September 23, 2022

Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package Review: Can This Trading Course Bring You Wealth?

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Personal finance is all about protecting your money, investing, spending, and properly saving so you can live a good life. Unfortunately, personal finance is not taught in school.

It’s also hard to manage your money. Oftentimes, it’s forced upon people to learn personal finance through trial and error. It’s too easy to make mistakes that can have consequences down the line.

This is where finance and trading courses come in. These online courses enable you to grow your financial literacy.

Whether you’re simply looking to improve your finance or you’re a professional looking to get a job at high-end banks, online courses can help.

One of these courses is the Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package.

However, is it worth it? Will it really help you achieve financial freedom?

This Wall Street Prep Premium Package review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Wall Street Prep's Premium Package Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Wall Street Prep Premium Package

Founder: Wall Street Prep

Type: Finance and Banking Course

Price: $499

Best for: Beginners and Professional in Finance and Banking

Wall Street Prep's Premium Package Pros

  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Used by top financial institutions
  • Bite-size lessons

Wall Street Prep's Premium Package Cons

  • No refund stated
  • Some lessons aren't free
  • Requires accounting skills


Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package is perhaps one of the most popular finance and banking courses out there. However, does it really work? Is the price worth it or is it just a waste of money? In this review, you’re going to learn everything about this course.

Make Time Online Rating: 

50 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Wall Streep Prep's Premium Package about?

Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package is an online self-study program offered by Wall Street Prep. 

It’s a course created for professionals and students who like to pursue a career in equity research, corporate finance, private equity, and investment banking.

This program is also the exact same training program that is utilized by several leading financial institutions around the world to teach their professionals. 

The course covers a couple of important lessons that you’ll need to succeed in the finance industry. This includes LBO modeling, M&A, Comps, DCF, and financial state modeling.

This course is ideal for undergraduates or professionals who want to have a career in the finance industry. 

Check out this 2-minute and 9-second video to know more about this course...

Let us then know the person who started this all...

What is Wall Street Prep?

Wall Street Prep is an online training platform. It was established in 2004 by investment bankers to offer personalized training programs for individuals and the financial services industry.

As of today, Wall Street Prep performs associate training programs at more than 200 institutional companies and works with more than 125 universities.

Some of the well-known clients of Wall Street Prep include JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Evercore, and Goldman Sachs. 

In addition to that, their training material is also utilized by some of the most notable private equity firms. This includes The Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, and KKR.

As of today, Wall Street Prep has a couple of instructors for their courses. One of these instructors is Matan Feldman, who is also the founder of Wall Street Prep.

Matan is the main instructor for Wall Street Prep Premium Package. He’s also responsible for overseeing other training programs that Wall Street Prep offers. 

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How does Wall Street Prep's Premium Package Work?

Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package is almost the same as other online courses out there. You simply enroll, pay the fee, and you’ll get access to all the content of the course to learn at your own pace.

The Premium Package of Wall Street Prep is their flagship course. It’s broken down into several modules that teach various lessons. 

Every module uses actual case studies starting from scratch. Because of this, it’s an ideal course for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Aside from the main modules, enrolling in the Premium Package of Wall Street Prep will also provide you access to 39 mini-courses that cover a huge variety of niche topics.

Inside Wall Street Prep's Premium Package

Now that you know how the course works, you’re probably interested in its content. After all, who wouldn’t be curious when it’s the same training program used by the top financial institutions in the world? 

As mentioned earlier, the Premium Package of Wall Street Prep is broken down into several modules, 6 to be specific. Aside from that, you’ll also get access to several bonuses.

Overall, you’ll need at least 46 hours and 30 minutes to finish the course. 

Module 1: Financial Statement Modeling

The first module of the course is titled Financial Statement Modeling. This course will teach you how to develop a 3-statement model totally from scratch. 

When you complete this course, you should have developed a comprehensive and complete 3-statement model utilizing different supporting schedules. This module is broken down into 17 chapters and has 82 lessons. You’ll need 10 hours and 30 minutes to finish it.

Module 2: DCF Modeling

After learning all the lessons in the Financial Statement Modeling module, you’ll be introduced to valuation analysis and the DCF model.

In this module, you’ll learn how to value the Apple company step-by-step. By the end of the module, you should learn all of the nuances of DFC modeling. 

This module is broken down into 10 chapters. It has 66 lessons in total and you need at least 6 hours and 16 minutes to finish it.

Module 3: M & A Modeling

In the third module, you’ll learn how corporate experts and investment banking model acquisitions and mergers. 

This course will teach you the key concepts of M&A. This includes step-by-step allocation of the purchase price, acquisition accounting, pricing structures, dilution, and accretion.

This module is broken down into 5 chapters. In total, it has 38 lessons. You will also need at least 6 hours to complete this module.

Module 4: Trading Comps Modeling

The fourth module of the course is called Trading Comps Modeling. According to the course, Comps analysis is the most commonly utilized valuation methodology in the world. 

In this module, you will learn how to choose and scrub comparable, select the correct multiples, and establish dynamic comps models in Excel from scratch.

The 4th module is broken down into 8 chapters. It has 55 lessons in total. You will need 6 hours and 50 minutes to complete all of them.

Module 5: Transaction Comps Modeling

The 5th module of the course is called Transaction Comps Modeling. This module is a step-by-step program. It will teach you how to choose comparable acquisitions and look for vital disclosures in filings.

At the end of the module, you will learn how to interpret the comp results.

This module is broken down into 7 chapters. It has 52 lessons in total and you’ll need at least 5 hours and 12 minutes to complete all of them.

Module 6: LBO Modeling

This is the 6th and final module of the course. This module will teach you how to establish a complex and actual LBO model from scratch. 

You’ll begin by learning the current industry dynamics, usual deal structures, and basic LBO concepts. Then, you will also learn step-by-step modeling.

The module covers the most common and difficult problems that emerge when modeling buyouts. 

This module is broken down into 11 chapters. It has 88 lessons in total and you’ll need at least 9 hours and 46 minutes to complete it. 

Check out this short 1-minute and 27 second video that talks more about the course in deep detail...

How to Wall Street Prep's Premium Package

As you can see, you’ll learn a lot from this course. Unlike other online courses out there, the Premium Package of Wall Street Prep contains 381 lessons in total. 

Because of this, you might be interested in joining this program. Well, lucky for you, it’s quite easy. 

First, simply search “Wall Street Prep'' on Google. Then, click on the first result. The link should direct you to the homepage of

Once you’re on the homepage, click on the “Self-Study” button in the upper left corner. It should open a drop-down menu. In that menu, you’ll see the “Premium Package” option on top. Click it.

Finally, click the “add to cart” button found at front of the page, enter your billing information, and you’re good to go.

Wall Street Prep's Premium Package cost to join

The cost to join the Premium Package of Wall Street Prep is $499. Keep in mind that this is a one-time fee. This means that after paying, you’ll get access to the course’s content for life. 

Though this course might not appear cheap, the reputation of the provider and the quality of the course greatly supports the pricing. This is particularly true when you consider the number of lessons you’ll get when you join the program. 

Wall Streets Prep's Premium Package reviews online

Wall Streets Prep's Premium Package is a Finance and Banking course that teaches you all there is to know about finance and banking and how you can use it to expand your skillset and make money online.

But is it any good?

The only way to know this is to read reviews from people who have tried it by themselves...

Common positive Wall Street Prep's Premium Package reviews

  • Course is very well conducted
  • It always update its content
  • Excellent job breaking the course step by step

The following comments below are the common positive reviews you’ll find online:

  • “The course is very well conducted, with important tips and straight to the main points of FSM modeling. For those not familiar with the subject, an additional study is required, although it is not a limiting factor to learn the practical part of the classes.”
  • “This course is so amazing. I can say that you saved my life. Without your course, I could not graduate with a good honor. Thank you for creating such a wonderful course. I came so far to study abroad, but there are no classes teaching about REAL MODELING. I'm so lucky I found your course. On top of that, I've never found any course that always updates its content. You are the only one doing this. You're so nice. Thank you so much.”
  • “Loved the M&A course. Was overall very thorough on hard topics (M&A accounting, tax vs. book treatments, etc.). Definitely will have to review this course and some of the concepts prior to taking the FSM exam, but I highly recommend this course as Matan does an excellent job breaking down the M&A step by step.”

Common negative Wall Street Prep's Premium Package reviews

  • Unfriendly customer service team
  • Worst Customer Service
  • Could've done better with their course offering and presentation.

And here are the best negative reviews I seen:

  • “Paid for my course but didn't receive my login credentials!! Phoned their customer service team but the person who picked up the phone was super unfriendly and arrogant!!”
  • “The course is great. However, Wall Street Prep has some of the worst customer service I have ever seen.”
  • “They could’ve done better with their course offering and presentation. TBH, I’ve tried CFI and Wall Street Prep and would surely recommend CFI all the way up if you are looking for financial modeling course.”

Is Wall Street Prep's Premium Package a scam?

So, is Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package a scam? The answer is a big no. This is perhaps the most legitimate finance course out there.

As mentioned earlier, the Premium Package of Wall Street Prep is used by a lot of the top financial institutions in the world. 

If it was a scam, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, KKR and more wouldn’t use this course to teach their professionals. 

Wall Street Prep is a reputable online platform. Aside from that, every instructor on this platform is also experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to financing.

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Wall Street Prep's Premium Package pros

Here are some of the best things that I discovered when reviewing Wall Street Prep's Premium Package...

#1 Beginner-friendly platform

One of the biggest advantages of this course is its platform. The website of Wall Street Prep is so easy to navigate.

It’s extremely user-friendly that even a person who isn’t tech-savvy won’t find any difficulties learning this course.

#2 Used by top financial institutions

If you’re searching for a reliable course to learn about finance, you probably want to learn from the best, right? 

Well, Wall Street Prep’s Premium Package is so good that a lot of top financial institutions around the world use it to train their employees.

Thus, you can guarantee that the lessons you’ll get from this course are valuable since companies use them to improve their services. 

#3 Bite-size lessons

Every lesson in the course is short. This means you won’t get bored watching a long video. Once you finish a lesson, you can simply proceed to the next one or take a break.

Even though the videos are short, they’re still filled with valuable information that can help you learn more.

HubSpot Academy cons

And here are some of the things I find awkward in Wall Street Prep's Premium Package. So take note of these...

#1 No refund stated

When you visit the website of Wall Street Prep, you won’t find any information about refunds or money-back policies.

Thus, it’s safe to assume that they don’t offer this feature.

#2 Some lessons aren't free

When you buy the course, you’ll get access to all of the lessons. However, you should know that there are other lessons not included in the course that are still important when learning about finance. 

Unfortunately, these lessons aren’t free. You’ll have to pay each of them separately.

#3 Requires accounting skills

Unfortunately, it’s not recommended to enroll in this course if you have no knowledge about accounting or finance.

The platform would recommend you enroll in another course first, which costs an additional fee.

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My opinion - Wall Street Prep's Premium Package

Overall, Wall Street Prep’s Premium package is an excellent course.

It’s an exceptional training program that has been recognized by industry leaders. 

The quality of the course is excellent and the platform is very valuable.

If you want to develop your experience and knowledge in the banking industry, this is an excellent course to start with...

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