November 22, 2021

Social Media Management Review: Knowing More About Sarah Kirkpatrick’s Udemy Lead Gen Course

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Udemy courses offer the best means of earning with digital marketing. As a digital entrepreneur, enrolling in a lead gen course gives you an advantage. It helps you earn more profit using various techniques that you will learn. 

Social Media Management by Sarah Kirkpatrick is one of the best courses online.

Is it a scam?

Let’s find out how this course can turn the tides in the field of digital marketing. 

This review will help you decide if it’s worth trying by discussing its content, pros, cons, so you’ll know if it is a legit way to make money online.

This Social Media Management review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Social Media Management review: The overview and rankings

Name: Social Media Management

Owners: Sarah Kirkpatrick

Type: Lead generation course

Price: $24.99

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn lead generation using social media to make good money.

Social Media Management Pros

  1. Informative
  2. Efficient
  3. Systematic

Social Media Management Cons

  1. Basic
  2. Needs more materials
  3. Very common


Social Media Management is a lead generation course that teaches you how to make money online through effective social media management and local lead generation.

Make Time Online Rating: 40 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Social Media Management about?

Social Media Management allows you to use social media channels for generating leads.

As we all know, almost everybody spends time on the internet using social media.

Social media management is the process of analyzing social media audiences and developing a strategy that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing content for social media profiles, monitoring online conversations, collaborating with influencers, providing community service, and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on social media performance and ROI.

The benefits of social media management go far beyond raising brand awareness and staying current on the latest internet trends.

The channel is key to building more personal connections with target audiences at scale. The rapport developed on social media can build brand trust, affinity, and, best of all, loyalty.

The business potential of social networks is immense. Brands can leverage social media platforms to drive their objectives across the marketing funnel, from raising brand awareness to increasing store visits.

But to accomplish this, they need efficient social media teams.

The more goals you want to achieve through social media marketing, the more people you need dedicated to this channel. This demand will eventually lead to building complex social media team structures.

The definition of social media management is anything but fixed. Platforms and trends are constantly changing, meaning the responsibilities of managing a brand account are also changing.

These developments prove one thing: social is driving how consumers interact with businesses, making social media roles business critical.

This is a good opportunity when you are working as a digital entrepreneur. 

As such, it’s important to maximize what social media channels can offer.

Engaging with people is the best opportunity to get leads. With Social Media Management, your chances of connecting with others increases. 

This way, you’ll never miss a chance of getting clients. With lots of people on your list, closing a deal is just a piece of cake. And that’s the most important part of digital marketing, connecting while earning.

Check out this 12-minute video to know more about Social Media Management…

So, who created this Social Media Management in the first place?

Who is Sarah Kirkpatrick?

Wondering who’s behind this income-generating course? Her name’s Sarah Kirkpatrick.

Surprised? Who wouldn’t be?

Getting a female instructor in online courses is just a one-in-a-million chance. 

So, who is she? Sarah is an online instructor in Udemy that runs Social Media Management. She’s got 643 students with 12 reviews on her teaching skills. She’s a fractional CMO and a digital marketing strategist. 

Her skills in digital marketing enabled her to make the Unself Design and Jumping Elephant. Both of which are established businesses with strong foundations. Today, Sarah shares her skills and techniques in digital marketing to help other aspiring and current entrepreneurs. 

With dedication and perseverance, achieving your dream is a reality. Jumping Elephant creates the best leads to help clients make a potential list. A strong leg of clientele saves your time, money, and effort. 

Decluttering is an important part of making leads. Although your list is cut to a minimum, it gives you the best opportunity to close a deal. The idea of making a large number of client lists may put you at risk. 

Despite the odds of having many potential clients, your resources will be used up. It can also damage your reputation as an entrepreneur because of annoyed clients that get your email. Sarah gives you the best means of handling social media channels. 

If you’re just new and don’t know where to start, she’s there to help you. Taking the first step is important in digital marketing. With the right direction, making money is not an issue. 

On the other hand, you may be excited to pitch your business but always fail. The unending rat race is common to entrepreneurs without the right guidance. Sarah can allow you to correct your marketing strategy and earn more profit. 

Or, your business might be booming but you lack the time to manage your social media platforms. Instead of earning more, you’re hindered and cannot take the succeeding steps. This is a great chance to seek advice and Sarah is there to help you. 

These are just a fraction of the pieces of puzzles that people normally get. The trouble of knowing where to start and how to run a business is common. Seeking the best advice can get you over this cliff. 

Sarah’s been working with advertising agencies across Canada before making the Jumping Elephant. With her journey as an entrepreneur, she found the need of guiding small businesses owners. The answer was social media. 

If you know the trick, you can compete with the “big guys” in the market. No matter how small your business is, it’s about using the right leverage. With social media, you’ll gain access to ideal clients and generate leads. 

Sarah’s skills and years of experience as a content writer and marketing strategies, everything you need is laid on the table. In no time, you can run your business smoothly with promising results. All you have to do is take that step of reaching out for help. 

So, how does the course work?…

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How does Social Media Management Work?

How exactly does this lead gen course work? It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is manage your social media platform and everything is right under the sun.

With proper engagement, connect with potential clients and identify their needs. Use this to communicate and offer your products and services. By doing so, you can stem down those with high chances of closing a deal. 

As its name dictates, Social Media Management helps you develop a marketing strategy using social media.

In Social Media Management, the Social media managers are responsible for curating a brand’s social channels.

A social media manager is typically responsible for setting the content strategy and driving engagement on a company’s social platforms.

To succeed in that role, social media managers must possess a knack for storytelling, a keen eye for design, and an ability to analyze what does well with an audience—and what doesn’t.

This gives you the best opportunity to generate leads. With the best leads around, you can develop a strong clientele to keep your business running…

Inside Social Media Management

Your social media platform needs constant monitoring and proper management. It doesn’t work by simply making an account and leaving it that way. You need to keep an eye on it and make sure that you respond to people’s queries. 

Comment or message on your social media platform is like a customer in your store. You have to respond promptly to avoid making angry clients and losing customers. You also need to understand that opening a business is not just about placing signage at the entrance. 

Developing ways to run your business smoothly is important. Making strategies that help your community and offering the best customer service are key factors. They make your social media platform at pace…

Outreaching, engagement, and response rate are key factors that improve social media management. 

The gap

As an entrepreneur, the driving force that led you to where you are in the need of digital marketing. Success is possible as a digital entrepreneur. But, taking the first step is the question. 

Now, you sought help and found yourself consulting with many experts. But, it seems like what they’re talking about is a foreign language to your senses. And the worst part, you pay big for social media managers just to fix things up. 

The answer

The answer to these questions is community management. If you control this aspect, your clientele increases using good customer service through community management. Using the Social Media Management course, your problems are good as solved. 

Social Media Management uses an effective formula to earn you thousands of dollars to avail of its course. It’s designed to help individuals achieve financial success without spending lots of cash. With Social Media Management, you’ll have the chance to double or even triple your sales.

Following the steps in this course, you can get the best opportunity to achieve financial success. These are proven steps that are crafted and tested to work. With its meticulous steps, everything is laid on a silver platter on your table.

Check out this 24-minute video to give you a better understanding of Social Media Management…

And what are the prices?…

How do you join Social Media Management?

Now, how do you become a part of the class? Well, it’s simple.

All you have to do is go to their page in Udemy and search for this course. Once you’re on-site, click the “Add to cart” button and follow its steps.

Pay for the registration fee and wait for confirmation. Once received, then you’re good to go. You’re now ready to avail yourself of its materials and other resources and earn lots of cash.

How much does Social Media Management cost to join?

It says there that this course costs only a fraction of other courses that offer the same services.

The question is, how much does Social Media Management charge to be a part of the team? Good question. 

Let me be blunt to say, it only costs $24.99, a very low and promising price! And guess what, they give a discount for as low as 60% off, which makes it only $9.99!

Who would give you such a deal? 

This is even inclusive of a 1-hour on-demand video, certificate of completion, and lifetime access on mobile and TV! And wait, there’s more. If you’re not satisfied with what it offers, you’re given the chance of a 30-day money-back guarantee. A very promising deal all in your favor.

Social Media Management monthly cost

So, does this course have monthly dues?

With its low registration fee, there must be a monthly fee. No.

There are no monthly dues for this course. It says “lifetime access” to all its materials and services…

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Wait until you see the great part. Be amazed about what this course has to offer. And I guess you can’t wait to be a part of the team once you hear about it.

Social Media Management reviews online

Checking on Sarah’s course on Udemy doesn’t reflect any student feedback.

But, checking about her as an instructor and the number of students, her credibility is obvious. With more than 600 students and 11 other courses, Social Media Management has a lot to offer…

Common positive Social Media Management reviews

  • Content is useful
  • Affordable
  • Very informative

Common negative Social Media Management reviews

  • Basic
  • Lacks content
  • Very common

Is Social Media Management a scam?

Is this course a scam? No. it’s not.

If you’re unconvinced of what it can offer, well, take a deep breath and think twice…

Taking a risk is part of running a business. Unless you take that first step, you won’t be able to get into something.

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Social Media Management pros


The simplicity of this course made it easy to understand. You don’t need to have any background knowledge about digital marketing (although having one is better).

But all-in-all, it gives you a simple overview of digital marketing that makes it easy to understand.

With its simple steps, you can easily jive in with its process. You don’t have to tire yourself out of understanding many things. Simply follow its steps, then you’re good to go.


Controlling your social media channels plays an important role in digital marketing.

With careful management, you lessen the risk of having angry clients…

Remember, virtual assistance is just the same as having a customer standing in front of a physical store.


Using Social Media Management in addressing customer service is made easy.

With its step-by-step process, your problems are easily solved. All you have to do is follow its concepts and you’re good to go.

Social Media Management cons


Despite having the best lectures about handling social media platforms, this course is only minimal.

It’s better if it tackles other aspects of digital marketing.

Needs more materials

Engaging with social media as a tool in marketing is good.

But, this course needs to develop more materials.

With more resources, one can better appreciate its full potential.

Very common

Although this course talks about how social media can affect your business, it’s still very common.

Many people in the market are using social media to channel leads. Its ability to engage with people is used in almost all other businesses…

My opinion – Social Media Management

Running a digital marketing business is no joke.

You need to learn and adapt to new things to compete with others. With many businesses circling the globe, your chances of getting more clients are thin. 

But, with the right leverage, you can make a difference. Social Media Management allows you to compete with big-time business owners. Using the best techniques in managing social media platforms, you can do well in handling clients. 

All you have to do is apply its concepts and top your sales. It gives you the chance to go bell-to-bell with big companies. The right mindset is what it takes to become successful. 

If you have the chance, grab that opportunity to lead. The social media platform has a lot to offer. Use it to your advantage. 

With this course, getting the upper hand using social media is simple. Engage with potential clients and offer your products and services. You see, you only need a fraction of your investment to earn more profit. 

Being skeptical is common. But taking the first step is what matters most. Grab your chance now.

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