April 26, 2021

Is Home Profit System a Scam? Can You Earn $6K Monthly From This Affiliate Program?

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Many jobs, programs, software and systems being sold as products are known to promise you a get-rich-quick method that would never fail you but truth be told, they always fall short when it comes to meeting your expectations.

Home Profit System is one of these hypes found online.

So, is Home Profit System a scam? Yes it is. And as promising as it sounds (suspicious though for those who know better), this work from home program isn’t really what it claims to be. And you’ll find that out in this review.

I'll show you the pros, cons, background, and actual income claims of its users, so you can make an informed decision...

This Home Profit System review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Home Profit System Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Home Profit System

Founder: Unknown

Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform

Price: $97

Best for: None

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Logo

Home Profit System Pros

  • None

Home Profit System Cons

  • Fake testimonials
  • False trial period
  • Twisted affiliate marketing information

Summary: Home Profit System is an affiliate marketing platform which claims to give you links that you need to post for you to earn money.

Make Time Online Rating: 5 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Home Profit System about?

Just a quick background check as to what Home Profit System is, this work from home program is in no way different from other known programs that offer jobs you can do inside your own home.

If you’ve heard of WAH Program, you might find some similarities between these two.

This program can supposedly help you make money online through link posting.

Basically, you just have to post the links of some products and then you’ll get your share when it gets sold.

It is actually just reiterating the use of affiliate marketing, a known and proven method used by online affiliate marketers.

Home Profit System and its link schemes have proven to be a program with a twisted version of how affiliate marketing is done.

This program, once you visit its website, just leads you from funnel to funnel until you reach a website that tells you to buy an e-book that contains the secrets on how you can make money online.

That is actually where the real deception starts...

Check out this 8-minute video that shows what Home Profit System is about...

So, who's the guy behind all this?...

Who is Kelly Richards?

If you look up who is the founder of this program, you’ll never get an answer. The individual behind it is an absolute mystery.

This is actually one of the obvious features of scams. You will never know who created it or who runs the business.

There is one person you’ll be introduced to and it’s a woman named Kelly Richards. And if that really is her name, is also uncertain.

Kelly Richards, according to Home Profit System’s website is a single mother who lost her job but somehow discovered her ‘tight lip secret to getting a break in life and beating the recession’.

Apparently, she claims to earn $6000 to $8000 a month through her online job which involves the steps that Home Profit System will ask you to follow.

Sounds really motivating, right?

But be careful because her identity is actually fake...

There’s no Kelly Richards in existence (at least as a single mother promoting this program) and the photo of her posted in the program’s website is a stock photo...

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How does Home Profit System Work?

How this program works is quite simple.

Too simple that it becomes suspicious especially that a huge amount of earnings is involved...

All you have to do is join their system, post the link they’ll give you (if there are really links they’ll give to you), and wait for your money to roll in in your bank account.

But, of course, that is just scratching the surface. What really happens is you’ll be directed to a funnel and that funnel will direct you to another funnel.

As for the third website you’ll be directed to, you’ll see an order form from Ultimate Income Solutions. And what’s in there? An e-book. You will be asked to buy it for $97.

Is it worth your money? Well, nope.

It’s just a book containing information about marketing and is too obsolete that you’ll just end up not using it at all...

Inside Home Profit System

The first thing you’ll do is register using your email address (I’ll say it now, it’s a dangerous move to just give out your personal information) and then buy the program for $97.

But you’re not actually buying the program but the book intended for the said program.

After that, you’ll be given access to what they call the members’ area which, so they say, will give you the links of the products you’ll be posting.

But what really happens is you are only given instructions that are way too vague and elusive you’ll end up not knowing what to do.

The only thing that’s clear is you have to call your coach, the one who’ll ‘train’ you and ‘teach’ you stuff about your job.

But in reality, that person is only meant to squeeze more money out of your pockets...

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Inside

Another thing that you need to consider is the privacy policy of this program.

If you have been to their website and took the time to read it along with their terms of use and agreement, you’ll realize how alarming it is if you have given them your personal information...

“Unfortunately, no data transmission is guaranteed to be 100% secure and We therefore cannot guarantee the security of your information you transmit to or from  the Site, Applications  or through the Online services. You therefore provide your information, including Personal Information, at our own risk.”

This statement was preceded by them saying that they’ll be sharing your personal information if needed. And if needed is a tricky one.

Also, if you take a look at their Terms of Use and Agreement, the words do not coincide with what the program is all about.

It says there:

“This Site contains general information related to diet, health, and nutrition….”

Take a look at their homepage and you’ll see no sign of selling anything related to diet, health and nutrition.

Here is another 8-minute video that gives you an inside look into this scheme...

Home Profit System cost to join

The amount of money you’ll be paying for this program is $97 and again, you are not really paying for the program.

Instead, you will be using your money to purchase an out-dated e-book.

According to what has been found online, the e-book is actually a product sold at $5 to $10 and was then used as a product sold to potential individuals interested in the said program...

Home Profit System monthly cost

The monthly cost you’ll be dealing with once you sign up for this program is $5. You can actually start at a price of $2.97 as a payment for your trial period.

And just as when you think it’s not that much anyway, you’ll soon face a bigger amount of money charged to your credit card.

That money usually amounts to $140...

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Cost

How did that happen?

Well, the program, once you go for the trial period, will automatically sign you up even though you were just there to try it and not actually sign up for it.

And if you’re thinking of getting a refund, well here’s the news:

There’s no way you’ll get a refund.

Home Profit System reviews online

Home Profit System claims to be an affiliate marketing program which pays you for posting links online. It sounds silly because there's really no way you can make money from affiliate marketing just by "posting links."

But what you really like to know is if it works or not. Well, a good way to do that is  by seeing what people have to say. I've scoured the net and checked multiple YouTube videos and review sites such as Glassdoor, BBB, and SiteJabber.

Here is a summary of those reviews...

Common positive Home Profit System reviews

As a work at home program that was not registered at Better Business Bureau much less get an accreditation from them, Home Profit System has no positive review at all found online.

Every single review you’ll find talks about it being a scam.

And why is it a big deal that they’re not acknowledged by BBB as a business is because BBB is a legitimate site where businesses can reply to customer reviews and complaints and customers can give their reviews.

So if you’re an online business not accredited by this online rating tool, then there’s little chance for you to be seen as legitimate...

Common negative Home Profit System reviews

  • No way you can make money
  • False claims
  • Outright scam

Since there are no positive reviews, you can only assume that you’ll find plenty of negative reviews.

Here are some of the best negative reviews...

“Ok these people took my money after they said that they would send over links afte payment of $47 and went back to the site and said that is am a customer and that they are asking an addition discount of $27 for the same thing I so want my money back immediately now I am stopping this payment from the bank.” – from Carolyn Guzzi

"They are a Scam..! Barbara was very rude and Hung up on me, I had to file a dispute." – from Luther G

Is Home Profit System a scam?

Home Profit System is definitely a scam.

With what has been discussed in this review, you can surely decide that it is a scam with the goal of making you think that it’s easy to earn money online through affiliate marketing.

This program contains too much false information and claims that it is not so hard for anyone to realize their very obvious scheme.

There’s no real job awaiting for you, no real coach who will train you and absolutely no guarantee that you’ll earn a few bucks by link posting much less a few thousand bucks.

It’s basically just overhyping the impossible...

It not only robs you off your hard-earned money but it also sells your personal information. This is a clear sign that you need to distance yourself from it.

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Home Profit System pros

As for the pros of this program, this review cannot give any as there is no benefit you can get from it.

It’s a scam and it does not guarantee you anything good and profitable at all...

Home Profit System cons

#1 Fake testimonials

One of the cons you need to be aware of is the fake testimonials found in their website.

The sob story of Kelly Richards is obviously fake and is just made up to capture your attention and eventually your interest.

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Cons

Giving fake testimonials as proof of legitimacy is part of the schemes most frauds indulge in and this is due to people not being able to identify immediately that those testimonials are not true.

#2 False trial period

The other negative thing about this program is the amount of money you’ll pay for just because you decided to proceed with the trial period.

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Cons 2

Most trial periods guarantee that you can cancel it anytime but with Home Profit System, there’s no way you can do that.

What’s maddening about it is it would be too late already upon the time you’ll find out that they’ve been charging you for a few bucks.

And that few bucks will eventually amount to $140...

#3 Twisted affiliate marketing information

The next one is the twisted version of affiliate marketing this program is trying to feed its potential targets.

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Cons 3

Affiliate marketing is a legit model used by affiliate marketers to earn money.

If done the right way, you can surely generate an income but this method requires effort, patience, and perseverance as it is not easy at all. Home

Profit System oversimplified the process you need to follow in doing this method.

And why did they simplify it so much?

Well, the goal in the first place is not to help you but to scam you.

So, Home Profit System telling you that they can make everything easy for you and you just have to post links of products is an absolute lie.

In affiliate marketing, the concept of link posting is not legitimate at all. It was invented by scammers.

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My opinion - Home Profit System

As the final verdict regarding Home Profit System, it is definitely not a program that should be recommended to anyone.

If you have it in your list, you can get a pen and cross it out if you don’t want to waste your money.

Here is what I can say about them...

It might be tempting especially if you really want an online job that would guarantee you an extra income but this program is just pure fraud.

It is, with no doubt, not a job opportunity...

As an online job seeker, you must bear in mind that there are legit job offers and programs found online.

You just have to carefully scrutinize each one of them to avoid getting scammed.

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