September 27, 2018

Millionaire Fastlane Review in PDF – Do What Makes Financial CENTS!

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“The Millionaire Fastlane” review in PDF will show you how it is one of the most straight-talking, to the point, eye-opening books that I have ever read.

BEWARE of this disclaimer straight away: This is not for everyone! MJ De Marco is very blunt, there’s definitely a bit of over exaggeration and he will say something that you probably won’t like.

A lot of the ideas in his book are about making some big money (over $200,000 per month according to MJ). If this is not something you are interested in learning then this book may not be for you.

However, with the way the world’s financial system currently is, you are either on the Fastlane or you’re going backwards.


The Millionaire Fastlane – The Overview and Rankings

  • Name: The Millionaire Fastlane
  • Author: MJ De Marco – 89 out of 100
  • Originality: 98 out of 100
  • Practical methods: 78 out of 100
  • Enjoyability: 95 out of 100
  • Price: Audible $24.95/ Kindle $5.81/ Hardcover $12.49
  • Rating: 89 out of 100


Pros and Cons


  • Gives you one massive kick up the butt!
  • Practical advice into what business to start to get on the fastlane
  • Helps to question the status quo- does living in the rat race really have to be normal?
  • Makes you want to stop wasting your time! Is playing fortnite or watching strictly come dancing really enjoyable or are you escaping?
  • Shows you why your most important asset is TIME (I’m sure you know I agree with this one!)
  • Become a producer rather than a consumer
  • Working for money makes no sense!


  • Does a bit of author bashing- even though I completely agree the name dropping is not needed- he even criticises Robert Kiyosaki, who I actually think is promoting the same thing as him!
  •  Can be overwhelming to hear so much of what we know is apparently so “wrong”!


Sidewalk, Slowlane and Fastlane


MJ claims the “Sidewalker” has no financial plan and spends surplus money immediately on new gadgets, a new car or trip.

They believe they need to use time and money right now as they don’t know what tomorrow will bring. They will gamble and buy lottery tickets in the hope it brings them the big bucks!


The “Slowlaner” knows that if they save their money now they can invest it in the stock market and in 50 years their $10,000 will become $4 squidrillion due to compound interest.

They believe their job is their sole source of income.

The issue for the slowlaner is that it takes their whole life to get their hands on this money and due to changes in the financial system or their pension scheme, they may never see this money or it isn’t worth as much due to inflation and taxes.


The “Fastlaner” knows about another way.

A way where the more they help others, the richer they become in time, money and personal fulfilment.

They don’t have to wait 50 years to start living this life it can be in 5 or 7 years time. They know that it won’t be easy but every time they fail, they learn, which helps for the next time.


Who is this book for?

This book is for people that really want to change their lifestyle and be able to own time so they can choose ANYTHING they want to do.

MJ will literally question everything you currently know about money and how to earn it, even though most of his financial ideas are nothing new… he makes them sound new!

However, I can almost guarantee that some people will stop reading half-way through or they won’t even pick up the book because he is too direct and comes across as pretty arrogant. This doesn’t take away from the fact that this guy talks sense and knows his stuff.

So it is my job in this blog post to ensure you get the main points from his book because I feel like they are too important to not be known!

The main question that can really help you decide how to start a business is this simple question…

Does it make financial CENTS?

Here are the 5 most important commandments to ensure your business is on the Millionaire Fastlane.



“You are either in control of your own financial plan or you aren’t, there is no in between.” MJ DeMarco

This is a very important commandment but most people will not even realise whether they are in control or not until further down the line. A great example is network marketing. You will hear about some network marketers that will do very well for themselves, or you may even be one.

However, if something was to change in that company tomorrow that meant you couldn’t sell their products anymore, all your income would disappear overnight.

That is because you do not control the company. You own a job managing and creating a sales organisation.

Obviously choosing the right company in the first place could offset this risk and I’m not saying you can’t earn some good money (over $20,000 per month) from network marketing. You will just never earn “big” (over $200,000 a month) or “legendary” (over $1 million per month) money from this… unless you own the network marketing company!

What should I do then?

Start creating your own brand or business.

Even as an affiliate marketer (promoting other people’s products online for a commission) this is something you can do. You can start selling other people’s products but create your own brand at the same time. Eventually, you can create your own products for this brand and really take control.

So would you rather be a driver or a hitchhiker? In General:

  • Drivers create network marketing companies; they don’t join them.
  • Drivers sell franchises; they don’t buy them.
  • Drivers offer affiliate programs; they don’t buy them
  • Drivers offer employment; they don’t get employed
  • Drivers accept rents and royalties; they don’t pay rent and royalties

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I own the company?
  • Am I reliant on another platform or someone else to make money?
  • Do I have a diversified income stream or am I reliant on one income source?



Is it easy to start?

If it is… it won’t be on the Fastlane!

Working a JOB, Investing in stocks, starting network marketing, buying a special kit that has a website made for you for $40 are all examples of things that are super easy to enter into.

If it’s something that everyone is doing, then you will become just like everyone… and everyone isn’t wealthy!

It’s actually quite a well-known investing technique (which hardly anybody does due to fear and greed) that if everyone is buying something you should be selling it. It was the same with the dot-com bubble in 2000, the property bubble in 2008 and the crypto bubble just at the end of last year in 2017.

Just afterwards when people want rid of their “terrible” investments would have been a perfect time to buy these investments whilst they were on sale… time will tell if that’s the case for certain cryptocurrencies.

What stops everyone from doing it?

If there is something that stops everyone from doing it then there will always be a level of difficulty and therefore it can be a better opportunity.

It’s important you figure out what this is and are prepared for this.

For example, consistency of working on your business is a big reason why everyone is not an affiliate marketer. It is relatively easy to set up a website.

But it is not easy to set up an autoresponder, be present on social media platforms, have an email list, create quality content and consistently add value to your audience.

You must be prepared to be consistent.

The only way to beat the masses if everyone is doing something is to be exceptional. You do not have to always reinvent the wheel but you do need to be prepared to put the effort in.


Need- possibly the most important Commandment

Does it solve someone’s problems?

People will ONLY care about what your business can do for THEM!

Do not ever believe anything else.

You may have found something completely unique and something that you think you would love to have. However, you have to surrender your own wants and address the wants of others (people are innately selfish according to MJ!)

Chase Needs, Not Money!

Are you doing something to solve problems or are you doing it to make money (Wantrepreneurs)?

A lot of people will make this mistake.

They will think about something that they are an “expert in” or something that they think can make them money. This is the WRONG way to think!

I think this is why business people typically have such a bad name for themselves. People associate business owners with chasing money.

However, the best business owners will actually chase needs e.g. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

The niche is so important

I didn’t start my affiliate marketing business for ages.

I thought about it for a long time before acting on it (it’s been something I considered when Sarah and I started our first blog in mid-2017). This is because I knew the niche was very important (thanks to MJ).

I thought about some type of fitness, self-development, food, happiness niches just to name a few. However, I decided on my “making money online” niche because I could see there was a demand for it. For one… I wanted it!

I was no expert in this niche!

I didn’t just dive into starting a business when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2012. I ensured my business idea made financial CENTS and I checked to see if people needed it. The more I work on it, the more of an “expert” I am becoming.

Click here to read more about how to find your niche.

Is your business different?

Something I realised about financial advice gurus was that they nearly all focus on SAVING money and living BELOW your means (frugal has become this cool word thrown around on Twitter).

Even really successful financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins and Andrew Hallam focus on these things.

I get why they do this and I understand so many people need to do this more, after all, it is the foundation of getting our finances in check.

However, what people really need to do more of is increase their financial intelligence.

Doing this will help to find ways to make more money and expand their means (or solve other peoples needs)! Plus it’s much easier to be passionate or get excited about living a lifestyle that you really want rather than cutting back on things.

Some examples of fastlane thinking:

  • Make them look better (nutrition, exercise, clothing, makeup).
  • Raise a positive emotion (love, happiness, laughter etc.)
  • Educate them.
  • Make things easier.
  • Enhance their dreams and provide hope.
  • Give them security (housing, safety, health).

Only follow your “love” if the market wants it

This has to be the most common mistake! You will hear a lot of affiliate marketers who claim “do what you love to make more money” (Wealthy Affiliate‘s training can even be interpreted like this).

However, it’s crucial to realise there are niches that do NOT solve needs as an affiliate marketing e.g. being an affiliate of underwear will never be profitable!


Choose a profitable niche that you are interested in… make money… you will then develop a passion for this niche (note that a passion and a love for something are two very different things)

Still on the search for a business idea?

Start listening out for pain points of people and what people want. These are some common phrases to look out for in daily life:

  • I hate…
  • I don’t like…
  • This frustrates me…
  • Why is this like this?
  • Do I have to… ?
  • I wish there was…
  • I’m tired of…
  • This sucks…



Can the product exist in time and standalone without your connection to it?

This is an area where people starting a “business” get confused. If you need to work to earn money, you have created a job, not a business!

Your business should be able to bring money in at any time of the day… including when you sleep!!

Does it serve while you are away?

One of the most important things to do with a business is to automate it. If you need to do everything in the business it will be impossible to grow. The more value you provide, the more time you will need to give.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can use systems and hire people (on an hourly basis or part-time) to help grow and improve your business.

The goal is to get away from the worst relationship ever created… your time for money.



Scale is about leverage

There are 6 business habitats (plus real business examples):

  1. Local community (pool)- Tanning salon
  2. City (pond)- Upscale Restaurant
  3. State/ county (lagoon)- A fitness business
  4. Regional (lake)- A property developer
  5. National (sea)- A big bank
  6. Worldwide (ocean)- Internet company

The 2 ways to scale

Net Profit= Units Sold x Unit Profit

Imagine you were selling sandwiches at a local store. How many can you sell in one day? Fifty? A hundred? How many hours are there in a day? Can you see how scale is limited here?

This guy could scale his business by making more stores across the country and increasing his reach but his unit profit will always be limited (max $10?). He can only ever sell to people physically coming into the store and during certain hours of the day.

The best thing about starting an online business is that your products scale but your work doesn’t. You literally can reach the whole world and unit profit can easily change (depending on what you are selling or promoting).


Millionaire Fastlane: MakeTimeOnline Summary

If you are not in the fastlane you will be going backwards in today’s financial world!

The world has really changed since the internet was invented and the gap between people using it to help them and those that are not will only get bigger.

Making money online meets all five of the commandments.

It is one of the few types of businesses that does this.

It’s clearly written in MJ De Marco’s book but it’s up to you how you use the information.

To be on the fastlane you need to make financial CENTS. Possibly the most important lesson is that when you chase people’s needs, money will flow to you. So figure out what people want and need and help them solve this problem. Stop chasing money!

Keep changing for the better,



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