April 20, 2021

SEO Blueprint Review: Is Glen Allsopp’s Course Worth it in 2021?

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SEO is the cream of the crop when it comes to online marketing. It towers above every other online marketing tactic with its overall reach and potential.

That's why when you come across an SEO course like Glen Allsopp's SEO Blueprint, you're bound to get hooked.

But is SEO Blueprint the real deal and is a legit way to make money online, or just another scam that's waiting for its next victim's money?

Its full content, inclusions, content, pros, cons, and many more surprising facts are all discussed here in deep detail.

This SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp Review

The overview and rankings

Name: SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp

Founder: Glen Allsopp

Type: SEO course

Price: $597 (basic); $4,597 (premium)

Best for: People who has basic to intermediate SEO knowledge

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Logo

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp Pros

  • High-quality SEO courses
  • Great for business wwners
  • Unique SEO methods
  • Interactive community

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp Cons

  • Not for beginners
  • The premium version is too pricey


Glen Allsopp's SEO Blueprint is a course that focuses mainly on search engine optimization. and teaches innovative ways to create and optimize content and links.

Make Time Online Rating: 90 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes

What is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp about?

Glen Allsopp's SEO Blueprint is a course that focuses mainly on search engine optimization.

Specifically, it teaches innovative ways to create and optimize content and links...

Looking at the course, I can already tell that it isn't for beginners. Instead, it's catered more towards people who already have a background in SEO.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Intro

That's why if you want to access the course, you need to get familiar with SEO basics. Do the research and refine your SEO fundamentals first before you come back to this course.

Allsopp isn't claiming anything about discovering a new way to optimize and rank on Google's results page. He has spent countless hours working for some of the bigger and more notable SEO gurus.

He was creative in his field, which earned him a good reputation among people in the online marketing world. 

According to Glen, SEO Blueprint teaches different SEO strategies that "hasn't been mentioned or used anywhere else."

So, if you've gone through all SEO techniques and you want to learn something new, this course is for you.

Check out this 5-minute video about the course...

And who is the guy behind all this?...

Who is Glen Allsop?

Glen Allsopp is a well-known SEO specialist. He started his online career back when he was just 16 years old.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Creators

By 19, he was already managing social media accounts for top brands like Hewlett Packard and Land Rover.

When he was 20, he managed to sell his personal development blog for an undisclosed five figures.

A year later, Glen managed to build a lead generation plugin on WordPress. This project was a massive success in his profile.

He had already earned up to six figures before selling the plugin. He then went to establish his digital marketing agency.

Nowadays, Glen Allsopp is known for his blog site, Detailed.com...

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How does SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp Work?

SEO Blueprint is a comprehensive SEO course. It contains everything you need to know about SEO, as well as how to take maximum advantage of it. 

Once you've purchased the course, you will gain access to all the modules - referred to as "blueprints."

There are six blueprints, containing a total of 154 lessons...

Throughout the course, you will watch videos of seven instructors. These people will take you through each specific lesson and topic.

You will also gain access to thousands of community discussions on the official forum...

Inside SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp

SEO Blueprint has over 25 hours worth of training videos. You will get access to six blueprints, 15 4 lessons, seven instructors, and a community forum.

Looking at it in hindsight, Glen Allsopp's course is pretty well-rounded. However, keep in mind that it's primarily geared towards professional-level SEO. It's built specifically for business owners who want to improve their online marketing campaigns.

However, the lessons are pretty straightforward that even someone who has basic SEO knowledge will be able to follow suit.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Inside

Each lesson focuses on a specific part of SEO. Here's a quick overview of each lesson:

On-site Blueprint

This module teaches on-page optimization. You will get fresh SEO tools and insights such as the following:

  • Glen Allsopp's custom website crawler.
  • Four methods of finding pages on your site that could potentially hurt your rankings.
  • Ghost page SEO techniques.

You'll get more features once you've gained access to SEO Blueprint.

Link Building Blueprint

Building links isn't as easy as it sounds. In fact, it's one of the hardest - requiring both skill, strategy, and absolute patience.

That's why Glen had to include it in the SEO Blueprint course. In this module, you will learn how to get high-quality backlinks.

It will cover various link-building lessons such as the following:

  • Targeting people who link to sites on Facebook.
  • Using Zapier to find credible people who will also find your website relevant to theirs.
  • A useful tool and strategy for influencer outreach.

Keyword Blueprint

Keywords play a vital role in getting ranked in the right niche. Allsopp demonstrates that importance by covering the basics of competitions and search volume. 

He also adds some extra lessons to make it more comprehensive:

  • How to find successful key phrases that aren't showing up on keyword tools.
  • The key phrase that earned him an extra $50,000.

And more.

Content Blueprint

"Content is King." You might have heard this phrase a dozen times by now, but it's an absolute fact. The rules are simple: if you want to rank high on Google, you need great-quality content. Glen Allsopp covers different types of content that will get the most attention. 

Local SEO Blueprint

Glen introduces you to two local SEO experts who will be the instructors for this blueprint. They will help you improve your local SEO by introducing you to innovative strategies.

Local SEO is growing in relevance, which is why you need to shift your attention here. It's essential for brick-and-mortar businesses that operate in a specific area.

Experts Blueprint

Experts Blueprint the final module in the course. In this blueprint, you will be introduced to different experts. They will share their best tactics for link building, customer acquisition, site speed, and more.

I love this blueprint, as it lets students learn from actual successful people and real-world scenarios.

Extra Blueprint: Audits

I didn't mention this previously, but there will be a surprise extra blueprint entitled "Audit." In this blueprint, you and other students will get the chance to audit ten different websites. 

This activity will be done under Glen's guidance and supervision. He will help you go over these sites, find the problems, as well as resolve them. It will be a fun and intuitive experience since you will learn and share ideas with other people.

Community Support

Another perk when joining SEO Blueprint is getting access to a large community. You will get thousands of comments about each lesson with both questions and answers. You will also get private discussions on SEO Blueprint's official Facebook group.

Here are the many other similar courses out there such as:

Check out this other 23-minute video about the course...

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp cost to join

To get access to SEO Blueprint, you'll need to choose between two pricing options:

  • $597 (one-time payment)
  • Full Training + Community Support
  • Lifetime access
  • 100% private videos (HD)
  • Private community support
  • All future course updates
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

$4,597 (Includes singing an NDA)

  • Full-Training + One-on-one Support
  • Get the entire course, perks, and updates for life.
  • 90 days of unlimited one-one consulting from Glen and the Detailed.com team.

As you can see, SEO Blueprint is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But is it worth the cost? Absolutely - according to most reviews and feedback that I've found online.

Personally, I think the $4,597 plan is unnecessary. The additional $4,000 for just 90 days of on-on-on consultation from Glen and company is not worth the price. That's my opinion, at the very least.

But don't get me wrong. Getting quality guidance and advice from one of the best SEO specialists should be at that price tag. I just don't think that it would be worth the investment since you can use that money for your SEO campaign instead. It's similar to other courses like Digital Worth Academy in this regard. . It's similar to other courses like Digital Worth Academy in this regard. .

If you already have an SEO background, you will already do well with the $597 plan. It's perfect if you want to do everything yourself. If you have questions that are not answered within the course, you can always ask on the community forum.

However, if you want one-on-one consultation, choose the second pan. It will provide you with the entire course, plus Glen and company's full attention. So if you feel that you need that level of support, by all means, go for it.

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp monthly cost

Right now, SEO Blueprint doesn't have a monthly cost.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Costs

That means you will need to pay the one-time fee to get access to the entire course...

But there is also a good chance that you'll spend money on these things...

  • Keyword research tool: $15 to $99 a month 
  • Hosting and domain: Around $10 a month

This is for you to fully utilize the things you learned and put them into good use...

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp reviews online

Glen Allsopp's SEO Blueprint is a course that focuses mainly on search engine optimization. and teaches innovative ways to create and optimize content and links.

But is it any good?

Here is what people who have tried it have to say...

Common positive SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp reviews

Glen Allsopp has built a good profile as a skilled and reliable SEO specialist. His reputation carried over towards SEO Blueprint, as many of his students praised him and his course.

Here are some of the common positive SEO Blueprint reviews that I've come across online:

"Many hours into Glen's course and I've been glued to every video! I've smashed my fair share of courses over the years and have had great success in SEO & ranking websites so jumped into this course pretty confident that I had things covered , but wow was I surprised. The depth you've gone into the onsite-stuff (which i'm still getting through)... I've never seen any other course go into that much detail. VER WELL DONE and thank you for delivering this priceless information." 

"New to SEO, really trying to just inhale your entire course. Purchased 3 SEO courses, can honestly say this is the best (and ironically the least expensive)."

"Absolutely amazing course. Was blown away with what you get for the investment. 100% recommended!"

"10/10 recommend grabbing a spot on the SEO Blueprint when it opens next, if for nothing else than getting access to the Facebook group. Glen is treating it like a premium membership group with new, exclusive stuff each month and first access to this public content."

Common negative SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp reviews

Surprisingly, I've yet to find any negative reviews about Glen Allsopp's SEO Blueprint course.

I will update this section if I do find anything in the coming months.

So far, SEO Blueprint has a clean slate...

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a scam?

SEO Blueprint is not a scam.

It's a 100% legit course that provides unique SEO methods that you won't find anywhere else...

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SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp pros

#1 High-quality SEO courses

SEO Blueprint is a well-rounded course that covers a vast amount of topics. It consists of everything you need to know about SEO and all its related topics.

#2 Great for business owners

If you're looking to maximize your online presence through SEO, this course is the right one for you. It's great for business owners who are looking to take their online profiles to the next level.

#3 Unique SEO methods

Glen Allsopp will teach you all the methods he used to become one of the best SEO marketers.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Pros

His combination of unique techniques and skills will definitely blow you away...

#4 Interactive community

Join an interactive community of like-minded people.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Pros 2

You will get access to the official forum, plus a private Facebook group filled with people sharing ideas and helping each other...

SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp cons

#1 Not for beginners

SEO Blueprint is a great course. Unfortunately, it's not for everybody.

If you're completely new and have no idea about SEO in general, you will need to do some research first before you get this course. It will require at least basic SEO knowledge...

#2 Premium version is too pricey

Yes, the course is priced just right for the amount of value that it provides to the students.

Is SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp a Scam: Cons

However, I find that the $4,597 premium version is just too much for anyone even to consider.

I'd highly recommend you go for the $597 basic version instead...

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My opinion - SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp

SEO blueprint is a fantastic course for online business owners who want to maximize their online marketing opportunities.

So, here is what I can say about it...

There is a lot of competition in the online space, which makes it hard to rank for your target niche.

Fortunately, SEO Blueprint will show you some of the most effective unused strategies so you can gain an edge.

Again, it's not for newbies.

So if you are one, consider finding a beginner-friendlier SEO course...

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