March 12, 2021

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam? Legit Incentive-Based Sales Program or Money-Grabbing Scheme?

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If someone offers you insane amounts of incentives in exchange for something, your initial thoughts would be skepticism. If not, then you might've been scammed a lot more than you can remember.

That's why when I came across Zip Nada Zilch (ZNZ) for the first time, I was like, "no way."

I bet you have, too, since you're here to know what it's all about...

Basically, ZNZ promises to pay luxurious rewards like cash, iPhones, and the latest gadgets in exchange for referrals. That's why we need to check it out to inform people if it's yay or nay.

Kudos to you for taking your time to do some sleuthing before buying into this program. So, is Zip Nada Zilch a legit way to make money online, or is it too good to be true?

Let's find out!

This Zip Nada Zilch review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Zip Nada Zilch Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Zip Nada Zilch

Founder: Jeffrey Kocurek

Type: Incentive-based affiliate program

Price: Free

Best for: Anyone who wants to make money online through affiliate marketing

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Logo

Zip Nada Zilch Pros

  • Free to join
  • You will get paid

Zip Nada Zilch Cons

  • Requires too much time and effort
  • Asks for your credit card
  • Worthless products


Zip Nada Zilch, or ZNZ, is an incentive-based affiliate program created by Jeffrey Kocurek that pays you to complete sales and make referrals in exchange for incentive rewards.

Make Time Online Rating: 60 out of 100 

Recommended: Yes

What is Zip Nada Zilch about?

Zip Nada Zilch, or ZNZ, is an incentive-based affiliate program created by Jeffrey Kocurek.

The site launched back in 2008 and has grown in numbers ever since...

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Intro

Currently located in Wichita Falls, Texas, ZNZ claims to have paid over $9 million worth of commissions to its members. However, many have alleged it to have a poorly-structured program that doesn’t pay its members enough.

ZNZ's money-making concept is pretty straightforward. The program pays you to complete sales and make referrals in exchange for incentive rewards.

Also, you can check this 40-second video that shows you what it is really all about...

And who is the guy behind this?...

Who is Jeffrey Kocurek?

Surprisingly, there isn't much information online about Jeffrey Kocurek.

I didn’t even find any of his credentials or what he does other than manage ZNZ...

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Creators

The only significant information I can find about him is that he is the founder of Zip Nada Zilch.

I also found out that he currently lives at 1412 Fillmore Street, Wichita Falls, Texas...

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How does Zip Nada Zilch Work?

How is Zip Nada Zilch earning when they don't even have any products to sell? I had to research their business model, and this is what I found:

Zip Nada Zilch gets paid whenever they complete an ad offer that's tracked on their website.

You, the member, will then complete these ad offers, as well as the people you refer them to.

ZNZ  doesn’t keep the full payment of the advertisers. Instead, a percentage of the payment will be allocated towards the funding for “free gifts.”

So, how does ZNZ get people to sign up? Since it's an incentive-based program, the company offers cash prizes and rewards for people who sign up to their affiliate network...

They even display the rewards and products that members can redeem after joining and meeting certain referral requirements. These features can really get any person’s attention.

Inside Zip Nada Zilch

ZNZ lets you earn money and gadgets by offering leads to different companies. These companies include the likes of GoDaddy, DirectTV, and even Disney, to name a few.

A "lead" indicates any person who provides their contact details (email address, phone number) to a company—the company that will then use this information to sell their products.

When you sign up for Zip Nada Zilch and encourage others to do the same, you generate leads for the company.

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Inside

ZNZ acts as the middleman to the entire process. The program is only an affiliate to these companies if they provide more leads to these networks.

Zip Nada Zilch Compensation Plan

Now for the tricky bit. When customers refer other people to one of their affiliate sites, they will earn bank credits. The value of these credits per referral are shown below for each of their affiliate sites:

  • Budget - $0.01
  • Double - $0.01
  • One - $0.01
  • Quick - $0.01
  • Single - $0.01
  • BigCash - $0.02
  • BluRay - $0.02
  • Easy - $0.02
  • Games - $0.02
  • Gifts - $0.02
  • iPhone - $0.02
  • iPods - $0.02
  • PayPal - $0.02
  • PlayStation - $0.02
  • Simple - $0.02
  • Two - $0.02
  • Wii - $0.02
  • Cash - $0.02
  • DoubleCash - $0.04
  • Xbox 360 - $0.04
  • AllinOne - $0.06

Credit Requirements & Payout

Bank Credits are the main features that members need to keep track of for the referral requirements. Here's a list of the affiliate sites with their corresponding credit requirements and payout:


  • Credit Requirements: 3.00 Credits
  • Payout: $130/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credits
  • Payout: $60/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credits
  • Payout: $30/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 0.50 Credits
  • Payout: $20/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 2.00 Credits
  • Payout: $20/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 2.00 Credits
  • Payout: $80/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $30/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.50 Credits
  • Payout: $60/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $20/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 0.50 Credits
  • Payout: $20/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $30/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $10/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 2.00 Credits
  • Payout: $30/referral


  • Credit Requirements: 1.00 Credit
  • Payout: $40/referral

Xbox 360

  • Credit Requirements: 2.00 Credits
  • Payout: $80/referral

Once a member reaches the credit requirement for one of their affiliate sites, they will also get the equivalent payout.

For instance, getting PlayStation's payout will require you to meet $1.00 in credit. Based on the previous list, each referral is worth $0.02. Doing the math, you'll need to refer 50 people to earn the payout.

Apart from the referrals, people also earn by completing certain offers on each of their affiliate sites. Similar to the compensation plan, ZNZ members will also get bank credits which they can use to redeem different rewards.


Zip Nada Zilch also offers commissions. To avail, you will need to go through two of their sites, namely, One and Big Cash. 

Note that there's no sign-up available. You'll need to qualify for both of these sites first.


Similar to their other sites, you will need to meet credit requirements to get into ZNZ One. Once you qualify for a slot, you'll earn your very own referral link. 

Once someone clicks your referral link, Zip Nada Zilch will pay you $20 per referral. So make sure you promote this link as much as you can.

ZNZ Big Cash

To qualify for Big Cash, you'll need to become a ZNZ One member first. Again, you'll need to meet credit requirements by completing affiliate offers.

You will then earn a referral link that will get you paid for every member that signed up using your link. Keep in mind that the referral link bonus for Big Cash is higher than One.

Feel free to check out this other 5-minute video about Zip Nada Zilch...

And what about the costs?...

Zip Nada Zilch cost to join

Zip Nada Zilch is free to join.

All you need is to sign up for an account to get started...

Once you sign up, ZNZ will ask for your real name, address, phone number, and email address.

Zip Nada Zilch monthly cost

ZNZ doesn't have a monthly cost since it's free to join. 

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Costs 2

The catch is that they will also ask for your credit card information because of the offers they present. 

While most of the offers are free, the high-paying ones are paid trial offers. That means you will be charged the full amount once the trial is over...

Zip Nada Zilch reviews online

Zip Nada Zilch is a 13-year-old affiliate marketing program. It has accumulated a ton of reviews throughout the years.

And what do the people who subscribed to it have to say?...

Common positive Zip Nada Zilch reviews

The reviews that I found online are quite split 50/50. Some were very positive about ZNZ and what it offers. Here's what they had to say:

"I have only worked with Znz a short time, but I have gotten paid for every referral I have completed."

"Don't do this if you are short on cash or have a credit card. It is a great system, just give it a chance, has worked incredibly for me......who would be online without cash or credit."

"Unlike other paid survey and rewards sites, ZNZ made sure that their members got paid, and they posted proof of it on the official website."

Common negative Zip Nada Zilch reviews

On the other end of the spectrum are the people who think of ZNZ in a negative way. Here's what they had to say:

"I have advertised my link a million times and get people to sign up to my page, but I cannot get any referrals to start getting paid. Can someone help me out here?! I do not want to call Martin back with the same question because all he told me a long time ago was to go back and watch the video, I did. I watched all of them, and I'm soooo frustrated!!!!"

"This is an "Online Telemarketing Job" that tells you all exactly what the others have posted online. Those who had made money would not share their secrets..... but this is what it is... And as for the trials.... well, watch your bank account for unseen charges, and when you return any items, get some kind of "RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization or Confirmation number, and then send it back with a tracking number! Don't get caught with this mess when those businesses say that they did not receive the return shipment."

"Big scam. There is always an excuse for not getting your credit. Horrible!"

As you can see, opinions for Zip Nada Zilch are all over the place. There really isn't any definite conclusion about the legitimacy of this course. Hopefully, this review will solve that.

Is Zip Nada Zilch a scam?

Zip Nada Zilch is not a scam.

As we can recall, the company has paid over $9 million in incentives and commissions.

That alone proves that its business model works and that they’re also paying their members...

Their manner of incentivizing is quite questionable. But overall, ZNZ is a legitimate business that offers real results.

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Zip Nada Zilch pros

#1 Free to join

We can't ignore the one thing that makes people want to try ZNZ at this point.

It's a free-to-join affiliate marketing program that gives incentives in exchange for leads.

That's not as bad as it sounds...

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Pros

It's also best for anyone who has time to complete sales offers.

Zip Nada Zilch is for anyone who has all the time and energy to spend completing different offers.

If you're at home and have time on your hands, this program might be for you...

#2 You will get paid

The difference between Zip Nada Zilch and other paid rewards sites is that ZNZ makes sure that its members get paid.

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Pros 2

They even post proof of it on their official website. This assurance will remove any doubt of ZNZ being a scam...

Zip Nada Zilch cons

#1 Requires too much time and effort

Earning money in ZNZ is a grind.

You'll need to make an effort to earn referrals and convert them into cash or rewards.

You'll need to work extra hard to meet the credit requirements on sales offers before you get commissions.

This process can be too tedious and time-consuming for the average person...

#2 Asks for your credit card

While it's not a scam, ZNZ does have some hidden schemes that will try to get your money.

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Cons

One of these is the fact that the site asks for your credit card during sign-up.

Many offers are free. However, the ones that give a higher pay are paid trial offers (where you sign up or refer someone) for a free trial.

However, you will be charged the full amount once the trial is over.

#3 Worthless products

It's no wonder why ZNZ members have a hard time earning commissions and incentives. The products they are trying to sell are worthless.

Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam: Cons 2

Paid trials are an example of that.

Since the company doesn't have any physical products, they rely solely on free trials to cable subscriptions, video services, and other offers that prove convenient.

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My opinion - Zip Nada Zilch

While it has a lot of red flags, Zip Nada Zilch is still a legitimate site.

It's been around since 2008 and has paid over $9 million to its members.

So, here is what I can say about it...

With that said, I wouldn't recommend the program for the following reasons:

  • It requires your credit card information.
  • The products are not worth selling.
  • You have zero control over the products that you sell.
  • People get paid, yes, but they are not earning enough for their efforts.

Till then, it's up to your own decision...

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