April 14, 2021

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Can You Get Rich in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

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When it comes to internet business, getting to know affiliate marketing is never complete without you being introduced to a lot of affiliate networks.

And if you talk about successful affiliate networks, there are a lot of them including JVZoo, Amazon, and Clickbank.  The latter one, Clickbank, has continuously drawn in many affiliate marketers as it is a legit way to make money online where you can really generate passive income.

But Clickbank is still complicated in some aspects and it even has a lot of things you need to consider before you can fully utilize it and its tools. One of the things it requires you to have is a website which not many can build successfully.

This is why you might have asked...

Is Udemy Clickbank Success a scam? You don't have to worry, though, because it is not. It has a lot of courses that will teach you how to build a website.

And there are also courses that will teach you how to make the most out of Clickbank without going through that process like the course offered by Udemy which is Clickbank Success: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

And if you’re interested in the latter one and want to ascertain if this course can really teach you how to earn money with no website at all, well that’s what this review will be helping you with.

This Udemy Clickbank Success review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Udemy Clickbank Success Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Udemy ClickBank Success

Founder: KC Tan

Type: Affiliate marketing course

Price: $9.99

Best for: Aspiring online entrepreneurs

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Logo

Udemy Clickbank Success Pros

  • Good quality content
  • Positive reviews online
  • Active support team

Udemy Clickbank Success Cons

  • Some oudated information

Summary: Udemy's Clickbank Success is an online course that teaches all there is to know about Clickbank and how to earn from it.

Make Time Online Rating: 60 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Udemy Clickbank Success about?

Clickbank Success: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website is one of the many courses offered by Udemy, a well-known online educational platform that has over a hundred thousand courses.

This particular course consists of an on-demand video that is almost 3 hours long, 22 articles, 23 downloadable resources, full time access on mobile and on TV, and a certificate of completion.

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Intros

It offers you the help you need when it comes to successfully making money online through Clickbank. As it says in its course description, “If you have yet to successfully make a single dollar in Clickbank, this is the course that will help you to achieve that, and more!”

And even if you are a beginner with no background at all or someone who has been struggling with promoting affiliate products, this course will give you a solid foundation when it comes to the whats and hows of Clickbank.

If you chance to visit Udemy’s website, you’ll see in the course description of Clickbank Success: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website the things you are expected to learn:

  • Gain the knowledge to select good, profitable Clickbank products to promote.
  • Gain the skill to create a profitable advertising campaign and make money with ClickBank without a website.
  • Gain the skill to boost your campaign performance by tracking keywords that lead to actual sales.
  • Gain the skill to build your own squeeze page (without a domain) and attract subscriber opt-ins
  • Learn how to promote ClickBank products on Facebook with zero dollars
  • Discover new concepts and marketing strategies that you can apply to other affiliate marketing programs besides ClickBank.

Check out this 30-second video on what Udemy is all about...

And who is the guy behind all these?

Who is KC Tan?

The person behind this course is a man named KC Tan.

He is an online business coach and a small business owner who specializes in SEO, WordPress, and e-commerce.

He is also the founder and owner of WebSprout Academy, an online learning platform that provides training and workshops for self-employed business owners.

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Creators

KC Tan has a total number of over 87k students and has been given over 10k reviews to which most of them are positive feedback. 

Tan has also developed many professional websites since 2008 and right now, he is more committed to helping people, especially affiliate marketers, have their breakthrough in the world of affiliate marketing.

And that is why he created the course Clickbank Success: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

 He wants to make sure that newbies and struggling marketers can see results when they venture in the world of Clickbank...

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How does Udemy Clickbank Success Work?

This course works quite simply. If you want to give it a try, all of you have to do is sign up for an account in Udemy.

Once done, you will then be redirected to the list of courses it offers and once you find the one that interests you, let’s say it’s Clickbank Success: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website, you are then going to add it to your cart.

After that, you’ll pay for it and the course is all yours to explore.

It’s very simple right? It’s almost similar to how you purchase your favorite tee.

The purpose of that is to allow the beginners to navigate the site freely without feeling too overwhelmed and burdened.

As for the course itself, you’ll be given PDFs and videos from which you’ll be learning from. The videos were recorded by KC Tan and you just have to watch them.

If you have questions, you can consult KC Tan during his support hours.

Inside Udemy Clickbank Success

To further inform you as to what it is you’ll be signing up for and if it’s even worth it, you can read on this subsection to have a general overview of the lessons this course offers you.

This course has a total lecture of 62 and a total length of 2 hours and 50 minutes. The 62 lectures are divided into 8 different sections:

#1 Introduction (5 lectures for 9 mins.)

This includes the following topics: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing, How Clickbank works, Steps to Sign Up A New Clickbank Account, the problems you’ll encounter when applying for a Clickbank Account, and the official support hours of KC Tan.

#2 Clickbank Basics (7 lectures for 22 mins.)

This section talks about the key metrics of Clickbank products, how you’ll get paid as a Clickbank affiliate marketer, how you’ll get paid through Payoneer, how to identify products that sell, the products you need to avoid, and how to deal with the products you can’t find in specific criteria, and lastly, how to avoid the mistakes made by most newbies.

#3 Clickbank Direct Linking Strategies (5 lectures for 20 mins.)

The topics included in this subsection are the following: Choosing the perfect product for Direct Linking, More tips if you can't find a suitable product to promote, Matching traffic to products, How to get free Clickbank product legally, and Template to ask for free Clickbank products.

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Inside

#4 Traffic Generation Secrets (25 lectures for 1 hr. And 1 min.)

Some of the things you’ll learn from the lectures included in this section are the following: Best Traffic Sources For ClickBank Conversion, Worst TRaffic Sources for Clickbank Conversion, How I Get $70+ Sales With Only $4 Investment!, Updated Sales With Low Investment, Steps To Create New Advertising Account, etc. 

#5 Securing Long Term Income With Leads Capturing (10 lectures for 26 mins.)

In this part of the course, you’ll be learning how to create a squeeze page without any domain and hosting, how to create one that will make people subscribe to it, the updates you need for its creation, case studies of successful squeeze pages and many more.

#6 Facebook Page Method Without Ads

This section focuses on matters involving Facebook such as Facebook Zero Budget Method, how to market your facebook page with zero dollars, the important links format that facebook only allows you to use, and updates on how to shorten your affiliate link before posting it on facebook.

#7 Conclusion (2 lectures for 4 mins.)

This part of the course talks about the valuable lessons and principles KC Tan follows to ensure that he gets to make money online consistently. And these lessons can also be used by you.

#8 Bonuses and Tips (2 lectures for 9 mins.)

The tips included in this section focus on the strategies you can use for direct linking.

But know that there are a ton of other courses out there that talk about similar stuff. Some of the most prominent ones are:

Here is another 11-minute video that shows you what Udemy's Clickbank Success Without a Website course is all about...

And how much shall you shell out?...

Udemy Clickbank Success cost to join

This course, as of the moment, costs $9.99 only.

The original price actually is $139.99. If you try to calculate it, you’ll be able to save $130 if you make a purchase now.

With that $9.99, you’ll be given access to many videos and PDFs that will teach you what you need to know about Clickbank.

And if you find out that this course is not really your cup of tea, then you don't have to worry because you can have your money back as the course offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Udemy Clickbank Success monthly cost

There are no direct monthly costs...

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Cost

It's just the one-time cost that you have to pay. So, what do the others have to say about the course?...

Udemy Clickbank Success reviews online

Clickbank Success is one of the many courses of Udemy that teaches you how to earn money online, specifically from Clickbank.

But what you really want to know is if it really works or not...

To answer that, I've scoured the net and watched a number of YouTube videos and checked what the actual students have to say about the course...

Common positive Udemy Clickbank Success reviews

  • Educational
  • Worth the price
  • Beginner-friendly

The following reviews are from the students of KC Tan. These are the common feedback they have of the course and of Tan as an instructor. 

“Excellent explanation of guidelines to using clickbank and advertising broken down into manageable learning segments. Would recommend!”

“I've been on the search of a Legit mentor that gives his all knowledge step by step in teaching. If there is a mentor that just wants his students to absorb all his knowledge, KC Tan is the one. Besides, the way he arranged the contents of his lessons are so strategic for beginners like me.”

“I like the way the course was done, simple and to the point, haven't tried the methods yet but I am confident that they are practical and will give results. Thanks KC.”

Common negative Udemy Clickbank Success reviews

  • Outdated content
  • Unclear media

Here are some of the best negative reviews...

“I have been following everything but it's not updated. Google keyword planner doesn't work. I was asked to enter my billing information.”

“As a negative point I would say that are too many videos showing images completely out of focus, sometimes for up to four minutes, so that it is impossible for us to see the screen content... As I see it, these classes should be fixed (recorded and edited again) by the instructor.”

“KC Tan has a very good way of explaining the subject matter and tutors step by step, making it especially easy for me to understand. I only recommend that he update the course as some features have changed.”

Is Udemy Clickbank Success a scam?

Without further ado, I’ll give you the answer you've been waiting for you.

No, Clickbank Success: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website is not  a scam. It is a legitimate course.

What claims it has made are all true and Udemy, a legit online educational platform, can vouch for that...

The reviews of the course can also support the fact that it is not  a scam, that you will really learn how to use Clickbank and its tools and eventually generate an income even if you don't have your own website.

Also, KC Tan has a good reputation both as an instructor and as business owner so it is most unlikely for him to create a course that will only scam people.

And again, Udemy is legit so it is also impossible for it to approve a course that is up to no good...

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Udemy Clickbank Success pros

#1 Good quality content

To further extinguish your doubts on this course, you can take a look at its content by visiting the official website of Udemy.

You’ll see that this course has a lot to offer to you and they are designed to make things convenient for you.

With this course, you will learn a lot about Clickbank--concepts, strategies, tips, and it’s not impossible for you to really earn money once you start using the tools of Clickbank.

#2 Positive reviews online

One of the pros of this course is that it has a lot of positive reviews online and many students are attesting that they have indeed learned many things from KC Tan and his learning materials.

Here is proof of its excellence...

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Pros

This means that once you purchase it, you’ll be given what's worth your money. And believe me, it’s too good to be true but it is the truth...

#3 Active support team

Another one that Tan’s students applauded is the fact that once you purchase the course and are given the access to it, Tan will not leave you to yourself.

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Pros 2

He’ll make sure that you will really learn what he teaches you.

And if you have concerns, clarifications or questions, you can message him during his support hours.

He chose to have one so that he can guide his students and help them with whatever help he can offer to them...

Udemy Clickbank Success cons

#1 Some outdated information

A disadvantage that you’ll encounter is that there are some pieces of information in the learning materials that are somehow outdated.

Udemy Clickbank Success Review: Cons

But this matter has already been handled by Tan and he has made a lot of updates with regards to the videos and PDFs.

Though some might still say that the course only has obsolete information, you can expect Tan to fix it immediately.

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My opinion - Udemy Clickbank Success

As a final takeaway from this review, I would like to recommend this course to those people who have just started their journey in the world of affiliate marketing and the ones who are also on the verge of giving up due to not getting the results they want.

So, here is what I can say about Udemy's Clickbank Sucess Without a Website course...

This course is practical and is easy to follow...

It does not teach you how to get rich immediately but it introduces you and walks you through the much deeper aspects of affiliate marketing especially Clickbank.

With this, you will definitely have the results you want and earning passive income through Clickbank will not only be a dream but a reality for you...

How I make passive income online

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Once I learnt about it, it just seemed like a great business model that can grow over time using the power of the internet. 

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Then I fell for some terrible online scams. 

But eventually, I found Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches long-term proven strategies to build an online business with all the tools & support needed. 

And this happened...

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