October 12, 2021

Lead Generation Machine Review: Discussing this Udemy Course in Deep Detail

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Udemy courses offer the opportunity of earning cash. You can be a part of the team and earn something for a living. If not, you can use it as extra income. 

There are a lot of courses offered in Udemy.

One of these is the Lead Generation Machine.

Is it a scam? No, it’s not. And I can tell you why.

In this review, I will dive deep into its creator, background, content, pros, cons, and many more details so you will know if it is right for you or if it is a legit way to make money online.

This Lead Generation Machine review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Lead Generation Machine review: The overview and rankings

Name: Lead Generation Machine

Owners: Patrick Dang

Type: Lead generation course

Price: $89.99

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn how to make money online through lead generation.

Lead Generation Machine Pros

  1. Educational
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Effective email strategy

Lead Generation Machine Cons

  1. Generic
  2. Bland
  3. Inefficient


Supercharged Prospecting is a lead generation course that teaches you how to make money online through effective lead generation and digital marketing.

Make Time Online Rating: 45 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Lead Generation Machine about?

The Lead Generation Machine is a Udemy course that schedules an appointment for business opportunities.

They are sent through emails to different business sectors. No matter how small or big a business is, the Lead Generation Machine ensures you a slot for meetings. 

It’s an online platform for entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services.

This includes business-to-business transactions, business startups, and consultancy. You can do almost anything with the Lead Generation Machine.

Check out this 8-minute video to know more about Supercharged Prospecting…

So, who created this Consulting Accelerator in the first place?

Who is Patrick Dang?

Now, who’s Patrick Dang?

Patrick Dang is the guy behind the Lead Generation Machine.

He is a sales coach and creator of SalesLegacy.com, an online sales masterclass. 

Patrick found his first job in Silicon Valley at Oracle. After a year, he became a prominent figure in North America as a top performer. Since then, he made a name worldwide as a sales trainer…

He is an expert in the field of startups and enterprises.

Soon thereafter, he devoted himself to teaching modern sales students about his techniques in availing success. As such, he accumulated more than 100,000 students across 150 countries.

He specializes in business development, sales, and lead generation. With cold calling, Linkedin, and sales skills, he can teach you the trick to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Patrick encourages people to pursue their dreams.

And with the right tools and materials, success is within your reach.

So, how does the course work?…

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How does Lead Generation Machine Work?

The Lead Generation Machine gives you the tested ways of making cold emails.

It is an avenue to avail meetings and expands your business scope. The lead generation process is a crucial part of modern-day business.  

With the Lead Generation Machine, you will learn how to target monthly leads that work. Setting up a meeting with potential clients is gonna be a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business development professional, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, or consultant, every opportunity will be laid on the table. 

Remote marketing is just a fraction of what you will learn from the Lead Generation Machine. Work away from home at your convenience. Besides, you won’t even bother to think about writing emails. The system will teach you how to generate emails that get a favorable response. 

You can avail the best tools when it comes to email scripts and templates. These are just the tip of the iceberg about how much the Lead Generation Machine can offer. Let’s find out more about how it works. 

Inside Lead Generation Machine

You see, having the best products and services is not enough in business. Your top priority is to make contact with potential clients. There’s no point in having the best if nobody hears about what you can offer.

Cold calling is one of the conventional means of finding potential clients. However, this comes with inconsistencies and worse, it can be very irritating to some. 

Cold Email

So, how do you advertise without making a fuss over somebody’s phone? It’s simple. We do it with emails. 

Cold emailing is an effective means of presenting your products and services to potential clients. Since email has been the new norm of conducting official business, it’s a part of our daily routine. Thus, availing you the opportunity to give yourself a try. 

Others fail when it comes to cold emailing because they lack substantial content. They simply make poorly written emails and send them randomly with zero response. 

This is where the Lead Generation Machine comes into play. They will give you a proven way of making emails that get a response. Setting up a meeting with anyone is possible. Even when you’re out of town or at your home.  

Getting clients

The Lead Generation Machine aims to identify new leads to expand your influence. Creating a clientele is your top priority. With both current and new leads, your business scope doubles its marketing opportunity. 

Using the system’s proven cold emailing ways, you can set up a meeting with anyone. Whether it’s a small, medium, or big fish in the business world, you can have all the opportunities in the world.

If you know where to look for new clients, earning more is not a problem. Adding a client to your lead gen machine makes your work easier. Getting clients is easy with the Lead Generation Machine.

Working remotely

Ever dreamt about going to other places? Well, that dream is possible with the Lead Generation Machine. Using your profit, you can go wherever you want. But, if you still want to earn cash while out of town, you can do it. 

The Lead Generation Machine is not only limited to your comfort zone. Business opportunities lie even overseas. That means you can do business while taking a break from your typical routine. 

Generating email address

Looking for the email address of your potential clients is also an issue. Let’s say you already have a list of potential clients. Reaching them out is another problem. You need to have something to get a working email address. 

The Lead Generation Machine is created to help you look for an email address that works. You will learn how to look for anyone’s email address. This makes it an effective tool in sending cold emails. 

Know the right approach

When working with lead generation, you need to know the right approach to reaching out. Identify your client’s pain points so that you can address what they need. As a businessman, always look forward to your client’s problems. 

Once you know what needs to be done, everything follows through. Make every effort to give your best services. This way, people will feel their value and will patronize your products and services. 

Be a professional

Making cold emails is not just about making random things and sending them to anyone. It’s about the art of making a strong email that can persuade your readers. The Lead Generation Machine will teach you how to write like a professional. 

Copywriters play an important role in marketing. Although conventional means of advertising still exist, it’s a fact that emails are part of our lives. Because social media and the internet are accessible to anybody, use this to your advantage. 

Write powerful emails that can make an impact on your readers. You don’t have to worry if you lack the skill. Email scripts and templates are going to be provided for you. Just stick to what’s written and you’ll be fine.


Following up on your potential clients is a headache. Many people play hardball before finally making a yes. It’s true in most businesses. The question is, what are you going to do to solve that? 

The Lead Generation Machine gives you an insight into how to deal with skeptical clients. It may seem difficult, but it works. With the right timing and approach, you can close a deal in no time. 


One of the main reasons why people don’t respond when it comes to business is an investment. Not everyone is blessed with a silver platter in their mouth. And money is always an issue whenever we use it. 

But this is exactly why the Lead Generation Machine was made. It gives someone with a little budget an opportunity to earn. Besides, they give a lot of discounts to compensate for the lack of cash for some individuals.

Check out this 11-minute video to give you a better understanding of Supercharged Prospecting…

And what are the prices?…

How do you join Lead Generation Machine?

So, how do you become a part of the pack?

It’s just simple…

Go to their website and click on the signup page. Pay for the registration fee and wait for the confirmation email.

Once you’re done, then you’re good to go…

How much does Lead Generation Machine cost to join?

The Lead Generation Machine has free overview videos on its website. But, this is not enough to become an expert when it comes to lead generation. You need to take the full course. 

Typically, you have to pay $89.99 to become a member.

But if you’re lucky enough, you can avail a discount of as low as 86%!

Yes, that’s gonna be $12.99 all-in…

Not only that, you can even have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel dissatisfied.

Lead Generation Machine monthly cost

There is no mention of any monthly dues once you join the Lead Generation Machine.

I guess it’s a one-time registration fee.

So, it’s still an advantage because you’ll only need to pay once.

But is that really the case?

Well, I doubt so…

You see, many people fail to realize there are ongoing costs to this business model such as…

  • Weebley hosting and domain: $25 a month per website (needed)
  • Call tracker such as Callrail: $45 to $145 per month
  • Callsling: $498 one time fee (needed, but it doesn’t work everywhere in the world)
  • Email autoresponder to track leads: $15+ a month
  • PO Box (to set up your business address): $19 to $75 for 6 months (needed)
  • SpyFu (competitor keyword research): $33 to $199 a month
  • AHrefs (keyword research): $99 a month
  • PPC ads: $200+ a month (not needed but can help for speed)
  • Outsourcing (you need this to build a website or do other tasks. Not needed, but is a great way to scale eventually.)

Lead Generation Machine reviews online

Supercharged Prospecting is an online course that teaches you lead generation and how you can make money from various areas online.

But what you really want to know is if this can really help you earn money online.

To answer this, I’ve checked a number of client testimonials and reviews about his course…

Common positive Lead Generation Machine reviews

  • Educational
  • Informative
  • Nice investment

Here are some of the best positive reviews I have found…

“I love the extra tips for working from home, the course will really help us especially cold calling is no longer effective as before, most of the business are replying to emails now a days. Thank you for the wonderful course.

“Great course – and just what I needed as the new company I joined recently relies mainly on cold calling for new business – and I hate cold calling!”

Patrick is a personable, knowledgeable teacher. He delivers. I would be happy to take another course with him.

Common negative Lead Generation Machine reviews

  • Bit outdated
  • Lacks content
  • Many better choices

And here are the negative reviews worth checking out…

“The course content is good but it is very frustrating as it takes so long to stream the content. A 2 minute lesson can take 10 minutes and you lose the conituity of the lesson content waiting to catch up.

“Your audio does not sync up with your videos as they play. Tested on multiple devices.

The ClearBit information was outdated and it’s not a free option for people to use.”

Is Lead Generation Machine a scam?

No, it’s not. And that’s backed up with many positive reviews from people who benefited from it.

There are a lot of people who became successful by following the Supercharged Prospecting system.

Besides, there are positive reviews to back it up. 

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Lead Generation Machine pros


The Lead Generation Machine gives an example based on a real-life scenario. This enables its students to feel and deal with what it’s like in the outside world.

One of the reasons why people love the Lead Generation Machine is because it’s informative. You get access to information about generating leads. It’s a helpful tool for an aspiring entrepreneur.

With its 30-day money-back guarantee, Supercharged Prospecting is the best among the rest.


The course follows a step-by-step process.

Each phase is easy to learn. You won’t have to worry about completing the module.

Unlike any other lead generation course, the Lead Generation Machine is straight to the point. What you pay is what you get. The discussions are short and precise.

Proven and tested

Cold emailing is an important tool in lead generation.

With this course, the methods on how to send an effective email are proven and tested.

The good thing about the Lead Generation course module is the access to other materials.

These are important tools in becoming an expert entrepreneur. From the way you make your emails down to calling your clients, they have the best resources.

Lead Generation Machine cons


One complaint about the Lead Generation Machine course is its generic templates.

It’s very basic and almost identical to others.

The Lead Generation Machine provides you with the client information you need using Google Plus. To some, this is an outdated means of fishing for clients.


The Lead Generation Machine seems to be bland for some users.

It lacks the groundbreaking factor of increasing your sales.

Others view the Lead Generation Machine as a very common tool. It provides only the most basic aspects of a lead generation course.


The tools used in the Lead Generation Machine lack many things.

It presents only an overview of how to become an entrepreneur.

The lack of sales tool introduction seems to be a problem to some.

It needs to give an overview of their services and give a clear background.

My opinion – Lead Generation Machine

Despite all the negative things about the Lead Generation Machine, it’s still one of the best lead generation courses.

You must put in mind that every business comes with a risk.

What’s important is whether you’re willing to take that risk or just bash out what you want. 

You can always say something negative but it doesn’t make it bad as a whole. With the Lead Generation Machine, your future as an entrepreneur is secured.

But again, there are many other better online business opportunities out there that you can try now…

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