The Best Affiliate Marketing Products To Sell

Now you may already be using affiliate marketing or you may be interested in starting. But what are the best affiliate marketing products to sell?

There are lots of different ways to do this but this blog is only going to focus on what products are the best to sell online.

Follow Your Passion- The Sure Way To Get Mediocre Results

I have read a lot of different self-development books. A lot of them will say something like follow your passion… or do what you love and the money will follow, or some fluffy thing around that.

Now I’m not being funny but sitting on the beach, doing water sports and watching Game Of Thrones has not made me any money yet, so I’m fairly sure this is not completely true!

Even affiliate marketing books that I think are very good such as Anik Singal’s “The Circle of Profit” suggests you can make millions of dollars from your passion. He does talk about it needing to fit certain criteria but the fact is… not all passions are profitable (If you’re looking to get started in affiliate marketing I’d highly recommend this book though!)

There have only been two authors that I think are straight talking and completely honest about this. Their books are not about affiliate marketing directly but they basically imply that if you want to scale and make a big business… it has to be online.

MJ DeMarco- Fastlane Millionaire

Dan Lok- FU Money

The point that both of these financial giants make is that when your business starts making money, you will find your passion for that business. It becomes easier to do what you need to do as it becomes profitable and you see the results.


So Where Do I Start?

In recent months I have found myself going around in circles… big circles that takes up a lot of time and I end back in the same place… doing nothing!

Some people have a niche that is perfect for affiliate marketing. It’s their thing and they do it all day every day and will never get bored with it. For example weight loss, bodybuilding, investing, dating advice, electronics or pets.

Some people may love to read about new nutrition advice and what methods of training are most effective to reduce fat and build muscle. They may be doing this all the time and there certainly is a big market for this online.

However, for most people, we may dabble in a bit of all of this at certain times in our life but it’s not really a “passion”.

So how to do we choose that one thing?

I’m going to show you what I did, but I’ll show you the direct route rather than what I actually did (because that was stupid!)

Use Clickbank- It’s Free to Join So Sign Up Right Now

I mean it! This is probably 101 to the worst way to keep people reading your work but… Stop what you’re doing click this link and sign up right now (this is not an affiliate link as it’s free!)

On ClickBank, you basically get to become an affiliate for up to 75% commissions (yes you can get more than the person who created the product) on any products.

That part is very easy to do, however, the hard part is deciding the product to choose!

So all I did (eventually) is click the tabs on the left side and see which “niches” had the best variety and products that I personally would be interested in trying out.

Top tip is to click to sort by gravity (this simply means what has sold well in the last month). If you’d like to learn more click here to see what the ClickBank University can offer.

Use Amazon Associates- Also Free to Join!

I literally just worked this one out yesterday! I’ve seen people promoting products etc. online before but didn’t really understand why or how. When you click the link you just go to Amazon and buy a product from there. Surely the person leaving the review didn’t even get any of the benefits?!

How wrong was I?

So Amazon has an affiliate website called Amazon Associates. This means you can get a commission for millions of products on Amazon. So this is why you hear some people saying follow your passion no matter what it is?


Well, maybe but the commission rate is relatively low compared to other affiliate programs. If you sell 6 or fewer items a month, your rate is 4%. You can earn up to 8.5%, but that’s achieved by selling more than 3,131 products.

So depending on what you are promoting you won’t be earning too much from it.

The other good thing about it is that even if the person who clicked your link buys something on that visit, you earn a commission. So you could refer a $10 book and they end up buying a $1,000 TV and you receive the commission on the TV.


Digital or Physical?

The virtual world wins this one. People use the internet mainly for information.

Plus, Amazon Affiliates is a great way to avoid the hassle of having to post, package and deliver the physical products if there is something that you’d really like to promote.

However, if you are eventually going to be creating products it is 100% better if it is digital.

We live in the information age now so if you can create something digitally you will eventually be the one with the products on Click Bank, Udemy and Amazon.

Do We Need Just One Thing?

Obviously, you won’t just be an affiliate of one product for the whole time. There will be different products and ideas you’ll have to be an affiliate of.

However, from what I understand it is better to stick to the same niche. If my next post was about the yoga retreat I did in Bali over the summer it wouldn’t really follow the niche path that I am going down with creating an income online.

This confuses your audience and can be harder to keep the website traffic up.

My wife, Sarah and I created our first blog a bit like this. It was literally anything we did or thought of that week. It has been great to get experience in the online world but if you’re being an affiliate marketer you need to have a path that you follow.


You Certainly Can Make a Profit From Your Passion… But

I went into more detail about Anik Singal’s five key components to making sure your niche is profitable here. I think it is very important to read these 5 steps carefully as it can affect your whole online business.

Something that I found very insightful was that if you can’t find any competition online then you must have found a golden nugget right?! The million dollar idea?

Well actually if there is no competition online, then your idea for affiliate marketing sucks! Yep, you read that right it sucks, throw it away and start again. Check Udemy, Clickbank and even Google it. If you can’t find any online courses then it won’t work online.

So to find a niche and products that sell well you need to find someone else already doing it. But on the flip side you don’t want too many otherwise how will you stand out (not so easy is it?!)

There are some very profitable and proven markets such as:

  • Weight Loss
  • Healthy Eating
  • Relationship advice
  • Finding a job
  • Investing

However, if you just use these words as your niche it will be too big to compete. It has to be narrowed down (or sub niched) such as weight loss for middle-aged women, or investing in property in the UK, or making money online using affiliate.



I wouldn’t say there a certain type of product that is the best, but there certainly are things to know before diving in.

If you have an idea and you can tell it’s profitable then get started.

Action is the antidote to fear.

So if you are still worried you have the wrong products to sell. Try it!

You can find out how I started here.

Keep changing for the better





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