October 1, 2020

The Dream 100 – Growing and Monetising Your Online Business

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The Dream 100 is a concept to help any website or business grow. 

The idea is that you find other businesses/ websites or people that already speak to the audience you are interested in speaking too.  

Learn more in https://brendanhufford.com/dream-100/ or in the Traffic Secrets book here. 

The Dream 100 - Growing and Monetising Your Online Business

Dream 100

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Full Dream 100 Podcast Transcript

Mike Beatty 0:00
Hey guys, it’s Mike from Make Time Online and today I’m going to be talking all about the dream 100 and how it can help you actually grow your business and your blog.

Now there are some things that I kind of fun to share in this podcast today is just going to be just me you’re not I’m not gonna have any special guests or anything like that for today’s podcast. But um, there’s something that’s kind of come up recently, I’ve seen it in multiple places, which really weird actually first heard of like the dream 100 concepts from Brendon Hufford, who was talking about backlinks and getting you know how you can boost your authority of your website. He kind of went into a bit of detail, you can go and check out that podcast just type in Brendan Hufford or Brendan SEO, into wherever you listen to this podcast on. And he basically was kind of saying how a really good way and a way that’s really works well for him and his clients and things like that in the past is about actually connecting with people that you want backlinks from. So rather than just sending spam emails out, and I’m sure if you have any kind of website you have received when these emails before, maybe you’re one of those people that send those emails anyway, that’s a chat for another time. He kind of goes into detail about how if you actually get to know someone first, and that’s the find out, you know, learn a bit more about them, find ways that you can help them, you’re going to be much, it’s going to be much more likely to be able to get like a backlink or, you know, people just sharing your work and things like that. Anyway, I then read a book called Traffic Secrets just recently, by Russell Brunson, if you don’t know him, he’s the guy of clickfunnels. I’m not saying that anyone. To be honest, I think far too many people just jump into clickfunnels. The thing is that answers all their problems. Click Funnels is a tool, like so many other things. I mean, like thrive architect Thrive Leads basically can pretty much do the same sort of stuff as Click Funnels. And it’s a fraction of the cost. But again, another story for another time. But his book was really insightful, I thought, because it pretty much just spoke about the dream 100 it’s called Traffic Secrets. But it should really just be called dream 100. And it’s a model that actually, any movie uses people that release books, businesses use it all the time. And it can also be used for websites or blogs, which is what the bit that I obviously found that quite interesting. And again, the principles pretty simple. If you think of any chat show you’ve ever watched before, chances are the people that you see on that chat show, have either a book or a movie or TV series or something that’s either just come out or about to come out. And the reason that they are on these chat shows is because the chat show host and their audience is part of their dream 100 you can’t see I’m doing quote marks. When I do that sometimes forget this is a podcast.

Unknown Speaker 3:09

Mike Beatty 3:10
the whole point is that if you can, whatever your businesses, whatever your if it’s a blog, yes, it is a bit, if you’re trying to monetize it, it is a business. And the sooner you can get that in your head, the better. I’ve learned this the hard way, and I’m still struggle with it today, to be totally honest. But if you can, whatever it is, let’s just say you’re in the gardening niche, and you have a blog website all about gardening with tips and tricks and, you know, recommending the best tools and things like that. And maybe you also have, eventually you’re thinking of sort of creating, how to grow your own vegetable garden, in your backyard, you know, that could be a product eventually, or something like that. Or maybe you already have it, your audience already exists. It’s not like you’ve created this amazing, groundbreaking new invention. And then you need to try and put people together. There are already hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands, millions of people out there that would be interested in what you’re talking about. For a start, I would be interested in that. I mean, I don’t really do much gardening or anything like that, but always been interested in actually growing a vegetable garden and I will at some stage. So if you could package stuff up and get it in front of me or hundreds of millions of people. They’re already ready to buy and ready to spend money on what it is that you have. So a really good way to sort of shortcut this routes into trying to build this audience. You’ve probably heard this numerous times about building your audience and you heard it tonnes of times about growing your email list. It’s not growing your email list, which is the important bit Yeah, sure. The numbers We that people almost get caught in like the vanity metrics of how many email subscribers they have, and stuff like that, that doesn’t matter. The point is that you are growing your audience and actually reaching out to your audience on a regular basis, that’s the more important thing to dream. 100 is a way that if you could think of some celebrities or other than big websites, or other businesses that have your exact audience that you’re looking for, and you can get in front of them, then there’s a way to sort of speed up the process of growing your own audience. So just for example, if you had a YouTube channel, and you’re doing all about your gardening and things like that, you could just go to YouTube, find other YouTube gardening shows, and find a way that you can actually, you know, reach out to them, and potentially collaborate on something. So you might say to them, hey, what if we do like, you know, it could be a video, if you’re both doing YouTube, then you know that they’re used to doing video, maybe you do a video where you can work together, and you can go through a process of actually planting or growing a certain type of crop, which maybe they don’t even have content on. The aim really is to find something that you can actually help them as well. That’s the key, if you can help them. And then if you do that, and you create a video and you say I would love to share it on my YouTube channel and things like that. And so you put on your YouTube channel, maybe as well, there’s even something that they would then like to potentially ever to share on their YouTube channel, or they’re just going to tell their audience, maybe they’ve got an email list and things like that is a good chance. They’re just going to send people to your channel. So you’re actually rather than thinking of it in your head, like, how can I get in front of them? How can I get them to give me a backlink and things like that, if you can change that thinking in your head to how can I help these people that already have my audience, then it just becomes easy, the backlinks, the sharing the building your audience, all that stuff becomes much easier. And this is something I’ve actually been doing in recent weeks. It’s actually something that I kind of subconsciously have been doing since I even started this podcast. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing when I first started this podcast, but I knew that I wanted to speak to more people doing this kind of stuff, because for a start, I wanted to learn from them. But also I wanted to share what I was learning with other people. It’s not like I just wanted to, like keep everything for myself. And so that’s, that’s a big reason of why I started the podcast. And I’ve it’s happened numerous times, I’ve had, you know, some quite big guests on, you know, people that have like million dollar earners each year and things like that. And quite often when I record a podcast with them, you know, I try and

get really good information out from them and things like that as much as possible. And they were, there’s a good chance that they go and share it with either their email list or their website, their blog, or their social media channels and things like that. And slowly over time, you can start to build your own audience almost using their audience. So the one key takeaway I want you to take today, I don’t want you to just kind of listen to this thing. Oh, yeah, that sounds quite interesting. You could obviously go and read Traffic Secrets, or check out Brendan’s blog post, which is hold on bear with me. The beauty of recording a podcast, I just looked up Brendon hufford.com, forward slash dream dash 100, you could just go and check that out for free right now. And I think even Traffic Secrets, he kind of claims that the books free, but it’s not, you have to pay for shipping and stuff like that. So anyways, probably under $10. It’s not a bad price at all for the information that you get. And he goes into Lowe’s actually, in his book, he goes into loads of detail as well about how you can actually reach out to these people, and how you can sort of build your social media channels to help you do that, rather than getting bombarded with loads of stuff that is distracting you, which is what if you’ve ever been on Instagram, happens all the time, then you can actually use it as a tool to kind of reach out to some of the people that you would like to connect with and you know, that are part of your dream 100. So the one thing though, that I really, really, really want you to do, if you’re in the car or something and just make a note of this. If you’re at home and you’re able to get a pen and paper right now. Just just do this right now. Just brainstorm. Think of the people websites, businesses that already have your audience, there’s a good chance if you’ve been working on your blog or business, whatever it is for any length of time. You already know the people that have a very big following that are in your space. So you know, just for example, gardeners I don’t really know many gardeners, but I did use the watch there was this one in this programme in the UK, what was it called? A ground force. And it was like Charlie Dimmock, Tommy something and Alan Titchmarsh, anyway, these names might not mean anything to you, especially if you’re from the US, but it’s probably the same sort of people in the US. I know, like with that, with my very limited knowledge, I know they are huge in the gardening space, sort of things that they would be like, top of the list. But you don’t just want to make up your hundred list of these people that are like top top top dogs, because there’s a good chance, you’re going to find it hard to actually get on their radar at all. So you split your list almost up into, I just think the easiest way to do this is to split into thirds, try and get like a third, you know, so about 33 people that are would be amazing, if you could get any kind of like connection with their audience and things like that, then right 33 people that are kind of, you know, that are doing pretty well, but they’re still like not as well known as those top 33. And then get about 33 people that you think are around the same sort of level as you, you know, that are in your same niche. And you’re going to have a similar sort of audience, but you know, they’re not much further ahead, or they might even be a little bit behind maybe from where you are. And that is a great way to come up with your dream 100. And once you get that list of 100 people or businesses or websites, whatever it is, then that’s where you can then just start to like, make sure we add all their social media channels and things like that, see what kind of content they’re putting out, comment on there, share their stuff, interact with it, don’t just go in for the kill and say, Hey, can I get a backlink that’s never going to well, it does work if you are playing the numbers game and sending thousands of emails every day. But this is a much more like sniper approach. And you’re really trying to target people. And I’d I would actually suggest as well, you start with those people at the same sort of level as you and just see if there’s, there’s a good chance if you approach it in a way where you sort of stay any chance you need some help with your SEO? Like, is there any Have you got any articles, which you find are really valuable that you’d liked, like to be shared or something like that. And you could even just be that you share it, maybe you find a place where it links really well with an article that you’re writing and you give it a natural backlink, you’re not forcing it, never just force it. But then if you do that, and don’t even ask for anything in return, then

you’re on their radar, you know, like that’s, that’s a great starting point. But there’s a good chance they may share it with their audience or share something that you’ve done with your, with their audience as well, or potentially even just go and find a place where you have a really good article that links really well with another article that they have. It’s just, it’s just kind of like learning how people work. And it’s just, it was a bit of a lightbulb moment when I learned anyway, so I just wanted to share it. There is a lot more that I could talk about this. And it is worth a book in itself, which is why there’s kind of a book that already exists, and blog posts and things like that, which I’ve just kind of mentioned. So I’m just gonna kind of leave it there. But definitely do take that bit of action today. Don’t just think I’m going to do it in the future, just fine. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, just have a brainstorm, just write down some things, it really helps. It really helped me anyway. So I’m sure it will help you as well. So the next thing I just kind of wanted to say is that I am going to be taking a break from make time to make time online podcast. In case you don’t know, I have a two month old baby now. Little baby Laila who’s super cute. And yeah, babies take up time. And I find that it’s you just slightly sleep deprived most of the time, although she actually sleeps really well at night. But anyway. And also, I’ve actually kind of I’m going to be taken on a bit of a new project very, very soon. I’m actually in the research phase right now. And the plan is actually with this website, I am planning to outsource as much as possible. So I’m excited to share like my results and things like that with this new website, and this new project and kind of like share how I go about outsourcing it. And the plan is to kind of use the income that have already started generating from a timeline and my health site as well on my wife and I health site, which are you know, they’ve got to pretty good stage. And it’s actually through a coaching. I’ve had a few coaching calls with a friend of a friend recently and he’s been so helpful and NyQuil yet he’s just been so it’s kind of helped me clarify what I am actually trying to achieve. And rather than just being on like this hamster wheel of always just trying to get something out each week. I’m going to be a lot more structured with the podcast when it does come back because isn’t it I’m not going away forever. With the podcast, there’s far too many cool things that I actually already have in the bag with some other cool chats coming up very, very soon. But I just want it to come across, I want it to be a bit more organised in the way that I give you the information and things like that, just some feedback and things that I’ve got, which actually, funnily enough, leads me on to the next point, which is, if you do have any feedback, or if you have any questions, particularly you have any questions, go over to Mike, Mike, go over to make time online.com forward slash, ask. And you can actually ask me a question. It’s just a little voice recording, you only needs to be in a 90 seconds, I think is Max, but 30 seconds is more than enough. Just ask a question, I will receive it, I will send you a response back, just put in your name and email address with everything you even have to put your email address in. But if you do want a response back from me, then it’s a good idea to do that. Because I can actually just send you the answer. So you’re not waiting until this actually gets released as a podcast. And yeah, that is actually a very exciting new thing that I do have coming up, which will hopefully help give you more of a voice as well as people that are listening, because I do notice lots of people that sometimes just listen to this and don’t always, yeah, don’t always find a way to like, get in contact with me. So this is a quite a nice way anyway, just to see, if you’ve got any questions.

I’m not necessarily always gonna know every answer. I don’t claim to be some guru or anything like that with all this stuff. But I can guarantee, I will know someone that either knows it, or know someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows it, if you know what I mean. And I will find out the answer for you to save you the hassle of having to trust, try and find everything out by yourself. And I will just give you my opinion, if nothing else, at the end of the day. And so we’re just wanting to leave this as well then, with sharing every review that I’ve had recently, and there’s been loads of reviews on the podcast, and I just haven’t ever actually done them. So I figured there’s people that sometimes leave these reviews, I read them, I read every single one. I’m like, Oh, this is really cool. And then I don’t do anything with it. So I figured I’d read this one out. And this one comes from J Lu j Lu 767565. Buy Apple podcasts in the United States. And she says, Why say she could be He, he says he says Mike always gives so much value in this podcast and his blog. If you’re looking for expert advice about blogging and online marketing, this is your go to. Now, I think that’s such a cool review. Thank you so much for that review. I had, like I say, I read every single one that I get, but I don’t always share them. So I’m going to start doing that a bit more in the podcast. So if you do have anything that you’d like to say about the podcast, head over to you can just find it is normally on Apple podcasts or iTunes as it kind of used to be called. And you can review anything, anything that you want to say it can be a one star, two star, but any feedback you give really helps because then it helps me actually know what is useful, and what people actually like. So the more specific, the better 100%. Anyway, that’s quite a lot to take in. And just a quick 20 minute podcast. But so just to summarise some of the things that I’ve just kind of said there. Number one, if you’re not doing anything else, number one, please do just make a list of some of the people websites or authorities in your space in your niche or in your website, whatever it is that you are already building. And that will just help you to start to get some ideas from what they’re already doing any if nothing else. And also, it’s a great way to actually help grow your audience yourself. Number two was that I’m going to be taking a break for just a couple of months. And I will still be recording podcasts in this time, but it’s just to get the next phase of the podcast lined up a little bit better. And I have a few more things on my plate in a minute. So it’s just prioritising things like that. Number three is make time online.com forward slash, ask to ask any questions that you want to be answered. Like I say, I will find someone if I don’t know the answer, but I will always give you my opinion. And so it’s just a nice way for you to actually get yourself heard on a podcast as well. And feel free to share that with anyone you want. And number four, review, if you can leave a review on Apple podcasts and that’s great. Like I say it can be one star, two star whatever. All feedback is so helpful to actually progress the podcast forward and thank you So much for listening. Thanks for listening in to this episode of Make time online. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss any future episodes. And please take a moment to write a review for our podcast in the App Store. keep changing for the better guys. Take care

Podcast Summary

I’m also taking a break from the podcast to focus on some other projects that require a bit more time. I will still be recording new episodes with other guests during this time and it will be back soon!

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Top recent review from Jlou7565 via Apple Podcasts:

So much helpful information!

Mike always gives so much value in this podcast and his blog. If you’re looking for expert advice about blogging and online marketing, this is your go to expert.

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