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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020: Easy Money Opportunity or Scam?

In the spirit of full transparency, know that this Wealthy Affiliate review 2020 contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Imagine what if would be like if you were in control of your own schedule.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make money from the comfort of your own home… or anywhere in the world with an internet connection?

Just picture this for a moment… living the life that you have always dreamed of…

No credit card details required

You probably agree that if you want to be financially independent and retire early you need to find ways of making passive income.

Well, creating an online business in a certain way can be a form of passive income for anyone. The best part is that you don’t need to have thousands of dollars to get started like many other forms of passive income.

After you read this up to date honest Wealthy Affiliate review 2020, you will learn what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 Part One:

The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson – 96 out of 100
  • Website URL:
  • Training: 90 out of 100
  • Support: 99 out of 100
  • Website Builder: 99 out of 100
  • Research Tools: 95 out of 100 (for the paid version)
  • Success Stories: 95 out of 100
  • Price: Starter Member (Free- for as long as you want) Premium Membership ($49 per month/ $359 year)
  • Rating: 97 out of 100

My Story

It all started on a sunny day in Essex, England, in August 2017.

Sarah, my wife, and I were sipping our coffee, chilled on my parent’s sofa when she asked…

“Do you want to start a blog?”

I had no idea how much those 7 words would shape my life. Read the “About Mike” page to learn more about this story.

I didn’t even know blogging was still a thing in 2017!

But after trying it out for a while and speaking to some people in this mysterious “blogging world” we realised some people were making a full-time income from it.

And others were making way more than I’d ever be able to as a teacher.

So it became a puzzle of mine to put the pieces together to figure out how they do this.

As you read each word in this Wealthy Affiliate review you will see how it has helped me to put a lot of the pieces together.

But I am not going to blow their trumpet to convince you to give it a go. I will be completely honest about my experience and show you the negatives so you can make an informed decision.

My First Online Sale…

Man, I remember the day that I made my first bit of money online.

It’s such a weird feeling that is super hard to explain.

I was in freezing England after the Christmas break. We were out at dinner with my parents before we were heading back to Qatar when I got this buzz on my phone.

“Amazon Associates”.

I recently had an email from them saying I had about a week left on my account to make the required 3 sales in your first 180 days.

So I didn’t think much of it as I’d hardly used any affiliate links from Amazon on my website.

Then I clicked it and…

I made a massive…


This may sound weird but this was possibly the greatest $1.03 I have ever or will ever earn.

It was passive income.

I did the work once… and it paid me in the future.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020- First Ever Sale Online

Someone had read my review of Rich Dad Poor Dad, clicked the link and bought the book!

More than anything else, it was proof that I can make money online.

End of 2019 Update…

It’s actually quite crazy how much I have learnt about online businesses over the last 15 months.

I also know how much there still is to learn.

But here’s the truth:

I cannot fail if I don’t quit.

How many types of business can honestly say that?

Here is what has started happening to my website in recent months…

I am getting over a thousand people to find my website every month for free!

This is all from Google and exactly what Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to do.

But this is not the only method of traffic I have been taught…

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020- Website Stats

I also know how to use social media and work with other online entrepreneurs to drive traffic to my website for viral traffic.

I’ve even used what I’ve learnt to start a new website and get hundreds of people to the website per day almost instantly…

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020- Website Stats

Now, I can almost hear your mind thinking…

So what?

Traffic is not money.

Well, here’s the secret amigo…

Yes, it is!

I just didn’t know that until VERY recently…

Income Update…

If you’re like me (and Jerry Maguire) the only thing you are probably interested in is seeing the money.


So I’m not going to hold anything back…

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020- Money Made Recently
Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020- Money Made Recently
Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020- Money Made Recently

You’re probably thinking…

So what?

“This is not enough to quit my full-time job!”

The thing that I want to make clear is this:

  • There are multiple streams of income (I make money from different affiliate programs)
  • The rate of growth is exponential (this time just a few months ago I hadn’t made anything significant)
  • I am a PE teacher by trade! I. Did. Not. Know. This. Stuff!

Everything I have learnt has come from following the step-by-step training and people within Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s even enough proof for me to quit my full-time job before the end of 2019! Exciting times ahead for sure! (I only joined in September 2018)

But enough about me.

Let’s get back to the Wealthy Affiliate review 2020…

You Want the Proof? You Can’t Handle the Proof…

Now I can almost hear your mind screaming…

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

So here’s the thing…

There is so much proof, you don’t need to hear it from me.

Meet Jerry- Joined May 2016

The 21-year-old college drop-out consistently makes 4 figures a month from Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you notice the rate of growth in his income too?

Oh, and did I mention he just made over $100k in a week from a new course he made?

Meet Grace aka LittleMama- Joined Sep 2016

The little darling of Wealthy Affiliate knows how to get paid on tap. Are you beginning to notice the rate of growth after making the first affiliate sale?

  • Her first annual membership referral was in November 2017
  • To $40k commissions in 2018

Will I Have to Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Absolutely not.

As you continue to read this Wealthy Affiliate review in 2020 you will realise there are 2 training paths you can take.

Meet Juan- Joined May 2015

He makes money mainly from promoting other products on Amazon.

Elvalen First $2k

Will it Take Ages Before I Make Money?

How long is a piece of string?

It is entirely up to a number of factors including:

  • How much time you put into it
  • If you follow the training
  • Whether you collaborate and help out others

Meet Dylan- Joined Aug 2015

Dylan refined his tactics after working at Wealthy Affiliate for over a year. His new website generated over $4,000 in month 7!

Dylan $4k 7 months

And yes it is possible to sell websites…

Dylan Sold $30k

Will I Have to Put in Tons of Time?

This success story may help you decide…

Meet Steve- Joined Aug 2016

Here is a list of what he does:

  • Works a full-time job
  • Competes in “Iron Man” events (this is a full-time job just training in case you didn’t know… it’s heaps of swimming, cycling then a marathon to finish)
  • Manages a travel website
  • Spends quality time with his wife and friends

He is not a guy that has 40 hours a week to put into his online business… but he makes 4 figures a month!

Now, if this is not enough proof click here to see a whole load more.

Top Tip- Before you pay any money try the free account out. Find these people or thousands of others using Wealthy Affiliate and message them. They will tell you the truth about what they did and how much they worked.

No credit card details required

Why Use Wealthy Affiliate?

There are 3 main reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 recommendation:

  • The step-by-step training is so easy to follow
  • Simple to use tools (read this to see “How to Build a Website in 30 Seconds“)
  • Amazing support (24/7 live chat and over 1.5 million users ready to help)

Making money online can be overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts and everyone has the next best shiny object ready to distract you.

Wealthy Affiliate 4 Step-Process

As you keep reading this Wealthy Affiliate review 2020, you will begin to realise Wealthy Affiliate keeps it simple stupid.

They use a 4 step proven model:

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Build content
  3. Attract visitors
  4. Make money

Click on any of the above to read more about each step.

What are the Wealthy Affiliate Negatives?

Ok first of all I need to be fully open with you.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for everyone.

Here are some people that should not waste their precious time with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Someone that wants to make money instantly
  • People that do not want to help others
  • Someone that doesn’t want to put in any effort
  • If you’re looking for a ready-made program to start paying you money (if you find this, hook me up… joking, this simply doesn’t exist!)

If you use Wealthy Affiliate it does not mean you will be successful and have money flowing into your bank account each month.

It will show you what to do but you still need to put the work in. Some people do get frustrated with it and like to point the finger at the training program.

Man Thinking

The Negatives

Nothing is perfect and there are some things that are not 100% ideal:

  1. Information Overload

    There is a lot going on inside Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re not careful you will find yourself jumping around and trying to take on too much. The training exists for a reason. Trust it and follow it!

  2. Email List Training

    I was a massive skeptic about this initially. Read any “successful blogger’s” number one tip and it will be…

    “Build your email list immediately”.

    However, Wealthy Affiliate skims over this. It does have some webinars and some people have created training on it.

    I ignored the training initially and thought I could go about building my list at the same time. Turns out, until you get traffic, nobody will join your list (no matter how good your content is!)

    This is why Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t focus on this in the starter trainings (hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

  3. Who to Trust??

    There are over 1.5 million users on Wealthy Affiliate.

    This means there are some amazing people you can learn from. But it also means a lot of people won’t know what they are talking about (they may still try to help you though!)

    Figuring out who to take tips from isn’t easy at the start, but that’s where I can come in to point you in the direction of the best people to ask!

Disclaimer- Remember there is no magic button to press to make it all work. You will have to learn and put the time and effort in if you want to see results.

As you pay close attention to the rest of this Wealthy Affiliate review in 2020 you will begin to get excited about what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you…

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 Part Two:

What does Wealthy Affiliate do?

A lot!!

To be honest it does so much that it can be overwhelming reading it all.

All you need to know:

If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, then Wealthy Affiliate holds your hand into getting an online business up and running. 

Some of the things Wealthy Affiliate does:

  • Step-by-step training – make a website suited for affiliate marketing (promoting other peoples products and getting a commission)
  • An amazing community to support you
  • Build your website in 30 seconds
  • Tools to track and monitor your progress
  • Tools to improve your research and content
  • Top quality hosting

When you try it out for free you will discover why so many people get excited and tell their friends about it .

Wealthy Affiliate Training, Many Formats to Suit your Taste

The training comes in different formats to suit your learning style:

  1. Video
  2. Written
  3. Weekly live webinars

There are 2 routes you can take with the training:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Training
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp
Wealthy Affiliate Training

Basically, route 1 is for those who have a specific niche and know exactly what they want to do.

Route 2 is for those who don’t really know and so they hold your hand down the make money online route.

Now for me, the indecisive ninny here, I found this very hard to decide!

As I already had a blog up and running I literally would love to have a niche in anything to do with:

  • Health/ Nutrition
  • Success/ Business
  • Happiness/ Personal development

However, after starting route 1 I realised I would 100% need to sub-niche this down as it’s too vague and pretty much covers everyone in the world (which turns out is not a good thing!!)

If you need to some help in deciding on your niche then I have created a post to show some things I wish I knew before (the video on there could save you hours of faffing!!)

Choosing Your Route

Working in the education system since 2011 has shown me how little financial IQ is taught at schools. This website is my way to help spread the word about financial education and demonstrate different ways we can create more money (and hence time) in our own lives.

…So route 2 it was!

The Bootcamp is more useful than a cold beer on a hot day. It literally shows you, step by step, how to create your online business.

The information is incredibly thorough.

Do you remember reading that the downside to the training is the lack of depth in email marketing? Hindsight has taught me that it’s actually a good thing they don’t put this in too soon as this would cause overwhelm… I know this because I tried it anyway!

You would end up doing everything… but nothing well (Hello… that was me!)

Top Tip- Do EVERY step as it comes. Do not skip past action points and go at your own pace.

To avoid these mistakes and fast track your progress check out this free course…

Wealthy Affiliate Support, A Community of “Caring” Experts

When you try the program out you will find people at completely different stages of their online marketing journey:

  • Complete beginners
  • People who have been using it for 6 months
  • Members who are making 5 figures a month

I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate after reading Riaz Shah’s website as I found his reviews to be very honest and informative.

He has been more helpful to me than Robin is to Batman (…yes I just referred to myself as Batman!) Just look at the detail in his response to a question I asked. This is only a fraction of the answer… talk about personal service!

There is also a Live chat and Forum so you can get quick responses to any question that pops up in your head!

After only 2 months of being a member, I wrote a post about “Why do People Create Blogs“… 13 people inside WA took the time to answer some questions for me.

People continually provide comments and feedback on my website and they are so helpful, generous and understanding of any type of problems.

No credit card details required

The SiteRubrix Suite, Create, Manage & Grow Your Websites

This was actually pretty amazing! I remember creating our website for our first blog on WordPress and I was so confused.

WordPress is actually very user-friendly but it took me ages to make the website look how I wanted it.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it took 30 seconds to create a website using Site Builder. No joke! Check out “How to Create a Website in 30-Seconds” for more info.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The screenshot above shows all the things that come with the SiteRubrix Suite. I honestly have found it soooooooo helpful!

For me, one of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the site comments.

You choose what you’re interested in (so I never receive any baby advice or gardening websites) and you can skip websites if you’d rather not read it. So I actually find reading others people work really useful. All you do is write a meaningful comment to someone else.

In the screenshot above I had made 10 comments and then I used my “credits” to ask for specific feedback on certain posts that I have created. As you can see I had already received 20 comments (20 for the price of 10!!!!)

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Site Manager (above screenshot) is such a great way to see what you can do to improve your “Site Health”.

It also shows the speed of your website and what you can do to improve this. This helps to ensure your website is optimised to improve its rankings on search engines and that your audience has a better experience when using the site.

Jaaxy Tool – Key Word Research

The training program shows you step by step how to make the website better for SEO using plugins (Search Engine Optimisation- in English this means it makes your website easier to find on Google)

The Jaaxy Tool is an amazing way to find keywords that receive a lot of searches each month.

If you want to learn more about SEO then check out this “Jaaxy Review” and particularly “How to Find Keywords For Your Website to Get Traffic on Tap“.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Jaaxy

As you absorb this information you will realise the best part of using Jaaxy is the QSR column (number of competing websites).

This helps you to find keywords that have less competition. Therefore, your website will rank higher on search engines and you will get more visitors to your site… aka more eyes on your website to purchase through your affiliate links.

This may sound overwhelming if you are brand new to this…

but just like everything else on this site…

follow the training, complete the tasks and all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together.

This is actually worth $49 per month by itself but it comes as part of the Premium Wealthy Affiliate package.

Managed WordPress Hosting- Set up Efficiently!

Picture your website like a load of files on your computer.

The “hosting” is basically where you store these files and share them with other people.

People can pay anything from $60 to a few thousand dollars per year.

So the Wealthy Affiliate hosting is top quality.

If you are on the free membership you get 2 .siterubrix free websites so you can get started and try out the training without having to pay anything. Plus you can stay on the free membership for as long as you like!

Wealthy Affiliate Review WordPress

If you use the paid version you can get 25 free .siterubrix websites and 25 domains. WordPress is what all the big online marketers use to manage their website and WA helps you get set up on there super easily.

This means if you have another online business or website you can transfer it onto Wealthy Affiliate and get all the added benefits of:

  • Faster speeds
  • The Spam Blocker
  • SiteSSL (notice my website is https instead of http. You usually find this on websites that you make payments on as it makes the site more secure).

Why bother using the paid version?

This is something that I asked myself a lot when I started out.

You can access so many things on the free membership I didn’t really see the point.

The 3 big things I could see was that on the paid membership you get:

  1. The extra websites available (25 instead of 2)
  2. Access to the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (usually $49 per month by itself)
  3. Much more training

Check out all of the benefits for yourself:

The main reason I went for the paid membership was really because of what I’m about to tell you… and no it’s not the Vegas trip…

Meet in Vegas, Lucrative Affiliate Program

If you sign up right now you will be getting a free trip to Vegas every year for the rest of your life!!… Only joking!!

Of course, they don’t actually sell this to you like that (that would be cool though eh?!) and of course, it’s great to set big goals but to get the all paid for Vegas-trip you need to get 300 people to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate.

Remember, you DO NOT have to promote Wealthy Affiliate at all.

If your passion is photography then Wealthy Affiliate can help you get a great online business set up for you too.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Vegas

The bit that is interesting for a lot of beginners is that you can get paid to refer others to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, there are a lot of reviews that sell Wealthy Affiliate as the best thing since sliced bacon (I’m sure you’ll understand why in a second).

The thing I have found surprising is that a lot seem to fail to mention this part. I’m not entirely sure why…

Wealthy Affiliate Review Commission

You get paid if someone signs up from your link…

If you’re on the free membership (by the way did I mention you can be a free member for as long you like??) you receive:

  • $11.75 per monthly premium subscriber
  • or $87.50 for a yearly membership

If you are on the paid membership it doubles to:

  • $23.50 per month
  • or $175 for a yearly membership

So that means if 2 people sign up to Wealthy Affiliate from your link, you effectively get the premium Wealthy Affiliate membership for FREE!

Are you beginning to see how people make money online?

If you are looking into starting an online business then check out this Wealthy Affiliate review. It is possibly one of the best ways to work from home. Learn the best affiliate marketing tips and discover the best affiliate marketing programs with this course. Learn how to make money online and create passive income from home. #makemoneyonline #affiliatemarketingtips #affiliatemarketingforbloggers #onlinebusiness #passiveincome

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020: The “MakeTimeOnline” Final Word

Wealthy Affiliate is amazeballs for beginners and bloggers that want to start monetising or scale their website.

Especially if you are serious about making money online to free up your time, but still haven’t found the right strategy.

Even if you don’t join the paid membership you can stay on the free membership for as long as you like and learn a load from the free training.

This is the best one-stop-shop to get:

  • Tools (hosting, keyword tool, affiliate opportunities etc.)
  • Step-by-step training
  • And support

Have you noticed yet that if you want to connect with like-minded people there is a strong active community on Wealthy Affiliate?

Plus, I am already going through this process so you’ve got someone to give you personal feedback and help.

Rating Out of 100

How Much Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Worth?

When you actually break down what you get from a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate it looks like this:

  1. 100+ Step-by-Step Training Lessons (Value $997)
  2. Super Simple Website Builder (Value $294)
  3. Web Domain Marketplace (Value $99)
  4. State-of-the-Art Web Hosting (Value $240)
  5. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (Value $588)
  6. Affiliate Program Marketplace (Value $197)
  7. Weekly Live Training Calls (Value $497)
  8. User Generate Training (Value $299)
  9. Worldwide Community: >1.2 Million Members (Value $349)
  10. 24/7 Technical Support Team on Standby (Value $299)

The training, tools and support adds up to a total value of $3,859

But it doesn’t end there as I remember exactly how hard and weird it was starting out as a brand new “online business owner” in September 2018.

So I’m going to give you some additional bonuses that no other WA members get and what I wish I had when I started…

My Recommendation and Special BONUS!!

I would recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try for free. This way you can check out the starter training and test out the platform. You can also message some other people inside if you’d like another person’s point of view.

The special bonuses of signing up for the premium membership during your first week are:

Hypnotic Cheatsheet

BONUS #1, Hypnotic Cheatsheet & Analogy Book ($67 Value)

  • Insert scientifically proven words into your writing that helps to keep your readers engaged and hooked to the end.
  • Make editing your writing much quicker. 
  • Persuade and seduce your readers to take action that can help them.
1,000 Low competition Keywords & Guest Posting Opportunities

BONUS #2, 1000+ Amazing Keyword Ideas & Guest Posting Opportunities ($99 Value)

  • Get 1000+ low competition (not many websites writing about them) keywords with a lot of traffic (this is how you can get free traffic from Google every month)
  • Quickly improve the “authority” of your website by “guest posting” (writing a post for them to link back to your website) to some amazing websites
  • Save hours of time from having to do this research yourself
7 Day Online Business Blueprint

BONUS #3, Personal Business Blueprint + Checklist ($139 Value)

  • I’m also giving you this Personal Business Blueprint where I’ll give you specific instructions to help you start on the right foot and plan your schedule.
  • I’ve also created a custom daily task for week 1 to assist you in Wealthy Affiliate’s training.
  • This is NOT found anywhere else and NOT available to any other WA members!
Top WordPress Plugins and Themes

BONUS #4, Top WordPress Themes & Plugins Guide ($97 Value)

Not sure what themes & plugins to use for your website?

  • If you’ve tried WordPress, you know WordPress has a TON of themes and plugins. I understand it’s confusing for beginners.
  • So, I’ve created this guide to help you based on my experience.
  • This guide will be extremely helpful to kickstart your website!
How to Hire a professional writer like a PRO

BONUS #5, Outsourcing Secrets: Hire Writer Like A PRO ($249 Value)

Do you hate writing? Feel like you suck at writing? Me too!

  • In this training, I’ll give you the exact steps a Wealthy Affiliate member took to hire his full-time writer at just $400/month who writes really well.
  • Thanks to his writer, he’s now automated his website. He hasn’t written a single post for a very long time, yet the money just keeps coming in every single day.
  • This is how you can truly create an online business!
6 Figure Business in 6 Months Course

BONUS #6, How To Create a 6 Figure Website… In 6 Months ($299 Value)

Still no idea where to begin?

  • In this training, another Wealthy Affiliate member walks you through his exact strategy for creating a 6 figure business using Amazon
  • Following these steps have proven to create a website that generates $4,000 per month and this is possible to achieve within 6 months!
  • If I were to start again and not have a clear passion I wanted to follow… this would be exactly what I would do

Remember this is a special bonus for those “action takers” that join the premium membership during the first week.

Total Value: US $4,809

Your Investment TODAY: US $19

When you try the program out you will discover why so many people get excited about it and recommend it to others.

Now let me ask you this…

What’s the life you would love to live worth to you?

Keep changing for the better,


No credit card details required

P.S. If you’d like the advice I wish I received when I started out, then check out this free course…

Updates to Questions Below

The training also includes how to use social media including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and how to make your website a place for others to engage.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

How to Use Pinterest for Beginners

In the spirit of full transparency, know that this post on how to use Pinterest for beginners contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, you may receive a discount or some money for free! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

As you start reading the beginning of this article you find yourself wondering what it would be like to receive regular free traffic from Pinterest.

You’re intelligent enough to know that some people use Pinterest to drive most of their traffic to their blog.

The further on you read you’ll begin to understand how this is possible.

Welcome to how to use Pinterest for beginners…

Firstly, Why Use Pinterest? 

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably not used Pinterest much.

The little time you have spent on it has been wasted by pretty pictures of barn weddings and girly stuff.

So why bother to use Pinterest?

Because it’s business model is designed to connect users to content. No other BIG social media platform is designed for this.

Now, read that again.

Simply put, the best way to get NEW visitors to your site are:

  • Pinterest = user to content (awesome)
  • Google = user to content (awesome)
  • Facebook = user to user (good)
  • Twitter = user to user (good)
  • Instagram = user to user (average at best- it is good for creating “followers” and a brand though!)

Any social media can be a great way to drive traffic to your website, especially if you already have a “presence” on there.

However, Pinterest really takes the biscuit for getting new visitors to your website.

A pin that is months or years old can still bring traffic to your website.

This is not the case for most other social media platforms (especially Twitter… imagine!)

As you pay close attention to this page you will find out how this is all possible…

Related content:

5 Steps to Get Traffic to Your Blog Using Pinterest

So there are loads of little tips and tricks to automate this traffic and to turn your blog into an online business.

But let’s keep it simple to get your account set up in the best way possible.

If you are interested in seeing some of these automation tips then check out how Jeff and Ben created a $240k/ month online business using Pinterest.

Let’s find out how to use Pinterest for beginners…

#1 Set up Your Account- Understanding How Pinterest Works

Step one is to have your account set up in a way to help Pinterest know who you are and what you are sharing.

Just like other social media platforms, Pinterest uses fancy algorithms that decide what content is shown to which people.

It’s your job to make sure your account is set up to tell Pinterest what your blog is about and people that are interested in it can find it.


Here are a few things you need to make sure you have done for your account to be set up in the best way:

It doesn’t sound too bad but if you do this stage right it can take some time. Click any of the links above to find out more about each step.

I will leave this little nugget with you to help find your Pinterest keywords…

  1. Click ads in the top left corner on Pinterest (only available to those with a business account).
  2. Click “create ad” (don’t worry you won’t actually do this)
  3. Hit continue
  4. Scroll down to Keywords
  5. Type in your keywords and it will show you the number of people that search for variations of your keywords every month
How to use pinterest for begginers

Top tip- target keywords with the highest searches as Pinterest doesn’t care (as much) how old your account is unlike Google.

That stage alone is enough to make your Pinterest game way better than a lot of pinners!

If you’re worried about doing all of that or not understanding you can sign up to the free course at the bottom of this page. It has all the information there that you need to get started with much more detail and help than in this post.

#2 How to Create a Board on Pinterest

I’m not going to waste your time here… but this is an important step for how to use Pinterest for beginners!

  • Click your profile, click boards, click add board.
how to use Pinterest for beginners

The bit I do want to mention is what you should have on your board.

  1. Specific title (“blogging” is bad “blogging tips for beginners” is better)
  2. Keyword-rich descriptions (put in keywords i.e. “get more traffic” “SEO tips for beginners” “Affiliate marketing tips” etc.)
  3. Design a brand cover photo using colours and fonts that you usually use (see below)
How to Use Pinterest for beginners

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Re-arrange Pins on Pinterest Boards

This can cause some confusion!

It’s easy enough to repin your own pin to a different board but a lot of people seem to struggle with rearranging pins WITHIN a board.

Let me ask you this… Do you have certain posts that you want more people to find?

Of course, you do!

So make sure you rearrange your pins on occasion so that your best pins are at the front of your board!

There has been a couple of changes to Pinterest recently so check out this video to see how to rearrange pins on Pinterest.

#3 How to Make a Pin for Pinterest 

So you’ve had your appetiser, now let’s just jump into a few plates of meat…

There are 2 main graphic designers you can use to create your pins:

  1. Canva
  2. Snappa

Canva is free

Snappa costs $10 a month (or you get 5 downloads for free each month).

Canva is great for starting out, so here are my top tips:

  • Bookmark different designs you use so you can quickly find the layout you like.
  • Use to get all the FREE stock photo’s you need
  • If you want a transparent background (especially for logo designs) use this website for free.
  • Use a png compressor to make sure your pins are a smaller storage size (which improves the SEO of your website)

Snappa basically can do all the above (minus the png compressor) in one place.

Here’s why you may choose Snappa:

  • You pay for convenience!
  • It’s much more user-friendly to use
  • You can save unlimited pin designs (to save you time rather than recreating them EVERY time)
  • The stock photos are better than

UPDATE- Since trying Jeff and Ben’s (yeah you know the guys who make $240k/ month) “The Perfect Pin” course, I actually now use PowerPoint for a few reasons:

  1. Your pins stand out compared to most people
  2. I like the shading on letters which makes your words POP off the page
  3. Using colour boxes with gradients behind words can help your words look much clearer & more professional
  4. You have more control over how your pin looks
  5. They really know their stuff!

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

But What Should Your Pins Look Like?

There’s really only one rule…

Make them “Pinterest Pretty”

But what does that mean?

Just look at the best pins for “affiliate marketing for beginners”:

How to use Pinterest for beginners

Top tips for how to use Pinterest for beginners:

  • Don’t make them ugly
  • Make Writing BIG and clear to read
  • Use LOTS of white space
  • Don’t make them ugly
  • Use COLOURFUL text
  • Use a 2:3 ratio (typically 600 x 900px… don’t go over 1,260 px tall but I’m currently trying out 735 x 1,105 px to make it stand out a bit more)
  • Don’t make them UGLY!!

Here’s an example (be sure to Pin this so you can come back to it later!)

Learn how to use Pinterest and how to get blog traffic. These tips will help you learn how to make money from a blog quickly. Find out how to get followers on Pinterest simply by understanding how Pinterest works. You will also learn how to make a pin with these tips for Pinterest for beginners #pinteresttips #pinterestforbeginners #howtousepinterest #howtogettraffictoablog #blogtraffic
Pin me!

UPDATE- Your pin design is often the thing that will let you down at the start. I know because I have been there!

Funny story about this one- I didn’t try the “Perfect Pin” course for a few months because it was only $9. I figured it couldn’t be much good for that price.

It hands down beats other Pinterest courses I’ve taken for $40+! You can learn more from their on brand vs off brand and pins for engagement vs click through part than most other courses I’ve seen

The Perfect Pin course
Click this picture to find out more about the Perfect Pin course

#4 How to Get Followers on Pinterest 

There’s no secret sauce here!

Here’s the scientific 2 step process (which can be used on ANY social media platform):

  1. Follow Pinteresters that you’d like to follow you!
  2. Pin stuff!


Honestly, it has been said numerous times by Pinterest that the number of followers you have on Pinterest DOES NOT MATTER.


Re-read that sentence.

Partly because your content can be found through the search bar and the home page but mainly because of Tip number 5…

#5 Ultimate Tip! How to Join Pinterest Group Boards

So this is the game changer!

This is how Pinterest can help to drive so much more traffic than other social media platforms. 

Hold on a jiffy… What is a group board?

It is a board that has 2 or more “collaborators” (people that can post pins on a board)

You can invite others to collaborate on your boards but the exciting part…

You can become a collaborator on other boards.

So if you are new and you get on a board with 10,000 followers then all of these people can see, share and view your pins!


If you would like to know how to do this then I would recommend you start this free Pinterest email course.

This includes an email template of how to ask to become a collaborator and how to track who you’ve asked!

How to Use Pinterest for Beginners Summary

The more you keep reading this article the more you begin to understand how to use Pinterest and how it can be a MAJOR traffic supply.

Since you’re still here I’m going to assume you want to take Pinterest seriously.

If that’s the case you can find out a lot more tips and tactics about how to set up Pinterest in the best way for traffic in the FREE 6-day email course above…

The best part is:

There’s a way to automate it so you only need to put in one hour a month once it’s going!

Get on it like white on rice!

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. If you want more Pinterest tips, then check out the 5 Pinterest Hacks to get More Traffic.

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    7 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

    In the spirit of full transparency, know that this post on how to make money at home contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, you may receive a discount or some money for free! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

    You don’t know it but, by the end of this page, you will have learned how to make money at home.

    How to make money at home
    Pin me!

    Imagine what it would be like if you could spend each day deciding how to spend your time. 

    Just picture waking up in the morning without the alarm going off to the smell of a freshly brewed coffee. 

    Visualise yourself having a leisurely breakfast with your family knowing that you control what time you need to work and IF you need to work that day. 

    And as you read this web page, remind yourself of what this would feel like. 

    Why Bother to Make Money at Home? 

    If you’re like me then you don’t wont to work in a job until you’re 75 years old. 

    In fact, you probably would quite like to have more time to do the things you love whilst you’re still young and energetic!

    Well here’s a fact for you:

    Being in control of your schedule has the biggest impact on your happiness. 

    Most of us know some people who work from home or don’t have a “typical job”. 

    Now, let me ask you this…

    Do you think these people dread Monday mornings?

    Here are 6 reasons why everyone should find out how to make money at home:

    1. It increases your chance to reach financial independence and retire early (FIRE)
    2. It can provide you with additional income to spend on treating yourself and loved ones
    3. Making money at home can be done part-time with as much time as you want to put in
    4. There are soooo many ways to make money at home that there is something to suit you
    5. You can spend more time doing something that you are passionate about
    6. You spend less time “doing stuff” and therefore spend less money on things that don’t make you happy

    Try it out yourself and tell me if this is wrong!

    How to Make Money at Home on the Computer 

    If you’re thinking “but I don’t even know where to start!” then you are not alone amigo!

    Most people would jump on the opportunity if they knew how to make money at home. You can find out more ways to make money from home on Single Moms Income.

    Now I would like to help you experience what it’s like to actually do this!

    #1 Start a Blog or Online Business

    This is without a doubt the best way to make money at home on the computer to earn passive income. 

    Really think about it… 

    Do you want to HAVE to work for the rest of your life?

    Would you like the option to be able to pick and choose days and times when to work?

    If you would then earning passive income is a must!

    A couple of years ago I genuinely didn’t know it was possible to earn money through a blog…

    But it is!

    Here’s how:

    • Adverts/ Sponsors
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Selling your own content

    I’ve put a lot more information about these types of income in other posts which you can find below. 

    For now, you just need to know that it’s not super hard to start a blog. 

    However, it can be harder to set up a blog that suits monetisation (which is how to make money at home).

    But not to worry!! You could have a blog set up in a great way for monetisation within the next 30 seconds after you read this article:

    Related articles:

    #2 Use Online Surveys to Make an Extra $200+ a Month

    The easiest way that ANYONE can make money at home is without a doubt filling out surveys

    The issue with most survey companies (and there are loads of them!) is that they will only send you the odd survey depending on your background information (age, gender, nationality, religion etc.)

    So it’s important that you find legit survey sites and ideally sites that pay in cash rather than vouchers.

    Here are the top 5 recommended survey sites by Make Time Online:

    1. Paidviewpoint
    2. Swagbucks
    3. Inbox Dollars
    4. Prize Rebel
    5. Vindale Research

    There are some important tips to be aware of to make good money from surveys too:

    • Join as many as you can that you find are legit (they won’t send surveys to you all the time)
    • Create a separate email address just for surveys (you can receive a lot and it will get confusing in between your normal emails)
    • Cash out as soon as possible- there’s rarely any advantage for not doing this!
    • Use your spare time wisely (lunch breaks/ waiting in a line/ watching TV during adverts etc.)

    You won’t become rich or be able to quit your job from this but it is realistic to make a few hundred dollars a month by giving your opinion in your spare time.

    You can read more about what each of these sites does and find a total of 15 legit survey sites that pay you money here.

    #3 Start a Podcast

    It’s one of the best ways to connect with other people.

    Not only can you interview people you admire and would like to learn from, but you connect with the people that listen much more than you can from a blog.

    Some people think it’s really hard to start but if you have a laptop and internet chances are you could start one by the end of the day!

    Many podcasts use advertising as a form of income but it’s often the relationships that you build that can help to monetise a podcast.

    Check out the chat I had with Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout who earn $240k/ month from their online business.

    How to Make Money at Home for Free

    As you absorb this information, you’ll start to realise that anyone can make money from home. 

    And you will start to feel better about the options you have for the future. 

    Just picture this for a moment…

    You are making an extra few hundred extra dollars every month just by doing things that you are interested in or by using skills you already have. 

    Now, let me ask you this…

    If you could make money at home for free, would you want to?

    Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume you’re interested. 

    So here’s how to make money at home for free:

    #4 Become a Freelancer- Earn $50,000+ per year by Proofreading!

    You’re probably wondering how you can become a freelancer. 

    Well, do you speak English?

    Do you know how to read and write?

    There are so many opportunities to get freelance work on editing or writing for all kinds of businesses.

    Are you interested to find out more about how Caitlin earns over $50,000 per year? 

    She earns this simply by proofreading and enjoying her holidays!

    Check out her FREE 45-minute workshop to see how to make money at home:

    Click here to get instant access to Caitlin’s workshop 

    #5 Become a Virtual Assistant

    If you have a specific skill or you can help someone else out that is extremely busy… then people will pay you for it!

    Maybe you can:

    • Book someone a holiday
    • Check emails for someone (believe me people in the online world really want help with this!)
    • Do graphic design 
    • Automate someone’s social media account
    • Web programming
    • Help with marketing

    Check out some of these reputable sites to see how to make money at home… right now!

    It’s very possible to earn $50-$100 PER HOUR!

    #6 Become a Tutor

    And as you think about how to make money at home, you become really interested in these free ways to make money. 

    Tutoring online is one of the best ones particularly for those wanting to get started soon!

    Using Chegg you will start earning from $20 per hour!! 

    So this can easily add up to over $1,000 per month extra cash tutoring part-time from the comfort of your own home.

    Click here to sign up.

    #7 Teachers!! Sell Your Lesson Plans

    Here’s one for all my teaching friends…

    You can literally sell your lesson plans.

    Do you remember a time when you just started teaching? The amount of time and energy it would take to plan ONE lesson!

    New teachers will gladly pay for some of these lesson plans that you have sitting on your hard drive (if you did a PGCE in England you know what I mean!)

    Check out this website:

    Teachers Pay Teachers

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    Is it Possible to Make Money Online Fast? 

    The closer and closer you get to the end of this page, the further and further your problem of how to make money at home goes.

    Little by little you begin to notice that it is possible to make money at home.

    Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

    Is it possible to make money online FAST?

    Hopefully, by now you can see that it is!

    Within a few minutes you could: 

    • Have a survey in your inbox ready to make $5 or more.
    • You could sign up to tutor online and have your first student within 24 hours. 
    • Sign up to a freelancing website and start connecting with people that could really use your services!
    • Build a website that is designed to be monetised in 30 seconds (click here to do that now!)

    Do you realise what you will get from doing any of these things?

    … yes apart from money!

    You will learn a new skill. 

    And only rare thinking people like you already know that skills are what the new currency is in today’s information age. 

    The more skills you develop and improve the more people will want to pay you!

    But I Just Don’t Have the Time 

    Ah how did I know you’d say this!

    Really think about this…

    Like really, really…

    Do you have a spare hour this week?

    In fact, do you have a spare hour RIGHT NOW?

    Because if you do, you can literally set your life path on a new course.

    Learning how to make money at home is like what spinach is to Popeye.

    It WILL give you a buzz knowing it’s possible to make a new stream of income from the comfort of your home. 

    Before long you will be creating time to spend on making money at home.

    You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.

    Charles Burton

    Pin this page to come back to it later…

    How to make money at home

    How to Make Money at Home Summary

    Just imagine days from now waking up to see additional money in your bank account. 

    This doesn’t have to be a distant dream. 

    All it takes is a bit of action from you and you can start trying different methods for how to make money at home…


    Get on it like a fat kid on cake.

    Keep changing for the better,


    P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

    19 Best Time-Saving Tools & Resources

    In the spirit of full transparency, know that this time-saving tools and resources post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, you may receive a discount or some money for free! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

    You probably know there are thousands of time-saving tools and resources. But knowing which ones to use can sometimes waste more time than anything.

    Time saving recommended resources
    Pin me!

    Most people think that it’s super hard to do all the extra things they want each day. However, by using these time-saving tools and resources it’s possible to be way more efficient with your time and money.

    This resource page is a list of the recommended services, products and companies that I use or have used that I KNOW are valuable. They can save you hours of time each week, which can make a huge difference in your productivity and sanity!

    Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn 

    Recommended Blogging Resources


    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate

    Are you interested in making money online to free up your time?

    Maybe you’ve started a blog or maybe you have an existing business that isn’t being well promoted online. Or maybe you would just like to know where to start…

    Wealthy Affiliate literally holds your hand into getting an online business set up and driving FREE traffic to your website.

    This is my TOP recommended blogging resource!

    The reason for this is because it’s not only a hosting platform for up to 50 websites. It also comes with:

    • Affiliate marketing training (120 lessons with video and text, that is constantly updated, plus weekly live webinars)
    • Keyword research tool (Jaaxy costs $49/ Month by itself)
    • The support and community are second to none (there is always someone on live chat with over 1.5 million members)
    • & too much more to put in this time-saving tools and resources post

    It’s completely free to start and costs $359 a year for the pro membership (there are many courses that cost more than this alone and come with none of the added benefits or support groups). If you’d like to learn more, check out my review here



    Maybe you already know what you’re doing with blogging and you just need to get your hosting (essential for monetising your blog and getting it ranked on search engines).

    I used to use Bluehost as it’s super easy and affordable to use and you can start from $3.95 per month through this link

    If you are new to blogging I’d recommend getting the one-year hosting plan which will cost you just under $72.

    Build Email Lists



    Autoresponders are crucial blogging resources. 

    It’s how you build a real relationship with your readers.

    If you’re just starting out and you have 0 email subscribers, you’ll likely want to join a FREE autoresponder such as MailChimp

    However, I wish I knew this from the start…

    I started with MailChimp and found it very frustrating to have to manually change all of my opt-in forms on EVERY post when I finally did upgrade to a superior autoresponder… plus it’s just clunky and awkward (but you don’t know what you don’t know!)



    Wow, this is so much easier!

    You can create as many sequences, automations and opt-in forms as you like.

    Combine that with the awesome analytics to see what your readers open and click it becomes very easy to provide personalised and specific information that suits your readers.

    It does cost $29 a month but if you’re serious about making money online an autoresponder cannot be overlooked. Try ConverKit out for 14 days for free here.

    I actually tried a lot of different autoresponders for the free tirals when I made the switch (GetResponse, Aweber, MailerLite, SendLane).

    But none of these compared with the ease of use, analytics and quality layout of ConvertKit in my opinion

    For Traffic



    Pinterest is THE best way to get traffic for free quickly to a new blog.


    The main reason for this is because it acts in a similar way as Google (sending users to content). But it’s possible to create viral pins and get traffic much quicker than it takes for Google to recognise your website. Read more about this in “5 Secret Pinterest Hacks to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Tailwind’s now the only legitimate partner to Pinterest and is a way that you can automate your pins (rather than sitting on Pinterest all day or waking up at silly O’Clock to pin at the best time for your audience).

    You can give it a try with 100 pins for free here. It will cost $9.99 a month after that to continue but it’s one of the things I wish I purchased much sooner than I did as it saves soooo much time and brings in sooo much traffic!

    Create Pins/ Design Logo’s


    Now, I can almost hear your mind saying… SERIOUSLY???

    Well… yes

    For 3 main reasons:

    1. You probably already know how to use it (thank you ICT @ school!)
    2. It’s easier to create designs that STAND OUT on Pinterest (everyone else uses Canva!)
    3. You have more control over the details and design (i.e. using shadows to make words “pop” out)
    Do you notice the difference between my old pins (left) and new ones (right)?

    I didn’t want to believe this either until I tried out BTOP’s $9 “Create the perfect pin” course. This was a HUGE game changer in seeing some awesome traffic from Pinterest and it walks you through how Jeff and Ben have designed their pins to help them grow their websites to over $240k/ month business.

    The Perfect Pin course
    Click the picture to see more about this insanely cost-effective course

    True story- I didn’t try this course for a few months because I thought it couldn’t be much good for $9… I kicked myself hard when I tried it!



    An amazing FREE graphic designer website. You can design some amazing pins (for Pinterest) blog cover pics and logos here. 

    Graphic designers are highly recommended for blogging resources but I’ve already mentioned how you can use programs such as Powerpoint to get the same if not better results.

    I have also used Snappa in the past but I don’t recommend it as it costs around $10 a month… I would highly recommend using a free tool and getting Tailwind for this money.

    For Writing



    I’m not sure how I ever used to live without this one!

    Grammarly fixes spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes online so you can write freely knowing a big red line will show up whenever you misspell something simple!

    Another great free extension. It has a paid version but the free one is great for the basics.

    A massive tip is to use a hypnotic writing cheatsheet and analogy book so you can go edit your writing with words that scientifically proven to increase reader engagement. Get yours for free here…

    Podcast Resources



    You also need hosting (somewhere to store it) to put a podcast out there into the world.

    Podbean is user-friendly, has no limits to how much you can produce in a month (great for long formats/ interviews) whilst also the most friendly way to do this on your pocket ($9 a month)



    This is another free resource and is fricking awesome!

    It’s easy enough to learn how to use with a couple of YouTube videos or just playing around and it can help to produce a professional-sounding podcast quickly. Did I mention Audacity it’s free?



    Have you ever listened to a podcast where someone is being interviewed and one voice is WAY louder than the other?

    Problem solved with Levelator… another free resource!

    Ecamm recorder

    Ecamm Recorder

    If you intend on interviewing people you will need a way to record your voice… and their voice!

    Ecamm call recorder for Skype is so simple to use and only costs $39.95 for life.

    Recommended Time Saving Resources

    For Learning



    Easily one of the best apps EVER! 

    If you find it hard to find the time to read, check out Audible. It’s an amazing use of time (check out the NETIME life hack). 

    Listen to some of the best advice from the worlds most successful people on your phone, laptop, iPad, Alexa anywhere ANYTIME!

    I pay £69.99 for 12 books over a year. There are alternative memberships such as 3 books a month for a free 30-day trial then $14.95 after. 

    If you don’t know what books to start with check out the Best Self Development Books of all Time.



    Fits in nicely with the above and you can find some amazing information for FREE using this app.

    Overcast massively improves your podcast listening. It’s great for customising playlists and has a cool “smart speed” feature that speeds up in silences and plays at a comfortable listening speed. 

    Apple Podcast works well for iPhone users too obviously!



    Blinkist is NETime on crack!

    Would you like to be able to read 4 books a day? With this app, you genuinely can get the best information from some of the world’s most productive people in 15 minutes. 


    There is written and audio format so if you have a spare 15 minutes on the way to work you can get some amazing little gems of information here. 

    I pay $89.99 for an annual membership for unlimited summarised books. 

    For Productivity



    Don’t you hate it when you get interrupted? Isn’t it impossible to remember the things you had to do from the day before?

    This is one of the top time-saving tools and resources.

    This app how I plan my weeks, days and effectively my life… and Trello is FREE!



    Like Trello but better if you like lists.

    You can be as glamorous as you like with Asana, but I keep it simple. 

    I have a project for each quarter of the year. I then have a “to do” list, a “to do this week” list, “started” and “done”.

    Time-Saving Tools and Resources

    It’s amazing because you can move the tasks along as you go and it helps to remember to do all those pesky things that you usually forget like pay a bill, do a tax return or call your Mum (jokes… I always remember that Mum!)

    It’s a great tool to use if you are delegating tasks in a small team or to a VA and it’s again a free tool!



    Ahhhhh my digital brain.

    If you don’t use this I literally do not understand how you can cope!! One of the best time-saving tools and resources around.

    Have you ever been out and about for someone ask you what your date of birth is and you had a complete brain fart?! 

    Evernote doesn’t EVER fart with its brain… EVER!

    It remembers your passport details, your tax number, your companies address, that great article that you read on your phone when you were on the loo… it remembers everything and more.

    Some awesome benefits… 

    1. You can search for anything and it finds it (including handwritten notes!!) 
    2. It works offline and then stores it when you get the Internet again
    3. It’s FREE!

    Recommended Money Saving/ Making Resources

    For Investing



    If you live in Australia, the UK or the USA then investing in index funds through Vanguard is the best way to earn passive income. 

    On average you will receive a conservative 7% a year on average (some years it may be much higher and some years it can be negative)

    There really is NO better way to earn passive income than through the ultimate strategy for index funds. Read more about the ultimate strategy to earn passive income and retire early here.


    Saxo Bank

    If you are an expat or live somewhere else, then you can invest in index funds through ETF’s. Be sure to check out the 3 part podcast series to see why, how and the best strategy to invest in index funds here.

    You can still invest in index funds through ETF’s from Saxo bank.

    Bullion Vault


    I’m not going to go in too much detail here about why to invest in gold and silver as I find people tend to fall asleep but if you want more information about this check out this post!

    BullionVault stands out to other ways to invest in precious metals because:

    • It has low storage fees (0.12% a year for gold and 0.48% for silver/ platinum)
    • The best prices you’ll find to buy gold or silver (it’s peer to peer trading)
    • You own contracts for physical metals

    To Track Money



    Toshl is another FREE app to track your expenses. 

    It’s such a pain trawling through bank statements to see what you’ve spent each month, which is a big reason why people don’t do it!

    If you put in your expenses each time you spend money on something toshly will put all of them into categories and neatly organise it for you!


    Legit Survey Sites That Pay You Money

    Would you like to get paid for filling out surveys online?

    Here are Make Time Online’s top 5 survey site recommendations:

    It’s the easiest and quickest way to make a bit of cash online and you can save loads of time by doing these 3 things:

    1. Set up a separate email address for emails
    2. Join as many good sites as possible
    3. Cash-out as soon as possible

    Find out more in the best 15 survey sites to get paid real money here.

    Travel Resources

    BA Amex Card


    Would you like to receive a business class flight from London to New York each year?

    By spending on this Amex and working with your partner you can easily get enough points to do this.

    Click here to get a bonus 6,000 points when you spend £1,000 in your first 3 months!

    Plus it’s a FREE card… an absolute no-brainer!



    Imagine how would you feel if you could take your own personal driver anywhere in the world?

    Well with Uber you pretty much can!

    Plus it’s cheaper than a normal taxi

    Plus it’s often quicker than to call a taxi

    And you can often get in a NICER taxi

    If you don’t already have it get Uber now… plus get a FREE ride with this link!

    So there you have the best time-saving tools and resources I have personally found. Did you find anything new here? Want to add anything else? Drop a comment below…

    Keep changing for the better,


    P.S. Are you looking to get more traffic to your website? Find out the #1 way that new sites get thousands of views a month quickly by clicking here.

    Who Else Wants More Traffic?

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      5 Secret Pinterest Hacks to Make You Money Quickly

      In the spirit of full transparency, know that this post on Pinterest hacks contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, you may receive a discount or some money for free! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

      You probably know the main challenge for new bloggers is to get traffic to their blog.

      Make money online by using these Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your website. These tips can help you make money blogging. To get your Profile looking “Pinterest Pretty” you need to do the following things: Use similar colours in your pins, Neat design (don’t make it too busy/ too many words!) Ensure your description and your business name uses keywords, Your description gets to the point. Tell people what you do.
      Pin me!

      Now you may think all you need to do is pin more on Pinterest and you will start seeing traffic role in. In fact, by learning some expert pinner’s secrets you can become much smarter with your efforts and even completely automate the process with a few hours of work a month.

      This article (with video) will show you the top 5 Pinterest hacks to start driving crazy traffic to your blog.

      Why Use Pinterest?

      Now, I can almost hear your mind saying… I’ve already got an account with Facebook and Twitter, why should I bother with Pinterest?

      This is the exact question I had been asking for about 2 years before taking the plunge!

      I’m definitely not the Don on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. However, I do use all of them and have a bit of a following (over 2 thousand) on each.

      All of them have taken time to grow and to be honest I had been putting off starting another social media platform because of that.


      Pinterest beats all of these for one simple fact…

      All of the other social media platforms are designed to keep the users on their platform.

      Simply put, the best traffic drivers are:

      • Pinterest = user to content (awesome)
      • Google = user to content (awesome)
      • Facebook = user to user (good)
      • Twitter = user to user (good)
      • Instagram = user to user (average at best)

      People literally use Pinterest to find valuable content. It is like using Google.

      I HAD NO IDEA!!!!!

      In 2018, after hearing this, I felt like I had been wasting all of my efforts on social media.

      I thought Pinterest was for pretty wedding photos, flowers and basically… I thought it was for girls!

      As it turns out, my stupid bias judgemental mind had been holding my website traffic back.

      … Onwards and upwards…

      So rather than dive into it full steam ahead, I went out of my way to find out some of the best Pinterest hacks to drive traffic to my blog.

      Tip 1- Create Killer Content

      Well Duh!! This is more important than water is to a fish.

      I thought you said these were gonna be top secret tips?!

      Well actually it may not be top secret but this one is ALWAYS the top priority. If you can genuinely help to solve someone’s problems then this person is likely to become an avid fan and share, pin, tweet (whatever!) your content. Always ask yourself…

      Am I actually helping to solve someone’s problems?

      It’s so important that your content is easy to read.

      Let’s face it people on the internet are in a hurry. Think about the last time you read an article. Chances are very high that you skimmed it and tried to take in something useful without wasting your time reading it!?

      So a very valuable tip is to create content that is EASY to read.

      Help people skim read it if they want.

      Remember, the main focus should be providing the reader with valuable information that helps THEM.

      Solving other people’s problems and helping them builds trust. This means they are more likely to read more of your stuff and come back.

      Tips for making blogs easy to read:

      • White Spaces –

      Do not leave a wall of text. Use Line breaks and mix up your paragraph lengths… When writing ONLINE a paragraph should NEVER be more than 3 lines of writing.

      • Images –

      Use images to convey your message.

      • Don’t use $10 words! –

      Yes, you may think you sound clever. But these LOOOONG words make reading harder. If you can keep it simple people will keep reading.

      • Get to the point –

      Don’t use 20 words if it can be said in 4. After writing a post CUT it down!! I’ve heard as a good rule of thumb to delete the entire first & last paragraph and remove every 6th sentence! Seriously… cut it down, don’t get attached to your words, you will thank yourself in the future!

      • Use Stories/ similies/ metaphors

      People find it easy to remember a story. They often come to their own conclusion and form their own opinions from them. It is much more powerful when we learn something ourselves than when we are told something.

      Tip 2- Create Awesome Images

      The way your pins look is IMPORTANT.

      In fact, this is maybe the most important of the Pinterest hacks.

      How can you make Pins that stand out?

      Pins need to:

      1. Stand out – BOLD and bright text
      2. Grab attention – Eye grabbing picture
      3. Entice people to click – A title that makes you want to know more

      Here is one of the pins from the Pinterest kings Jeff and Ben at Dollarsprout.

      What’s the perfect pin size?

      People seem to recommend different sizes all the time. There is no perfect pin size.

      Currently in November 2018, from what I have found many are using or recommend 600px wide by 900-1,250px tall.

      This is something I was terrible at when I started. It wasn’t until I took Jeff and Ben’s $9 “Perfect Pin” course that I really saw traction from Pinterest.

      Check it out here, it can save sooooo much wasted time! As you read on you will find out more about Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout (spoiler alert they now make over $240k/ month)

      The Perfect Pin course
      Click the image to read more about the course

      Tip 3- Use descriptions wisely

      This can make a big difference in 2 ways:

      1. People finding your pin
      2. People clicking on the link

      To help more people do both of these things your pin descriptions need to:

      • Includes keywords (helps people find it)
      • Have WIIFM (what’s in it for me?)
      • 200-300 characters
      • Has CTA (call to action – tell them what to do)

      There’s not much more to it than that.

      The aim of the description is to get people clicking on that link! Try out different descriptions for pins leading to the same post to make the most of these Pinterest hacks.

      Tip 4- Make a Clean and Branded Profile

      Your business profile needs to come across well for your niche.

      People just want to know what you do… So tell them

      To get your Profile looking “Pinterest Pretty” you need to do the following things:

      1. Use similar colours in your pins
      2. Neat design (don’t make it too busy/ too many words!)
      3. Ensure your description and your business name uses keywords
      4. Your description gets to the point.
      5. Tell people what you do.

      To be honest with you… there is too much to explain in one blog post about how to set up your Pinterest account and explain how Pinterest works.

      If you’re keen to see the same results as some of the most successful bloggers that make 6 figures a month then check out the best book I have found that explains everything you need to know about Pinterest. Including:

      • How to set your profile up for best results (with checklist)
      • The secret manual Pinning strategy to make pins go viral
      • How to only spend 1-2 hours a month setting up your pins
      • How to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing
      The She Approach Making Pinterest Possible
      Click the image to learn more about this book

      All of this is great but there’s actually one last BIG tip to getting more engagement on Pinterest.

      The answer lies in Group Boards…

      Tip 5 + Bonus Tip- The Group Boards Secret

      Driving traffic from Pinterest is a game of applying to as many group boards as you can, and pinning bright, bold, click-bait pins to them repeatedly!

      However, something that I have found hard to find anywhere else is…

      How do I apply for group boards?

      You basically have to find other people’s boards that you would like to join. You need to message the owner and ask if you can become a “collaborator” of the board.

      Type in a keyword into the search tab on Pinterest and look at the group boards for this.

      Group Boards are amazing and different from any other social media platform because…

      If you only have 50 followers and “collaborate” on a board with 10,000 followers, then all of these people can now see your pins. 

      You could spend hours applying to loads of boards… However, some group boards are better to apply to. The BEST ones need to have the following:

      • Less than 20 collaborators
      • A very specific topic (not affiliate marketing… but affiliate marketing on Pinterest for beginners)

      Realistically you won’t know what boards are good until you join them. SO you need to hustle here and ask around. Once you’re on the board you can check out what the best boards are by watching this short video…

      Read the podcast chat show notes with Jeff and Ben from Dollarsprout.

      You can message the owner of a board on a pin to ask to join a group board as a “collaborator”.

      If you’d like a step by step 6-day guide to using Pinterest from setting up your account to finding group boards then get this sent to you for free right now…

      Plus get your bonus email template to join the best group boards…

      But I have nothing to offer!

      You can’t name drop because you know nobody… you have no followers… you are just starting a blog…

      So what can you do?

      Comment and engage on their stuff!

      Find where they hang out and contribute to their work regularly.

      Is it easy to comment? Yes!

      Can it be time-consuming? Yes!

      Does everyone do this? Hell no!

      There’s always a way for you to stand out. You just have to be willing to go the extra mile!

      Last little nugget before you go…

      Use tailwind to automate your pins like clockwork… simples.

      I just spent 3 hours setting up my pins (30+ a day) for the next 3 months. That’s 3000 pins going out at THE best times of the day!!

      Pinterest Hacks Summary

      These Pinterest hacks really can drive more traffic to your website than rush hour on the M25 (that’s British humour… Google the M25 if you don’t know what I’m chatting about).

      Use these 5 tips and find the best group boards to pin onto and you will have visitors pouring onto your site just like Jeff and Ben did in 2016. Check out how they went from not making any money from their blog for 13 months to now earn $240k per month.

      Keep changing for the better,


      P.S. It’s so important to have your account set up the right way to get the best results from these Pinterest hacks. Make sure your account is set up right by getting the free course below…

      Who Else Wants More Traffic?

      Get the Pinterest Secrets to Skyrocket Your Traffic Today

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        Be sure to pin this page to come back to it later and share the secrets…

        Make money online by using these Pinterest tips to drive traffic to your website. These tips can help you make money blogging. To get your Profile looking “Pinterest Pretty” you need to do the following things: Use similar colours in your pins, Neat design (don’t make it too busy/ too many words!) Ensure your description and your business name uses keywords, Your description gets to the point. Tell people what you do.

        How to Earn $50,000 in 4 days and Reach Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier

        MTO3- There are affiliate links on this page about financial freedom with Grant Sabatier, which means I may receive a small commission if you were to purchase something through a link. read the full disclaimer here.

        Main message: Decide what life you want to live, then figure out how you can get there.

        financial freedom with grant sabatier

        As you listen to this podcast about financial freedom with Grant Sabatier, you will discover how it’s possible to use your own skills to make more money. 

        Grant found an opportunity with Google campaigns in 2010 and piggybacked the skills he learnt (for free off YouTube) to create the life he wanted. 

        This meant he went from…

        $2.26 to Over $1 Million in 5 Years?!

        2 mins

        Say what!!?

        I’d like to point out this is while Grant was working in a pretty “normal job” in a digital agency. Oh, and he was 30 years old when he reached $1 mil!

        He wasn’t some brain surgeon or sports star. 

        He was just like almost every person you know!

        Listen in to find out:

        • How Grant did it
        • What traits successful people have
        • The most important thing people need to do first

        Some of Grant’s Side Hustles

        13 mins

        He may have had a normal job but what Grant did for fun is very different to most people.

        Here’s what most people do:

        • Slump in front of the TV for 4-5 hours a day
        • Watch hours of sports every week
        • Play sports 
        • Going to bars with friends
        Volkswagon Campervan

        This is what Grant was doing:

        • Running Google ad campaigns for brands
        • Flipping Vintage Volkswagon campervans
        • Flipping Vintage mopeds
        • He owned a moving company at one point
        • Buying and selling domain names
        • Writing white papers (snore!)
        • Invested in a friends dog walking company
        • Building websites for law firms

        He was learning new skills and capitalising on situations to make more money. This is a skill that anyone can learn. 

        As you can see marketing was a big part of Grant’s success. And Pinterest is a great place to learn marketing as it is designed to get users to click on content… If it’s used in the right way!

        How Did Grant Make $50,000 in 4 days?

        15 mins

        In 4 days? Shut the front door! 

        Imagine what you would do if you knew how to do this…

        Well, here’s how:

        He used Craigslist to find one small law firm who wanted a website for $500.

        He knew the first client was the most important!

        By over-delivering it’s possible to network using someone else’s connections. 

        This is how Grant met a larger law firm with 100 employees. Obviously, they will have a bucket load more dollar! 

        Law Firm

        He knew what the market rate was for this kind of work as he worked for a digital agency.

        His company would charge between $120,000-$150,000.

        This gave Grant a MASSIVE advantage as he was only one guy!

        Therefore, he could offer to build the website in half the time for much less. 

        Are you beginning to see that the $50,000 was plucked out of thin air? 

        Grant told them he could build it in 2 weeks. But because he had the system already he built it in 4 days… 

        And waited 2 weeks before sending it to them!

        He knew if they said no, he had nothing to lose!

        Wouldn’t it be amazing to know this?… you have nothing to lose. So this then snowballed and he ended up getting more recommendations. 

        Grant started to shoot for the stars and ask for $120,000 per website. 

        If they said they couldn’t afford this then he asked what they could afford. 

        They may come back with $84,000.

        Would you accept that?

        The more you read this article the more you begin to notice how it may be possible for you to create these monetisation methods. 

        Related Articles:

        Optimise Your Full-Time Job

        21 mins

        This is the first step to making more money. 

        Grant goes into detail in his book about how to:

        • Increase your benefits
        • Get a raise
        • Improve your working flexibility. 

        Find out more detail about this in my review of Grant’s book:

        A Side Hustle Can be ANYTHING! 

        22 mins

        Now, I can almost hear your mind saying… but I don’t work for a digital marketing agency. Or I don’t know how to build websites. 

        … Neither did Grant at one stage! But just like him, you can learn these skills!

        In his book, Financial Freedom, there’s a story about a guy who made $50,000 from his day job. 

        What most of his colleagues were completely unaware of was that he also made over $200,000 a year on the side!

        Let me ask you this… What do you think his side hustle was?

        I bet my house you didn’t guess dog walking!

        Dog Walking Business

        The point is you can make money from almost anything!

        Grant talks about how anyone can use their interests and hobbies to make more money:

        1. Write down a list of your hobbies 
        2. Write a list of your skills
        3. See where they overlap and brainstorm money making ideas. 
        Related article:

        And are you wondering what some of your skills may be? 

        Well, chances are that if you’ve ended up on this website you already have more skills than you think. 

        Blogging and creating a website brings about a heap of skills that you can monetise. From copywriting to proofreading to social media marketing and website design. 

        If you’d like to set a website up in the best way for monetisation then check out this 11-day course, for free!

        It includes:

        • How to write quality content
        • How to optimise the 2 most important pages on your website
        • The secret to getting traffic on tap
        • What most bloggers do wrong!

        And much more…


        25 mins

        We mentioned briefly about Grant’s super duper investment strategy.

        It honestly stands out like Shaquille O’Neil at a midgets conference!

        You must check this out as it’s so different from anything I’ve read or heard of before!! Read more about this in “The Ultimate Strategy to Earn Passive Income and Retire Early“.

        Financial Freedom with Grant SabatierFinancial Freedom with Grant Sabatier

        If you can increase your income from your job, make money on your side hustles and invest then you will be crushing it!

        Small changes = big difference

        Don’t go chasing $1 million in one year or a drastic big innovative change. 

        Make small changes!

        Now, let me ask you this…

        What could you learn today that could help you make one of these small changes? 

        Related article:

        How to Live Your Dream Life… 

        31 mins

        During this section Grant goes into more detail about:

        • How to set life goals
        • The questions you should ask yourself to find out what life you want to live
        • Grants next steps to help more people
        • How to “exist” more
        • The top 3 tips he would give to himself before he started this journey

        The more you listen to this podcast the more you realise Grant is genuinely trying to help people and create more meaning and purpose in his life and yours. 

        Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier Links

        Contact Grant:

        Twitter @millennialmoney

        Instagram @millenialmoneycom


        Get Grant’s book Financial Freedom, I honestly cannot recommend it enough…

        Read 10 pages today!

        Financial Freedom With Grant Sabatier

        Related articles:

        Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier Summary

        Can you define success for yourself? 

        This means you can work out what trade-offs you need to make to get there… You may be much closer than you realise.

        Here’s a bunch of takeaways:

        • Success is built around a few key decisions
        • A lot of people are ONLY 2 or 3 steps away from living the life they dream of
        • Say “no” a lot more than you say “yes”
        • Optimise your job first!
        • Start testing things out for a side hustle, you don’t need to go all in- find free or low-cost information
        • What you want in life may well be right in front of you already

        Some questions to ask yourself:

        1. What would my ideal day look like?
        2. What does success mean to me?
        3. Why am I doing all of this?
        4. What is enough for me?
        5. What truly makes me happy?

        Just picture this for a moment… Your life in 5 years looks exactly how your ideal day looks like. But every day.

        Drop a comment below about what side hustles you have tried or any questions you may have for Grant… or send me a direct message here

        Keep changing for the better,


        P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, check out this 1-minute video to see more information about my #1 recommended program

        Wealthy Affiliate Short Video

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          MTO5 w/ Pete McPherson – The Future of Digital Marketing is Going to be…

          The future of digital marketing… Seriously?

          Yep, it’s revealed in this podcast. And if you don’t believe me, decide for yourself.

          About Pete

          2 mins
          the future of digital marketing

          Pete is a normal guy. 

          Band Nerd. 

          Majored in music… and then decided to quit before finishing. 

          He did the odd job, then tried more college degrees. 

          And finished in the most exciting career path known to man…

          No not astronauting…


          He found the American dream and jumped straight into the script, only to find he was miserable 🙁

          And so he did what everyone else does (or do they?)… 


          Why do Some Projects not Work? 

          14 mins


          Pete tried loads of blogs/ business ideas (around 50 in 10 years!) So he has a good idea of what does and more importantly for us… what does not work.

          Main lesson:

          He found that he didn’t give his blogs the time to grow. 

          It takes more time than you think.

          As a general rule, you should plan what you expect to happen and times it by 3!

          Breaking the $10k per month barrier!

          20 mins

          14 months into Pete’s current website, Do You Even Blog, he made over $10K in one month (November 2018). Here is his $9,663 July 2018 report.

          He’s now working on funnels to be more personalised and automated to create more passive income. This just so happens to be a sneak peek into what WILL help you stand out like Shaquille O’Neil at a midgets convention. 

          Related Articles:

          Start Monetising Your Blog

          23 mins


          Pete is a big fan of creating his own products.

          However, if you are just starting out then creating paid products is not the way to go.

          With the right audience you can do anything

          Your focus should be on growing your audience. 

          To do this you need to tell the same story on everything!

          To monetise a website early on you can use advertising (this is not recommended for some niches i.e. digital marketing can detract trust) and affiliate marketing.

          But one of Pete’s regrets is focusing on monetising his website(s) too soon. 

          Related articles:

          How to Optimise Your Time!

          31 mins


          So let’s just reel these off:

          1. Get fast internet
          2. Turn the sensitivity on your trackpad/ mouse to the max! 100% DO THIS!!
          3. Type faster- if your typing speed is under 75 then improve this (Pete’s is over 100… mine is 48 aka new challenge for me this week!) click here to test yourself
          4. Make your content hyper personalised and timely (check out Brennan Dunn’s stuff

          Main takeaway:

          The future of digital marketing is going to be HYPER personalised and timely.

          You heard it here first! (well I did anyway)

          Related article:

          Confronting Self Doubt

          46 mins

          There’s no easy answer here but I think Pete did a great job:

          1. Receive real feedback- although you can’t plan for this!
          2. A close group of people that are doing what you’re doing i.e. a mastermind group

          Finding people that are doing what you are doing is SOOOO important. Because it’s unlikely that many people you know will be doing something exactly like you. 

          It helps for motivation, accountability and sanity!

          Find them, engage, stay in contact. 

          ACTION & Links

          60 mins

          Do You Even Blog– Pete’s homepage is so well designed and so easy to navigate to a section that suits you! (Do you notice how it’s personalised?)

          Twitter- @doyouevenblog

          Podcast- Do You Even Blog


          Make sure you do these 4 things, they can change your life!


          • Increase mouse sensitivity
          • Get fast internet
          • Type faster
          • Start a blog

          If you’re interested in learning tips for how to get traffic using Pinterest then sign up below for a free email course.

          The Future of Digital Marketing Summary

          There are so many little gems in this chat with Pete. I highly recommend listening to the section on optimising your time from 31-46 minutes if you’re looking for some game-changing results with your digital marketing. 

          Here are my top 5 takeaways from this chat:

          1. Optimise your job- you don’t have to quit straight away you can have a side hustle and security. 
          2. Build a community- it doesn’t have to be massive even a few people that you really help!
          3. Mastermind group- find like-minded people doing the SAME thing
          4. Make content personalised and timely- This is the FUTURE!
          5. Don’t do what everyone else is doing

          And are you beginning to see that the future of digital marketing is going to be personalised and timely?

          If you have any questions or thoughts drop a comment below.

          Keep changing for the better,


          P.S. If you are still doubting whether you should give blogging a try then I dare you to click this and not want to give it a shot… I believe in blogging

          Seriously… I dare you!

          Oh and don’t forget to pin this!

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            5 Top Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make Money Quickly

            There may be affiliate links in this article on the best ad networks for bloggers, read the full disclaimer here.

            So I heard an awesome podcast the other day with a really cool study.

            best ad networks for bloggers to make money

            It was so good in fact that I’ve linked to it right here:

            How do Bloggers Make Money – The Blogging Millionaire

            The biggest takeaway was that bloggers who earn $2,000-$7,500 per month make up their income with 35% of their income from Ads on average.

            That is massive!! Over a third of their income comes from adverts… on average!

            Once bloggers start earning more than $7,500 per month they are not so reliant on ads and spend more time focusing on affiliate marketing and creating courses.

            But this made me realize… I’m almost 6 months in and I don’t have any ads!

            And if you want to make more than $2,000 per month from your blog… you’re gonna need them!

            Check this out…

            the best ad networks for bloggers

            With that, shall we?


            How do Websites Make Money Using Adverts?

            That is the right question amigo!

            You generally get paid in one of 2 ways:

            1. Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) i.e. $4 for every 1,000 views
            2. Pay per click (PPC)

            Different networks will pay your website in different ways so it’s important to work out how much you will get paid i.e. Adsense will pay roughly $2 RPM. This means if you have 10,000 page views a month you will receive $20.

            This begs the question…

            Should You Even Bother With Adverts? 

            Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…

            “But adverts will make my website look tacky, is it really worth it for a few dollars?!”

            You may have a point but here are 4 BIG reasons why you should use adverts ASAP:

            1. Your readers will become used to seeing ads on your website… so it won’t be a big shock when you add them!
            2. You could miss out on a post going viral.
            3. Something is better than nothing, it can offset other costs such as automatically pinning on Pinterest with Tailwind
            4. People are used to seeing ads everywhere, so it won’t look as strange as you may think (Youtube, TV, Podcasts, Newspaper etc.)

            You can also help to connect people with a great product! As long as the ads you have are related to what you write about and useful.

            The main thing to remember is that if you are providing quality content consistently your readers generally won’t mind having some ads on the page. In fact, a lot of them will be happy that you are getting paid if it means you can spend more time giving them quality content!

            Related Articles:

            Advertising Networks

            We will look at the pros and cons of using different advertising networks in this article.

            And since the majority of income from ads comes from 4 networks we will look at ONLY these 4 (note there are others):

            • Google AdSense
            • Monumetric
            • MediaVine
            • AdThrive

            best ad networks for bloggers



            Content must comply with Adsense policies ideally a blog over 6 months old


            Earnings range

            $1-$4 RPM


            • Most bloggers will be able to get approved on Adsense and
            • The best option for bloggers that get less than 10,000 monthly page views.



            • They do not allow ads in a sticky sidebar
            • Don’t allow ads on mobile devices.
            • Low earnings



            No offensive or negative content


            Earnings range

            Not much!



            • If you can’t get approved on Adsense then it’s worth giving this a shot.
            • You can place ads on the sticky sidebar (increases the impressions aka views).



            • Low earnings



            10,000 page views per month


            Earnings range

            $2-$5 RPM



            • 10,000 page views per month is not as much as some other networks
            • Monumetric will generally pay you more than Adsense.



            • They require at least 6 ad slots per page, which is a lot if you don’t have posts over 2,000 words!
            • Still quite a low RPM.



            25,000 page views per month


            Earnings range

            $6.67-$13.58 RPM



            • They accept bloggers across all the major blogging niches.
            • Can double or triple your income for ads compared to Adsense



            • The reason they tend to pay more than Adsense is because their ads “stick” to the sidebar. This means when users scroll down the ad still stays on screen (could be seen as a pro depending on how you look at it)



            100,000 page views per month

            Must have U.S. based majority


            Earnings range

            $8.77-$19.89 RPM



            • The highest RPM ad network
            • They are willing to pay a higher premium as their ads ONLY show up on high quality and specific websites.



            • But it’s the most “picky”.
            • It is estimated that 75% of applications are rejected, as they prefer specific niches:

            1. Food

            2. Parenting

            3. Home-related

            Create a Money Making Website in 9 days

            Find out how you can design a website to make money. Use the step by step approach to set your website up for success


            Powered By ConvertKit

            So What Does This Mean? 

            There’s a couple of charts that pretty much sums this all up…

            best ad networks for bloggers

            best ad networks for bloggers

            As you can see, over 1 in 5 bloggers making over $2k+ per month use Adsense. But only 2% of the overall income from adverts is paid from Adsense.

            The point is…

            When you qualify to apply to other networks, do it!!

            You will just be leaving money on the table otherwise and you can easily see a 2-3 times increase in your advertising income! Plus you will provide better quality adverts that may actually help your audience.

            Best Ad Networks for Bloggers Summary

            Are you beginning to see how important it is to monetise your website with adverts?

            The 5 best ad networks for bloggers are:

            • Google AdSense
            • Monumetric
            • MediaVine
            • AdThrive

            Bloggers starting out should use Adsense ASAP.

            Once you hit the requirements of MediaVine you should change to this network as soon as possible.

            If you are in the “food” or “mummy” niche you should focus on getting over 100,000 page views per month to really benefit from using AdThrive.

            And do you begin to notice that content is ALWAYS king?

            If you write posts that help your readers it will increase your page views per month and they will not mind putting up with a couple of ads at the side.

            Keep changing for the better


            P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

            P.P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

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            best ad networks for bloggers

            Discover the Best Niche to Make Money Online

            There may be affiliate links in this article on the best niche to make money online, read the full disclaimer here.


            Imagine what it would be like if you knew what was the best niche to make money online.




            Now let me ask you this…

            “What are you passionate about?”

            If you’re like me then this is a question that you have often asked yourself.

            But there is a slight issue to this question with making money online…


            The playing field is not always equal depending on what niche you choose.

            As you absorb this information, you’ll realise these differences and find out what the best niche to make money online is.

            If you are wondering whether your niche is profitable, about to start a blog or thinking of starting within a new niche, then read on to see these findings…


            But I’m Not Interested in Just Making Money I Want to Enjoy What I do!


            That’s the response I was hoping for!


            So it’s important that I start with this disclaimer:

            Any online niche can make money. And they have a much greater chance of succeeding if you are passionate about what you do! Passion will show in every blog post that you write and it will never feel like work. This will allow you to reach higher levels of income than you could in a niche that you weren’t interested in.


            However, this article is using facts from a study by the Millionaire Blogger to help you see the best niche to make money online.

            Read the Blog Income Report Research Study


            What are the BIG 6 Niches? 

            Brandon Gaille found that the most profitable blogs that he studied fell into 6 niches:

            1. Food
            2. Personal Finance
            3. Mommy
            4. Travel
            5. Marketing
            6. Lifestyle

            The lifestyle niche included a variety of interests that made up their everyday lives such as fitness, fashion, journaling and sewing.

            The Mommy blogs could have fallen into this niche. But he found there were enough that had a clear focus on motherhood and used the word “mommy” or “mom within the title.

            If the blogger wrote about SEO, blogging, social media marketing and small business then they fell into the marketing niche.

            Personal finance, food and travel are pretty self-explanatory!


            This study uncovered 2 main findings:

            1. Which niche had the most bloggers making $2k+ per month?
            2. Which niche had the highest median monthly income?


            This then resulted in the best niche to make money online. 


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            #1 How Many Bloggers Make $2,000+ Per Month? 

            There seems to be a pretty clear cut off point from blogging being a hobby to becoming a more serious business.

            What is that cut off point?

            When it starts earning more than $2,000 per month!

            So Brandon worked out the percentage of bloggers earning more than $2k per month for each niche.

            Here are his findings…


            the best niche to make money online


            As you can see the top three niches make up 62% of the bloggers in this study who were making $2k+ each month:

            1. Personal finance- 24%
            2. Marketing- 21%
            3. Food- 17%


            #2 Which Niche had the Highest Median Monthly Income? 

            Wow, these findings are eye-opening!


            the best niche to make money online

            As you can see the personal finance and food niches stand out like Vince Vaughn at a midgets convention.



            The BIG 3 Findings

            Now, there are 3 huge takeaways from the study. 


            #1 Personal finance is the best niche to make money online. The food niche is not too far behind.

            Brandon even made an equation to leave him with a score out of 100 to answer this question…

            What is the best niche to make money online?

            The closer the score to 100, the easier it is to make money in this niche:


            the best niche to make money online


            #2 The marketing niche has an easy path to reach $2k per month

            Even though the marketing niche has the lowest median income out of the 6 niches it still ranked 3rd overall.

            This is because it seems like it’s much easier to reach $2k per month.

            It’s possible to sell online courses that people would pay a high price tag for (unlike in the food niche) and there are heaps of affiliate marketing opportunities.

            However, the marketing niche is much more saturated than other niches such as personal finance. This competition makes it hard to really grow your traffic or build your email list.



            As you can see there is over 3.5 times the number of marketing blogs that appear on a Google search compared to personal finance blogs. 


            #3 The food blogging niche has a different income distribution to most. 42% of their income comes from ads!

            Food blogs tend to get higher monthly engagement than other blogs… This is because people eat every day! So they will often click onto a recipe that they are looking for that night.

            Look at it this way… It’s not every day you are looking for a new credit card of a budget sheet!



            This means food blogs tend to make higher monthly impressions and AdThrive (the highest paying ad network) is specifically targeted for food bloggers. AdThrive provides great ads for food blogs, which means visitors will be more likely to click on an ad as it is relevant for why they are on that website anyway!


            Related articles:


            Further Questions That Need Answering

            Now, there are some clear results from these findings but it does leave us needing some more information to determine how conclusive the research is.


            Here are some questions that would be great if Brandon could answer:

            1. How were these blogs selected for this study?
            2. How many blogs were in each niche? (there are a lot more marketing blogs that exist compared to something like the personal finance niche)
            3. Does this mean there are some biases to finding better know blogs in certain niches?
            4. What are the personal finance and marketing distribution of income?


            The Best Niche to Make Money Online Summary

            Unlike most articles you may find about what the best niche to make money online say, this shows a clear winner!


            So the personal finance and food niches stand out as the most lucrative of the blogging niches. However, do you remember reading the disclaimer earlier?…

            Any online niche can make money. And they have a much greater chance of succeeding if you are passionate about what you do! Passion will show in every blog post that you write and it will never feel like work. This will allow you to reach higher levels of income than you could in a niche that you weren’t interested in.


            Now read that again.


            On the other hand, you may be interested in 2 niches i.e. Travel or food. Now you have a clear road map about which one will be more lucrative and it would be worth pursuing your interest in food if you were on the fence!

            The more you keep reading this article, the more you will understand what the best niche to make money online is.


            Keep changing for the better




            P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.


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            the best niche to make money online
            the best niche to make money online

            How to Make Money Online- Revealed!

            MTO4- There may be affiliate links in this article on how to make money online, read the full disclaimer here.

            This Podcast will show you how to make money online.

            how to make money online

            There are 3 main ways that bloggers make money online:


            This can be broken down into 2 main methods:

            1. Advertising Networks
            2. Direct advertising

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            How does Blogging Make Money

            Affiliate Marketing

            This is simply connecting people online to what they are searching for. 

            Making good recommendations is vital to be successful here. Also, the great news is it can be relatively passive income as one post can pay you in years to come.

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            Creating and Selling Own Courses/ Products

            This is how to make the big bucks online.

            And do you remember, it’s important to create a course that people want? Therefore, the most successful people find what their audience would like and make it for them!


            Check out these Income reports from Michelle Schroeder-Gardner:

            1. Stage 1 $0-$2k – $672 in May 2012 (a bit of this and a bit of that!)
            2. Stage 2 $2-$7.5k – $6,523 in January 2013 (mainly income from ads and freelance work)
            3. Stage 3 $7.5-$25k – $320k in 2015 (notice the increase in affiliate income!)
            4. Stage 4 $25k+ – $979k in 2016 (her first online course was released)

            You MUST check this study out because it’s incredible!!…

            Blog income report study- Brandon Gaille 

            It shows you a road map as to how bloggers can make money and how it can scale!

            How to Make Money Online Summary

            The more you listen to this podcast the more you will realise how to make money online. And do you begin to notice how it’s possible for anyone?

            Keep changing for the better


            P.S. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

            P.P.S. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below… or send me a message on WA here

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