April 26, 2021

Countdown to Profits Review: Is This Affiliate Marketing the Road to Riches?

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A lot of people are always looking for every opportunity to make money.

With a lot of these opportunities online, it is easy to fall prey to scams that offer an incredibly high return of investment in a very short period of time.

This is why it is best to do your own research first before investing in any business ventures

If you are here and you are reading this, then you must have heard of Countdown to Profits.

You are probably wondering how to join. Or maybe how do you make money off it? How much do you need to invest? And most importantly…

Is Countdown to Profits a scam? Well, not at first glance. That’s why you need to dig deep into it.

Without further adieu, let's talk about Countdown to Profits and figure out for ourselves is this is a legit way to make money online or a scam.

This Countdown to Profits review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Countdown to Profits Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Countdown to Profits

Founder: Richard Paul

Type: Sales Funnel Marketing

Price: $97

Best for: None

Countdown to Profits Review: Logo

Countdown to Profits Pros

Countdown to Profits Cons

  • No specific product or service 
  • No income disclosure
  • False and misleading claims
  • Pyramid scheme model


Countdown to Profits is a sales funnel affiliate marketing program where members can subscribe by paying a fee and expect to earn money in return.

Make Time Online Rating: 5 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Countdown to Profits about?

Countdown to Profits is a company that has been around since 2016. It is registered in the name of Richard Paul.

It does not really say what the company is other than the fact that it advertises itself as a business program that helps you earn money. 

Here are some additional information on Countdown to Profits:

  • Website: www.countdowntoprofits.com
  • Registered Corporate Office: 3152 Little Rd Suite 114, New Port Richey, FL 34655
  • Telephone Number: (623) 505-5862

The program recruits members by promising to help them earn as much as $1,000 every single day. Richard Paul even claims that they have members that are already earning up to $100,000 every month. 

Countdown to Profits also claims that every member is guaranteed to succeed as long as they follow the program's training and instructions carefully. This is constantly repeated throughout their introduction video by Richard Paul.

Frankly speaking, there's hardly any solid and proper video about this company. But you can still check out this 1-minute video about them to get even just a glimpse of what they really are...

Confusing as mud right?

He hasn't really explained what Countdown to profits is really about at all. 

Anyhoo, who is the guy behind this?

Who is Richard Paul?

Richard Paul is the registered owner of Countdown to Profits.

The name is also associated with other business profiteering scams like Profit Stackers System and Stark Trading System.

Countdown to Profits Review: Founder

We don't know yet if Richard Paul really exists but the man who introduced himself as Paul can be seen on instructional videos across all three programs.

With this info, it is safe to err on the side of caution due to its connection to previous scams. 

Even in the video, Richard Paul even makes a reference to Profit Stackers and even suggested it.

This is already a huge red flag that this venture might be a scam...

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How does Countdown to Profits Work?

When you visit their website you are immediately asked for your email address.

It will then direct you to a video that promises you that you will earn $1 for every second you that you watch. The video is 500 seconds long which means you will earn a total of $500. 

Sounds good, doesn't it?

But there is a catch.

After you reach the end of the video, you will then learn that you will only get your $500 if you pay and join the program.

And according to them, if you don't earn or make any commission in the next 30 days, they will pay you the $500.

It is also mentioned in the video that you will only get the $500 if you follow their "21 steps in 21 days." They did not reveal what these steps are. It may be included in their supposed training when you join but no one really knows. 

No products are introduced and how to earn commissions. They only discuss that they will give you training and help you set up an e-commerce store where you will be selling digital products.

But then again, they did not mention what these supposed digital products are. 

After joining, you will also have access to what they call "millionaire mentors".

These mentors will supposedly give you tips on how to get more earnings and make sure you get your first commission in the next 30 days.

Inside Countdown to Profits

There is not much information regarding the inner workings of the program.

Only that Richard Paul runs it and it's connected to other profiteering schemes...

Countdown to Profits Review: Products

The program is also connected to another scam known as Automatic Edge.

They offer the same false guarantees and are believed to be the same program registered with different names. 

It's so hard to find anything online that actually explains what this "opportunity" consists of. If you don't believe me check out one of the best ranking YouTube videos for Countdown to Profits below...

After more research it seems like the only way to make money from this "opportunity" is to recruit more people into the program. This is very similar to a pyramid scheme as we'll find out later.

But know that there are more similar programs out there just like:

Let us dive deeper and learn...

Countdown to Profits cost to join

To be able to join Countdown to Profits, you have to pay $97 for the Gold membership upon which they promise to pay you $500 after 30 days if you watched the entirety of their introduction video. 

There are different levels of membership as mention by Richard Paul. Gold membership, Platinum membership, and Platinum Plus membership.

For Platinum, you only have to pay for the initial membership fee and submit your telephone number. They didn't mention how much for other levels but alluded that you might pay more.

Here are the perks for each level according to their website:

  • Gold - This level will provide you with training that will help you learn how to work online even without technical skills. Training for selling digit products and setting up a website. 
  • Platinum - You will have an opportunity to work with a mentor to help you set goals and achieve them. Exclusive access to building your own e-commerce store. Access to advanced training and webinars. 
  • Platinum Plus - Work with elite mentors that will guide you throughout your setting up period. Access to pre-made designs for your own website. Exclusive Platinum Plus only advanced training and webinars.

In the video, Paul mentioned that the initial fee is also a web hosting fee. Web hosting allows your website to be kept live as well as provide security. But if it is a web hosting fee then it complicates the point of the membership levels. 

This contradiction just adds to everything about this program being questionable.

If the $97 is a web hosting fee, then does that mean the perks of the memberships are free? 

There are currently no existing legitimate testimonies to any of this or proof of websites made by its members.

This means there is a high risk of you shedding money without getting anything in return...

Countdown to Profits monthly cost

There are no monthly costs for joining Countdown to Profits.

However, they have hinted in the video that you will be paying additional fees for more access to their training materials. 

If their promises of helping you create your own website then you'd probably pay more for maintaining that website...

Countdown to Profits reviews online

Online reviews for Countdown to Profits are overwhelmingly negative. With all of them calling it a scam.

This is due to the fact that the program doesn't really tell you how you will earn money and how to get commissions.

In the online review titled "Countdown To Profits Review – Is This Another Scam?", the author created a list that highlights the red flags that pointed to the fact that the program is a scam.

The list includes the confusing ToS and disclaimers as well as testimonies from fake accounts.

I don't recommend the program because you are just risking losing thousands of dollars.

Common positive Countdown to Profits reviews

There are no positive reviews for Countdown to Profits. Every single review online has condemned the program for being a scam.

There is not even a single legitimate claim that they have earned or received their $500 which their website promised.

Common negative Countdown to Profits reviews

  • There is no product sold
  • They also don't have any income disclosure to show that their customers earn
  • They say that they aren't creating hype around whatever it is they're selling, but that's actually what they're doing! What's worse, is that there's hype even if there's nothing to get hyped about...

Is Countdown to Profits a scam?

Everything about Countdown to Profits points only in one direction...

It is a scam!

Any business opportunity that offers a high return of investment at such a short time with almost zero products is a scam. 

If this is not a scam, why are there no legitimate testimonies about this?

The program has been around for years yet there is no proof that shows us its members' websites or e-commerce stores.

And after all these years, the only way they hide the fact that there is no product is by calling it "digital products". 

Countdown to Profits only offers enticing words by telling you how much you will earn and now how it is earned.

The only real guarantee is that they are stealing money from people.

If that is not a scam, then what is?

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Countdown to Profits pros

As much as I'd like to include something positive about the company, I literally can't find any positives...

Countdown to Profits cons

#1 No specific product or service

There is no product or service offered. There is even no proof as to where the income comes from. 

How can a company even function and operate in the first place if they don't do anything?

Well, they do this by askin money from other people in the form of subscriptions...

#2 No income disclosure

They also did not disclose how you will be earning money.

Countdown to Profits Review: Cons

They only focus on talking about how much you will earn.

They make sure to make the earnings their talking point in order to entice people to join them and profit off of them...

#3 False and misleading claims

Even their terms of services and disclaimers on their website which directly contradicts everything they claim on their instructional video.

Countdown to Profits Review: Cons 2

Both ToS and Disclaimer state that the program is not a business opportunity and that they are not creating hype to attract members. 

Those statements are alarming considering the entire video is entirely a hype video by making sure to talk about how much you will earn without even discussing how.

The website also immediately informs you that you are guaranteed to earn money if you join which makes it a business opportunity.

Well, we know this isn't true...

#4 Pyramid scheme type business model

This has a lot of similarities with pyramid schemes because it talks about recruiting you into the business, and in turn, giving you the capability to recruit more members to earn more. The more members you recruit, the more you earn.

But unfortunately, this is what happens in their system...

MLM pyramid scheme

There are just very few people who do make money, compared to the thousands, if not millions of members who don't make money, or even worse, lose money.

Most of the reviews online come to the same conclusion that Countdown to Profits is just MOBE or MTTB repackaged. Do not confuse this course with Pageviews to Profits. . Do not confuse this course with Pageviews to Profits. .

MOBE and MTTB are both controversial pyramid schemes.

They are no longer around but a lot of schemes similar to those are still making money through scams. 

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My opinion - Countdown to Profits

With all of this information, I strongly suggest that you do not trust Countdown to Profits with your money.

All they do is offer promises and guarantees with no proof. 

The program only has words and no tangible evidence to their claims. No products or information on how you will earn. These types of programs are made and marketed only to squeeze money from their members.

Here is what I can say about the business opportunity they show... 

I believe there are easy ways to make money but only those that have real products, real training, and real results.

These opportunities also require work and don't just automatically appear on your bank account. So if you want to succeed online take legitimate training and research to find what suits you. 

Take the information on this article and learn from this.

Notice the obvious patterns of offering high investment returns with no tangible products as well as contradicting statements from their marketing and their terms of services. 

Here is a better business opportunity you can try for yourself now... 

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