November 20, 2018

81 Days to Becoming an Online Sales Machine Review – Find out the Secret…

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There is one BIG secret to getting ahead in life…


This book review of Kelvin Dorsey’s “81 Days to Becoming an Online Sales Machine” will reveal what that secret is.


81 Days to Becoming an Online Sales Machine- The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: 81 Days to Becoming an Online Marketing Sales Machine
  • Author: Kelvin Dorsey- 91 out of 100
  • Originality: 85 out of 100
  • Practical methods: 79 out of 100
  • Enjoyability: 93 out of 100
  • Price: Kindle $1.27
  • Rating: 87 out of 100


Pros and Cons


  • FULL of tips!
  • Great for beginner or experienced internet marketers
  • Easy to read- lots of white spaces and short chapters
  • Funny analogies & similies (as long as you are not a feminist!!)
  • Great book recommendations
  • Great examples used


  • Not as much on practical email marketing methods as I thought (considering he is an email marketing guru!)
  • Could be offensive at times to some people (but he does have disclaimers about this!)


Who is “81 Days to Becoming an Online Sales Machine” for?

The word “sales” comes with a pretty big judgment.

The truth is that everyone needs to be able to sell. As a teacher, I am constantly selling the idea of taking part in each lesson to learn.

Saying this, here is a list of people that would really benefit from reading this book:

  • Internet marketers- email marketing, blogger, Youtuber, podcaster (if you sell anything on the internet)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Writers
  • If you want to start your own side hustle
  • If you aren’t happy in your job
  • People that would like to improve their communication skills


Kelvin Dorsey uses 81 chapters (days) to explain some amazing Internet Marketing tips. As a taster here are my favourite 12…


#1 Target Market- Go From Zero to Hero in Less Than a Year

Kelvin makes this point better than milk compliments tea.

He tells a story about a salesman, Joe, who couldn’t sell any of his self-improvement tapes:


One day Joe went to see an old friend with his tapes, who was now a successful businessman. His friend loved the tapes and thought Joe must be selling loads of these!

Joe told him this was his first sale and his old friend asked who he was selling these to.

This is the main point…

Joe didn’t have a bad product, he was just targeting the wrong market. He was selling these tapes to anyone struggling in a marriage or business…

His friend said, “STOP!! You need to sell these to successful people. They are successful because they take ACTION and buy this stuff.”


Joe went on to be the best salesman in his company simply because:

  • He targeted the right people (winners instead of losers)
  • He sold to their wants, not their needs

You must know your target market inside out. You need to know their:

  • Values
  • Wants (sell to these)
  • Needs
  • Interests
  • Where they spend time
  • What words they use
  • What frustrates them

This helps you to advertise to LESS people!

Effective advertising is always specific. You should only market to your target market.

If you try to sell to everyone you will sell to NOONE.


#2 The Secret to Curiosity

So you still want to know the secret to getting ahead in life?

I’ll tell you later…

Why does the word “secret” entice people in so much?

  • People are innately fat and lazy- secret implies doing less work
  • People are curious creatures
  • People feel like everyone else is in on something that they aren’t
  • People are competitive (ever looked for a car park space in a full car park?…)
  • “Secret” implies you’ll gain an advantage over others

Curiosity plays a big role in getting your readers to click your links as an internet marketer.

Here are some ways to inflame curiosity with your headings:

  1. Questions
  2. Riddles
  3. Unknown resolutions
  4. Violated expectations
  5. Access to information known by others
  6. Weird and wacky

If you can do any of these things you’re much more likely to get clicks on your links according to Mr Dorsey.

So anyway as promised the secret to getting ahead in life is…

Hard work

I didn’t say you were going to like it!! But Mr Dorsey says it himself and he is an email marketing guru after all…


#3 The Story behind Selling in Stealth Mode

Imagine this:

You wake up to the smell of a perfectly brewed coffee wafting down the hallway. 

You whack open your laptop and check your email. Your coffee tastes good!

The first thing you hear is… 


You’ve got funds.

But you don’t have only one of these emails…

You scroll down to see payment after payment.

There is this warm, fuzzy feeling as you realise your financial worries are now over…

For good!


As Kelvin explains… When you tell a good story it sells for you. The best part is people don’t even realise they are being sold to (it’s stealth like!)

Here are some tips for a good story:

  • Use emotion
  • Persuasion- paint an image vivid and real
  • Hit the 5 senses
  • Cut out adjectives add ACTION verbs

Notice the story above uses all of these tips.


#4 How to Use Wi$e Word$

Have you ever used a thesaurus before?

Chances are you were probably doing the opposite of how you should use it when writing online!

Instead of using it to find bigger or fancier words… use a thesaurus to find shorter and easier to understand words.


People read 25% slower on a computer screen than they do on paper


Some advice for writing stuff that gets read:

  • Avoid $10 words – it hurts your brain to read
  • Clarity- KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Easy and fun to read- reading your work should NEVER be a chore.

Need an example to see what KD means?

This male homo-sapien is begetting a myocardial infarction in the cardiac blood-pumping organ.

Simply means:

He’s having a heart attack


Long sentences cause more eye fatigue on screen than paper


#5 Change a No to a Yes- Perception

What piece of information can you give to make your prospects see their current situation in a different light?

Let’s say a course costs $365.

This is the same as $1 a day for a year.

Or the equivalent of 5 pints of beer a month in a bar in the US (just over 1 pint of beer a week!)


Would you rather pay $1 a day or $365 right now?


It’s important to talk in terms of your audience. This is why tip #1 is so important! Perception is often what causes people to buy or not to buy.

You can boost your products perceived value by:

  1. Add testimonials (social proof)
  2. Explain behind the scenes story
  3. Use jaw-dropping benefits
  4. Offer a guarantee
  5. Offer a free trial
  6. Add bonuses


#6 The Secret to Write in the BEST Mental State

A good mental state = thinking about your reader at all times

There is one little weird mind trick that Kelvin uses:

Imagine you only have a few months to live. A loved one has asked you to tell them everything you know on the topic you are writing about.

MORBID!! I know!!

But apparently it works for him and you can quickly see how this would make you really think about the content your putting out there!


#7 Show off Your Personality

Have you ever found it hard to write with personality?

Well here is an example of an ice cream review that KD found… word for word:


This place is BAWLIN yo! Chicken nuggetz be crispy like you never SEEN.

I tasted one and I was like, “WHAAAT! Are you serious Wendy?”

Mean girls working on the friers, tho. This one chick wouldn’t even let me holla. I was like, “please, you ugly anyway.”


Next time you’re not sure what writing with personality is… read this review then try to write!

Check out Tip #4 in this post to see more about how to do this!


#8 Email Marketing is King for Sales

Kelvin describes social media as being on the kid’s table… everyone is SHOUTING but nobody is listening.

Email is where business happens.


66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a direct result of an email marketing message


There is no point in just trying to get as many email addresses on your list as humanly possible though. Just like so many things in life it is about quality over quantity.

Having high standards will increase your quality subscribers (i.e. the action takers who want your product and have money to pay for it)


High standards will attract the kings, low standards will attract the jokers


Here are 3 things you must have on a squeeze page (a website that asks for an email address) to raise standards :

  • Tact (copywriting skills- sell something in writing)
  • Poise (prove authority- read #5 to see how)
  • A reason (Ronseal- does what it says on the tin- Youtube this advert if you are not from the UK!)


#9 Multitasking = Screw up Several Things at Once

One thing I will always remember from this book is this:


Being stoned has been scientifically proven to be more productive than multitasking


In an experiment, the group that was stoned was more productive than the group that was interrupted by phone calls and emails.

The lesson?

Do the one most important thing- nothing else!

You may have heard this before about multitasking and when you do one task at a time you will notice your productivity go through the roof (plus make waaaay less mistakes)

Find the key tasks for what you do… do these more


#10 Go Fast or Go Home

This is something I seem to be hearing more and more from successful people… see my Millionaire Fastlane review here

The tortoise and the hare story is a myth!!

To be successful and stand out we need to be FAST and steady. It’s so important to find ways to become more productive and do this CONSISTENTLY… see tip #12 for more on “BEAST mode”

You’re average because you go slow, you’re not slow because you’re average.


#11 How to Avoid Failure

There are two ways:

  1. Read books
  2. Get a mentor

Kelvin makes a valid point that failure is being put on a pedestal by people looking for success. WHY?

Why make mistakes when someone else has almost definitely made them before! Learn from OTHER people’s mistakes and take the shortcut to success.


#12 Be Persistent, Be Persistent, Be Persistent, Be Persistent, Be Persistent, Be Persistent

Kelvin leaves an important message throughout the book:

  • Don’t stop
  • Take action every day.

Your actions compound over time very quickly (just think what you can achieve in the next 365 days!)

They compound even more when you enter your “BEAST mode”.

You wanna know what BEAST mode is? Here are some ways KD describes it:

  • You go from sputtering along to hell-bent-for-leather!
  • Your concentration becomes like an IRON fortress that NOONE can penetrate.
  • You have boundless creative energy to solve problems and create solutions.
  • Setbacks amuse you!

You get the point I’m sure!

Obviously this is hard to keep up all the time – do this for only a few hours a day and you’ll smash it!


Bonuses- There are 2!!!!!

Now, it’s great to read books and stuff but unless you take action there’s no point.

You may have noticed that I have tried to do stuff KD recommends throughout this post… Remember #5- it’s important to give a bonus to boost perceived value… well here are 2 bonuses!


Possibly the most important takeaway from the whole book:

1. You must have something GOOD to sell. 

You could be the worst salesman in the world… but if you can put an amazing product in front of a group of people that are prepared to pay for it… you will sell!


2. The recommended books from this book:

Hypnotic Writing- Joe Vitale
How to write a good advertisement – Victor O. Schwab
The Success system that never fails- W. Clement Stone
Tested Advertising Methods- John Caples
How to Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers- Craig Garber
Winning through intimidation- Robert Ringer


81 Days: The “MakeTimeOnline” Review Final Word

This book is for anybody that does internet marketing or wants to sell anything (and if you NEVER want to sell anything, you probably shouldn’t be on this website!)

It is jam-packed with jaw-dropping tips.

These tips above are some of my favourites but remember there are 81 of them and I have only given you 12!!

If you’re wondering what else the book can offer you after this EPIC review then here’s a little taster:

  • Why you should advertise on the DARK side
  • The BEST ways to increase traffic
  • How to build a GREAT email list
  • The number ONE productivity booster tip
  • What you can learn from Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer
  • Why the GOLDFISH is the entrepreneur of the animal kingdom

Keep changing for the better,




p.s. If you have any questions and I mean ANY questions about this book, please leave them below.

p.p.s. If you have read the book before or used any internet marketing techniques before I’d love to hear from you too.

p.p.p.s. If you are interested in making money online to free up your time, have a look at my #1 recommended program here, which I am currently using.

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  1. Great review Mike.

    I’m going to add this one to my list of 52 books in 52 weeks in 2019.

    I particularly loved the tip on using simple English. I could learn from that!!


    1. Thanks Shaun,

      I really learnt a lot from this book. It’s so true about people reading online…

      When I read a book I am completely present with what’s going on. Online I have about 50 tabs open and as soon as I’m bored I’m off to somewhere else!

      What other books do you have on the list? Sounds like an awesome challenge… I may join you!!


  2. I was looking for a good book to get my business partner and SOOOO glad i found this review!   he loves internet marketing and also likes rough language so this is probably perfect for him.

    Not only that i now have over 5 books to get him as you were very awesome to list some other solid books.

    My amazon cart is going to be full thanks to you!   

    You are awesome.  Thank you!

    1. Hi Barry,

      If you have any interest in internet marketing this is the book for you! It’s so easy to read, funny and packed with amazing useable tips. 

      The other books he recommends seem very good too! I’m just finishing “Hypnotic Writing” and this has even more detail about specific words that are used at different times etc.

      Thanks for stopping by again.


      p.s. I hope your business partner enjoys the book, please let me know how he gets on with it!

  3. I was a lot more intrigued by this post than I expected I would be! Which is maybe because of how you have it written, I like it. I think I will purchase the Kindle version, as I am a beginner, and putting humor into anything tends to keep my attention much more than a textbook boring read. 

    Multi-tasking is my worst enemy. I’m guilty of doing it pretty much everyday and need to get my poop in a group and take one project at a time! Thank you for the information! 

    1. Haha!!

      Your comment about multitasking reminded me of a story Kelvin tells in the book about Winston Churchill…

      He was sitting on the bog when there was a knock at the door…

      “excuse me sir but the Lord Privy Seal is here to see you now”

      Winnie replied, “tell the Lord I’m sealed on the Privy and can only deal with one shit at a time!”

      Kelvin’s humour had me hooked on the book and there’s some great takeaways from just reading his work.

      Let me know how you get on with the book… it’s basically a freebie it’s so cheap


  4. As thorough as ever Mike, I had a lot of takeaways from your article, and I must have my hands on this book in the near future. At $1.27 its very affordable. From the whole article, I loved point number 2, 9 and 12. On the online world, they have proved to me to be very efficient. Especially on consistence, whatever you do, if you lack consistence, you will definitely achieve nothing

    Thank you so much for great info  

    1. Hi Ngonidzashe,

      Thanks so much for stopping by again!

      It is one of those books that is too good not to recommend and like you say it’s so cheap it may as well be free!

      Let me know how you get on with the book I’d love to know some of your takeaways


  5. Wow. I just spent over 15 minutes reading over this review.  That is exactly what I want to be like.  I just want to be down to earth and be myself.  

    I am absolutely going to be getting that book.  Im hooked and feel like I need more already.  Just your review has left me addicted.

    I cant wait to read all the other pointers that are listed in the book.

    Once again thank you for writing this and letting us know about it.


    1. Hi Dale,

      Thanks so much for your comment. 

      I learnt so much from the book and it’s so reasonably priced it’s pretty much a freebie.

      Kelvin has a great writing style and it’s easy to pick up tips just from reading his work.

      Let me know if you have any questions about it.


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