April 27, 2021

Is Website ATM Legit? Can You Really Earn $500/day?

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The number of people who become attracted to generating income through online jobs and opportunities is increasing. This means that more and more scammers lurk in the internet, waiting for potential victims.

You might have then came across Website ATM, an affiliate marketing system which claims to help you earn $500/day.

But you asked yourself...

Is Website ATM a scam? Yes it is. The affiliate marketing business model it follows is legit, but there's just no way to earn $500 in a single day. They're just overhyping things up so you can buy their website builder.

We are going to dive deeper into this system, though, for you to have a better insight if this really deserves a big thumbs down or if there's hope that this can be called a legit way to make money online.

This Website ATM review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Website ATM Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Website ATM

Founder: Nick Harvey

Type: Affiliate marketing system

Price: $47

Best for: No one

Is Website ATM Legit: Logo

Website ATM Pros

  • None

Website ATM Cons

  • Overhyped claims
  • Lacks information
  • Fake testimonials

Summary: Website ATM is an affiliate marketing system which sells a website builder that claims to help you earn $500/day.

Make Time Online Rating: 5 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Website ATM about?

Website ATM offers you the easiest and most laidback method of earning money. With just a push of a button, you’ll be able to have $500 A DAY!

It is a website builder.

Meaning, it will automatically build for you a website that can get you traffic...

Is Website ATM Legit: Intro

And when traffic is generated, to which this affiliate marketing system promised you to have, money will start coming in. Immediately, instantly.

That’s what it claims...

And, if you look at their website (it’s a new one actually as compared to the ones used in some other reviews), you’ll see words that tell you how you are very lucky to have found Website ATM and how having it means you will no longer have to worry about your financial capabilities.

Very tempting, right? But before you believe it, you should at least check who is behind it and how it actually works.

Check out this 6-minute video that shows to you what Website ATM is all about...

And who's the guy who started all this?...

Who is Nick Harvey?

The name of the man behind Website ATM is Nick Harvey. He is an ex-accountant who lost his job.

If you’ve been to their website, the one which has the words “Do You Want To Make $500 A Day?” in bolds, you’ll be asked to watch a video in which Nick Harvey is the speaker.

Is Website ATM Legit: Creator

He talks about how he made his debut on the internet in 2001 and how a Russian guy named Sergey Popov taught him how to make money in one of the known internet niches that definitely generates traffic, the golf niche.

And if you’re wondering if it’s true and not just another sob story that aims to affect you emotionally, well it’s not.

The photos of Nick and his family found on the website are stock photos. And Nick is non-existent.

More information about him is also non-existent which means that a supposed founder like him has no online presence at all as opposed to how founders and CEOs are supposed to be...

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How does Website ATM Work?

Website ATM works in a very, very simple way.

As what it tells you, it will make you earn $500 in just a push of a button...

Basically, you just have to sign up. And then, you’ll pay them a few bucks for the machine that will build your website for you. That website is going to attract traffic and then earn you money.

Simple, indeed. Too simple actually that it raises a lot of questions. And one of it is if it REALLY works.

To answer that, you should know that the websites that that machine builds are all the same for all members who signed up for it. They’re duplicates of a single template.

And Google, just so you know, is very smart. There is no way it will allow your website to rank much less gain traffic because it’s just a duplicate.

Also, according to the policy of Nick Harvey, you should keep Website ATM a secret. Why? Well for an obvious reason: to keep the authorities from knowing about it.

So it will only be sold to select 300 individuals. And each of you will have a capped earning of $500 a day.

Inside Website ATM

I mentioned a while ago that a website for this marketing system exists. And in that website, it tells you the things that Website ATM can do for you.

Before venturing on that part of this marketing system, let me tell first that Website ATM claims that if you give it a go, you will no longer worry about any loss financially, any psychological hassles, and emotional problems.

It’s a really sweet-talker, isn’t it? But sweet-talking in affiliate marketing proves to be effective on people who know little about schemes like this one.

Website ATM claims that it can do these things for you:

#1 An easy way to earn money

According to its page, no more 9-5 jobs. Instead, you’ll just have to push a button and steady income will come your way. Also, it’s a hype happening all over the world so why not try it yourself?

Is Website ATM Legit: Inside

#2 A reliable income

Who doesn’t want it? With Website ATM, you can make money through Amazon since it’s one of the online stores that definitely earns billions of dollars.

At least that’s what it claims. Furthermore, it says you’ll have a steady income and will no longer worry about your financial needs.

#3 Enjoy a better life

A website that earns you money, no hard work needed, you just sit and relax—Website ATM surely knows how to get on your good side. It ensures you that you’ll have enough savings to get you to travel abroad and allow you to do shopping sprees.

No wonder why a lot of people fall for this get-rich-quick scheme.

Check out this other 6-minute video to have an in-depth look into Website ATM...

But also learn that there are loads of other similar courses out there just like:

Website ATM cost to join

Signing up and having that machine that will build you a website costs $47.

But if you think of it a certain way, that $47 can actually be used for an online job or opportunity that can guarantee you real income.

That $47 might be a cheap price for you (of course, could be a different case to other people) but you should seriously consider using it on something more worth it.

And if Website ATM is worth it, you should probably know that nothing’s worth it when it comes to an overhyped, get-rich-quick-scheme...

Website ATM monthly cost

As far as what I’ve researched, there is no monthly cost. But, this is something they won’t tell you...

You will have to pay $997.

Is Website ATM Legit: Cost

What’s it for? For you to learn how to get traffic or visitors.

Since the website built for you is a duplicate, there’s no way you’ll have traffic. And if you’re thinking that you’ll get visitors if you pay that $997, well nope.

Again, Google is smart enough to not index websites that are copies of another website.

Website ATM reviews online

Website ATM is a platform and system that claims to have a website builder machine that automatically creates a website for you. This website then generates traffic and make you earn $500 in a day.

But I'm sure what you're after is if their claims are true...

To make you see the truth, I searched review sites like BBB and SiteJabber, as well as checked multiple YouTube videos.

And here's what we've found...

Common positive Website ATM reviews

  • There is simply... NONE

As for the positive feedback for this marketing system, none has been found online so far.

Most of the ones you can see on the internet point it to being a scam!

Many have vouched that there’s nothing you can gain from it so a positive review is just not possible to make.

Common negative Website ATM reviews

  • Very poor customer service
  • Lose money to a scam
  • No real product or service
  • Fake testimonials and customers

The negative reviews below are comments from the reviews made about Website ATM. In these comments, you can see how there is no positive feedback at all and why there are only negative ones online.

“Well , I paid the $47 and got to the end of all the videos for website ATM and was given a number to call to set up my username and password and so far I have hit a brick wall , no one answers or if they do they put me on hold for so long till the call is dropped. So much for trying my hand at affiliate marketing.”

“I actually signed up and paid the money this is a scam and I’m trying to get my money back but it doesn’t look to good.”

“All they got me was for the first $46.00 before I saw thru being scamed. It reminded me of working for a tow trk company that was scamming out of my tow tickets”

“One of my friends just tried to convince me to utilize Website ATM, and I immediately began to conduct research on it. An immediate red flag for me was the fact the that page ADMITS to using compensated actors in their testimonials; they blatantly tell you that the testimonials aren’t from real customers.”

Is Website ATM a scam?

Yes it is a scam. There’s no doubt about it.

But why do people still fall for it?

Well, it may be because the business model it uses is legit. Affiliate marketing will definitely earn you money.

A website and traffic can really generate an income but that depends on its content and how you build it.

With Website ATM, there’s no such thing as earning $500 a day.

It’s just an overhyped idea that’s meant to lure you into purchasing the website builder machine it offers.

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Website ATM pros

As for the pros of this marketing system, this review cannot give any. Why?

Because there is nothing at all that you can get from it. There’s no guaranteed income and no benefits that would be of use to you.

After all, it’s a scam and scams only aim to suck money out of you. Not the other way around...

Website ATM cons

#1 Overhyped claims

Let’s go back to how Website ATM works. Just a quick overview of it: you sign up and pay for the machine that will build you a website. You then get traffic and so you earn money.

Now, if you think that it would actually happen then you got it all wrong.

Is Website ATM Legit: Cons

There’s no way you’ll get traffic immediately, much less earn a few bucks. That $500 is purely an outrageous lie.

When it says that it’ll build a site instantly, that’s already a call for a red flag.

Also, the claims, ‘just with a push of a button’ and ‘you don’t have to do anything’ should warn you that you’re being led to a tunnel of tricks and deception.

#2 Lacks information

Another red flag is the fact that the founder is a mysterious figure.

There’s no concrete and solid information about him that would prove him as a legitimate founder.

You should know, as an online job seeker, that knowing the person behind that job or opportunity is of utmost importance.

If you don’t know him and cannot get any legit information about him or the business opportunity itself, then something’s definitely fishy.

#3 Fake testimonials

Scams always include in their scamming equation fake testimonials. They would always hire someone to give them 5-star ratings and positive reviews and would always pay for the faces of those people.

Is Website ATM Legit: Cons 2

Stock photos are usually used by them.

And Website ATM did not even beg to differ.

In the video they’ll tell you to watch, you’ll see testimonials from individuals who apparently earn money through Website ATM.

Their identities are all fake and their faces are just stock photos you can buy at ShutterStock.

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My opinion - Website ATM

Earning money does not come easy at all especially in the world of affiliate marketing. What Website ATM promises you is impossible to turn into reality.

Website ATM should be off of your list now that you know what it really is. Its offer is very tempting and full of promises but it’s pure fraud.

Here are your chances of success with Website ATM...

So as my final verdict for this marketing system, it’s not recommended to you and to anyone as it is not beneficial at all.

It’s outrageous and overhyped claims are enough to make you decide if it’s worth the try or not.

Also, if you’re thinking that you can earn that much money by just a push of a button, then you should really reconsider trying for an online career...

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