July 20, 2021

Cashflow System Review: Analyzing Tai Lopez Affiliate Marketing Course

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Many search for new and better ways to make money online and build a sustainable career in the digital world. This is why there are now many online business opportunities popping up every minute.

One of these is called Cashflow System.

But you are a bit hesitant and doubtful about it, so you asked yourself…

Is Cashflow System a scam? Nope, it is not.

It is a legit course that teaches affiliate marketing and how you can earn passive income while selling the different products of Tai Lopez

This review will help you gauge if this is a legit way to make money online and if it is worth trying out. We are also going to deep dive into the prices to see if this one is really worth it.

Read on to know more about Cashflow System…

This Cashflow System review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Cashflow System review: The overview and rankings

Name: Cashflow System

Founder: Tai Lopez

Type: Affiliate marketing course

Success Stories: 20/100

Price To Join: $997 subscription

Cashflow System Pros

  1. User-friendly
  2. Legit creator
  3. Money-back guarantee

Cashflow System Cons

  1. Expensive
  2. No guarantee of success
  3. Unclear commissions


Cashflow System is an online educational course that helps you create a profitable authority site so that you can make good money online.

Make Time Online Rating: 40 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Cashflow System about?

The Cashflow System is an affiliate marketing program that teaches how you can make money by selling Tai Lopez’s products that come in the form of physical and digital assets.

The Cash Flow 101 Method is an online moneymaking program. It provides a compensation plan with four different earning tiers based on your chosen membership.

The system’s designer is unknown. Therefore, it’s crucial to study exactly what it entails – whether this entire procedure is legitimate to earn passive income or just another online scam.

Like a pyramid scheme, the “One Up Pay Plan” compensation plan gives you the potential to earn when you recommend others to join and when your referrals invite others to join.

The cash flow is contingent on your ability to recruit or ask others to join because when a recruit pays, you receive the payout. Essentially, this is how you will make money online with this plan

It discusses how you can make passive income online so you don’t have to work hard for your earnings. It’s a course that promotes automatic payments to your account.

However, you need to implement all of the things you’ve learned from the course so that you can make good money and be successful in affiliate marketing.

I also found out that this course helps you choose the right market and audience to ensure that all your products are sold in the fastest time possible.

Check out this 4-minute video to know more about Cashflow System…


Let us then dig deeper into the creator of Cashflow System…

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a well-known financial advisor, investor, and entrepreneur who has collaborated with a number of multi-million dollar businesses around the globe.

He currently has more than 1.5 million students scattered across 40 countries that constantly listen to his advice and courses on how to make passive income online. This guy also has numerous podcasts and a bunch of book clubs where he shares his strategies on wealth generation.

Tai is also a social media sensation with more than 1 million followers each in YouTube and Twitter, 3 million Instagram followers, and more than 6.2 followers in Facebook. Even his Tai Lopez Show podcast rakes in around 800,000 downloads monthly.

So, how does the course work?…

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How does Cashflow System Work?

Cashflow System is a 10-step program that helps you make money through affiliate marketing.

Based on the compensation structure, it resembles a pyramid scheme in which the only way to earn money is if someone pays the same membership fee as you.

It is not a fraud because it pays you money — but only if someone else purchases it.

With the promotion for this program, they are attempting to convince you that recruiting members is simply because they have a staff that will do the work for you if you pay for the following:

Developing Leads

A team will generate leads for you if you only pay for visibility.

Email Marketing

After a prospect submits their email address, they will receive automatic invitations to join and pay for membership.

You do this by selling various products in the market, which Tai helps you choose based on the niche and marketability.

Tai says that if you follow his strategies and techniques right, then you can make these products sell by themselves, hence, the term passive income. The course also has a huge emphasis on getting your products in front of the right audience and the products will sell themselves.

However, there are still a lot of other courses that offer the same or at least similar affiliate marketing topics. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Inside Cashflow System

The program works as an affiliate marketing course designed to guide you through the whole process of earning passive income.

You’ll partner with Tai Lopez, who will provide you with a proven copy and paste system that can help you generate $2,000 to $25,000 monthly. Well, that’s what Tai says!

This depends on how much time and effort you spend on this endeavor. The course also has a huge emphasis on improving site traffic to generate higher profits. Tai teaches you how to boost this traffic so you can convert these site visitors to customers.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the Cashflow System course:

Step 1

This is the first step that guides you through the payment process. It is where you set up how you want to get paid, either through PayPal, wire transfer, or other means.

Step 2

It is then time to set up your account. This is where you create your username and write a short bio about yourself. This should be done in an enticing and attractive way so that you can have a good branding.

Step 3

You then upload your photo. Make sure the photo is clear and high-quality. It should also be a formal photo. Don’t place selfies.

Step 4

You will then gain access to a canned page that is automatically generated. Tai will provide this and make it available for use once you finish setting up your account.

You then put this link on the site that is provided, either on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s bio section. Make it short, but concise. It should also entice people to click on that link, without it looking like a click bait…

Step 5 to 10

In these steps, Tai provides expert advice and professional training based on his experiences in affiliate marketing and earning passive income.

You also gain access to multiple templates that you can simply copy and paste on your social media profiles. Or if you’re the more aggressive kind, directly send to people.

People clicking on the link you provided will then be directed to your page and go through a funnel system. This is where they are provided with Tai’s book called 3 Commandments of Wealth that the person can download for free.

The site visitor is then taken through another funnel where Tai’s other products are placed, and can help improve their cash flow. Take note, though, that the entire process is tracked. This means that you maintain your affiliate ID through the process.

The products offered come in different areas such as ecommerce, real estate, social media marketing, startups, and credit boosting.

So, what’s up with these? Well, easy. And that means anyone who buys the products that came out from your page automatically sends an affiliate commission directly into your account. Everything is tracked, so you still gain commissions no matter how far the funnel is.

Check out this long 1-hour video where Tai Lopez discusses his Cash Flow System in deep detail…

And what are the prices?…

Cashflow System cost to join

Cashflow System costs $997, which seems like to have been the golden price for most affiliate marketing these days. It sure is expensive, but it’s worth trying… if you’ve got the cash, of course.

Cashflow System monthly cost

There are no monthy costs because you just have to pay a $997 one-time fee.

You also have to join the waitlist, because Tai says that his course is already fully booked.

Cashflow System reviews online

Cashflow System is an online course that teaches you affiliate marketing and how to earn and make money from the products Tai Lopez sells

But what you really want to know is if this can really help you earn money online.

To answer this, I’ve checked a number of client testimonials and reviews about his course…

Common positive Cashflow System reviews

  • New opportunity
  • Nice branding
  • Legit course details

Here are some of the best positive reviews I have found…

“I actually believe that this might be the best thing Tai has released because it gives you a chance at making real money by utilising the products, tools and resources that Tai Lopez has already built.”

I’ve personally benefited a lot from affiliate marketing so I like this idea of actually partnering with Tai to promote his own products.

“This also allows you to piggyback on Tai’s brand. It’s like becoming a franchisee of a brand like McDonalds or Subway.”

Common negative Cashflow System reviews

  • Expensive
  • Unnecessary fees
  • Many cheaper alternatives

And here are the negative reviews worth checking out…

“What I really don’t understand is why you would have to pay for this system. I mean in the end, Tai benefits from you providing traffic and selling HIS products. He pays you a commission – so all is fair. Why would you have to pay for access?”

“One thing that I didn’t quite grasp was that you have to be part of his “gold” membership to be offered the money back guarantee. Bronze and Silver don’t qualify. So i’m a little concerned here – maybe I don’t know the whole picture but something doesn’t smell right guarantee wise.”

You’re not building a business here. You’re not learning anything. In fact you’re just a mule. A traffic mule is what is seems like. Because that’s all you are going to be used for.

Is Cashflow System a scam?

Nope. Cashflow System is not a scam.

Technically, no. You can earn money with this service, but it is more complex than the firm claims.

A substantial amount of labor is required up front; there is no real assurance of success, and – most significantly – the actual commissions are modest.

There is nothing wrong with front-loading work and earning money afterward.

But it’s not worth it if you work hard for three months and only receive a $50 commission.

Could you complete the same three months of work (in your spare time) and receive a monthly salary of $500 to $2,000?

And what if you didn’t have to wait three months? Could you begin immediately and receive your first money within one week?

Could you double it the next week?

It is the strength of Digital Real Estate.

And, unlike MLM, you can do this legally from wherever. It is a genuine lifestyle enterprise.

You only need a laptop and an Internet connection.

Some of this program’s most successful students operate their whole six-figure enterprises from:

  • A tent pitched in the middle of the forest
  • Mexico beach chair on the water
  • A modest home in Greece

It is a legit affiliate marketing course created by famous and well-documented online entrepreneur, Tai Lopez. It helps you earn passive income through affiliate marketing.

This makes affiliate marketing easy to follow and understand because of its copy and paste feature which lets you place link templates on your social media for people to click into and direct commissions into your account.

But many are skeptical because it is expensive.That is normal, though, because you can learn how to make money from affiliate marketing, and do it as fast as possible. Just make sure you breakeven from the costs soon so you don’t end up with losses.

Tired of expensive crappy Affiliate Marketing courses? Check out how I make money online here!

Cashflow System pros


This course is user friendly, making this nice for beginners or those who don’t have any experience with affiliate marketing. It’s not that complicated to understand. You simply put codes for people to click, and you earn every time they buy from those codes.

Legit creator

One of the best things about this course is that it is created by a legit creator. Tai Lopez is well known and is no doubt successful in the realm of passive income.

He has created numerous books, online courses, and various affiliate marketing niches where he earns good money. He isn’t even shy of flexing his wealth in social media to prove that he’s one legit rich man anyone can listen to. You might even have seen his video where he shows his barrage of luxury cars, which he says are products of his affiliate marketing career.

Money-back guarantee

And yes, the infamous money back guarantee!

This shows that Tai Loez is serious in this course and that he’s confident it’ll satisfy you so you don’t end up asking for your money back.

Cashflow System cons


Yes, this is another expensive affiliate marketing course. The $997 price tag is just too much for a course that merely teaches and provides access to ready-made affiliate marketing links. There are better options out there that are way much cheaper…

No guarantee of success

There is no guarantee of success if you buy this course because it still depends on how you are going to implement the learnings.

You also should have a strong fan base or huge following to make the most out of this course.

Unclear commissions

Yes, you earn from this. But how much you earn and how you can get the earnings is not that clear.

This is a huge drawback because it compromises transparency, which is a big deal for beginner affiliate marketers.

Ready to make passive income online?

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My opinion – Cashflow System

Cashflow System is not a scam. It is a legit affiliate marketing course that teaches how to earn passive income while giving you direct access to various products. It is also created by Tai Lopez, a well renowned and successful affiliate marketer who has built great wealth.

It includes tips on earning passive income, as well as ready-made affiliate marekting templates you can directly place on your social media profiles, while getting higher traffic.

But you get all these in exchange for spending lots of cash to gain access to Tai Lopez’s seeming treasure trove of riches. There is also even no guarantee of success once you have this because it still all depends on how you implement your learnings.

There are many other online business opportunities out there that offer better chances of success and higher returns you can try now…

How I make passive income online

In 2018 I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. 

Once I learnt about it, it just seemed like a great business model that can grow over time using the power of the internet. 

So I tried to figure it out by myself… that got me nowhere fast.

Then I fell for some terrible online scams. 

But eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches long-term proven strategies to build an online business with all the tools & support needed. 

And this happened…

Make Time Online Income

Once you learn the process of getting thousands of people to find your website every month (for free) there really is not limit to what you can achieve online. 

I’ve reviewed hundreds of courses or programs that claim to help people make money online. And I’ve spoken to dozens of 6-7 figure online entrepreneurs on my podcast.

This is by far the best place I’ve seen to help beginners get set up on the right foot. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here (including the pros and cons!) 

Or you can watch an insiders video I made that explains exactly how it works here.  

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