May 21, 2020

6 Vital Pillars for Internet Marketing Success w/ Aaron Chen

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​Making tons of money on autopilot is a dream for many people. But starting an online business can seem so confusing to start. 

Aaron Chen from The Invincible Marketer explains that there are really only 6 pillars to build a solid online "pyramid"...

​6 Vital Pillars for Online Marketing Funnels

​Aaron Chen

From The Invincible Marketer

Aaron Chen Podcast

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​We chat about:

  • How Aaron got started and how long it took him to make ​great money from internet marketing
  • ​What the 6 pillars are for a successful online business
  • ​How to use funnels to make money on autopilot
  • Why internet marketing is like no other business

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​Top tips and tools from Aaron Chen

​There were so many actionable and useful tips from Aaron in this chat. But here are some of the best ones ​mentioned including some of the tools we spoke about in the chat:

  • Solo ads- marketers sending people clicks, but the quality is often very low. 
  • The 6 core principles- Knowledge, Tools, Action, Traffic, Testing, Money (check out Aaron's awesome video here to see this in more detail)
  • Using affiliate marketing using a sales funnel...
  • Capture page i.e. on a website or page builder like ClickFunnels or Leadpages
  • Use an email autoresponder (to offer something valuable for free and bring your reader into your "universe")
  • Tracker- use tracking software to see where your leads are coming from
  • Video converts very well on every platform now
  • Use a funnel builder to make more income from your traffic (see my "very professional" diagram I made during the chat below... that was sarcastic btw!)
Aaron Chen Funnel-min

Apologies for the child like handwriting! I hope you can read that 😉

Aaron Chen Podcast

You can get in contact with Aaron on his website The Invincible Marketer. I highly recommend watching his 14 minute video here to learn more about the 6 pillars that Aaron mentioned in the podcast. 

Watching is is far easier than just listening to it.

What were your main lessons from this chat? Do you have any other questions you'd like to ask Aaron? Drop a comment below...

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