December 6, 2022

Investing in Bonds: The Complete Guide to Invest in Bonds

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When most people think of investments, they think of stocks. But many other types of investments can be made, including bonds. 

Bonds are one of the most popular investments, and there are a few reasons. One reason why many people invest in bonds is that they are relatively safe.

The risk is lower than stocks, making them a good option for those who want to avoid taking too much risk with their money. Bonds also offer tax advantages, which can be beneficial for investors. 

If you want to invest in bonds but don’t know where to start, you can always enroll in online courses. One of these courses is Investing in Bonds by Steve Ballinger.

However, is this course legit? Will it teach you everything you need to know about bonds? Let’s find out.

This Investing in Bonds review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Investing in Bonds Review

The overview and rankings

Name: Investing in Bonds

Founder: Steve Ballinger

Type: Investment Course

Price: $84.99

Best for: People who are interested in investing in Bonds

Investing in Bonds Pros

  • Beginner friendly
  • Top companies use this course for their employees
  • It's cheap

Investing in Bonds Cons

  • Course is not structured properly
  • It's too short
  • The bonus is simply Steve selling his other courses


Investing in Bonds claims to teach you everything you need to know about bonds. However, is it a legitimate course? Will Steve teach you how to be successful when investing in bonds? Let’s find out.

Make Time Online Rating: 

45 out of 100 

Recommended: No

What is Investing in Bonds about?

Investing in Bonds is an online course created by Steve Ballinger and offered on Udemy. As the name suggests, this course mainly talks about bonds.

In this course, you will learn all types of bonds and everything you need to know about it. This includes fixed-income bonds, bond funds, risks, strategies, corporate bonds, government bonds, and more.

In addition, you will also learn about special bonds. This includes floating rate bonds, inflation-protected bonds, convertible bonds, and junk bonds.

Note that this course is only about bonds. So, if you’re looking to learn investing in a general approach, you might want to look for another course.

Check out this 10-minute video to know more about this course... 

Let us then know who started this all...

Who is Steve Ballinger?

Steve Ballinger is one of the many instructors on Udemy. According to his profile, he is an MBA. Steve also claims to be the platform's #1 personal finance and investing instructor.

As of today, Steve is teaching more than 445,000 on Udemy. He has 48 courses offered on the platform. Most of his courses are about investment.

When it comes to reliability, Steve is a reliable instructor. He has more than 62,000 reviews on Udemy, most of which are positive. Thus, you can guarantee that he’s a good instructor and knows everything about investment. 

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How does Investing in Bonds Work?

Like any course in Udemy, Investing in Bonds is categorized into several modules. Every module contains various lessons relevant to the topic.

With this course, all you’ve got to do is to watch the videos. You can learn at your own pace. So, you don’t have to worry about fitting this course into your schedule. 

Inside Investing in Bonds

Now that you know how Impact Investing works, you’re probably interested in learning what’s inside the course. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell since this course isn’t always available.

The course creators will often update and add new topics whenever they make them available. 

Module 1: Bond Fundamentals

The first module is called Bond Fundamentals. As the title suggests, this module will teach you all the basics of bonds.

The first module contains eight lessons; you will need 56 minutes to finish them. 

Some of the lessons included in this module are:

  • What is a bond?
  • What are the types of bonds?
  • Benefits of investing in bonds
  • Risks of investing in bonds
  • And more

Module 2:  Special Types of Bonds (Junk, Inflation-Protected, and More)

The second module of the course talks about the unique types of bonds. In this module, Steve will teach you about foreign bonds, floating rate bonds, inflation-protected bonds, convertible bonds, and junk bonds.

The second module contains five lessons; you will need 21 minutes to finish them.

Module 3: Buying Individual Bonds and Investment Strategies

The third module is perhaps the most important in the course. This module teaches you how to purchase bonds and read a bond quote.

In addition, Steve will also teach you an investment strategy called Bond Ladder. He will also explain where bonds fit in your portfolio. 

At the end of the module, Steve will show you how he purchases bonds for his portfolio.

This module contains seven lessons. You will need at least 44 minutes to finish all of them. 

Module 4: Mutual Fund and ETF Bond Investing

The fourth module of the course talks about ETF bonds and mutual fund investing. This module contains ten lessons; you can finish them in 49 minutes.

Some of the lessons included in this module are:

  • What are mutual funds?
  • Index bond vs. active bond funds
  • Buying individual bonds vs. buying funds
  • And more.

Module 5: Next Steps

This is the final module of the course. It contains two lessons that you can finish in 5 minutes. 

In this module, Steve will share with you the action steps you need to take once you complete this course.

In addition, he also offers a bonus lesson where he will share with you what to do next to improve your knowledge in investing.

Check out this 6-minute video that gives you a glimpse on this course...

How to Join Investing in Bonds

One of the best things about this course is that it is offered on Udemy. Because of this, enrolling in this course is a piece of cake.

First, you need to visit the website of Udemy, Once you’re on the homepage of Udemy, you’ll see a big search bar on top. Click on that search bar, type in “Investing in Bonds,” and hit enter.

Next, it should direct you to the results page. The first result should be the course you’re looking for. The title should be “Investing in Bonds: The Complete Bond Investing Course.” Click this link.

After clicking the course, it should direct you to the course's main page. On the right side, you’ll see a button that says “Buy Now.” Click that button, type in your payment details, and you’re ready.

Investing in Bonds Cost to Join

Impact Investing Cost to Join

To enroll in this course, you will need to pay $84.99 to get full access. However, one thing to note is that Udemy often offers discounts on its courses.

As of today, they’re offering 82% off. So, instead of paying $84.99, I will only need to pay $14.99. However, this is a limited-time offer and will end within 6 hours.  

Investing in Bonds reviews online

Investing in Bonds is an investing course that teaches you all there is to know about Investing and how you can use it to and earn money in the future through bonds.

But is it any good?

The only way to know this is to read reviews from people who have tried it by themselves...

Common Positive Investing in Bonds reviews

  • Help you understand risk profile and make a decision.
  • The basics and fundamentals are awesome.
  • One of the best courses

The following comments below are the common positive reviews you’ll find online:

  • “This course was designed to give an overview of investing in the bond market. I learned how to evaluate bonds based on rating, risk, etc., which helped me understand my risk profile and make a decision.”
  • “The basics/fundamentals are awesome. It would have been good to have a chapter on the parameters to look out for a while selecting a bond. A little advanced information to make an informed decision.”
  • “One of the best courses out there on Udemy. Perhaps it would be good to have more examples using the tools and platforms available in the market to conduct the analyses, execute orders, and monitor the portfolio.”

Common Negative Investing in Bonds reviews

  • Takes too much time with basic concepts
  • Content was pretty limited
  • Course looks chaotic

And here are the best negative reviews I seen:

  • “Taking too much time with too basic concepts. Courses need to be structured better for users with different proficiency levels.”
  • “Great introduction, and very concise. I enjoyed the course. However, after taking just a bit of another course on fixed income securities, it became clear that the content was pretty limited.”
  • “I am a real newbie in investment and trading. I am looking for real fundamentals, and the course looks chaotic. After five lessons, I understand a few things, but it is messy and not really for newbies.”

Is Investing in Bonds a scam?

So, is this course legit, or is it a scam? The answer is simple. The Investing in Bonds course by Steve Ballinger is a legitimate course.

Note that you can get this course on Udemy. For those who don’t know, Udemy is perhaps the world's most well-known online learning platform. 

Every single course you find on this platform is legitimate. Udemy will not allow scammers to offer an online course on their platform since it will only ruin their reputation. 

In addition, Steve Ballinger is a reputable instructor on Udemy. He has more than 400,000 students. If he’s a scammer, he wouldn’t be able to get that many students. 

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Investing in Bonds Pros

Here are some of the best things that I discovered when reviewing Investing in Bonds..

#1 Beginner friendly

One of the benefits of this course is that it’s beginner-friendly. This means that you don’t need any prior knowledge about investing in enrolling in this course.

It’s helpful if you’re new to investing since this course only discusses bonds. Thus, you won’t get overwhelmed. 

#2 Top companies use this course for their employees

This course is good when reputable companies enroll their employees in it. The Investing in Bonds course is one of the few top-rated courses that Udemy picked to offer to businesses worldwide.

#3 It’s cheap

Another significant benefit of learning on Udemy is that most courses are cheap. The original price of this course is $84.99. This price is already reasonable, especially when comparing it to other online courses.

However, if you’re lucky, you can even get the course for a much lower price. All you have to do is to wait for Udemy to offer discounts. 

Investing in Bonds Cons

And here are some of the things I find off in Investing in Bonds... So take note of these...

#1 The course is not structured properly

If you read the negative reviews of the course, most of them complain about the structure of the course. Students say that this course is a bit chaotic, especially for beginners. 

#2 It's too short

According to the course’s page, the total length of the course is only 2 hours and 55 minutes. This is relatively short, especially for an investment course. 

Investing is not an easy topic. It’s a bit complicated. There are a lot of things you need to learn. Thus, 2 hours and 55 minutes are not enough. 

#3 Course isn't always available

As mentioned earlier, Steve offers a bonus lesson on the course's final module. Unfortunately, this bonus is not helpful since it’s only him talking about his other courses.

To simplify things, he is just marketing his other courses so you can enroll. 

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My opinion - Investing in Bonds

So, is Investing in Bonds a good course? Well, if you’re new to investing and want to gradually improve your knowledge by learning different topics simultaneously, then this course is excellent for you.

You won’t get overwhelmed since this course only talks about bonds. 

Is it worth your money? $84.99 is relatively cheap. However, as mentioned earlier, Udemy offers discounts. So, if you want to get the most out of this course, wait for the price to go down before you enroll.

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