Affiliate Marketing vs MLM… From Someone That’s Tried Both w/ Christina Piccoli

You probably know that an online business is a great way to live the lifestyle that you would love. 

It means you can work anywhere in the world, work anytime you want and have the potential to make money in your sleep.

A common question that people have is...

Should I start an MLM business or is affiliate marketing a better option?

Maybe you haven't even heard of one of these types of business models. 

The truth is, there isn't one way that is "better" than another. But there certainly are advantages and disadvantages of any business model. 

Insider Reveals What's Better... Affiliate Marketing vs MLM


From Christina Piccoli

Christina Piccoli

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Christina Piccoli has tried both before and we chat about:

  • The truth about how you make good money in most MLM companies
  • Why the majority of MLM distributors lose money
  • How affiliate marketing gives you the control to promote any interest you want
  • How you can build an affiliate marketing business that grows over time

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If you want to get in contact with Christina, you can find her details on her website Christina Piccoli.

Full Christina Piccoli Podcast Transcript

Podcast Summary

So Christina is completely honest about her personal experience with both. 

Here are the 5 main takeaways I took from the chat with her:

  1. MLM distributors are typically the main customers for the company because of the "monthly sales quota"
  2. MLMs are not ideal for introverted people who don't use social media very much
  3. You never need to sell anything to your friends and family with Affiliate Marketing
  4. You can promote and work on any interests with affiliate marketing rather than being tied to a certain type of product
  5. You can grow your affiliate marketing business over time and to any level you'd like

But at the end of the day taking action is far more important than spending ages considering which approach suits you. 

Just by trying something out you will learn if it suits you or not.

Either business model can help you to live a life that you want, but doing the same thing over and over will guarantee you get the same results. 

Ready to make passive income online?

In 2018 I had no idea how to make money online. I was a full time PE teacher with no marketing skills or online experience.

I fell for scams along the way but I've managed to create a growing passive income online. 

If I can do it, anyone can.

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Mike has built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time PE teacher without any marketing or technical experience. Learn more about how he's done it here.

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