January 9, 2020

How This Policeman Quit His Job to Work Less and Make More: The Savvy Couple Podcast

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have all the time in the world and accomplish so much?

It can often feel like you’re just working harder and harder but not seeing the rewards. If anything you’re putting more time in and receiving the same money in return.

But it’s possible to completely change this by shifting your mindset to focus on one thing…

What is your effective hourly rate (EHR)?

How the Savvy Couple Work Less and Make More- The Savvy Couple podcast with Kelan Kline

Kelan from The Savvy Couple has completely changed his life through blogging since 2016. His wife, Brittany, and himself have created a 6 figure business with no prior experience in blogging, marketing or selling.

Another completely normal couple who have done extraordinary things to help others manage their money and time way better.

In this podcast with Kelan Kline from The Savvy Couple, we chat about:

  • How Kelan’s EHR has moved from $26 to over $300 in 3 years
  • Why Kelan gave up his dream job- and was OK about it
  • How the first year blogging is a real grind that people often overlook
  • The best thing about being a full-time blogger

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Handy tools and resources mentioned in the Podcast

There was a lot mentioned in the podcast but here are some of the key ones…

  • Work Less Make More (non-aff link)- I’ve since read the book (audio & kindle) and ended up taking so many notes and doing the tasks. The EHR is a game-changer and James Schramko has so many tips on how to increase this that is perfect for bloggers/ online business owners.
  • Pinterest scheduler- Tailwind (this is an affiliate link- you can try scheduling 100 pins for free and if you upgrade you get a $15 discount)
  • Keyword finder– a keyword research tool
  • Ad espresso– Facebook ads (I never heard of them but they sound really cool. You can plug in 5 different headlines, descriptions, images and it works out the best combination for you… Kelan is smashing FB ads!)
  • FB Side Hustle– Bobby Hoyts FB ads course

None of the others are affiliate links as I have not personally tried them. But Kelan certainly knows what he’s talking about!

Find out all of Kelan’s best blogging resources here to see what else The Savvy Couple recommends.

The Savvy Couple Podcast Transcript

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Get in contact with Kelan

You can check out Brittany and Kelan’s work on their website The Savvy Couple.

Also, connect in their super active and helpful Facebook groups: Blogging with purpose or their personal finance group The Savvy Couple (Family. Finance. Freedom). They really do go above and beyond in here!

Kelan and Brittany also share exactly what they have done to become 6 figure bloggers. If you have a blog then check out their course, Blogger’s Secrets:

There is a lot of detail in this course with exact tips on how to help your blog make money. I particularly liked the information and advice on email marketing and sponsorships!

What did you take from this podcast? Have you already started a blog? Drop a comment below & feel free to share your blog

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The Savvy Couple Podcast- How They went from $0 to $100k blogging

About the Author

Mike Beatty has built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time PE teacher without any marketing or technical experience. Learn more about how he's done it here.

Mike Beatty

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  1. Thanks for having me on the show Mike.

    It’s always nice to get some time and talk to other online entrepreneurs. Seriously had a blast talking to you.

    Stay in touch and best of luck this year!

    1. Thanks again for your time Kelan, I really appreciate it.

      It’s amazing how much you’ve achieved in such a short amount of time, you should be super proud of yourselves.

      I’ll stay in touch for sure. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths at FinCon or somewhere at some point

  2. Definitely have pinned this and will come back to further review. Thanks for sharing. I look forward into looking into advancing further using Facebook Ads and you guys look the go-to people to go to!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth!

      Yeah, Kelan really knows his stuff about Facebook ads. If you check the show notes it mentions the course (by Bobby Hoyt) that he took and recommends. I’ve heard this is a great course to learn more about FB ads before too.

      The Ad Espresso tool sounds pretty amazing too.

      Hope that helps!

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