April 13, 2021

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam? Can a $797 Investment Make You Rich?

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If you're someone who's looking for ways to earn, then you've probably heard about the term "earning a quick buck." You probably also know that this concept is nothing more than a shady way to scam people. 

There's no such thing as a fast and easy way to earn money. There is only the "right way," and that's what Digital Worth Academy is going to teach you. 

But is this program a legit way to make money online, or just another scam that should be avoided?

This honest review will help uncover the truth about Digital Worth Academy. I will go through several key points that will help you make a better, well-informed decision.

This Digital Worth Academy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Digital Worth Academy Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Digital Worth Academy

Founder: Sara Young, Andrew Hansen

Type: Affiliate marketing course

Price: $1997 (original, $797 (promo)

Best for: Newbie online marketers, anyone who wants to make money online

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Logo

Digital Worth Academy Pros

  • Positive reviews
  • Video lectures
  • One-on-one chat

Digital Worth Academy Cons

  • Pricing
  • Navigation can be tricky


Digital Worth Academy is a coaching program that provides guidance and mentorship to earning money online.

Make Time Online Rating: 60 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes

What is Digital Worth Academy about?

Digital Worth Academy (or DWA) is a coaching platform designed to teach digital marketing in a simple yet comprehensive manner. 

It offers comprehensive courses, professional coaching, and a software suite that features useful tools.

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Intro

DWA follows three core elements:

  • Selecting the center - pinpointing big niches that generate profit while finding ones with low prevailing competition.
  • Developing Blogs - building blogs from the ground up or developing existing small ones; turning them into larger content platforms.
  • Utilizing the right SEO - use effective white-hat SEO strategy that will initiate a domino effect of high rankings and long-term web traffic.

Check out this 5-minute video sneap peak into the course...

And who are the guys behind this?...

Who is Sara Young and Andrew Hansen?

Sara Young and Andrew Hansen are the founders of Digital Worth Academy.

Both are successful online marketers who had the similar goal of teaching the right way of doing online marketing.

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Creators

Sara Young

Sara Young is an affiliate marketer who has done online marketing for years. She created her first digital asset back in 1995. 

Since then, she's been helping others achieve the same success. She has also developed multiple digital marketing products that help aspiring marketers.

Andrew Hansen

Like Sara, Andrew Hansen is also a top-level affiliate marketer. He provides a series of quality coaching programs and other products to his avid followers. 

Andrew also has a good reputation for being a professional online marketing coach. He is an SEO expert and has other well-known courses. 

Their collaboration gave us Digital Worth Academy, a great course for online marketing.

Ready to make passive income online?

Hey, I'm Mike.

I created a passive income online within a year. I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started. 

Mike Beatty

How does Digital Worth Academy Work?

Learning should be essential if you want to take advantage of online marketing. But at the same time, learning shouldn't be complicated. 

Sara Young and Andrew Hansen had similar beliefs. That’s why they made Digital Worth Academy as simple and interactive as possible. 

Similar to other multi-level marketing courses, Digital Worth Academy works pretty much the same way. You'll first start by accessing their landing page

Once you're there, click the "GET INSTANT ACCESS" button. You will then redirect to a new page where you will fill out your contact and payment details. 

Once you've made your order, you will receive an email detailing your purchase. You will be given a link to where you can create an account and log in. 

DWA is simple and easy to use. Once you log in to your account, you will get access to six main tabs:


This is where you can fill out your own different personal details. You can set up your profile, join workgroups, view your achievements, tweak your privacy settings, and more.


Contains a bunch of training courses divided into seven different modules.

Coaching Calls

This is where details and schedules on webinars, live coaching, and one-on-one coaching calls will be posted. 


This tab is where you get to interact and communicate with other DWA members.

Tools:  this is where you will get access to three highly powerful digital marketing software tools: Commission Wizard, Diamond Keyword, and Miner Elite. 


Highlights professionals who are available to do service when you're unable to do a particular task.

Digital Worth Academy has made things easier and convenient for you. Everything you need to get started with creating digital assets that sell twice as much is available here.

It's important to be aware that there are some other similar courses to this that exist such as:

They all provide you with a holistic overview of affiliate marketing, without digging into one specific area in detail. 

Inside Digital Worth Academy

We just mentioned what you would get when you access Digital Worth Academy for the first time. Now, I'm going to give you in-depth details about each component of the entire course.

The Course

The course comprises seven sections containing more than 30 modules. It also comes with 150 coaching videos that detail the entire process of developing profitable web assets from scratch. There will also be guides on how to make huge profits by selling these assets.

Coaching Program

You will have 10 week's worth of coaching sessions with both Sara and Andrew. Their team of professional marketers will also coach you. 

Everyone will guide you every step of the way. The entire process will include live webinars, a responsive support desk, one-on-one coaching calls, an active forum, and so much more.

You will even meet former students who are now teachers and coaches of the program. These people have reached their level of success and are now running their respective businesses. It will be a great experience learning from them.

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Inside

Software Tools

Digital Worth Academy understands the monetary struggle of acquiring expensive digital marketing tools. That's why the platform offers a proprietary software suite that contains the tools you need to gain a competitive edge. 

Building web properties from scratch isn't a walk in the park, after all. You'll need all the resources you can get. 

Fortunately, Digital Worth Academy has built-in software that provides you with everything you need. As mentioned earlier, there are three main tools that you will be using:

  • Tool #1 - The Commission Wizard V.2.0: this tool will make finding profitable niches faster. At the same time, it will also find opportunities in huge markets.
  • Tool #2 - Diamond Keyword Miner: this tool will automatically find areas within your market demographic where traffic is easier, and revenue is immediately available.
  • Tool #3 - Profit Calculator: this tool provides a quick and easy way to calculate your monthly revenue potential.

The data you get will be relevant before you enter any available area in your market. It will provide you with information that determines if or not that area is worth entering.

Each of these tools will help in different aspects of your online marketing campaign. So take full advantage of them whenever you can. They will prove useful once you’ve accumulated multiple online assets.


Digital Worth Academy is more than just a platform. It's also a community of like-minded people aspiring to achieve marketing success. 

The program will let you interact and communicate within the community through their private Facebook group, forum, and member's area. So not only will you learn from the courses and coaching sessions, but from other DWA members as well.

Check out this other 11-minute video that shows you what to expect with Digital Worth Academy...

Let's then talk about the cons...

Digital Worth Academy cost to join

The overall price to join the Digital Worth Academy coaching program is $1997. You can also get it for an installment price of $797 across three different payment periods.

If you're in doubt, you'll be delighted to know that DWA offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means the risk is very minimal, if there's even one, to begin with. 

The creators are certified professionals who've placed their reputation on the line to give out this one-of-a-kind offer. They are very much confident that the program will deliver value and quality as promised.

Money-Back Guarantee

Don't think Digital Worth Academy is the right course for you? No worries! You will get 100% of your money back without any problem. 

Just make sure that it's within the first 60 days. But with the legitimacy of this program, I doubt you'll even consider this the moment you get access to it.

Digital Worth Academy monthly cost

Digital Worth Academy is available for a one-time payment of $1997.

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Costs

However, you can choose to pay for three easy installments for a total payment of $797...

Digital Worth Academy reviews online

Digital Worth Academy is an online digital marketing course that teaches you how to use the internet to earn good money.

But what you really want to know is if it's worth the price and is effective...

Common positive Digital Worth Academy reviews

Digital Worth Academy has a lot of positive online reviews. There have been many people talking about the value that it brings to anyone who uses it. 

It's not surprising, considering that two reputable online marketers created it.

Here are some bits that I've collected from reading all of the positive reviews for DWA:

"As far as I know, this is not just a digital marketing course. This is way more than that. If you give interest towards the course, you can earn a lot of money in a few months. Just my experience. Ask other people too."

"Well made videos, content is simple to follow and easy to understand. Looking forward to seeing more. HALFWAY: Videos are still great, content is still simple, almost too simple. Great for someone who doesn't know anything about digital marketing, but not informative enough for those that have a basic understanding already."

"All-in-all the academy has long been a favorite of mine. If one truly wants to learn affiliate digital marketing, if one truly wants to earn 7 digits annually by building and flipping web properties, the cost is high, so only those of you who want to implement it online business should invest in this academy. Guys!! Do not wait & register yourself now, be a web millionaire."

Common negative Digital Worth Academy reviews

From all the reviews that I've seen and read about Digital Worth Academy, I've yet to see anything negative. So, I won't share any comments since there aren't any. 

"If I can pinpoint a single downside about DWA, it would probably be its price. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people here can agree with me."

"However, if you consider the extreme value that the program offers, you'll understand why it isn't much of a negative thing. In fact, you might even feel that it's a bit underpriced."

Is Digital Worth Academy a scam?

At this point in the review, it's safe to say that Digital Worth Academy is not a scam.

It is a high-quality coaching platform developed by two reputable marketing gurus. 

You can even look-up their credentials online. Both Sara and Andrew are big-name personalities in the online marketing industry. 

Some members complained about their digital assets not selling as much. That's because these people think that the program will help them earn money fast.

Again, DWA isn't a "get rich quick" scheme. It offers legitimate courses that teach you how to do things the right way. You will eventually earn high profits in the long run. But you will first go through the struggle of creating online assets. 

It’s genuine manner of generating profit is the main reason why it's far from being a scam. For me, it’s a legitimate platform for anyone who wants to learn online marketing.

Ready to make passive income online?

Hey, I'm Mike.

I created a passive income online within a year. I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started. 

Mike Beatty

Digital Worth Academy pros

#1 Positive reviews

Digital Worth Academy just got loads of positive reviews...

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Pros

This shows that its subscribers are very much satisfied with the course and that it's effective and helpful in helping them make money online...

#2 Video lectures

The course features video lectures that makes it easy for beginners to understand the basic and advanced concepts of digital affiliate marketing...

#3 One-on-one chat

They even have a one-on-one chat feature where its subscribers can ask questions about the platform and digital affiliate marketing in general.

Digital Worth Academy cons

#1 Pricing

No doubt that Digital Worth Academy's pricing is expensive...

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam:  Cons

In fact, it's way more expensive than the average $50 to $300 price of most online marketing courses.

#2 Navigation can be tricky

Navigating the platform can also a bit tricky at first...

Is Digital Worth Academy a Scam: Cons 2

It's slightly complicated, but you'll eventually get the hang of it later on...

Ready to make passive income online?

I've created a growing passive income online with no marketing skills or online experience... 

I've made a special video for you to explain exactly how I did this.

Make Time Online Income

My opinion - Digital Worth Academy

To wrap things up, Digital Worth Academy is a great coaching platform with a ton of potential. It gives students a realistic overview of what true online marketing should be.

So, here is what I can say about it...

It provides a lot of promise. But then again, success is limited to what you can do. This course will only serve as a guide to give you a perspective of what you should achieve. 

Yes, this course is a bit pricey. But it’s worth a shot if you're really into online marketing and online asset selling. 

So, if you're interested and you happen to have $1997 lying around, you might want to give DWA a shot.

It offers excellent value that you won't be able to find anywhere else...

How I make passive income online

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. 

Once I learnt about it, it just seemed like a great business model that can grow over time using the power of the internet. 

So I tried to figure it out by myself... that got me nowhere fast.

Then I fell for some terrible online scams. 

But eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches long-term proven strategies to build an online business with all the tools & support needed. 

And this happened...

Make Time Online Income

Once you learn the process of getting thousands of people to find your website every month (for free) there really is not limit to what you can achieve online. 

I've reviewed hundreds of courses or programs that claim to help people make money online. And I've spoken to dozens of 6-7 figure online entrepreneurs on my podcast.

This is by far the best place I've seen to help beginners get set up on the right foot. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here (including the pros and cons!) 

Or you can watch an insiders video I made that explains exactly how it works here.  

Mike PE teacher to Passive Income Online

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