February 9, 2022

Honest Commission Hero Review: Scam or Legit Robby Blanchard Course?

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You're probably looking for an honest Commission Hero review.

It's likely that everything you've read is clearly from someone promoting the course to get commission from you!

Either way the sales video from Robby Blanchard sounds pretty interesting. I mean, who doesn’t want to earn more than $1,000 a day?

But is is really possible to do that? Even for beginners?

This honest Commission Hero review, with videos, will reveal everything you need to know about the program before diving in.

Commission Hero Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Commission Hero

Founder: Robby Blanchard

Type: Affiliate marketing training (using Facebook ads and Clickbank)

Training: 70 out of 100

Success Stories: 40 out of 100

Price To Join: $997 or 2 x $597 + Inner Circle Upsell of $297 per month & not including the other tools you will need.

Minimum cost of $7,429 for 1 year with the Inner Circle

Commission Hero Pros

  • Legit business model
  • Robby is the real deal
  • Inner Circle Support
  • Possible to make money fast

Commission Hero Cons

  • Only one marketing strategy 
  • Hidden monthly expenses
  • Clickbank has scams
  • Expensive to try
  • Income proof is not profit

Summary: Commission Hero

Make Time Online Rating: 65 out of 100 

Recommended: For affiliate marketers looking to use Clickbank

What is Commission Hero?

So Commission Hero promises to teach you exactly how Robby Blanchard makes money from affiliate marketing online.

Commission Hero Review

I can almost hear your mind thinking... "but what is affiliate marketing?"

Connecting someone with a product or service they are looking for and getting paid if they buy the product after clicking your link.

Or simply put...

Selling other people's stuff!

This is a legit way to make money online and you probably have already seen that Robby makes a ton of money from doing so.

So let’s dig in a bit deeper…

How does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero will teach you how to get traffic from Facebook Adverts to landing pages.

Commission Hero is a video series comprised of discrete parts. The first module covers affiliate marketing fundamentals.

The second module focuses on establishing a Facebook business account. This includes your Facebook page and advertising accounts, from which you will run advertisements.

The final module emphasizes tracking your outcomes and properly adjusting your advertising efforts.

The fourth module covers additional random topics, including email marketing. It also has helpful tips and tricks, which you will find intriguing.

Live training is the second component of the course. This is believed most of the value is. This section is a live recording of Robby's in-person training when affiliate marketers attend his presentations. You will learn a great deal from this section. Things improve significantly after that.

The final section of the training provides substantial advertising materials for high-converting Clickbank products like EZ Battery Reconditioning and Slim Belly Fix.

Robby utilized more than a thousand ad creatives to encourage prospects to click on his commercials.

In addition, the content contains quiz landing pages intended to operate as intermediary websites that interest the prospect and then send them to the affiliate offer page.

These landing pages (also called squeeze pages) help you to "capture email addresses" and then sell affiliate products from Clickbank. 

Commission Hero training- an inside look

It’s always good to see what you actually receive from a course.

So check out this pretty good YouTube video I found from 3 mins to the end (only 7 minutes of watching and you can always x2 speed it!)

Basically, there is quite a lot of legitimate training within the course that will help you set up an affiliate marketing business.

This includes:

  • Choosing the right offers
  • Finding your ad image
  • Setting up a “landing page”
  • Setting up Facebook
  • Tracking your campaign
  • Scaling
  • Email marketing

There are 12 training modules in total with over 40 videos.
Also note that there are many other similar courses out there, just like:

Now, I can almost hear your mind asking…

Can you make money with Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is one of ClickBank's newest "earn money online" products... Robby Blanchard, a super-affiliate, designed the item.

It promises to be a simple 3-step strategy for digital advertising products on Facebook to make substantial profits. It seems simple enough...

How do you get substantial commissions?

You select products with attractive affiliate networks that pay at least 50 percent commissions.

Commission Hero teaches three major secrets: how to locate high-paying affiliate programs.

Commission Hero is designed similarly to 30 Minute Workday in that it provides step-by-step instructions for creating a profitable sales funnel and driving visitors to it via Facebook Ads.

The course structure begins with a section titled "Getting Started," which discusses some of the fundamentals before moving on to advanced methods such as link tracking and scaling your campaigns.

Ready to make passive income online?

Hey, I'm Mike.

I created a passive income online within a year. I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started. 

Mike Beatty

How to make money with Commission Hero

Here is the overly simplified process you will learn to make money from Commission Hero:

  1. Pay for Facebook ads to get traffic to your landing page
  2. Create landing pages to sell an affiliate program or collect email addresses
  3. The visitor buys a product you promoted and you get a commission

It really is that simple, but there are a LOT of moving parts that you will need to learn before it starts working.

Before we find out how likely it is that you'll be able to do this, let's find out...

How much does it cost to join Commission Hero?

It costs a $997 one time payment or 2 x $597 payments. 

This gives you access to all the training in the course. However, the costs do not stop there amigo...

Commission Hero monthly cost

To actually use the training you will HAVE to spend additional money each month on:

  • Clickfunnels $97 per month (landing page builder) 
  • ClickMagick $27 a month (tracking tool)
  • An autoresponder such as GetResponse cost $15 a month (collects and sends emails)
  • Facebook ads (as much as you want but at least $200 per month)

There is also the "inner circle" which costs $297 per month to get access to:

  • "Done for you" funnels
  • Weekly webinar 
  • Robby looks through your campaigns
  • Active Facebook group

If you join the "Inner circle" then you would need to allow these expenses for one year:

  • $997
  • $97 x 12 = $1,164
  • $27 x 12 = $324
  • $15 x 12 = $180
  • $297 x 12 = $3,564
  • $200 x 12 = $1,200

Total costs for one year = $7,429

If you were to join the inner circle and really committed to this 100% there's no reason why you wouldn't start making money from this system within a few months. 

However, paying for ads as a new affiliate marketing is a very sharp sword indeed! Can you really afford to lose over $7k in one year?

Is Commission Hero a scam?

Commission Hero is not a scam.

There are two main ways an online course can be a scam:

  1. Take your money and run off into the sunset, never to be heard from again
  2. Provide some information but it doesn’t live up to their promises

As you can see in the video above there is a lot of great training you will receive. However, is Commission Hero going to work for you?

Find out as you keep reading this Commission Hero review.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a distributor myself and I do not endorse Commission Hero in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. 

Common positive reviews

Here are some of the common positive reviews we have seen in Indeed about their job opportunity...

  • "Course Hero is a really good learning platform both for students and tutors."
  • "As a tutor, I feel the fulfillment when helping students with their learning journey."
  • “Commission Hero was initially brought to my attention by Robby's advertisements on YouTube. They were well-executed and held my attention. His advertisements were straightforward yet sufficiently enticing, leaving me eager to learn more. Overall, the advertisements were clear, simple, and of excellent caliber. As always, the issue with these advertisements is that they are false. They create the notion that money can be made rapidly and simply without ANY effort.”

Common negative reviews

And here are the negative things people are saying about their job opportunity...

  • “These advertisements frequently state, "Hey, want to make $3,000 each day without expertise, experience, or effort?" Yea sure! Why don't you also show me how to make $3,000 every day doing absolutely nothing?When you see such advertisements, ensure your BS detectors are set to go off! I no longer blame Robby. Nor do I believe he is inherently a con artist. Still, sadly, the web marketing industry is infested with unethical marketers that push wildly exaggerated claims on unsuspecting, impulsive simpletons who fell for it.”

  • "Hardest part and also stressful part of the job would be pleasing your students, aside from giving an answer/solution for their queries, tutors would always have the anxious feeling of being rejected oftentimes than accepted."
  • "This happens because the system does have lax systemic approach to screening students with their ratings to tutors. such as invalidated response to a tutors answer whereas incorrect judgement and even unjust ratings despite tutor's massive effort and research for that student's problem."

Tired of expensive crappy Affiliate Marketing courses? Check out how I make money online here!

What I like about Commission Hero

Here are some of the things I like about Commission Hero…

#1 Legit strategy

It has been proven time and again by so many online marketers that affiliate marketing is a legit strategy.

Commission Hero will show you a legit way to get people to buy products that you are promoting.

WA Affiliate Marketing 4 step Process

In fact, you can check out a ton of my chats with real people that use affiliate marketing to make a crazy amount of money on my podcast. This really is a legit business model that isn't going to just disappear next year. 

#2 Robby Blanchard is the real deal

There’s no denying that Robby is completely legit.

You can check out the Clickbank leaderboard yourself if you want to check (this does update every year).

Robby has gone from a personal trainer to a guy earning crazy money using affiliate marketing.

#3 Support from the Inner Circle

If you are new to affiliate marketing then I would highly recommend joining the Inner Circle.

This will provide you with "done for you" funnels each month and believe me, that will help a lot!

Remember I am not an affiliate for Commission Hero so it does no favours to me if you join the upsell Inner Circle at $297 per month. 

I can just guarantee that you will find it really hard to see results at the start if you are brand new to  affiliate marketing when you need to design landing pages, FB ads and all the copywriting yourself. Trust me, it's a lot to learn!

Here's how important I think the Inner Circle is for beginners...

If my best mate was considering this as a newbie, I would advise them to join the Inner Circle or not bother. 

#4 Possible to make money quickly

The techniques taught in Commission Hero can help you to make money quickly.

Some people have claimed to see results within the first week.

There is a higher risk to them as you are about to learn, but there is no denying that they do work… if you implement them well.

What I don't like about Commission Hero

If you’re like me, you’ve probably just skipped to this part or are ready to learn all about the truth that you’re not told in the sales video.

So here is the honest truth…

#1 Only one marketing technique- FB ads> Clickbank

There is a lot to a successful online marketing business.

However, there’s really only one focus from Robby in this course.

And that is to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to Clickbank so you earn a commission.


Focus is definitely a good thing, especially as a beginner.

However, it will be hard to make this business model hands off.

There's no training on how to create a website and use SEO (get your website ranked on Google) and the other marketing techniques, which are more passive and help you to truly OWN an online business. 

#2 Hidden monthly expenses

Robby even mentions how all you need is Facebook and Clickbank, which are two FREE platforms.

This is true.

But what he’s not making clear upfront is that the technique you will use involves additional ongoing costs.

Facebook ads can rack up to a lot of money. Especially when you are learning and not receiving and money in return from them!

Click funnels

Plus, remember there are additional tools you’ll need:

  • It costs $97 per month for Clickfunnels (landing page builder).
  • ClickMagick costs $27 a month (tracking tool)
  • An autoresponder such as GetResponse cost $15 a month (collects and sends emails)

Of course, you don’t have to use Clickfunnels and you don’t have to spend loads of money on ads.

But if you want to get results… you really do.

Therefore you need to budget another $350+ per month for these costs. And that's not even including the $297 per month Inner Circle upsell!

(But you should start seeing results soon enough if you follow the training and stay positive- easier said than done when you're thousands of dollars out of pocket, I know!)

#3 Clickbank has a lot of scam products

They have a terrible name for themselves, especially in the “make money online” niche.

Here are some outright scams I’ve reviewed in the past:

I could go on, but you get the idea.


There is a very high return rate of products from Clickbank and you have no control over when or why this happens.

So you may see money coming into your account, but you are likely going to have to allow some of that to disappear as there is a guaranteed 60-day money back for most products on Clickbank.

#4 There's no trial- 12 month money back guarantee

I get what Robby does this… but it is weird.

Commission Hero Money Back

You cannot get your money back until you can prove you have “tried to use” the program for 12 months.

I guess Robby wants to stop the time wasters that just buy a course and then 2 weeks later realise they don’t have any time or desire to try and do the work.

But the best courses normally have some kind of “free trial” or 7-day return policy.

Sometimes no matter what you expect from a course it just isn’t what you thought it would be and doesn’t suit you.

#5 Income proof is not profit

Now, obviously a lot of the income that these guys are getting will be profit.

However, it is never really mentioned that there are expenses in this business.

Just think about it, what option would you prefer…

  1. You spend $10,000 in a month to make $6,500
  2. You spend $0 to make $2,350

There are the monthly costs of your business, which is completely overlooked when these massive numbers are shoved in your face in the sales video…

Commission Hero Income Proof

The super high income of Robby will obviously mean he makes some amazing profit.

But when you are just starting out it’s important to be aware your paid ads will probably not make you as much money as you spend.

Saying that… once you figure out a funnel to make a profit, there is no limit to how much you can scale it up!

Ready to make passive income online?

I've created a growing passive income online with no marketing skills or online experience... 

I've made a special video for you to explain exactly how I did this.

Make Time Online Income

My opinion - Commission Hero

It’s a legit opportunity.

It has worked for people.

And it may work for you.

However, the initial costs to get going are high!

Realistically you are looking at $997 to start… then around $350 a month ($650+ if you join the inside circle).

It leaves a lot people feeling like this when they realise the true expense...

If you cannot afford to lose $3,000+ before you actually figure out what you need to do then this is not the course for you.

If you’re still interested after reading all the pros and cons in this Commission Hero review then you can find out more from Robby himself here

How I make passive income online

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. 

Once I learnt about it, it just seemed like a great business model that can grow over time using the power of the internet. 

So I tried to figure it out by myself... that got me nowhere fast.

Then I fell for some terrible online scams. 

But eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches long-term proven strategies to build an online business with all the tools & support needed. 

And this happened...

Make Time Online Income

Once you learn the process of getting thousands of people to find your website every month (for free) there really is not limit to what you can achieve online. 

I've reviewed hundreds of courses or programs that claim to help people make money online. And I've spoken to dozens of 6-7 figure online entrepreneurs on my podcast.

This is by far the best place I've seen to help beginners get set up on the right foot. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here (including the pros and cons!) 

Or you can watch an insiders video I made that explains exactly how it works here.  

Mike PE teacher to Passive Income Online

About the Author

Mike Beatty has built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time PE teacher without any marketing or technical experience. Learn more about how he's done it here.

Mike Beatty

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  1. Though, going by the price that this is going for, i should probably not consider it but Robby Blanchard has always being a big time mentor for me and i I finally have an opportunity to learn from him, I would not pass it away for the sake of anything and that is the reason I would make good use of the offer here. Facebook has never been my forte and surely, it should be exciting to learn more on the reasons my ad campaigns have always failed. thanks

    1. Glad to hear it Rodarrick! I hope it works out for you. Do keep me posted on how it goes, I’d love to know how effective the Facebook ads are

  2. Hi Mike

    There was a time when I was searching for different programs to start with an online business and I had come across Commission Here. But the sky-high costs to join Commission Hero were unaffordable for me and gave me a sinking feeling towards this program. But then there’s a saying – Whatever happens, happens for good.

    And I came across Wealthy Affiliate. They offered me a Free Starter Membership and even their Premium Membership was much less, realistic and affordable as compared to Commission Hero. Its been 9 months I have been with them and I am enjoying every bit of it.

    Thanks for this in-depth review.

    1. So glad to hear that Nick!! A very similar thing happened to me actually…

      I can’t believe how much some online courses charge, to be honest. Especially when they don’t even teach you everything you need to build your own online business. Knowledge is far more powerful in my humble opinion. 

      What’s the saying… give a man a fish…

  3. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for giving us this detailed review on Commission Hero, I don’t think the programme is for me though. I’ve know Robby Blanchard to some extent though, but I actually do not care if he ranks among the best at the moment but to charge this amount of money for the programme is just too much for me and I’m glad you pointed that out. To me programmes looks like those programmes where you need to spend a million to make a million. I believe wealthy affiliate is a good alternative too.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Jordan. It certainly may be right for some people, but personally I think you need to have a very good understanding of online marketing before this course. 

      The Facebook ads training may have once worked but the changes to the platform make this form of training very fickle and they will quickly become outdated. 

  4. Great review. I personally joined wealthy affiliate after being sucked by the so called Guru with their quick money making scheme, which is quick money sucking scheme.  Ifor I joined WA earlier on I think I would succeeded by now. But I wasted my time looking for opportunity that can fetch me $1000 a week. I ended up losing more that that. 

    1. Thanks for that Randy, I hope you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate! Just keep following the training and you’ll get there for sure!

      Robby is legit and the training could certainly work. It’s just the costs are so high. If you are new to online marketing chances are you’ll lose a few thousand dollars and then give up and think it’s an outright scam. Facebook is a cruel beast with paid ads for sure!

  5. Does the program give you any more information about how you PROVE whether you’ve tried it for 12 months? And what does it really mean to TRY it? I know that I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for almost 2 years now and there’s still new things I’m learning every day that are helping me optimize my content, create new sales funnels, and truly monetize the content that’s already online. I would personally shy away from Commission Hero because it only offers the one type of online marketing training! 

    1. Valid points made!

      From my research it looks like you need to show your efforts and in my opinion I would imagine you need to show you have used Clickfunnels ($99 a month) and tried many paid ads. That means paying a huge amount for the course and all the extras on top!

      so if you want to get your money back for the course you will actually need to lose a load of money I’d paid ads and clickfunnels!

      It’s almost like the opposite of win-win! 

  6. I think you need to find the right niche to make this work well. If you try to promote a niche that is already saturated, most probably, you will be losing money. I don’t like Facebook ads or paying for advertising, as it is known that not all the people interested in the product will see your ad, and you have to still pay for it. Besides that, if you have multiples ways to make money within a course, I would pay for it. 

    There are plenty of courses out there that cover everything about digital marketing. Even though this is real, I don’t think that only one course is worth the money. I guess this course will work for people that already know how affiliate marketing works. Otherwise, you will be losing money without getting any results. 

    Do you think this course will work well for beginners?

    Thanks for this honest review.

    1. Spot on Andres! 

      I do not think this course is a good idea for beginners at all no.

      With the high initial cost and the expensive monthly fees it’s a huge risk to take for something that you may find you don’t have any interest in or time to do it!

      As you say I think it would work great for online marketers ready to scale their business using paid ads. Great comment, it really sums it up nicely!

  7. Hello there, thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as has been of help to me, the price is on the high side  i should probably not consider it,but Robby Blanchard is a big time tutor and now I  have an opportunity to learn from him, I would throw it away because of of the price I think I would give this a full trial.

    1. Hey David. Yes you’re right Robby really does know his stuff and you will learn some great online marketing tips from him.

      However, if you are new to online marketing I would learn some methods of making free traffic first such as SEO or Pinterest or free social media marketing.

      that way this course can help to scale what is already working rather than risk losing a lot of money in a hurry!

  8. Ehhhh, I really hate programs like these.  They may be legal, but I find them semi-unethical and not actually sustainable long term.  For example, clickbait sites with a bunch of ads and thin, curiosity articles?  Sure, they worked to earn people massive income, but they’re against most social media rules nowadays because it’s very, very scammy.  And all you needed was a website with ads, barely there content, and FB ads (or Twitter ads) account to promote it.  Boom.  Now, it’s starting to become against the rules because people HATE these sites.  You’re just in it for the money when you go about using only ads to get traffic to a clickfunnel to sell a product that is going to show you exactly how to sell it the same exact way you just sold it. Really, I really don’t like those.  I’d rather be able to promote things I believe in and such.  So thanks for this review.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. However if you have an existing online business, or an idea for one, then commission hero can really teach you the skills you need to promote and scale that business.

      whilst I agree the methods taught are not completely ethical they can really help someone who has a great product that they want to promote.

      most importantly I don’t think this is suited for beginners though, and it kind of makes it sound it is. Unless you’re willing to lose a few thousand dollars and still keep going it’s better to learn the basics of online marketing with free traffic methods like SEO or Pinterest 

  9. Wow, this is quite a good review on the commissions hero. Quite a number of people have told me about this platform and how it can offer a good make money opportunity to them but I felt something fishy because the claims were not really visible so I am doing a research. I understand now that my hunch was right. This is a nice review. Very well written.

    1. Thanks Henderson. Personally I think it is a great opportunity for people looking to use Facebook ads and scale an existing online business. 

      If you’re a newbie it’s definitely not for you though!

  10. Hey I want thanks for a no b.s.reiveiw very to the point and engaging I’m so glad I read the whole thing to the end and found out your with wealthy affiliate I just joined today so I just wanted to reach out tell you thanks for the worthy content and I hope it’s all right if I follow you at WA- amazing community so far
    Thank you so much

    1. Hey Aimee, I’m so glad it could help! Yeah contact me on WA and I look forward to following your journey, let me know if you have any questions as you go.

  11. I ordered Robby Blanchard’s program not realizing the extra costs or that I couldn’t get a refund for 12 months, costly mistake on my part. I went through the training and liked the first couple of videos. But, after that I found it to be kind of sloppily put together, like he was winging it as he went along. I don’t want to hear “and uh” or watch him not be able to upload a screen and wait around. He should have notes to read from, be more prepped visual images. He makes a boatload of money and should really offer a 30-day money back guarantee. I get emails for private coaching at $297 a month, it’s all just too much. I will try again since I can’t get a refund for another 9 months, and I found a different funnel builder from Tyler Pratt. I found a couple of free courses that are taught way better than commission hero from Justin Meister and Miles Beckler…I just wish I had searched for best free courses first.

    1. Hey Devin, sorry to hear that.

      Unfortunately so many of these “gurus” do have similar courses. The good thing is the teachings do work… the bad thing is the “done for you funnels” nealry always need tweaking (just think about it… if hundreds of people are using the same ads and funnels can everyone carry on making money long term?)

      Miles is great I highly recommend his YouTube channel.

      You can learn all of this stuff for free but a course can be a great way to focus and speed up your success.

      If you can’t get a refund my best advice is to do one of 2 things:
      1. Completely ignore what everyone says and commit 100% to Robby’s exact training. Unfortunately, there may be some black hat or unethical things in there, but it will at least help you get the ball rolling (and sorry you may need to commit more money to ads)

      2. Try out my other recommendation

      As long as you commit to this long term you will make this work and this will be a small hiccup along the way!

  12. Typical Wealthy Affiliate Circle Jerk Review. What a shame BC you're really bashing an AMAZING product here, who's LESS succesfull students are making more profit than Wealthy Affiliates MOST succesful students

    1. I’m really not bashing Commission Hero at all James. I think it’s not bad compared to a lot of other things. Just trying to make sure people know what they are getting into and have all the options!

      Here is my Wealthy Affiliate review, with the true pros AND cons in there too.

      I think Commission Hero is one of the better high ticket programs I’ve seen out there. But for a complete beginner to go down this route they will get a nasty surprise once they have forked out all the money and then realise there are a lot more things they need to spend money on.

      Facebook ads are a great skill to learn as it still works and the skills are transferable to whatever comes along after Facebook.

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