February 10, 2022

Is WAH Program a Scam: Can Posting Links Earn You Money? Surprising Facts Revealed

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Working at home is a very popular endeavour among job seekers nowadays. We all strive to earn an extra income and manoeuvre our way in job portal websites that offer opportunities.

You might have then come across WAH Program.

But you asked yourself...

Is WAH Program a scam?

Frankly speaking, it is! It does nothing but just ask you to post links online. And there's no pay for it!

Well, we're going to dig deeper into that in this WAH Program affiliate marketing review, along with its background, profitability, pros, and cons, so you can make an informed decision if this is really a legit way to make money online or a downright fraud.

This WAH Program review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

WAH Program Review

The overview and rankings

Name: WAH Program

Founder: Unknown

Type: Link posting program

Price: $97 subscription

Best for: No one

Is WAH Program a Scam: Logo

WAH Program Pros

  • None

WAH Program Cons

  • Fake online presence
  • Fake testimonials
  • You pay for nothing!
  • All negative reviews


WAH, which stands for Work At Home claims to be a business opportunity where subscribers who pay for membership just have to post links to earn money.

But we know that doesn't happen...

Make Time Online Rating: 5 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is WAH Program about?

WAH Program is a company that helps online job seekers learn how to earn money through link posting.

It was registered in November 2014 and according to Better Business Bureau, it is not a business that’s BBB Accredited.

Before anything else, here's a 10-minute video that contains what you need to know as early as now about WAH Program...

The goal of the people behind this work at home company is to look for potential individuals who will sign up in their so-called educational system/program for a certain amount of registration fee.

Anyone who signs up is then informed that companies will pay them to post links for their products.

According to what is available on their website, they are looking for interested individuals who can start immediately with the job despite having no prior experience or skills.

So, who's the guy who started it all?...

Who is really the 'founder'?

Upon stumbling with their job offer, you’ll hear the story of the founder named Bobbie Robinson, a single mother getting through her paycheck to paycheck financial situation.

But if you look at the business profile of the WAH Program posted in BBB, you’ll see that the owner is named Lou Kallianes whose identity is also not disclosed on their website...

Now, the search for the founder of this company doesn’t stop there.

Apparently, the other people who were also identified as its founder are named Robin Moore, Angela Bussio and Melissa Johnson. It is actually difficult to pinpoint who really is the founder!

But that’s not just what you should find suspicious or alarming. In their websites (they actually have more than 2 websites which will be presented later), two photos of women were posted as Bobbie Robinson...

Is WAH Program a Scam: Creators

As you can see, they’re two different women with the same name and the same sob story.

With this, you can somehow tell that the WAH Program needs a thorough investigation before you involve yourself with it.

And just to add more force on this assertion, the photos above of the two women are actually stock photos.

So yes, they’ve been bought and used by those people operating behind the scenes of the WAH Program...

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How does WAH Program Work?

Their sales page uses some promo tactics that would surely tempt you to sign up. Also, take note that signing up comes with a $97 registration fee.

Once you’ve signed up and paid, you can just stay seated in front of your laptop and wait for the links you will be posting on some websites.

And voila, you’ll make easy money...

That is, of course, what they are trying to tell and sell you!

They even make you feel the urgency of grabbing the chance as there are only limited spots available for this job.

That is actually a very effective tactic used by some marketers to urge you to take immediate action...

Inside WAH Program

What has been discussed so far in this review is just part of the bigger picture’s surface.

To have a full view of this picture, let us get to know the different versions of their websites.

Version #1

In this text-page version, they claim that WAH Program is about building an affiliate marketing business where you’ll be given access to an online course.

This online course affords you over 100 HD videos that will help you learn the “important facets and techniques used in this business to make a profit”.

What you will be learning is composed of the following: basics of internet marketing, mind-set you must have when trying to build your own internet business and the easy ways of giving your links the exposure they need.

Version #2

The second version talks about a woman named Bobbie Robinson (but with a different face) who earns over $10,000 by just posting links.

Sounds impossible and shady right? Well, it turns out that the woman speaking in the video of this second version is a paid actress from a website called Fiverr.

Version #3

For this version of the WAH Program, it disguises itself as a sales page that offers you a job that can help you earn hundreds of bucks per day, quickly and easily.

This version is actually the most popular one. If you try searching for the WAH Program on Google, the result will tell you that it’s a work at home company that will make you post links and then pay you at least a hundred dollars a day.

Another matter to be considered are the following websites that are identical but with slight variations:

Is WAH Program a Scam: Insiders

So what’s with all of these versions

We can safely say that it must be their way of split testing the websites to find out which one performs better.

But as what has been discussed above, the three versions of the WAH Program are somehow very different when it comes to what they offer to job seekers.

Also, if you look at its history, an issue about them scamming people has risen in the year 2016.

It was only after the issue had died down that they started operating again as a business.

Here is a short 1-minute video feature from ABC News warning people about scam "work-at-home" jobs...

Let us then talk about numbers...

WAH Program cost to join

Another thing that can help you grasp the bigger picture of this company is the cost you have to pay for when you sign up.

The first offer is $97 but if you try leaving their page, you will get a pop up asking you if you really want to leave or stay in the said page.

And if you take a look at the registration fee, you’ll notice that a discount has been awarded to you.

From $97, you will only be paying $47. And with this, they’ll further urge you to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity.

WAH Program monthly cost

While there has been a certain amount of money you’ll be paying for upon signing up, there is, apparently, no further information regarding the monthly cost that you will have to eventually pay for...

Is WAH Program a Scam: Cost

If you try to put all the information together, there is no further instruction about what exactly it is you’ll be doing after you’ve gone through their tedious process of signing you up.

The only information available is before you get hired. Whatever happens next is in shades of black and white...

WAH Program reviews online

WAH Program claims to be an online opportunity where you can earn money by simply posting links online.

The links contain advertisements and promotions of a specific company, and that company is said to pay you.

But again, there's no proof that all these are true...

This is after I checked several YouTube videos, scoured Google, and checked review sites such as Glassdoor, SiteJabber, and Better Business Bureau.

Here's what people who tried WAH Program have to say about it...

Common positive WAH Program reviews

There is simply NO positive review about WAH Program. This is very rare because after writing numerous affiliate marketing reviews, this is the first time I encountered one that has 100% negative reviews.

Common negative WAH Program reviews

  • It doesn't pay
  • There's no transparency
  • Waste of time
  • You just can't take this "opportunity" seriously

Here are the best negative reviews about WAH Program:

“I tried to purchase for $77.00 the next page loaded and wanted me to purchase additional products for $37.00. I clicked the linked to decline the additional purchase and received an error message. I did additional research, couldn't find a number to customer service, and couldn't confirm payment. This is a scam!”

 “I have been searching for hours now trying to find the facebook page that all the great comments are said to come from on their page. I have found nothing. I tried to post a comment myself on the page asking where the facebook page is, it took me straight to the sign up page when I clicked to submit the comment. Pressed back, and the comment is still there waiting to submit. This has scam written all over it. Fake facebook comments, fake profiles, fake promises.”

 “I thought by t it was a scam just by the outrageous money per hour they said you could make. After seeing the reviews they had posted, 7 ml inure, 12 minutes ago eyc. I felt even more sure. I think the FBI or the Government should fine the Companies that allow these folks to advertise these scams and arrest the scammers.”

Is WAH Program a scam?

Yes it is a scam. WAH Program and its so-called job opportunities should be part of your must-avoid list of online jobs.

It is very clear that they are up to no good with their contradicting website versions, anonymous founder(s), negative reviews and fake testimonials (will be discussed in the next subheading).

You have to take note that it is very fishy and shady that you will earn easy money just by posting links. That job actually requires effort and does not guarantee money upon the first try.

Link posting takes days, even months, to bear some fruits...

Another matter you have to know as to why it’s a scam is because the Federate Trade Commission (FTC) had shut them down through a court order last December 2017 for selling fake business opportunities and business coaching. Below is the statement from FTC:

"Work At Home EDU made false claims that people could earn “hundreds of dollars, per hour from home, without any special skills or experience” by paying for a $97 work-at-home program. Once people paid, they were told that for $194.95 more, they could buy the advanced program and earn a whopping six figures a month. Unfortunately, none of it was true.”

You also need to know that there are many other companies that sell the same stuff as Genistar, such as:

Let us then weigh things out now...

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WAH Program pros

Based on the research done, there are no pros that this "business opportunity" can offer as most of the information found online gives the verdict that this company is indeed a scam and offers no real job at all.

Therefore, no benefit or profit can be obtained from it...

WAH Program cons

And here goes all of the things that I consider as red flags...

#1 Fake online presence

Creating websites and releasing articles are part of the ways a company must do to further their media exposure and thus increase their presence online.

In the case of the WAH Program, they used a video that talks about work at home opportunities...

Is WAH Program a Scam: Cons

Well, it was kind of a smart move for them to contextualize it in a manner that people who see it will think that the news report is about them although it really is not. It is about work at home opportunities in general.

They embedded the video in their website and made it really legit-looking but if you try to click the navigation links, you will be redirected to their sales page.
This effort somehow illegally legitimized their business and the sole reason for that is to win over your confidence in them...

#2 Fake testimonials

This is a much overused tactic among scammers. Testimonials from non-existent people are posted on their website to make people think that they are legitimate and really offers job opportunities.

Is WAH Program a Scam: Cons 2

In their testimonials, they’ve used the ones that are found on a few websites. They are basically copy and pasted.

Looking at it closely, the photos of these supposed owners of these testimonials are actually stock photos.

It's just ridiculous...

#3 You pay for nothing!

Remember the $47 you have to pay to subscribe as a member? Well, you don't get anything from that.

You basically get a list of links to randomly post online. And then you're left in the dark after a few days, or sometimes, hours of working...

There is just no single evidence that subscribers were paid.

#4 All negative reviews

There's no single drop of "love" for WAH Program from its subscribers. And that's because it's a downright scam.

Is WAH Program a Scam: Cons 3

They don't get paid, the website is fake, the testimonials are all staged, and it's just a downright money-making scheme for whoever runs this campaign.

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My opinion - WAH Program

As the final verdict of this review, the WAH Program is one of the companies that you should cross out from your list.

And without further ado, here's what I think about their business opportunity...

It's just not possible for you to earn money by merely link posting!

Although it sounded really promising, you should bear in mind that that is one of the features of a scam, promising but actually suspiciously promising...

And so, the WAH Program is not a recommended company for online job seekers like you.

By now, you should be aware that scams like this one masquerades as a job opportunity so you must stay informed and alert.

There are a lot of other legit and profitable business opportunities out there waiting...

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