April 9, 2020

Making $500/ Month From Different Websites Quickly- w/ Brian Johnson

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You probably know it would be pretty cool to make $500 a month from a website you own. But have you ever thought what it would be like to make $500 a month from multiple websites? 

Most people think that making any money from a website can take a lot of time and effort. 

But what if there was a way to make $500+ a month from a website quickly by following a process?

Making $500/ Month From Different Websites Quickly


From Crazy Dad Speaks

Brian Johnson podcast

Make Time Online Podcast on iTunes - Live life on your own terms

Brian Johnson from Crazy Dad Speaks has found a way to do exactly this. We chat about:

  • How Brian uses brand ambassadorships to create multiple streams of income
  • The power of using Facebook ads, Google ads and Pinterest ads
  • How anyone can start learning how to use Facebook ads today
  • Why Brian and his family only had 18 months to figure this all out

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Brian's Best Tips and Tools

Here are some of the best tips and tools mentioned by Brian in our chat:

  • Connect with brands/ companies that you would like to promote - see if you can work a "brand ambassadorship" with them
  • Brand ambassadorships- you can get a monthly income for promoting their products AND affiliate commission for sales you make
  • Track the traffic you send to a website using a UTM code as this can show proof of how much traffic you sent to your partners. Hub Spot explains how to set this up
  • Never cloak/ change your Amazon affiliate links- Genius Link explains why
  • Run ads to your new websites to get targeted traffic quickly- Brian mainly uses Facebook ads, Google ads and Pinterest ads
  • Facebook Blueprint- free FB ads course by FB
  • Google Skillshop- free course by Google
  • Pinterest Academy- free Pinterest courses by Pinterest
  • Make sure you have pages that convert (i.e. make sales)
  • Use heat maps on your landing page to see where people spend their time and exit etc.
  • Install Facebook Pixel & Pinterest Tag on your website so you can track your ads that you run
  • Your first FB ads campaign should be low cost i.e. $1 a day for 5 days. Don't expect to make money but aim for engagement (not click throughs). Be willing to learn!
  • Provide value on social media groups for free- good things start to happen

He just provided so much value and so many actionable tips. It's worth listening to the full chat to get more detail and specifics about all of that

Facebook Ads Campaign Example

Brian was kind enough to share one of his previous super successful Facebook Ad campaigns for 6 figure site, Happy Mothering.

[Notice how the ads follow Facebook's ad guidelines, which can all be learnt in the Facebook Blueprint free course]... 

Facebook Ad campaign
Facebook Ad campaign-min

You can find the article that this linked to here, which helped "American Girl" get over 3,500 entries to their competition.

Don't you think every business would be delighted to be sent thousands of targeted leads every month? 

So you can see why companies are willing to offer Brian a "brand ambassadorship" deal and pay him a fee every month... plus commission!

Full Brain Johnson Podcast Transcript

Brian Johnson Podcast Summary

There are so many takeaways from this chat with Brian. 

The main one for me was that I don't need to be afraid about spending money on Facebook ads. You can find out so much information about them for free and it's possible to get started with a tiny amount.

Like everything else this is a skill that will need time and practice to get good at it. And there's no better time than to start today!

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