February 8, 2022

Job Killing Review: Dan Klein Scam or Legit Lead Gen Opportunity?

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You've probably seen Dan Klein's Job Killing program and are wondering if it's a legit way to make money online.

Well, I can honestly say this can and has helped people make great money.

Even though I haven't personally been through the training, I have seriously considered joining and went through the whole application and pre-call etc.

So I ended up doing a ton of research into this one (as there is hardly any info about it) and figured this could probably help other people looking into it too. 

Be warned, this Job Killing review is thorough.

It includes:

  • How much it costs to join Job Killing
  • What is included inside JK
  • The positive and negative feedback from real users

I promise to show you a honest Job Killing review including both the pros and cons of joining. That way you can make an informed decision if it's right for you or not. 

Job Killing Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Job Killing

Owners: Dan Klein

Type: Local lead generation training- Rank and rent 

Price: Not disclosed- members have paid $4,860-$8,778

Best for: Someone wanting to create lead generation assets to quit their job

Job Killing Pros

  • Legit business model - build assets
  • It works- Real success stories
  • Passive income potential
  • Facebook group- weekly calls
  • Learn multiple valuable skills for any business

Job Killing Cons

  • Hidden costs
  • It takes time to rank
  • Need to "chase your money"
  • A lot to learn for beginners
  • Members selling their sites

Summary: Job Killing provides training on how to make money by providing leads for local businesses.

The aim is to "rank and rent". 

It's different to most lead generation training because the focus is on creating your own assets that you "rent out" to small businesses.

Instead of learning how to use Facebook ads and how to do SEO work for other people's websites you will learn how to create websites that you own and can rent leads to local businesses... you just get a "slither to deliver".

Make Time Online Rating: 85 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes, if you are serious about starting an online lead generation business. But if you do not have a few thousand dollars to spend on a course right now then I would recommend you check out my top recommendation. 

What is Job Killing about?

Job Killing (JK) is a training and coaching program on how to make money by generating leads for local businesses.  

Job Killing is an online course that teaches individuals how to earn money online. Because this is an internet business, such chances can be pursued from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.

The business strategy that will be taught to you is "lead generation," utilizing the rank-and-rent system. It may sound complicated to some, but it's fairly simple.

The concept is to create leads (or, in other words, potential customers).

But unlike other ways of lead creation, you learn how to manage Facebook advertisements and SEO for other companies' websites...

This course will teach you the "Rank-And-Rent" lead generation technique. This, in a nutshell, entails creating a simple website, allowing it to rank on Google Search based on relevant keywords, and then "selling" the leads to small and local businesses.

There is a market for your services, and business owners, especially those with smaller operations, are eager to pay you to promote their company. And there are several significant causes for this.

  • Many business owners need to gain basic knowledge of marketing.

  • And even if they did, they still would need more time to make the necessary promotional materials. As an alternative, they would be concerned with managing the company.

There is a clear reason why 61% of marketers name lead creation as one of their major concerns. SEO is an all-out war, so you'll have to compete against firms already employing this strategy to generate leads. The goal is to achieve the coveted top ranking.

Dan Klein and Brad Campbell started the company.

I can't find the exact start date but people were joining in 2014. Since then, Brad seems to have left the company (or taken a big back seat behind the scenes) but I can't find out why or when.

Just check out the 2 minute video below to learn the core model of JK told by Dan himself...

So it all sounds a bit confusing still, right?

I promise I'm about to explain exatly what JK will teach you. But first, you may be wondering...

Who is Dan Klein & Ippei Kanehara?

Ippei Kanehara is a JK student.

He is doing a lot of promoting for the coaching program and his website dominates a lot of alternative programs that you could join.

Chances are, you've been on his website before you came here...

Dan Klein and Ippei Kanehara

Ippei is on the right, Dan is next to him

Dan Klein is the co-founder of JK and a born salesman. His charisma bursts through and you will form an opinion about him after about 30 seconds of any video you see of him.

I know I did!

I saw him in a Live FB video with dreadlocks and you can prob guess what I thought... you can't help but think... this guy is just trying to sell me something!!

But 150 minutes later, this guy still had me gripped. He did things and said things that not many people would do.

For example, one newbie was sending leads to a local business (just like the training shows you how to do) but the business owner wasn't paying him. Dan literally got the number and called this guy on the FB Live... a bit like a protective parent calling a bully!

It's safe to say that Dan has more business nous than most people and really cares about helping other people. He is the real deal and still walks the talk... he still uses the methods that he teaches.

How does Job Killing Work?

To recap, Job-Killing is an online course that teaches its customers how to build a lead generation company by leveraging "digital real estate" (i.e., your website).

There are only a handful of stages to this process.

  • Get Specific.

  • Create a Webpage

  • Pick a keyword, and dominate the SERPs for it (SERP)

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Make a list of potential customers and sell it to your client.

Choosing a specialty and creating a website for it is the first two steps, and they are rather simple. Getting your website at the top of search engine results is difficult but crucial if you want to collect leads.

Because of this, Job-Killing stresses the significance of instructing students in proper SEO techniques for their respective websites. Techniques such as... will be covered in this course dedicated to search engine optimization.

  • Creation of High-Performing SEO Content

  • Making Closed Blog Networks

  • Purposeful Backlink Promotion

Along with search engine optimization knowledge, you'll pick out pointers on how to market your site to local companies (usually within your area).

The only thing they forgot to mention is all the effort you'll put into making this company plan a success. Some experts estimate that you will need at least three months to improve your website's rating and client acquisition efforts significantly.

There are 3 basic steps...

  • Do your due dilligence to find a good niche
  • Build a website
  • Rank on Google page 1 and rent your leads

The aim is to make websites that rank on Google page 1 that can generate leads for local businesses. If you do that you can get leads "on tap" without having to spend more time and money on ads or improving someone elses website (like you do with SEO clients).

Here's how it works in a nutshell...

  • If someone is looking to cut back a tree in Grand Rapids they would type in something like "tree service Grand Rapids"
  • If you build a website called treeservicegrandrapids.com and put helpful content on that website, it's possible to rank on Google page 1
  • The person finds your website and calls the number on there to get your help
  • You redirect the phone call to a tree service local business
  • Connect with the business owner and strike a deal that works for both of you (i.e. they pay $500 a month for your leads and it helps them make an extra $3,000 a month!)

In theory it's a win-win.

Here's Ippei to explain this in more detail...

The part that I really like about this is that it means you can send a business owner results in advance. That will help you build trust and show them you know what you're doing in advance.

It means, you're not really just cold calling people begging them to believe you.

But how easy is it to do this? Well hopefully, I'll help you find out...

Inside Job Killing

You get taught exactly how to do this with the training. In fact, here is what you get from the training and coaching...

  • 30+ Hours Step-By-Step Training in HD Videos & MP3's
  • Our Proven Lead Generation Blueprint (local online marketing from A-Z)
  • Use of Our Custom Call Tracking Software (with "Phone Whisper" technology)
  • Automated Prospecting System (send "Results in Advance")
  • Instant Monetization Guide (Our best deal-closing scripts & strategies)
  • Twice Weekly Live Training Calls (with unlimited Q & A with Dan)
  • Unlimited Access to Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Free Updates to The Training
  • 1-1 support from an experienced member

So you can probably tell there's a lot you'll get from JK. But...

How do you join Job Killing?

You need to find a "JK coach". 

It's not like a "click this button and pay the money" to join thing.

You actually have to do 3 things to join:

  1. Fill out an application form 
  2. Have a "strategy session" to see if you're a good fit for the course
  3. Pay your dosh

I'd like to think that this process actually does filter people out as this is definately NOT for everyone. But it could just be a scarcity marketing tactic to make you think you're special when you get accepted.

I was expecting to have a very hard sell phone call when I went thought this.

But I was pleasantly surprised at how down to earth and open the coach was that I had a chat with. He was super helpful and answered all the niggling questions I had.

Now, I can almost hear your mind screaming...

How much does Job Killing cost to join?

It has cost people between $4,860 to $8,778, depending on how much you pay in one go. 

The issue is, you cannot find this price anywhere on their website or before you go through the coaching application.

Also, the costs do not stop there...

Ready to make passive income online without spending $1,000s?

Hey, I'm Mike.

I created a passive income online within a year. I did this without spending a small fortune and I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started. 

Mike Beatty

Job Killing monthly cost

You may think that $5,000 is worth it to live life on your own terms. And I would agree. 

But many people fail to realise there are ongoing costs to this business model such as...

  • Weebley hosting and domain: $25 a month per website (needed)
  • Call tracker i.e. Callrail $45-$145 per month or Callsling: $498 one time fee (needed- but you get one included - note it doesn't work everywhere in the world)
  • Email autoresponder to track leads: $15+ a month
  • PO Box (to set up your business address): $19-$75 for 6 months (needed)
  • SpyFu (competitor keyword research): $33- $199 a month / AHrefs (keyword research) - $99 a month
  • PPC ads: $200+ a month (not needed but can help for speed)
  • Outsourcing (some people pay others to build a website or do some of the tasks- not needed, but a great way to scale eventually)

Minimum monthly cost = $76 

Job Killing review- costs-min

The more websites you have the lower the cost will be but you should allow around $50 a month per website. So if you build 10 websites you need to allow a $500 a month spend.

Pay Per Click ads are not needed but can really help to get quicker results.

Job Killing reviews online

I checked out tons of reviews from people that have tried the course. If you send off the application form you'll be sent tons of info including dozens of testimonies for you to check out.

But I wanted the full picture  so I dug into BBB, YouTube and other people's reviews online. 

Here are the most comomon reviews I found...

Common positive Job Killing reviews

  • It works- I'm getting tons of leads
  • You learn way more than just how to rank a website
  • It's given me so much confidence and freedom
  • These skills can be used for any business at any time
  • I wish I started sooner

Common negative Job Killing reviews

  • Expensive
  • I joined with 12 installments of $488 and couldn't cancel it when I wasn't happy with the program- there's no refunds
  • Many videos were outdated and recorded in 2016
  • I did everything they taught and only ever got 1-2 calls a month after a year

Is Job Killing a scam?

Job Killing is not a scam. 

It offers legit training methods to "rank and rent" a website for a local business.

There's great support in the Facebook Group and you can get some coaching and mentoring from the people within the group. 

The reason you may have seen people calling Job Killing a scam is simply because they did not realise what they were getting into before.

They find out that you really do have to put the work in to make any money and it takes time and effort to rank your websites. 

The rest of this Job Killing review will show you the main pros and cons that I see from the training program...

Just to be fully transparent with you, I have not purchased Job Killing myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what this program genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn how to “Spot an Online Marketing Scam” then click the highlighted text.

Don't want to spend $1,000's on a course? Check out how I make money online here!

Job Killing pros

Here are some of the things I really like about Job Killing and why it really caught my eye...

#1 Legit business model: unique in building assets

There are tons of lead generation training programs out there such as:

However, all of those methods involve using Facebook ads to create a lead generation agency. Once you stop producing ads you stop generating leads and your income will stop. 

Job Killing is only one of 2 programs that I have seen that shows you how to actually create assets that you own by:

  • Building a website
  • Getting leads on tap for free from Google
  • "Rent" out your leads for a monthly fee

Imagine your website is a piece of real estate. If the tenant (the business owner you rent your leads to) doesn't want to pay you any more, you simply take your leads and find another "tenant".

You still own the asset and you can even sell the asset for a set price in the future if you don't want it any more. 

This is by far the most attractive aspect of Job Killing to me compared to alternatives.

#2 It works: Real success stories

I won't bore you with all of the success stories you can find. But here are 2 examples...

If you go through the application you will be sent literally dozens of success stories.

Some scams pay fake actors to do what these 2 did above. But there are hours of 1-1 chats with Dan, individual testimonials and live presentations showing real people who have made this system work for them. 

Nobody can deny that real people do make this work. 

#3 Passive income potential

If you set up your website and get ranked at the top of Google it can stay there for years without you needing to do anything to it. 

Is that easy?


Can anyone do it?


Look, this time I wouldn't have believed this either.

But I am literally a nobody with no techie experience at all and I am currently getting thousands of visitors to my websites by ranking them on Google. 

Anyone can learn this stuff and it means that you can just get paid on tap every month for sending leads without doing anything.

Of course you need to find good local business owners that can cope with the leads and build a good relationship with them, but this is possible!

#4 Facebook group & weekly "Lives"

There are over 5,000 members and 4 years worth of questions that you can search for inside the private Facebook group. 

Here's an example of the types of posts you will find in there...

Job Killing review- Facebook Group-min

When you go through the application process you will even get access to the group for about 24 hours before your call. I checked out the group and there is so much help. Sometimes FB groups can be full of motivational mumbo jumbo.

But watching Dan's 3 hour live call (that he does twice a week!) I learnt tons!

Dan did a 3 hour Live for any newbies.

Real members went on the call with him to ask questions and Dan gave hands on advice (and even made calls for them as I mentioned earlier!)

Even without doing any of the training I can see how much value there is in that group alone.

#5 Learn crucial skills for any business

This is not a one trick pony. You won't just learn how to rank a website on Google from this community. Here are just some of the key things you'll learn:

  • Technical aspects: SEO, rank and rent, track leads etc.
  • Sales
  • Business philosophy
  • Prospecting for new clients

I thought this review was pretty good to see what another insider thinks...

Even if you don't continue with the lead gen route, you will learn skills that will help with any future business you do. If nothing else it will 100% give you a kick up the bum to actually do something!!

Job Killing cons

Here are some of the aspects of Job Killing that I didn't like. I think it's important to be aware of these things before joining just so you have the correct expectations...

#1 Hidden costs

For a start you cannot find out the price before you jump on the call!

(Yeah... I did cos I've become a research ninja!)...

But, if you had no idea what the cost was going to be for this course you will probably get a nasty surprise! It's not cheap amigo!

The costs do not stop there either though...

At the absolute minimum you need website hosting and domain (it costs $25 a month on Weebly per website... and this is what the training recommends). You'll also need some sort of keyword research tool (I believe they recommend SpyFU for $33+ a month). 

There are just way better options out there than this now and even if you use go down the Job Killing route or already use it you should defo look at what I recommend below. 

Get 10 Websites hosted with drag and drop features & a keyword research tool...


Monthly Price

Weebly & SpyFu


Wealthy Affiliate & Free plugin


Wealthy Affiliate & Thrive Themes (with tons of conversion focused help)


I'll go into more detail about this later in this Job Killing review.

#2 It will take time to rank... and rent

So many people jump into lead gen training courses because of the promise of "fast money". 

Many FB ads training shows you how people can land clients within the first week or so. Job Killing does have this aspect too and I noticed in the FB group how people to do more cold calling and outreach if you need quick money at the start. 

But if you are using the "rank and rent" method, which I believe is what makes this course unique, it will take time. 

Google will take at least 3 months to even recognise your website as legit. And depending on the "niche" and competition in the area it can take much longer to get on page one of Google. 

You basically need to put in a lot of work and have faith in the system (trust me it will work... but many people give up too early!)

And even when your website does start ranking, it's not all rainbows and butterflies...

#3 "Chasing your money"

One of the bad things about the "rank and rent" model is that you may get people taking your leads and not paying you money.

That means you need to keep track of your leads you send and "chase the money", especially in the early days with a new client. 

I didn't want to include this video because this guy is just talking badly about Job Killing to promote his own course "Rank Daddy"...

But it's one of the few negative reviews I've seen and you may stumble across it. If you just watch about 2 minutes, I think he makes some important points to that you should also question (I certainly did). 

Note: I found out this guy got kicked out of Job Killing (he didn't quit). Also the "SEO techniques" he talks about are also being taught inside Job Killing's Facebook group, so I'm guessing there's at least some training on this.

Like I already pointed out, Job Killing is not a one trick pony.

There are business lessons, support and training on all kinds of lead gen techniques including the one thing that guy above makes it sound like they are missing. In fact, Job Killing's training is actually better than standard SEO training because you own the asset... whereas your SEO client can throw you out at any time and you're left with nothing. 

#4 There's a lot to learn for beginners

If you have zero online experience and have never tried to be an "entrepreneur" before, then this is not going to be easy. 

I'm not saying that any other business model will be easy either. But the stakes are much higher in a course like this where you have just dropped a few thousand dollars before trying it out. 

Analysis paralysis, overwhelm and feeling out of your depth should be expected... a lot in the early days!

If you can stick it out and persevere, you can certainly learn what you need to do though.

#5 Members selling their sites

If you search for site:jobkilling.com in Google you can see what the majority of their pages are on the site...

Job Killing review- Selling websites-min

There are tons of people selling sites. Now, you could argue it's a positive as it's a way for people to sell a site they have built and don't want anymore. 

But realistically this shows you that there are a lot of people that put in the time, money and effort into building sites that simply don't work. Maybe they don't generate leads, maybe they can't sell the leads on.

Whatever the reason it's just important to be aware that you will likely have to make numerous websites to find one or two that work. Hint... once you find something that works, that's a clue to double down on that niche/ location 😉

Ready to make passive income online without spending $1,000's?

I've created a growing passive income online with no marketing skills or online experience... 

And I've made a special video for you to explain exactly how I did this. 

Make Time Online Income

My opinion - Job Killing

I really like the rank and rent concept. 

It stands out compared to other lead gen FB ads courses that are becoming saturated.

If you can find a niche small business that works then there's no reason why you can't just copy and paste your website into different locations and create a little lead gen empire! 

But this method mainly works for certain types of businesses (ideally that get a lot of phone calls like a limo service and blue collar service based businesses).

So it is something to be aware of and you will likely end up competing with other people doing the same thing. 

If you're still considering joining it then I'd recommend checking out this guy's application. He was very honest and helpful.

Why didn't I join then?

3 big reasons:

  1. I had put in the elbow grease and hard work needed to start making passive income from affiliate marketing
  2. If I joined I would have tried to do both and ended up doing neither well #donethatbefore
  3. Uncertainty around COVID-19 (I'm sure this can still work in any economy, but it 100% would be harder than normal... whereas affiliate marketing has become easier due to people buying more things online as they are at home 24/7)

Look, everyone is different.

If you have the hustle and drive to make this work, you can make big money. The same can be said for affiliate marketing though (I've personally spoken to multiple 7 figure affiliate marketers on the podcast). 

But even if you do go down the JK route I'd still suggest checking out my number 1 recommendation even if it's just for the website hosting & keyword research tool (which are arguably way better than Weebly, you still get drag and drop features & way cheaper)...

Alternatives to Job Killing

Aimee Ball's training is pretty much identical to this (I believe she was actually a former member of Job Killing... awkward!)

But you can actually learn a ton about local SEO inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

Many people inside lead generation courses have the hump about WA for various reasons. 

There is a huge difference in start up costs (WA is free to try too) & there is step by step training that teaches you how to make passive income from affiliate marketing. But it has a lot more going for it that they seem to miss or not see, for example...

  • It has local SEO training in previous live webinars (teaching you the same principles that JK does)
  • It provides you with 10 secure and high speed hosted websites 
  • There is a keyword research tool 
Wealthy Affiliate vs Job Killing
FeaturesJob Killing
Is it easy to get help?
Private coaching available?
Can you Contact the Owners?
Is there a live chat?
Is there step-by-step training?
Are free websites included?
Is web hosting included?
Do they offer a domain platform?
Can you try for free?
Is there a keyword research tool?
Is there an affiliate program?
Do I recommend this?Yes
My Overall Rating8/10

All I want to do is help you make an informed decision about what is out there and what's right for you. These are 2 very legit programs but neither are perfect for everyone. There are different courses for horses 😉

P.S. If you are already part of JK then check out the video below. It will show you how to...

  • Save $2,277 a year
  • Improve conversions on your site
  • Split test your landing pages
  • Still use drag and drop easy to design websites
Cost for 10 websites for one year


WA & Thrive

$495 + $228 = $723

Cost for 20 websites for one year


WA & Thrive

$495 + $495 + $228 = $1,218

*These are affiliate links. I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase something. See my disclaimer here.

About the Author

Mike Beatty has built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time PE teacher without any marketing or technical experience. Learn more about how he's done it here.

Mike Beatty

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  1. Hi! I really appreciate your post because prior to finding it I had been searching and hadn’t found useful information on Job Killing.

    And yeah, I had been marketed this platform several times until it caught my interest. I kinda liked what I perceived from th marketing material and Klein seemed genuine.

    1. Yep it does look like some good training… but there is certainly a price tag to be aware of. Not for everyone but it may work for you 

  2. Brilliant Review Mike.

    One think that is springing to my mind – even if I was to get involved in local SEO and a client was to end a contract vs Owning the lead generating asset If I am without someone to sell those leads to or to rent the website I have ranked I am out of pocket (so to speak) to generating revenue.

    Where as with a local SEO agency you can have multiple clients and hustle to replace a lost client but with each rank to rent site built it needs a home – someone to sell the leads to.

    1. Yep great point Derek.

      I think it’s important to be aware that you WILL 100% have “dud” websites that simply can’t generate you revenue for leads you get. Maybe it will be the wrong area or there is nobody that is willing to pay you for the leads.

      Like so many things, you won’t know until you get there though.

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