April 28, 2021

Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam? Can You Get Your Dream Car and Earn Money From It?

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Aside from paying your bills, you also want to have a few bucks you can spend to buy something for yourself.

And that something could be a luxurious car.

And why’s that?

If you are someone who spends money while making sure that you get something out of it, then you must have heard about Exotic Car Hacks, which claims to help you get the best bang for your buck when buying your dream car.

But you might have asked yourself...

Is Exotic Car Hacks a scam? Nope, it isn't. It is a legit course which provides proven tips and strategies to buy your dream car for way less the price.

Continue reading to know more about the benefits you can get from this and see if this is really a legit way to make money online or not...

This Exotic Car Hack review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Exotic Car Hacks Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Exotic Car Hacks

Founder: Pejman Ghadimi

Type: Educational Marketing Program

Price: $197

Best for: Car enthusiasts who want to buy their dream car without spending too much

Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Logo

Exotic Car Hacks Pros

  • Effective tips and strategies
  • Helpful case studies
  • Active online community group
  • Legit creator and program

Exotic Car Hacks Cons

  • Unavailable for people outside the US

Summary: Exotic Car Hacks is an educational course which teaches you how to get the best deal and price when buying exotic cars.

Make Time Online Rating: 70 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes

What is Exotic Car Hacks about?

Let’s get things straight before I tell you what this program is about.

First of all, exotic cars, if it’s your first time encountering them, are high-performance luxury sports cars.

Ferrari Testarossa, Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Aventador, Lotus Evora, Aston Martin--these are some of the exotic cars available in automotive marketplaces.

And, just by reading their brands, you can already tell that they are, with no doubt, very, very expensive.

But expensive or not, you can still own one. Shocking? Yeah but what’s more shocking is you won’t be losing any money if you purchase an exotic car.

How is that possible?

Well, we have Exotic Car Hacks.

It’s an online course program designed to help you learn how to buy an exotic car while making sure that you are buying it at the best price possible.

Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Intro

It doesn't stop there. This course was created to help you learn about the tactics and strategies you can use when selling that car after a year or two of use.

And at the same price.Or a price closer to the amount you’ve paid for.

The founder himself will train you on car hacking tips and will make sure you understand that you need not much money for your capital.

As what he said, you only need to be 18 years old and above, have a credit score above 650, have a stable source of income and are willing to learn more especially about exotic cars.

Exotic Car Hacks is a course aimed at changing how you view luxury cars--that they’re not liabilities but assets you can definitely benefit from.

But just to remind you, this program is not about making money out of purchasing, driving, and selling your car.

Nope, it’s not like that...hadimi

The whole point of Exotic Car Hacks is to allow you to drive your dream car, own it--and when the time comes wherein you want to have another exotic car--sell it without losing too much money.

Check out this 1-minute video that shows to you what Exotic Car Hacks is all about...

And whos' the guy who started this all?...

Who is Pejmar Ghadimi?

Pejman Gadimi is the founder of Exotic Car Hacks. He is both an entrepreneur and an author.

He founded VIP Motoring, a company which makes assets such as cars as alternative investments, and authored the book The Third Circle Party which has sold over 300,000 copies since the date of its publication.

Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Creator

So, is he someone popular? Yes. He definitely is.

He has a Youtube Channel that has over 105k subscribers and an Instagram account that has over 91k followers.

And if you want to hear him talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, you can listen to an Apple Podcast with him as the guest.

Ghadimi owns over 100 exotic cars.

His love for it motivated him to teach others about how affordable exotic cars really are and how you can have one without worrying much about your money.

With the increasing demand for exotic cars, he decided to "refine and tweak" his system of what car to buy and how to buy it and created this online course with relevant and effective strategies.

He did this to help others who want to have an exotic car of their own.

So does it mean Exotic Car Hacks is a legit program?

You can decide after reading the succeeding subsections...

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How does Exotic Car Hacks Work?

Before proceeding to how you can become part of this program, let me first give you an idea as to how Exotic Car Hacks works.

Now, you need to know that exotics have a different depreciation curve as compared to normal cars. With normal cars, its market value can depreciate all the way down to zero.

This means that after a few years of using it, if you try to sell it, it won’t be as much as the amount you’ve paid for because its market value has depreciated.

This is not the case with exotic cars. They depreciate, of course, but not as much as normal cars. So, after a few years of using it, if you put it up on sale, its cost would still be closer to its original price.

Through Exotic Car Hacks, you’ll know which is the right car for you to buy. And according to Ghadimi, the ‘right car’ is the one with the correct model and correct option/color package.

This ‘right car’ should be at the right price range and is something you can sell easily.

That’s one of the aspects you need to consider if you want to purchase this course. And if you do want it, worry not because Exotic Car Hacks, just like any other programs, works quite simply.

The first thing you have to do is sign up for the program through the link they have on their official website.

There’s a free training you can sign up for where Ghadimi himself will teach you how to buy the exotic car you want without spending too much money.

This free training is for beginners who are not sure if this program is the right fit for them.

The other one is something you need to purchase to become an Insider Member. With this, you’ll be given full access to the course and their private online community group on Facebook. 

For more detailed information about this program, you can check its inside overview below...

Inside Exotic Car Hacks

This program contains the following:

#1 Webinars

The course lasts for 5 hours. If you purchase it, you’ll be given access to its training videos with Ghadimi as the speaker.

These videos are basically webinars that contain lessons about why buying exotic cars is way better than buying normal cars, the strategies used by Ghadimi in car deals so that you can save at least $20,000, how to get dealerships for cars and make a wise offer to your client, and the exit strategy that will help you own an exotic car for FREE.

Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Inside

#2 Premium Insider

In this part of the course,  you will learn the following:

  • How to make use of this program in reducing the cost of exotic cars when you take ownership of it

  • How to buy the right model of car that is within the right price range, and;

  • How to take a financial advantage on banks so you won’t have to take out too much money out of your wallet when you buy an exotic car.

#3 Bonuses

If you become a member of Exotic Car Hacks, you’ll be offered the following bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Access to the Private Mastermind Group for only $1,499

  • Bonus #2: Comprehensive Buyers Guide on the Best Cars for only $1,999

  • Bonus #3: Lifetime Updates of Bonus Lessons for only $2,999

  • Bonus #4: Private Case Studies of My Personal Flips for only $1,999

  • Bonus #5: My Personal Network of Private Resources for only $1,499

Here is a 19-minute video which gives you an inside look into Exotic Car Hacks...

Also learn that there are tons of other courses out there that share very similar content. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Elite CEOs
  • 12 Minute Affiliate
  • The Conversion Pros
  • K Money Mastery 2.0
  • Sqribble Review
  • And how much should you check out...

    Exotic Car Hacks cost to join

    ‘Get Lifetime Access To Exotic Car Hacks At The Lowest Price Offered This Year For Only $197 (Regular Price of $997)’.

    That’s the first thing you’ll see when you visit the official website of Exotic Car Hacks.

    With its enticing offer of giving you access to the course, you will be asked to pay $197. The regular price actually is $997 but as of this moment, they are offering the course for only $197.

    Exotic Car Hacks monthly cost

    When it comes to the monthly cost, you don’t have to worry about it because you’ll be given full access to it after paying the $197.

    Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Cost

    What you need to think about are the bonuses that will be offered to you once you become a member.

    Most of them are a bit pricey so you can skip them if you want.

    Also note that you might spend more on additional tools like:

    • Website hosting - $100+/year i.e. Bluehost
    • Email autoresponder - $30+/month i.e. Convertkit
    • Funnel builder - $97/month i.e. ClickFunnels
    • Tracking software - $30/month i.e. ClickMagick
    • Ads themselves - $200+/month

    But, if you are really interested in making the most out of this course, then you can give them a try...

    Exotic Car Hacks reviews online

    Exotic Car Hacks is a course which teaches you how to get your dream car without spending too much. You can also use this to start your own buy and sell business dealing with sports and luxury cars.

    But what you're really after is if you'll earn good money from Exotic Car Hacks is legit and will help you make money...

    To answer this, we've checked multiple YouTube videos and checked nuemrous review sites like SiteJabber and BBB.

    Here is a summary of them...

    Common positive Exotic Car Hacks reviews

    • Helps you learn a lot
    • Quality content
    • Worth the price
    • Smart investment

    The following reviews were gathered from the comments posted by individuals who vouched for the advantages of having this program: 

    “Exotic car hacks is awesome! Just signed up and I've already learned a ton. I've been eyeing a Mercedes S-Class and this is giving me the info and confidence i need to actually get it.”

    “Went ahead and bought ECH. It definitely has a lot more information than I thought it would have. A lot of times these online "courses" don't have much of anything in them - this is definitely a different breed. I wouldn't be surprised if ECH ended up saving me thousands on a car purchase.” 

    “I was on the fence about getting Exotic Car Hacks for a long time but your review pushed me to get it. I'm glad I did b/c it's gonna pay for itself 10X over when I start shopping around and negotiating. Who would've known that a fancy exotic car ends up costing the same amount as a crappy Toyota??? So thankful for this”

    Common negative Exotic Car Hacks reviews

    As for the negative feedback, there are none so far that you can find online.

    Most of the reviews in the official social media accounts of Exotic Car Hacks will give you the assurance that there are no issues when it comes to the authenticity of this program.

    But that depends on your understanding of this program.

    Again, it’s not meant for you to earn profits but it’s more like allowing you to invest in something, an asset, that you can sell without losing too much money...

    Is Exotic Car Hacks a scam?

    Well, as far as this review is concerned, Exotic Car Hacks is not a scam.

    It is not just a course that teaches you everything you need to know about the exotic car of your dreams but it also allows you to know how important it is that both the buyer and the seller of the car get the most out of car dealerships.

    You might be skeptical of it but there are a lot of people who attested that it offers tips and strategies that are of definite use.

    And the most important thing of all is that those who purchased it were able to own an exotic car without paying too much. 

    After all, that’s one of the main reasons why this program was created in the first place.

    So if you are interested, don’t worry because Exotic Car Hacks is a legitimate online course program and you will definitely learn the things you need when it comes to owning, driving, and selling exotic cars...

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    Exotic Car Hacks pros

    #1 Effective tips and strategies

    With this program, you’ll surely learn tips on how to own an exotic car without worrying how much it is that you have in your bank account.

    As he said, you can own one for free.

    It all depends on how you’ll utilize the strategies and tactics he included in his set of webinars.

    Ghadimi will also teach you how to identify the ones that will appreciate instead of depreciate over time so that you won’t have much of a problem when you sell them.

    #2 Helpful case studies

    If you visit their Instagram account, you’ll see the many case studies that Ghadimi posts.

    Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Pros

    Some of the case studies he posted talk about every car that he has owned.

    His purpose is to show the strategies he used and to let the students of Exotic Car Hacks know if the cost of his ownership is a profit or a loss.

    #3 Active online community group

    Another thing that you'll find really helpful is the amount of support and knowledge you’ll get from other members of the program.

    You can also see that there are many subscribers who are contented with the course...

    Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Pros 3

    This program has a very active virtual community and you will definitely get to interact with people who have the same interest as you.

    It can be through Instagram, or Facebook, or Youtube. Whatever you find convenient...

    #4 Legit creator and program

    Pejmar Ghadimi is as real as he gets. He has owned numerous luxury cars and just wants to share the wisdom he gained so that you can be just like him without worrying about the depreciation and maintenance costs of owning such cars...

    Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Pros 4

    Pejmar Ghadimi is popular, renowned, and is downright legit...

    Exotic Car Hacks cons

    #1 Unavailable for people outside the US

    What’s sad about this program is that it’s only available for those who are residing in the US or Canada.

    Is Exotic Car Hacks a Scam: Cons

    Although it’s somehow available in other countries like the UK or Australia but the system itself was designed only for the US and Canada’s financial markets so there might be some changes and tweaking that need to be done if you purchase it and you’re not from those places...

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    My opinion - Exotic Car Hacks

    To wrap up this review, I would say that Exotic Car Hacks is a legitimate program and so if you are one of those who are interested in exotic cars, then this one is a highly recommended program for you.

    Here is what I can say about Exotic Car Hacks...

    The exotic cars you’ll be owning and driving in the future will also become your investments and not just liabilities.

    They’re basically part of your assets and seeing it in that light is somehow possible because of Exotic Car Hacks.

    With this program, you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams of owning a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and make the most out of that experience...

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