June 8, 2022

SEO That Works Review: Getting To Know Brian Dean’s SEO Course, Pros And Cons Discussed

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If you have an online business, you should know that SEO is by far the best way to grow your business online.

Because of this, you have to understand the importance of search engines...

However, do you know how to improve your online traffic without spending a lot of money? Well, one person figured out the secret many years ago.

That person is Brian Dean.

If you’re searching for tips on how to improve SEO, you have probably come across Brian Dean and his course... SEO That Works.

But you might have thought...

Is Brian Dean a scam?

Nope he is not a scam. He is a legit digital entrepreneur and his SEO course is comprehensive, informative, and has a lot of good reviews.

In this review, I'll show you all there is to know about Brian Dean, who he is, what his course is about, as well as the individual pros and cons associated with this SEO course.

Let us take a look at this review if this one is a legit way to make money online or just another scam.

This SEO That Works review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

SEO That Works Review

The overview and rankings

Name: SEO That Works

Founder: Brian Dean

Type: SEO course

Price: $397/month for 1-year subscription

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn how to rank higher on search engines and boost the profitability and potential of their online business.

SEO That Works Pros

  • Summary of videos
  • Complete presentations
  • Modules are easy to learn

SEO That Works Cons

  • Expensive
  • Only focuses on Brian’s methods
  • Creating power pages is hard


SEO That Works is an SEO Course that talks about everything when it comes to boosting your online business' SEO ranking to expand profitability and market.

Make Time Online Rating: 

40 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is SEO That Works about?

Brian Dean founded the search engine optimization program SEO That Works. There have been three changes to this search engine optimization training course. 

Most online marketers and bloggers rely on SEO to recognize the importance of SEO in their content. SEO That Works will change the way SEO is done.

Webmasters that understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for their content often pay substantial sums to have experienced writers produce optimized versions of their existing content.

Therefore, they invest a lot of money to engage with professionals who can provide them with quality search engine optimization knowledge.

However, most individuals and their articles never rank on Google's first, second, or third pages. Unfortunately, there are only a selected few websites that will be displayed. 

How can you achieve the finest SEO results without waiting months for your web pages to rank?

The answer may be the SEO That Works course by Brian Dean.

As the name suggests, SEO That Works is an online training program about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help entrepreneurs get high ranks in search engines.

The author of this course is Brian Dean. He is also an SEO expert and owner of Backlinko.com.

As of today, the SEO course has been revised 3 times. According to Brian, this program has revolutionized the SEO industry by helping businesses rank for the most competitive keywords on Google.

Of course, there are tons of other online courses and SEO experts out there. There are some who claim to be “experts” and then there are actual professionals like Brian Dean.

Brian Dean has earned the right to charge a high price based on the testimonials and results of his course students. 

Brian has pages of stories and testimonials from passionate community members who flaunt their success using the method of Brian Dean for ranking on SERPs.

Let us then know the person who started this all...

Who is Brian Dean?

For those who don’t know, Brian Dean is probably one of the best experts in the world when it comes to SEO.

He also ranks on Google for a couple of the most competitive keywords.

For instance, the phrase “keyword research” gets around 12,100 searches a month. Even though this phrase is extremely competitive, Brian still managed to get on page 1 of Google.

Of course, that is simply one of many searches where Brian has outranked tons of other SEO companies...

To make things simple, Brian knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. That is why he created the program SEO That Works to help other people follow his success.

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How does SEO That Works Work?

The STW learning platform is top-notch. Top-notch work went into the production and website design. 

Access to his high-definition videos and professional-grade audio. All supplemental materials, such as PDF transcripts, will be available.

SEO That Works claims to offer tactics and procedures that can rank any website in a matter of months and generate significant traffic for them.

After completing this course, you will be able to assess your competitors' content and improve your own to develop shareable power pages and infographics that will propel you to the top of search engine rankings.

In the SEO That Works training program, Brian begins with a review of the regular backlinks and SEO. Then, he compares this to his very own methods that work. 

In addition to that, Brian will also provide you with an SEO study to back up his claim further. 

Basically, Brian teaches “content advertising” to his students through this training program. The ultimate goal is to produce strong backlinks to your content. 

The method that Brian utilizes is about building excellent web content. He calls this content “The Power Page”. 

Once you have The Power Page, you can advertise this content to different influencers and bloggers within your particular industry to advertise and link to on their websites. 

Always keep in mind that bloggers are always looking for reliable links since it improves their authority. If the link is great, it will improve the integrity of the blogger. 

Also, you should note that this isn’t guest posting. The truth is that Brian doesn’t teach you about uploading your content on other websites. 

His method is about how to create a power page with built-in “share sets off”. Share triggers are features inside your content that makes people want to share it online. 

Inside SEO That Works

This training program contains 5 modules and several bonus lessons. The main goal of the course is to teach you how to develop a power page. 

As mentioned above, the purpose of power pages is to draw others to share your content and link to them. This makes your pages rank high. 

Brian presented the course in a video series that teaches you step-by-step. Every video is no longer than 10 minutes. The course also includes PDF transcriptions in case you don’t hear well.

In addition to that, you can also get mp3 versions of each lesson so you can listen to them while doing other things. 

Module 1: Introduction

In this module, Brian will share with you the 3 most common SEO mistakes that prevent people from being successful. These mistakes include:

  • Not building web links proactively

  • Focusing on long-tail key phrases

  • Focusing too much on fresh web content

Brian will also teach you what’s working today in Search Engine Optimization. He calls this the “New World of SEO”.

Module 2: Fast Track SEO Success

In this module, you will learn everything about how to get your websites to rank on page 1 of Google. In addition to that, Brian will teach you how to do it in a short period. 

Brian will also share his strategy called “Linkreators”. This is a strategy where Brian will teach you how to produce content that other people in your industry will be excited to share as well as link to.

Module 3: How to Publish Content That Attracts Clients, Traffic, and Links

This is the 3rd module of the course where Brian will share with you tips on how to create quality web content for “Power Pages”. 

Brian will also teach you how to use these power pages to generate traffic on your website and authority backlinks as well. 

The module also includes 7 tried and tested “Content Structures” that can easily drive traffic to a targeted website. 

In addition to that, these content structures will help you to establish links with real websites that you can draw ideas from as well.

Furthermore, Brian will teach you how to create “Share Triggers”. For those who don’t know, share triggers are vital infographics that people can share to generate buzz.

Module 4: How to Get Backlinks from Authority Sites and Promote Your Content

The 4th module will teach you how to reach out to your Linkreators and market your power pages to them. 

Brian will share with you a couple of email pitches that you can use. He also recommends that you focus more on quality over quantity. 

Establishing a connection first, connecting to them on social media websites, sharing their pages, and commenting greatly improves the possibility that they’ll agree to hear you out.

Module 5: SEO Energizers

Finally, Brian shares with you off-page SEO tactics that will certainly get results even without too many shares and backlinks. 

The Damp Clay Web Link Structure Strategy is one of the most successful tactics. This method brings link opportunities to your inbox every single day. 

In addition to that, he will teach you how to improve the effectiveness of your on-page SEO. You will also learn the CTR Magnet Method that drives even more traffic to your website. 

Check out this 12-minute video that dives deeper and talks more about this SEO course...

How to Join SEO That Works?

If you want to join the program, all you have to do is to open your favorite browser.

Then, search the title of the course on Google. After that, click on the first link of Google search results.

Unfortunately, as of today, you can only join the waiting list. The reason for this is that SEO That Works is not always available. 

If you want to join the waiting list, you will only need to give your email.

When the course opens again, they will send you an email...

SEO That Works cost to join

As mentioned earlier, SEO That Works is only available several times a year. Every time the training program is released, Brian updates its content. 

Because of this, the price of the course also gets updated. This makes it one of the most expensive online training programs today. 

Since the course is available only several times a year, you will have to register on the waiting list to guarantee you get a slot the next time it opens. 

As of today, Brian hasn’t made the course available. Thus, you’ve got to signup for the waiting list if you want to join today. 

SEO That Works has a membership degree plan. These include:

  • Standard Plan

  • Advanced Plan

  • Complete Plan

The Standard Plan will cost you $97 a month for 12 months. The Advanced Plan will cost you $197 a month for 12 months. The Complete Plan will cost you $397 a month for 12 months. 

Keep in mind that this pricing will probably change as soon as Brian opens the course again. This is particularly true if he updated the content of his course. 

SEO That Works reviews online

The SEO That Works is a course that mainly focuses on SEO.

It teaches innovative methods to optimize and create links and content. 

However, is it any good? The only way to know this is to read reviews from people who have tried it.

Common positive SEO That Works reviews

  • Legit creator
  • Comprehensive

The following comments below are the common positive reviews you’ll find online:

“Mostly the course covered keyword research and content optimization. When I see the title I thought it's a complete course for on-page and off-page SEO. But, still, it's very detailed about the keywords and content part.”

“With the backlinking techniques Brian teaches, my blog posts have consistently moved from page 3 or 4 in Google to page 1 for keywords I was having difficulty ranking for. I was able to repeat the process for not just one, but many blog posts, bringing me a ton of high-quality backlinks.”

Common negative SEO That Works reviews

  • Expensive
  • Long waiting list
  • Bit boring in the long run

And here are the best negative reviews I seen:

“The course is too expensive. There are tons of other SEO courses out there that costs a lot less compared to this. Some of them are even free. I don’t know why people are still enrolling in this course when it’s too expensive and success is not guaranteed”

“I have waited several months in the waiting list. By the time I got a slot, I have already lost interest in learning SEO. The price is also very expensive. The videos are boring.”

Is SEO That Works a scam?

Obviously, SEO That Works is not a scam.

It’s a genuine training program that will teach you how to rank your website on page 1 of Google. 

Keep in mind that SEO is an extremely comprehensive topic that includes the strategic play of tons of elements and factors in the constantly-changing algorithms of the Search Engines. 

It can be frustrating to see a couple of websites with bad content but have higher ranks in Google. 

Fortunately, you can also have a higher rank. The SEO That Works course provides you with a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to implement and develop SEO-driven results. 

A lot of people say it’s a scam since it’s too expensive and success isn’t guaranteed. However, SEO isn’t magic. You still need to be patient to achieve success. 

If you follow the lessons that Brian Dean teaches you in his course, you will easily guarantee success.

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SEO That Works pros

Here are some of the best things that I like about SEO That Works...

#1 Summary of videos

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the course.

Before you start a lesson, Brian will give you a summary. Then, at the end of the lesson, he will give you a short recap. 

This helps ensure you’re always on track with the lessons.

#2 Complete presentations

Every presentation that Brian gives is a step-by-step blueprint that you can easily follow.

This is one of the best things you can search for when you are choosing an SEO course. It makes the process easier and smoother, especially for beginners.

#3 Modules are easy to learn

Even if you’re not an SEO expert, you’ll still understand what Brian is teaching you in his lessons.

He does not use difficult words. He will explain to you everything so that you won’t get confused as you learn his methods and strategies. 

SEO That Works cons

And here are the red flags that I found in SEO That Works, of which you should also take note of...

#1 Expensive

This is the biggest drawback of the course.

A lot of people find it too expensive, especially considering there are tons of other courses that are much cheaper than this. 

#2 Only focuses on Brian’s methods

Keep in mind that SEO is a vast subject.

There are tons of various strategies and methods that you can use to be successful.

Unfortunately, in SEO That Works, Brian will only teach you his methods. He won’t teach you other useful strategies or tips.

#3 Creating power pages is hard

Creating power pages is not as easy as it sound.

It's hard to establish, the dynamics are a bit complicated, and this part of the course isn't properly discussed which leaves a lot of vagueness.

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My opinion - SEO That Works

SEO is not easy. It will require a lot of years before you can rank higher in search engines and earn the traffic that you deserve. 

To accelerate the process, Brian Dean created a training program based on years of refinement and research. 

You can easily improve your search rankings and grow your business if you are willing to invest money and time to learn the best practices through Brian’s course. 

So, here's what I think about its business opportunity...

Wanting to earn extra income is doable online but it does not come so easily and it is not something that you can have without putting extra effort into it.

There are many credible online career opportunities that you can still explore and Detailed SEO Blueprint is clearly not one of them.

Always remember that scams are often disguised as opportunities. One has to stay vigilant especially if money is involved.

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