December 15, 2021

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels Review: Advanced Review on this Udemy Course’s Profitability

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Creating leads that capture people’s attention is important in running a digital marketing business. It enables an entrepreneur to connect with many people. By doing so, your digital marketing business can go to unimaginable heights. 

The internet offers tons of courses to further enhance your digital marketing experience. Udemy holds the best online courses in running a digital marketing experience.

One of these is the Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels.

Let us find out how this Udemy course can turn the tides and make you the best entrepreneur you could ever be.

This review will help you decide if it’s worth trying by discussing its content, pros, cons, so you’ll know if it is a legit way to make money online.

This Sales Funnels Masterclass review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels review: The overview and rankings

Name: Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels

Owners: Sarah Kirkpatrick

Type: Lead generation course

Price: $24.99

Best for: Anyone who wants to learn lead generation through LinkedIn ads to make good money.

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels Pros

  1. Convenient
  2. Fast client acquisition
  3. Easy funneling

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels Cons

  1. Basic
  2. Limited topics
  3. Niche marketing


Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels is a lead generation course that teaches you how to make money online through effective local lead generation.

Make Time Online Rating: 45 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels about?

Are you running a digital marketing business but don’t know what to do?

Try Udemy’s Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels…

This course offers the best tips and tricks in running your digital marketing business. 

One of the major problems in digital marketing is getting in touch with clients…

And yes, it’s part of the complex crucial steps in making your digital marketing experience better. Without clients, you can’t close a deal and earn profit.

A lead funnel is the process through which a potential customer becomes aware of your product, expresses interest, and then moves through your funnel to become a paying customer. 

There’s a lot of talk about funnels and pipelines in sales. Still, it’s essential to understand that your lead generation funnel, sales lead funnel, and sales pipeline are distinct processes that require unique approaches depending on your sales style, company size, and types of products.

As a rule, all sales funnels are about moving a consumer closer to a purchase. However, not all customers are created equal or in the same place in the funnel, which is the key difference between lead and sales funnels. 

Lead generation funnels deal solely with prospective customers who have never purchased from your company and who you hope will move into the sales lead funnel.

While it does overlap with the lead generation funnel in some aspects, your sales lead funnel is a repeatable process that can apply to new and repeat customers, from product awareness to product purchase. 

Ideally, all prospects in the sales lead funnel are either current customers or qualified leads from the lead generation funnel. Separating the two funnels is all about using the right tactics on the right prospects at the right stage of their buying process.

So, who created this Local Lead Generation 101 in the first place?

Who is Sarah Kirkpatrick?

Getting into the digital marketing business needs the right inclination to top your sales.

With the right knowledge, your future is ensured.

So, whose idea is the Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels?

The person behind this game-changing course is Sarah Kirkpatrick. She’s a well-known Digital Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO. She teaches 11 courses in Udemy attended by 704 students with 15 reviews. With her expertise, she got a 4.5 out of 5 instructor rating in Udemy. 

With her background as an instructor, Sarah’s a verified marketing coach that helped many people. Testimonies of improved financial status were reported with Sarah’s help. She’s dedicated herself to helping those in need to find success in life. 

Sarah’s the owner of Jumping Elephant and Unshelve Design. Her expertise helped in creating substantial content for potential clients. By doing so, decluttering and funneling clients becomes easier. 

Sarah’s goal is focused on three things: 

  1. Guiding your digital marketing journey the right way. 
  2. The best way to promote your business. 
  3. Managing social media platforms for better profit. 

If you fall on these three things, then this course is for you. Don’t be afraid, you’re not alone. There are thousands out there who started a digital marketing business but don’t know what to do. 

Before earning her title as one of the famous Udemy instructors, Sarah worked her way across Canada. She helped numerous clients in different advertising agencies increase their profit. 

And yes, without a doubt, her ways were way beyond imagination. It proved to be effective and lives were changed. Her work across Vancouver to Toronto polished her entrepreneurial skills. But, things changed. 

Despite the profit she earns she changed course and helped small businesses. Since then, she found love in social media platforms and used her skills to earn profit. And without a doubt, she’s earning cash unlike ever before.  

She had a chance to compete with other big names in the industry. To her surprise, she did well and was earning promising figures.

Thus, she dedicated herself to sharing her experience and techniques by making an online course. This led to the making of 11 courses in Udemy…

Sarah started working as a digital marketing strategist with entrepreneurs. Her experience enabled entrepreneurs to effectively close deals with various clients. She worked as a blogger and content writer to effectively encourage clients in availing their products and services. 

So, how does the course work?…

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How does Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels Work?

Funnels work?

Imagine running a digital marketing business without any knowledge about it.

Wouldn’t it be wise to seek counsel and ask for techniques about running this business? Some people just barge in because of the profit they hear from others.

However, they forgot the fundamental rule in running a business – the right knowledge. So, it’s important to seek help and train yourself about running a business. This is where the Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels come into place. 

Lead funnels primarily organize your entire lead process (from marketing to sales) to convert leads more easily and efficiently. That doesn’t mean every prospect gets the same treatment—personalization in marketing and active listening in sales are still essential to customer conversion—but it does mean that all prospects will go through similar steps during their buyer journey.

Not all prospects will make it through the entire funnel on the first try, and that’s okay. 

The most important aspect of the funnel is that it aligns the efforts of everyone on the sales and marketing teams so that every customer is presented with a unified vision of a brand and sales style.

This course teaches you about the effective means of running a digital marketing business. Understanding how it works gives you a lift in leading your digital marketing business smoothly. With this course, your path to success is secured. 

The key in digital marketing is effective funneling. Creating leads that funnel clients effectively ensures closing a deal. As such, increasing sales profit is possible. 

But, creating leads is not that simple. You have to know the right techniques in creating leads that work. They must capture a client’s attention at the first glance. If this condition is met, you’re a step ahead of your competitors. 

Lead captures are made in such a way that it automatically converts every click to jump into your site. There’s more. This course also teaches you how to get emails from potential clients and schedule an appointment. 

Creating pop-ups is an effective means of catching people’s attention. This enables a higher chance of clicking the link that gets people on your page. You’ll get access to information that is essential for your company’s growth.

Inside Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels

The digital marketing business is one of the top-earning businesses in the market.

Now that we’ve learned a little bit of background about this course, it’s time to see what’s inside. Is this course worth the try? Let’s find out if this is all true or just false assurance. 

In general, seeing pop-ups on your page is troublesome. It destroys focus and blocks your attention. But, if you know the right means, you can turn these pop-ups to your advantage…

Pop-ups are examples of lead capture forms that are essential in funneling clients. Most of these are well-organized on your website to create a seamless appearance. But once somebody clicks them, they will be redirected to wherever you want them to be.

These forms should be pleasing to the eye, encouraging people to be interested in them. It acts like a lead magnet that directs people’s attention to certain things. In general, it’s something that people would normally want. 

Talking about lead magnets, this course gives you an insight into how it works. But, if you want a more detailed discussion, try out Sarah’s other course about lead magnets. You can check them out in her other Udemy course. 

That lead magnet must successfully penetrate a potential client’s inbox without a glitch. It has to make a direct connection to a person without any form of intrusion. Getting into a client’s inbox is easy. But not making them angry is the problem. 

This course allows you to infiltrate and get your clients the interest that they need without offense. In other words, you’ll be creating something that answers a client’s needs. At the same time, you can offer your products and services for profit. 

Your problems with digital marketing are solved using this course. Everything that you need is discussed and covered. This course covers a detailed run of lead generation and funneling using lead captures.

Let us move forward and learn more about…

How do you join Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels?

Enrolling in this course offers a promising profit that sounds too good to be true. And unless you find interest and join, you won’t know how much profit you can make.

So, how are you going to be a part of the team? 

It’s simple. There’s no need for any background knowledge about digital marketing if you decide to enroll in this course. All you need is a working laptop or desktop and a stable internet connection. 

Just go to Udemy’s website and search for Building and Setting Up Lead Captures Sales Funnels course. Click its link and hit the “Add to cart” button. Follow the instructions and pay the registration fee. 

Wait for the confirmation email. Once confirmed, you’re good to go. Now you’ll enjoy the benefits of earning cash using this course’s knowledge and services.

How much does Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels cost to join?

You’ve heard that this course has a lot to offer.

From getting clients down to closing deals, the Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels course is the answer to your problem. But, how much does it cost to be a part of its class?

Maybe you’re thinking about a hefty price because of its promising deals. Well, hold down your horses as we talk about their actual price, discount offers, and services.

This course normally costs $24.99. 

But, if you’re lucky enough to get a discount, it can go for as low as $13.99…

That’s 44% off from its original price! And hey, we’re talking about an inclusive package of a 1 and a half on-demand video, 3 downloadable resources, a certificate of completion, and lifetime access to mobile and TV! 

And if you’re not convinced about its lessons and services, they can give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Who else would give you such an offer?

This is a one-sided deal with the advantage at your side…

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels monthly cost

So, does this course demand monthly dues for access?

No, it doesn’t.

There’s no mention of any monthly payment to gain access to this course.

All you have to do is pay for its one-time registration fee then the rest is for you to make.

However, many people fail to realize there are ongoing costs to this business model such as…

• Weebley hosting and domain: $25 a month per website

• Call tracker i.e. Callrail: $45 to $145 per month or Callsling and $498 one time fee (needed- but you get one included – note it doesn’t work everywhere in the world)

• Email autoresponder to track leads: $15+ a month

• PO Box (to set up your business address): $19 to $75 for 6 months (needed)

• SpyFu (competitor keyword research): $33 to $199 a month / AHrefs (keyword research) – $99 a month

• PPC ads: $200+ a month (not needed but can help for speed)

• Outsourcing (some people pay others to build a website or do some of the tasks- not needed, but a great way to scale eventually)

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels reviews online

This course is about making your digital marketing experience successful. With the right knowledge and application, success is just within your arm’s length.

There are many positive reviews about this course. Most of them are from people who found financial success. 

But, despite the good things this course could offer, some find it bad. Just remember that every business comes with a risk. Without taking a risk, you’ll never get through the process of finding success.

Common positive Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels reviews

  • Easy to use
  • Enables easy funneling
  • Effortless lead generation

Common negative Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels reviews

  • Basic
  • Highly dependent
  • Limited chance of getting clients

Is Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels a scam?

Is this course a scam?

No, it’s not.

And that’s backed up with many positive reviews. Applying the principles about what this course could offer turns success in your favor. 

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Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels pros


This course is convenient for those starting in the digital marketing business.

It teaches you how to earn in digital marketing without much effort…

Fast client acquisition

This course allows you to get clients without complications.

By simply knowing how lead capture works, client acquisition becomes easy…

Easy funneling

Funneling clients become easy using this course.

You don’t need much effort to funnel clients just to make a perfect clientele…

Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels cons


This course lacks other needed information to better appreciate its services.

Only basic things are discussed…

Limited topics

It’s better if this course will discuss other areas of digital marketing.

With limited topics, you’ll need to enroll in another course to maximize your marketing experience…

Niche marketing

Although lead captures are for everybody…

The problem with client acquisition becomes a question.

Solely hoping for somebody to click on your leads narrows your clientele list...

My opinion – Building and Setting Up Lead Captures for Sales Funnels

Maximizing your potential as a digital entrepreneur is the best way to earn profit.

As such, getting the right information about digital marketing is needed to find success. In the right hands, everything is possible. 

Hence, this course is created for people looking their way to financial success. Is this a scam? Not. Being skeptical is normal. But, taking a risk is part of a business which is your first step towards success.

There are also many other better online business opportunities out there that you can try now…

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