emery 37:03
Yeah, kind of have gone well, well, actually, Paul and I years and years ago, like I said, I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2012. Paul and I met inside Wealthy Affiliate, when Wealthy Affiliate was totally different. When it came to the back office back then. It was actually a chat board. Yeah, very clumsy. Very good, because you’re spoiled with live chat now. You know, it’s like, yeah, chat, chat chat. And private messaging, there’s no, there wasn’t private messaging or nothing like that. And the platform back then I would say it was kind of chaotic, you know, in regards to flow, but they, they were they back then Collin Carson, were still kind of I’m sure. Their visions were of what it is today, but it certainly didn’t start out that way. You know, and we met online there and we started talking and then one thing led to another, we actually had to look at because you can go back in that time machine. Things online to look at old sites holy crap our site looked like shit.

Mike Beatty 38:06
All sides did back then. No Did they like that was just

Leo Emery 38:09
Well, we had the golden green bat golden green banner with the coins.

Oh, it’s just oh, God was disgusting when I looked at it going, Oh my God, we are one of those. We were one of those Hey, we can make you a millionaire website.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
And so we had that it was basically showing you how to build a business and make money online. And, and, you know, we went through courses and everything, we had our courses and we created and built everything. But at the same time, Paul was working was collaborating with Shane on various projects. Paul’s a coder, you know, and we i was i was like the design guy I and he’s like the code guy. And it’s kind of funny when he taught coding my eyes roll back in my head like a shark going I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Did

Leo Emery 39:01
I always just say, is it gonna work? Yep, that’s all you need to know.

And we’d be on, it’d be wild, we’d be on Skype talk, and he’d be coding I go, how do you what? Just guys? It’s just like, whoo, crazy. And so he was kind of working. In the end, he says, you know, I’m gonna move that direction. I’m like, Yeah, I get it. No worries, you know, let’s just tap out just a website and sell it for whatever we can. And we got this. People didn’t buy the site, they bought the content within the site. So okay, so the content, and then he went his way and then I tried a bunch of different I went into a bunch of different niches, and then I dig Wealthy Affiliate because I met another fella named David inside the wealthy affiliate who owns a company that helps people get out of payday loan debt. Well, he’s allowed me and I think just one other person to be, and I’ve been with him for what, five years now. help generate leads to help people get out of payday loan debt. So that’s a very cool feeling knowing that you’re helping people get out of payday because those payday loan debt companies are evil. Absolutely. And I hear horror stories and I am because on my website, you go to the website, it gives all the information. And my marketing is actually just done through YouTube, his YouTube videos that directs them to the website, and they just fill out to get a free quote. And his team will send him a full blown free quote. And because David has these phenomenal relationships with actually the payday loan companies, and he can reduce people’s payments that they’re paying to these companies by 50 to 75%. You know, and that’s huge when some people are pretty much giving at least one of their paychecks to these companies every, you know, two weeks or more. It’s just horrendous. I look at all my site, it’s like, just give me your first name, last name the state you’re in. And the number of payday loans you have and the total. There’s people that are 510 12 payday loans 15 grand and in, like, holy crap, like how and what the problem is, is they’re getting one loan to pay the off the other loan and there’s that and that’s the cycle they want you to get into, you know, and so those are one of the websites I’m like, that’s very cool because these they can go to bed at night. Now whether people act on taken advantage of David’s service, you know, not not on me or or David, but it’s nice to know that, hey, here’s an awesome niche that’s actually helping out the 20 million people that have payday loans in the United States, and average, and what’s going on today with this COVID stuff. It says we’re gonna see a lot of people that are probably gone and got payday loans and now they’re in trouble where they can’t pay it back and he says we’re gonna probably get a flood of people looking for help. And Mike that’s feels it feels good to be in a niche where you’re actually helping somebody This

Mike Beatty 42:15
is crazy how these companies give out these payday loans is absolutely insane it’s just it’s so unethical and I don’t understand how they can sleep at night those bananas

Leo Emery 42:29
Yeah, well, like we had it we have companies like that up here in Canada as well too. And the thing is, is when I’ve learned a lot of this from David is that when these people and most people are getting these payday loans because either it’s a medical thing or are something can’t like the, you know, the transmission crapped out in their car, you know, and one scary thing I heard from the guy that used to own a payday loan company up here in Canada, he goes If you want to make money from people, you make money from people that don’t have options. So these people that are getting payday loans, they can’t turn to their friends and family for X amount of dollars, because more often than not their friends and family are in the same financial situation that they’re in, they’re probably living one paycheck away from maybe being homeless, you know, they’re just scraping by so they can’t turn to their friend and go, Hey, can you lend me $1,000? So I can get this, you know, and he goes, so they can’t go to the bank. They got no credit, you know, banks not going to go near him. So where are you going to go, Oh, well go to a payday loan company. We don’t really care about where you’re at. You know, and when you’re in that situation, Dave says when they walk through the door, they don’t care about reading the contract. They’re just seeing the cash that’s sitting behind the counter that’s going to save their bacon for whatever is going on. And then after the ether wears off, and a month a week goes by, like crap, I’m gonna pay this back. Number one, you get another oh my god it’s like there’s what do you say the average annual interest rate for some of these is can be as high as 300% you know, it’s just it’s just like oh my god you know yeah

Mike Beatty 44:18
and then I got to just touch on a point there you said how your use YouTube to drive traffic there What do you What’s your YouTube content right now

Leo Emery 44:29
are basically it’s just the

when it comes to the the end payday loan debt site because that’s what it is and payday loan debt dotnet it’s just the YouTube videos I have I created only about a minute minute 30 seconds long. And all it is is just, you know, quite honestly, it’s like, are you in payday loan debt? You know, here’s our service. Here’s how it works. Get a free quote. Click the link below. The video will take you to the website and you get a free quote and you’re good to go. kind of think that’s all the videos are. Yeah, and I’ve probably on video, one, probably close to 200 videos now. Yeah, it started that beginning making a video every week, then boom, boom, boom, and then I backed off now it’s every two weeks because I’ve got I got quite a few videos that were on page one, but now things have tailed off because, you know, wonderful Google. They did an update and they really kicked ass on the payday loan keywords because there was a lot of companies out there promoting payday loans. So I kind of got trapped and trapped in that net. So things have dropped off but slowly coming back again. It’s kind of like okay, we realise you’re on the good guy side. You’re not on the bad guy. Sorry. Thank you

Mike Beatty 45:58
actually ranking in Google But for your YouTube videos

Leo Emery 46:02
yeah I didn’t I all I did was created a website that had a bunch of great information on it. I didn’t. Then I didn’t create one liquor written content. I just did videos. My whole Yeah, and the whole goal was because I knew Google owns YouTube. Yeah, so I just applied what I learned from creating content in the written way. So you do your keyword research, you know? And then you just and Tim Schmoyer He’s like, my mentor when it comes to YouTube because he’s like a certified he’s certified from YouTube and audience growth. So I got he shows you how to build a YouTube channel but I wasn’t after that information because I wanted the information of how do you SEO YouTube videos properly? Right, that’s what I zapper so I learned that so it was his name, Tim. Yeah, let me get his. I always screw up his last name. I actually just did a I’m just going to my site right now. Actually just did a post about him crazy, but

Mike Beatty 47:02
he actually goes into like YouTube, SEO and stuff like that as Yeah,

Leo Emery 47:05
actually I just did a post about YouTube SEO tactics and the tactics that you’re probably wasting your time on. And these are the tactics that I was using. Holy crap.

Mike Beatty 47:18
You are wasting your time.

Leo Emery 47:19
Some of them I was but he’s, and his first name is Tim and his last name is spelled sc HMOY. Er. And he has like a plan.

Mike Beatty 47:32
Yeah, it’s your blog post. I’m guessing you link to him as well. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:37
I did. Absolutely. I was I suppose they

Mike Beatty 47:39
all put I’ll just put a link in the show notes to your on your blog post and just if anyone’s done that and they just want to get that and you know, what up, just go to the show notes.

Leo Emery 47:49
Yeah. And then what I’ll do is I’ll just copy that link and put it in the Skype thing here for you. But yeah, at the bottom of the post, it’s I give you a link to his website and a link to his YouTube channel. Because what I did for this post was this was an email that he sent out. And so if you’re not on his email list, you want to gotten this information. So basically what I just said was that what I’m doing is just, I want to share what he sent on his, through his email. And basically, I just, you know, in my own words, talked about the 11 little tactics that you shouldn’t really drive yourself crazy about. And

Mike Beatty 48:32
so I’ve kind of started YouTube a bit recently, but I need to it’s one of those things I normally like to dive in, you know, like how you’re probably about to start that podcast because there’s really only three forms of content I’ve kind of learned this as well as like there’s written video and audio there’s not really anything else that you can do not different watch some

Unknown Speaker 48:50
of it, but they won’t watch

Mike Beatty 48:53
his recent video audio. So

Unknown Speaker 48:55

Mike Beatty 48:57
yeah. But yeah, look, it’s good to be in all Three events. Yeah, I would, I would say focus on one probably to start.

Leo Emery 49:04
Yeah, that’s what I was taught to is like, yeah, there’s, you know, when it come, let’s use social media, there’s a million different channels, you can use that well focus on just one if you want to, you know, Facebook is your thing, become the Facebook expert, then if you want to go try Instagram and this and that you can, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t need 10 social media channels to take advantage of social media. I personally can’t stand social media accounts that it’s all white noise and I could care less what you had for breakfast and you know, and I’m sorry, you lost your sock, like, come on. And I don’t need to take a picture of your food. I care less what you’re eating. You know? Yeah, you don’t look so cute glasses was sold the other day. I don’t care. So I was always like, you know, I have a Twitter account. I don’t think I put anything on In five years, and so I had all these and the only reason and I go, Well, obviously don’t like social media because I just find it all white noise. There’s just so much noise you got to break through to get to the people you want to get to. And I’m sure there’s other people out there that will say, Oh, no, no, you’re all wrong about it. But you know, that’s just my personal view. To me, my social media, for lack of better term is YouTube, because it is actually a social it is a search engine, but it is social media, as people are interacting through the videos, and now from what I’m going to call my social media is my podcast that I’m going to be doing. That’s going to be my social media just about

Mike Beatty 50:41
to say another one, as well as Pinterest. Pinterest is also a search, like, yeah, so you actually search on it. And it’s kind of social media, but it’s actually kind of not similar to YouTube. And not actually podcasting is really exactly the same because people can actually search for certain things in the podcast app. And then yes, Coming from that wouldn’t Yeah, it’s probably not as interactive because it’s not like people can comment on podcast True.

Leo Emery 51:08
True, you could have you you’re obviously having a more immediate, you know, interaction through social media. Could you pass? No, I would say yeah, you know, you will

Mike Beatty 51:16
have the in someone’s ear buds is that going for a journal that is a gym or, you know, walking the dog shopping, cooking, whatever, you know, people listen to podcast is much more intimate. You know, you’re slightly almost speaking one on one with someone.

Leo Emery 51:31
Yeah, and that’s why I find I just find I find it quite a bit of social media or just a lot of no real. I don’t, and I should maybe it’s just me just no real connections. It’s all kind of just surface stuff. And, yeah, you know, and it’s like, you know, yeah, and I’ve, boy, I get trolled the social media has given people everyone a voice, but it doesn’t mean we have to listen to everybody. You know, cuz not Everything that everyone says is worthwhile listening to.

Mike Beatty 52:03
Yes, I love you. And I think that’s the thing, isn’t it? There’s so much noise out there is deciding who you actually do want to listen to and who, yeah, it’s figuring out like, do I relate to this person? Are they giving cutting

Leo Emery 52:15
noise? Yeah, cutting through that is so much noise, you know? And it’s just like, wow. And I think, you know, maybe 2% of what’s on social media is valuable. The rest is just filler. Noise waste of time. You know, it’s right up there with the Kardashians waste of time.

Don’t get me started on those people.

Mike Beatty 52:37
Well, they are social media, are they? So the right anyway, I could honestly chat to you all day. But I’m also very aware I’ve kept you for a very long time. So there’s always one thing I always ask my guests when they get like towards an end of a podcast, and I try and pick a specific day. So we’re going to think of a specific day but the question is If you could go back in time, with all the knowledge that you know now and go and speak to yourself on this day, what would be up to three pieces of advice that you give yourself and I want you to try and think of while you’re thinking of that, I want you to think of a day where you know it’s like the worst day so you’re going to one of your 50 jobs and you know you it’s a Monday morning like you say always, every Monday the car is raining and you step in a puddle is soaking wet and you get into the you get into your job and you just think why what am I doing? I hadn’t let it like what am I actually doing? If you could go back to that moment? What pieces of it

Leo Emery 53:45
I had, I have that day in my head cuz I I was working for a muffler shop and my job was to replace mufflers, you know, that’s not the cleanest job in the world is dirty, working with free And well, it’s just a horror show for about a week. Oh, whoo.

Unknown Speaker 54:06

Leo Emery 54:08
bad day, you know, I remember burning off bolts and when you burn bolts, they explode. And of course, every spark ends up going down your back or down your shorts, you know, and you’re getting burnt and I bang my head countless times on the undercarriage of buses and cars and my day was just getting worse and the rest of the crew was learning all kinds of new swear words for that day. I didn’t even go in the lunchroom I sat outside and coated and bitch to myself going there’s got to be a better way dude. You know, you’re earning X amount of dollars an hour, but it looks like you’ve been in a war. You know, you got these little burn marks all over your even if you’re wearing coveralls that goes right through because there’s molten steel. You know, I’m driving home and it’s kind of a semi shitty day. And all of a sudden the cops pull me over and I’m like, great. Now what? I’d forgotten. Yep. Oh no, I’d forgotten to put my seatbelt on. So I’m getting a ticket seatbelt and I’m like, are you and I’m trying to explain this to the cop when my day and he’s kind of looking at me. I don’t care Dude, I

thought I’d explain it to you

get you know and then get home and it just goes from bad to worse after that and I was just sitting on the deck and I go There’s got to be a better way. And that’s

Mike Beatty 55:30
how you get to got it from now you go transport teleport back to that day time, guys.

Leo Emery 55:37
Yeah, and it’s kind of like that. And this is all before Tony Robbins and all this kind of stuff and everything like that. But it’s kind of funny when I was taking this course you know, Tony says you’re going to be they’re motivated by inspiration or desperation. I was motivated by desperation. I was also very pissed off. Gone. This is not my life. life this is not, I’m no, I’m not going to be 50 years old banging my head on the undercarriage of some frickin bus going on, you know, pitching all the way home. And then you know, and I said, No, no, that’s not going to happen.

Mike Beatty 56:15
What would you tell yourself if you could go back to that time?

Leo Emery 56:21
She I don’t know what I would say, you know, it’s, um,

Unknown Speaker 56:27
I would

Leo Emery 56:29
if I could teleport myself and sit in the passenger seat of that car on the ride home. Let’s say that you may not see it now, dude. But at every moment in your life, you can change the destiny of your life with one simple decision. And it doesn’t matter how shitty your day was, what happened five minutes ago, 30 minutes ago or five years ago. There’s nothing saying you can be successful. Two seconds from now. So, I know in that moment, it sucks What’s going on? And you can’t see the forest for the trees and you think the world’s crashing in on you. It’s like a shit this is my lot in life and I’m not going to be any better than that. Feel free to go through that and say that to yourself swear all you want, you know, check whatever you need to kick as long as it’s not a person or a dog.

Mike Beatty 57:31
That’s a fine. No, really.

Leo Emery 57:35
That’s my neighbour has a cat I can say that.

It’s actually my dog and the cat get along. They play each other between the fence That’s hilarious.

So it’s so funny when I have a mini wiener dog she thinks she’s a Great Dane though.

But it’s like you’re you’re going to have that inspiration, desperation mode, but understand that no matter what’s going on You’re absolutely in control of everything that’s going on your life, it may not feel like it. But you are, your decision to do that is going to impact your life positively or negatively your decision to do this positively or negativity and a lot of times you’re going to have to have a real shitty moment to have that inspirational moment. You’re not going to be having a glorious day and the world’s going perfectly and all of a sudden have this, you know, hey, I’m going to change my life. Now. You know, it, I’ve never had a great day where I’ve decided that I’m going to have you know what I mean? It’s always been in those moments of okay. Ah, okay. Things gonna change. Okay, well, the only way things are gonna change is if I decide to change them. You know what I mean? And I’ll go back to Tony like, he taught me a lot of things. And the one thing that he taught me that’s gotten me to the places where I want to go, is that I’ve just asked myself better questions of myself. You know, and that’s what I did that day. Okay, what do I need to do not to burn myself for welding gear anymore, and not keep banging my head on the bottom of cars, what do I have to do? And then that’s kind of like how things moved into? Well, I’ve heard of this online stuff, you know, and, you know, and maybe and I sit there well, and you know, maybe I can do that at night while I’m bitching and moaning during the day about my gig. But then one thing that I thought was so cool, was while I was starting this online stuff, and even though I was getting screwed over for those first three years, I could care less what my job was because I knew this job was just there to pay my bills. This isn’t was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Because what I’m doing for the rest of the life is what I’m working on when I get at home. So I care less what my boss was like, I could care less what job I was doing. Because that’s not what I’m meant to do forever. That’s that’s an ends to a means. That’s like, you know, that’s like being you know, some girls sugar boy, you’re paying a The fiddles could open. And I’m doing my gig at night. And that’s what kind of got me kept my motivation going, even when I was getting screwed over left, right and centre, you know, and then I had that wake up moment of God going, Okay. And you would think after three years, I would have figured this out a little sooner, obviously, this is not working. You know, you think you kind of figure that out after two or three months, six months. Apparently, I’m a slow learner. However, at the top of my class, and I think that just proved it. But then once I realised, okay, let’s go back to what I was taught mentally there like that. You know, it, you know, if this is your goal, you’re going to go You’re, you’re getting to your goal is not going to be a straight line A to B, there’s going to be a C, then there’s an H, and then there’s an x and then you’re back to B again, you’re gonna it’s gonna be a kind of question. Little road. But as long as that crooked little road is still moving your forward gonna be okay. And I think and my first aha moment was okay. It’s obvious I have no clue what I’m doing. I had to admit myself. You’re a knucklehead, you don’t know what you doing. You think you know what you’re doing but you have a frickin clue because if you did GPS a lot farther ahead than you were. I said, Okay, rule one. Let’s not listen to all the gurus and patches anymore even though they’re telling you exactly what you want to hear. And you know what the funny thing is even to this day, I’ll come across something go Holy shit. That sounds pretty good.

No, like wait a minute, shake your head gone. No, no, no, that’s that’s more garbage stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
week every week. So still,

Leo Emery 1:01:49
so whoever’s listening, don’t panic that never goes away. So own it, but just realise just don’t get sucked into it. Now I just laugh at and go are you freaking kidding me? Yeah.

Mike Beatty 1:01:59
I’m skip it. Week and if it’s still interesting, then yeah, I’d say,

Leo Emery 1:02:04
Yeah, exactly. And, and when I also tell people I go if it’s that magical and that fantastic and also don’t listen to all that false scarcity, like, Oh, you don’t buy it now you’re gonna miss out on it. Trust me, come back in a week later and you’ll still be telling you don’t buy, you know, whatever. Just step back and just do some research. Just get out there and put your detective hat on and do your Sherlock Holmes thing and just research the shit out of this thing. And trust me, you’ll probably come across more information telling you to run for your life, then you will spend your money kind of thing. But I my moment was okay. I need to find somebody that actually knows what the hell they’re doing. And that’s how I saw it without me knowing how to go about doing that. Again, that’s how I stumbled across Cory because I was going okay, I need to get to understand what’s going on. I saw that infomercial with Tony and I saw the successful people and I go, geez, that guy, obviously onto something, you know, and I saw his infomercial over and over and over again I go, Oh, my God, you’re your same age as I am and you’re living in a frickin castle What the hell is going on?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
It’s not right.

Leo Emery 1:03:20
And then one and I just noticed that once I started taking control of of what I could control, then things started to kind of fall into place. So I go, Okay, I’m not letting other people choose my destiny for me. I’m also taking everything that everyone says with a huge grain of salt and putting putting them through the litmus test of Do you really know your shit. You know what I mean? And then that’s when I found other mentors to help me. Do the things that I wanted to, you know, try to accomplish and of course, not everything worked out, you know? Again, you’re foolish if you think it’s going to, but I did always walk away with, okay. 80% of what they said was cool the other 20% and not so much, you know, but that goes with everybody, you know, probably, you know 20% of what I say is okay, and 80% it’s all crap. You know, you see if there were eight mindset work on that first because without with the right mindset, you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, and I don’t care what it is, because it’s your mindset. This is going to get you through the challenges. It’s your mindset, that’s going to support you in what you want to do. And one thing I really truly want to say and this is the things that I’ll talk about in my podcast, understand your why why are you doing what you’re doing? Because and I don’t want you to be doing it because you want a nicer car, a bigger house or this or that. I want you to get to the core of what you’re doing. Why are you doing this? Are you doing this because you want to have the financial means that you can take care of your parents and their elderly years or do you want them financial means so you can send your kid to whatever college you want to go to. Because believe me, there is going to be times every day because it happens to me. Where you’re going to go. Why the hell am I doing this? This is nuts. This is the shit this is not working. Well then have your wife sitting on your wall and big bold letters. You’re doing this because, okay, that was gonna save your ass and help you keep moving forward.

Mike Beatty 1:05:26
Yeah, no, it’s so true. And I just think it’s such a big one. Like, as soon as we realise we are in control, and our decisions change everything. Yeah, it ends up changing everything but yeah, it Yeah. Honestly, it’s been brilliant. Like to to chat to you. And I definitely want to keep picking your brains and we’ll definitely have to do this again sometime. But ya know, thanks so much for coming on the show today. No, it was fun. It was cool. So there you have it, Leo. Definitely. knows his stuff. And I’m just going to summarise five key takeaways that I’ve taken from the podcast and hopefully that will help you as well. Number one, is that the secret the one secret to success online? is consistency. Boring, boring. Yeah, consistently head down. Boss in the air. I love the way that he said that. Just being consistent with it. And I think everyone that I’ve spoken to on the podcast, would 100% agree with that. Everyone has a very similar story. There’s patterns in these people that are on the podcast, and it’s those that are consistent and stick with it long enough to see success are the ones that are the most successful. Number two, is he kind of spoke about like failing forward and making mistakes, but then learning from them and then we’ve kind of touched on site speed and things like that. And we mentioned WP rocket. We both just use that plugin recently and he was mentioned on the podcast recently as well. So if you are interested in a quick win to get improve your speed, I cannot recommend WP rocket enough. Number three is building a network. Again, with so many businesses, your network is your net worth. But if you can actually build real relationships with people help other people out, you will also then find is way easier to get things done. When have you got any issues going on, you know, even if it’s your site, if you know the right people to ask, if it is something that you’re you know, you create a new product and you want to promote it, just having people around you in the similar sort of niche is going to help so much so do not underestimate the power of your network. And then number four, is he was talking about some of those YouTube SEO tactics. And in fact I just the reason I put this down is just because I mentioned that I will give a link in the show notes. So if you go to Make time online comm forward slash six five so that’s makes Harmon nine.com forward slash 65 you can get the show notes and the link to those YouTube SEO tactics that Leo was talking about. And then number five, the final one is just what he would tell himself if he was to go back in time. You can change change your whole outcome with one decision. So once you realise that you are in control of what is going on, that is how you can actually end up changing your whole outcome and your future. So no matter how bad the situation is, you are always in control. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that one guy’s not gonna ramble on for much longer. And yeah. Thanks for listening in to this episode of Make time online. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts you don’t miss any future episodes. And please take a moment to write a review for our podcast. You The App Store keep changing for the better guys. Take care.

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